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25 Unmissable Pictures that Tell a Story

Explore captivating images that weave tales without words. Dive into the emotions, moments, and narratives captured in each frame and let your imagination unfurl the stories.

Whether you’re seeing a joyous occasion or a hard-hitting exposé, there’s no doubt that pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

Creating storytelling pictures takes practice, creativity and experience, but when you have it perfected, you can really hook the viewer into the photography narrative.

You don’t want to miss these 25 pictures that tell a story, so let’s get started.

25 Powerful Pictures That Tell a Story Without Words

1. Blissful newlyweds

A bride and groom wearing a flower crown.

There’s a reason high-quality wedding photographers are sought after.

A wedding is an ideal event for photographic storytelling.

Emotional, powerful photos like the one above by Jonathan Borba capture the love and passion between a couple without any words at all.

2. Captivating close-ups

A woman with curly hair posing with her hand on her face.

Facial expressions can truly express a world of different moods.

Whether stoic or lighthearted, a good portrait is one of the best ways to tell a photo story, as shown by Ali Dadras above.

And an exotic beauty with a fierce look certainly helps as well!

3. Mountainside reminiscing

Two people sitting on top of a mountain overlooking a valley.

Multiple subjects can elevate the level of storytelling photography.

Take this couple on top of a mountain captured by Brooke Cagle here.

Are these two old friends who grew up nearby, or a couple admiring the view and landscape?

The beauty of pictures that tell a story is how open to interpretation they are!

4. Seaside smiles

A woman wearing sunglasses and a watermelon scarf on the beach.

This is an equally beautiful and powerful shot taken by Shopify Photos.

With a dreary lakeside background, the subject is able to shine and show off her watermelon towel, shades, and contagious smile.

Naturally, we’re left wondering if her partner made her laugh or if she perhaps tripped and is laughing at herself.

5. Staged smiles

A man is reading a book to his children.

Posed shots like the one above taken by Matthew Henry are great example of photo stories.

In this case, so many things are begging for the viewer’s attention, so it’s hard to tell exactly what story is being told.

The family as a whole, the dad’s wedding ring, and the gift being unwrapped also leave us questioning where Mom is.

And truly great photography leaves impressions and inspires curiosity!

6. Diverse demographics

Four women posing for a photo in front of a gray background.

In today’s world, a classic photo with friends can demonstrate personal stories that leave viewers eager to learn more.

And the photo above by Shopify Partners does exactly that!

At first glance, this appears to be a group with people who may identify as either queer or non-binary.

Amazing photos like these are a wonderful representation of the diverse genders that surround us.

7. Natural disasters

A volcano with lava flowing out of it.

Here’s another stellar example of pictures that tell a story.

The visual stories expressed in photos of natural disasters are almost unrivaled, as illustrated in this shot by Toby Elliott of the 2021 volcano eruption of Fagradalsfjall in southwest Iceland.

Because the last eruption on that peninsula was more than 800 years prior, it’s a privilege to see this natural reaction take place and to guess who may have been around to witness it or how nearby residents may have been impacted.

8. Harsh realities

A man standing in a hospital bed.

While there are a bunch of jovial photos in this article, I have to touch on some of the more challenging photos that evoke more depressing emotions.

Take this shot from Matthew Henry showing a patient in a hospital bed.

With just a glance at the setting and the subject’s dejected facial expression, we as viewers are left assuming he received some awful news.

Whether he has to have surgery or needs to begin cancer treatment, this compelling shot undoubtedly elicits strong emotions.

9. Intriguing architecture

A castle is reflected in a body of water.

This stunning photo of Scotney Castle in the English countryside is another one of the best pictures that tell a story.

Not only do you get a feel for the rich history of this 14th-century structure, but you can also appreciate the lush greenery and architectural details that encourage our eyes to continue exploring.

10. Powerful protests

A group of people holding a banner that says we who believe in freedom can't rest.

Organized protests are remarkable examples of pictures that tell a story.

This shot captured by Nathan Dumlao perfectly captures the passion and determination to achieve human rights for all races, genders, religions, and more.

11. Political leaders

Bernie sanders gives a speech to a crowd of people.

Images of political leaders are definitely pictures that tell a story.

And this shot of Bernie Sanders in action by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen really invites viewers to guess what’s being discussed.

Is he advocating for lower taxes, women’s rights, or all the above? Regardless, the visual storytelling here is exceptional.

12. Unique careers

Two astronauts looking at a spacecraft in the desert.

If you ever stumble across a photo showing the day in the life of an astronaut, you’re sure to be captivated.

Because most of us don’t interact with them regularly, if ever, getting the chance to be a fly on the wall while viewing a single image of them at work is a huge visual reward.

That notion is captured perfectly in this photo by Photobank Kiev.

13. A picture of pictures

A woman sits on the floor in front of a display of photographs.

Who doesn’t love the artistic spin photographers put on a picture of a picture?

In this case, Klaudia Piaskowska took an eye-catching shot of a woman appreciating the gallery she visited.

I’m left wondering which photo she’s focusing on, or if she’s giving them all equal attention.

14. Art appreciators

A group of people looking at a painting in an art museum.

Similar to the idea above, local museums are a great way to capture pictures that tell a story.

This scene captured by Jessica Pamp creates a vivid sense of individuality, as everyone in this photo is taking the work in differently.

Some are examining it on their own, some as a couple, and others are taking photos of the work with their phones.

15. Young subjects

A baby crawling on a wooden floor.

There’s hardly anything more honest than a baby’s facial expression, which is why they’re so frequently used in storytelling images.

And what’s the great story here? Is the baby smiling at his mother or smiling simply because he’s crawling and excited by new movement?

Either way, this shot by photographer, Luda Kot is a great source of inspiration!

16. Curious crowds

A crowd of people taking pictures of each other.

Any time you see a crowd, you can bet that there’s a story to tell.

This shot by a Pixaby photographer definitely makes me wonder what everyone’s looking at!

The emotion here feels happy, so I’m guessing it’s a kind of celebrity sighting, but part of the fun is in the guessing.

17. Food photography

A pile of coffee beans on a table.

Who said you need people to tell a story? I can tell you with certainty it wasn’t a photographer.

Pretty much anything you imagine can tell a story.

Take this close-up of coffee beans from Alexa Fotos for example, which has me wondering if she visited a local coffee roaster for fresh beans or bought them already packaged.

I’m also wondering about the origin: are these beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, or India?

18. Maternity photos

A pregnant woman in a black dress standing in front of a window.

I can’t be the only person who wants to know the details behind every maternity shoot.

When’s the baby due? Boy or girl? Is this the first?

Regardless, maternity photos tell so much about this milestone without a single word, as demonstrated in this shot by Marcella B. Tait displaying her own pregnancy.

19. Funerals

A group of men in suits carrying a casket.

We all are unfortunate enough to know that funerals evoke a lot of emotions.

So naturally, powerful images of funerals can really tell a story.

This photo by Carolyn A. Booth of a coffin being carried by pallbearers leaves me to wonder whose funeral it is, how the photographer is related to him or her, and what the circumstances were of his or her death.

20. Racial segregation

A man in a hat is using a machine to wash his hands.

Unfortunately, not all photos that tell a story are positive.

This photo above by Wiki Images showing racial segregation appears to be a modern replication of what African Americans endured in the past in everyday life.

21. Homelessness

A homeless man laying on the ground in black and white.

Homelessness is another epidemic used as a powerful storytelling tool in photography.

This photo by Kasun Chamara gives the viewer a glimpse into the cold, hard truths related to poverty.

22. Law enforcement

A group of soldiers standing in front of a helicopter.

Photographing those in the military or law enforcement field is another way to create powerful stories.

This shot from Pexels of a police helicopter is certainly worth a thousand words.

23. Birth

An egg in hay with a hole in it.

Whether it’s the birth of a human or the hatching of a bird egg, capturing new life as it’s happening is one of the best ideas to create a strong story.

And this image showing the hatching of an egg and part of the chick’s face is so precious and full of hope.

24. Accidents

A car that has been damaged in a car accident.

When you see any kind of accident in a photograph, you’ll immediately see a story.

In the case of a car accident, you’re wondering if the driver survived, how many other people were affected, and what caused the crash to begin with.

This shot by Brazilian photographer Netto Figueiredo indubitably leaves the viewer with questions.

25. Cultural clothing

A woman in a traditional japanese kimono holding an umbrella.

For the sake of ending this article on a more upbeat note, let’s talk about the story clothing tells in pictures.

Take this image of a beautiful woman in a kimono captured by Sasin Tipchai .

The story begins in Asia and dates all the way back to the 8th century!

Because of the rich history of the kimono, I’m of course curious how many generations this gorgeous garment has been in this woman’s family.

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