15 Fun & Original Save the Date Photo Ideas To Try in 2023

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but this guide will inspire you to create some amazing save the date cards, giving you one less thing to worry about!

When it comes to wedding planning, nailing a creative save the date photo is a must. 

The save the date card is typically sent about 9-12 months before your wedding date and is your guest’s reminder to remember the date and keep an eye out for the formal invite that’s to follow.

A classic couples photo out among nature, gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations and even a cute calendar graphic all make fun save the date photo ideas, but how do you know which style to choose?

In this article, we’ll summarize the benefits of each so you can see which one works best for you, your budget and your personal style.

So, let’s dive into one of the most important parts of your upcoming wedding: save the date photo ideas.

Get Inspired With These 15 Fun Save The Date Photo Ideas

Whether you decide on candid or posed photos or a beautiful illustration, there are tons of great photo card ideas out there!

We’re here to help with inspiration and sweet tips.

Candid Save the Date Photo Ideas

1. Be real

Credit: Marcia Fernandes

Everyone loves a sweet, day-in-the-life type photo — a photo session that captures your personality with a single image. And that applies to save the date photo ideas too!

2. Share a laugh

Credit: Arina Krasnikova

A couple teasing each other and making the other laugh uncontrollably can make the cutest, most real engagement or save-the date photo ideas and the best photo shoot.

3. Location matters

Credit: Wendy Wei

And in the spirit of capturing your true selves, a place in the background that represents you both is important: is it the coffee shop or photo booth where you had your first date or the bar where you bumped into each other for the first time?

Any of these locations would make equally gorgeous and unique save the date pictures.

4. Show shared hobbies

Credit: Asad Photo Maldives

Maybe you want to go to the local park where you went hiking together with your pets for the first time.

That natural setting and the outdoor elements can transform an ordinary couple’s photo into interesting save the date or engagement photos your guests will love.

And the photographer or friend you enlist to take the photo would be able to help you capture the best photo at the best moment, like say when the sun is starting to set behind you.

It doesn’t get more romantic or visually appealing than that when it comes to save the date photo ideas!

Posed Save the Date Photo Ideas

 Sometimes, a posed image is the preferred choice for a save the date photo card. Maybe one of you tends to blink or freeze up in photos à la Chander Bing in Friends.

Or maybe you’ve just envisioned a fairytale-esque moment and have save the date photo ideas that match.  

Ideally, you’d be partnering with a professional, experienced photographer who would guide you toward the perfect photo shoot, which could include one of the following:

5. Embrace the moment and each other

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Arguably a mix of posed and candid photography, your save the date/engagement photographer will likely direct you a bit here, telling you to hug each other, kiss, have your partner gently hold your face, etc.

A classic embrace in a beautiful setting of your choice is a classic choice when it comes to save the date photo ideas.

6. Show off the ring

Credit: Scott Webb

Another popular and traditional choice in the world of save the date photo ideas is the classic shot of the couple facing the camera and smiling with the woman resting her hand somewhere on her partner that’s visible to show off the unique jewel he proposed with and something your friends and family will admire!

7. Pop your foot

Credit: Claudia Lam

If you’ve ever seen Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, you’re already well-versed in the foot-pop kiss. This romantic pose is one of the best save the date photo ideas around and offers an interesting profile shot of any couple.

8. Match your outfits

Credit: Iury Bessa

What you wear in save the date photos matters! You can both don denim and flannel, or just decide on a color scheme and enjoy some flexibility with outfits.

How to Design Save The Date Cards

Save the dates are about so much more than the photos on them.

Below, we’ll discuss the critical features to consider when designing your save the dates.

9. Choose the perfect base

There’s no shortage of color schemes, prints and layouts for your save the date photo ideas.

Whether you decide to use Etsy, Zazzle, or to have a local designer create it from scratch, you’ll definitely achieve the ideal foundation for your save the date photo ideas.

10. Layout

The good news is that the layout of your save the date photos is probably customizable. You can have your photo at the top, left, right or bottom, so get creative with your save the date photo ideas.

11. Try multiples

There are a ton of unique templates out there ready to house your save the date photo ideas, and many allow for multiple photos to be presented.

This gives you the opportunity to show your friends and family a variety of different moods: funny, serious, romantic and more.

12. Font matters — 

Regardless of the layout, your font will play a big role in the overall look of your save the date photo ideas and help your guests read more easily.

Classic choices include calligraphy styles, script fonts and minimal sans serif fonts like Bodoni.

What About Artwork for Save the Date Picture Ideas?

If you’re running low on time and need to get save the date photos mailed out, an illustrated style is the way to go.

Even if you’re as photogenic as Jennifer Aniston, you might still be interested in the artwork route, so let’s look into some inspiration for those save the date photo ideas below:

13. Get cartoony

Credit: Susan Cipriano

This is a fun way to stand out in a sea of basic save the date photo ideas.

An animated version of you and your partner, perhaps with pets, brings a creative save the date flair to your engagement photos.

14. Go botanical

Credit: Mohamed Hassan

A classic botanical design is a go-to for invitations, especially save the date photo ideas.

Harmoniously combining human and natural elements, this design choice is simple, elegant and timeless and one your guests will appreciate.

15. Keep it simple

Credit: Bianca Van Dijk

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll love the idea of just picking a color for your background and text, no photo or major design work needed!

Popular options include a classic black and white color scheme, royal blue with cream, olive green and taupe, etc.

As long as your colors complement the theme of your wedding, you can explore a collection of different background and text colors your friends and family will love.

Is There Any Save the Date Etiquette to Be Mindful of?

Credit: Darkmoon Art

1. Timeline

Timing is always important when wedding planning!

Getting your save the date photos sealed and delivered within a reasonable time is crucial in ensuring every person you want can travel near or far to be there.

Typically, save the dates are sent about 9-12 months prior to your wedding date and formal invitations are mailed 3-6 months before the big day.

More than a year’s notice may seem excessive, but if you’re planning a destination wedding, more notice is better.

2. Content

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can attract admiration with beautiful save the date photo ideas.

As noted above, whether you choose some romantic photos are a simple illustrated design, you need to ensure the following features are listed for your guests:

  • A title with something like “Save the date”
  • Name and partner’s name
  • Event month, day, year and time
  • Wedding ceremony location
  • A note with details that a formal invitation will follow

3. Delivery

Traditionally, save the dates for a wedding are set to print on paper and send via standard mail.

However, some people love the efficiency and style of an online save the date, but be aware that they can be easy to miss if they get sent to spam or junk and that your guests may end up having to search for it.

And don’t forget to write a note to each save the date letting your guests know you can’t wait to see them!

Final Words on Save the Date Photos

There’s no doubt that the possibilities for future save the date photo ideas are nearly endless.

Whether you want a single photo, a series of photos or a simple design with an illustration, our article can help you narrow down the selection to make the wedding process easier by prioritizing the things that truly matter.

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