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Commercial | Last Updated: January 8, 2021

I started my career in London working with all the top photographers. After working with them for over 8 years I went out on my own as a freelance photographer. In 2000 I moved from my London base to Los Angeles and have been there ever since. I can shoot pretty much anything that is thrown at me from Fashion to Cars to Still Life to Landscapes to People, etc. When shooting the Ad campaigns, each day is different and each day brings a different location which keeps it fresh and interesting.

Most recently I was in Dubai shooting the print Ad campaign for Emirates Airline. I would shoot the print campaign first, then re-light the set with motion lighting so I could shoot the commercial at the same time, which kept continuity of appearance during entire project.


After that I was in China shooting a book for the Chinese Government which took me to some amazing locations throughout the country. The book is out now and looks great!


I’m a big motorsports fan and love shooting Nascar and Indycar. At present I shoot Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt’s Ad campaign pictures for their various sponsors.


I just completed a project where I shot all the Nascar drivers for the start of the 2014 season. I shot 48 drivers, one every 4 minutes with 4 set ups shot on each driver… it was a long day, but very enjoyable.

Recently I got into developing Reality Shows and have 3 in development at present. They are due to hit the TV screens in 2015. My photo equipment varies from day to day, with my gear comprising of both digital and film. I shoot with Canon, Hasselblad H2 and Phase One cameras for digital, including all the lenses seen in the photo at the top of the post. Then there’s the 4×5 Gowlandflex, 4×5 Crown graflex with f/2.5 Aero lens, Holga Polaroids, underwater houses for my point and shoot cameras, RB Graflex series b 4×5 camera, Polaroid land cameras, Polaroid 600 SE, Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid 110B camera with 4×5 back, a converted Nikon infrared camera to shoot infrared images (guide), and many more.


Polaroid 600SE

Polaroid 600SE

Polaroid 110 4x5 back & Gowlandflex 4x5

Polaroid 110 4×5 back & Gowlandflex 4×5

RB Graflex & Speed Graflex f/2.5 aero lens

RB Graflex & Speed Graflex f/2.5 aero lens

For my recent Emirates ad campaign, the final images were required to be enormous, so I used the amazing Phase One IQ250 digital back which can handle any size the client decides he wants the final image to be.


If I am shooting a TV/Film gallery and the images are just for press then I’ll use my Canon 5D MK3 or my Canon 1DX. For example, I had to shoot a poster for the TV show Dance Moms (where the girls would be jumping) so I used my Canon 1DX for its speed at which it can shoot.


I also shoot a lot of TV posters for the American market. These posters go up in bus shelters and 48 sheet billboards which advertise the release of the TV show on the various networks throughout the US.

Shotkit_Richard_Mclaren Shotkit_Richard_Mclaren

If I am doing album covers for example I may use all of the above but then mix it up with his 4×5 film cameras, where I’ll shoot Polaroids and then scan them in. I have great old 4×5 cameras that give great results and I’ll even shoot 4×5 ‘wet plates’ as well to get a different look. Plus I’ll shoot with my Holga Polaroid, Polaroid SX70 and Polaroid land cameras as well which all give different looks/feels to the images.

Polaroid SX70 & Polaroid Holga

Polaroid SX70 & Polaroid Holga

Polaroid Land Cameras

Polaroid Land Cameras

I also shoot motion with a 4K Canon 1DX or the Red cameras depending on what the client’s final needs are. I’ve found that since using the Canon 1DX for video, the business has opened up, since clients are now asking me to shoot both stills and video for ad campaigns.

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  1. John Dickinson on February 12, 2022 at 8:45 am

    Richard, well I worked with him in the early 80’s at Scope Features. Top man, a London man, and very professional. Love to meet up again. JD

  2. Eric Dean on October 24, 2014 at 3:40 am

    Richard Is a stellar photographer! His work is legendary yet edgy. One of the worlds top photographers hands down!

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