Salvatore Matarazzo

I’m Salvatore Matarazzo, a Versilian photographer. I do photography for a living, but Street Photography is my passion. I adore the people, and my approach with flash is in order to break the ice with them. My informal portraits, contained in my long-term project “Street Photography Versilia” speak of me and the vision that I have of my country.

I use one Ricoh GR II and a Canon 580EX II speedlight controlled by a WiFi remote control. (Editor: The Ricoh was recently named the best point and shoot camera under $500!) – guide here.

I believe that this simple equipment is enough to make good street photography.

For jobs, I use one Canon 5D Mark II with prime lenses, 28mm, 40mm and 50mm, or a handyman lens 24-70mm.

I cannot stand telephoto lenses. I have a 70-200mm somewhere at home, but I think now there is a nice layer of dust over it.



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