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16 Naughtiest Wedding Photos of 2023 (NSFW!)

We've stooped to new lows to bring you a selection of naughty wedding photos from around the world. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Here’s a selection of naughty wedding photos that you wouldn’t be proud to show your mom!

Most brides and grooms dream of a classy wedding, but things don’t always go to plan – especially after a few drinks…

From cheeky bridesmaids to drunken groomsmen, the wedding day is full of surprises.

So whether you’re getting married or are just here for a laugh, here’s a selection of dirty wedding photos you can’t un-see.

17 Naughtiest Wedding Photos of 2023

1. Trousers down

a group of men standing on top of a sandy beach with pants down.

Credit:https: pagalparrot.com

If you have a wicked sense of humor, it makes sense to show that in your wedding photos!

One of the funniest, naughtiest ideas to try in your wedding photos is having your groom and his groomsmen form a line before having them pull their trousers down to their ankles and capturing them from behind.

The groom should wear a white pair of boxers or a color that’s different from the rest of his buddies, while all the rest of the wedding party could wear black or navy.

And go the extra mile with embroidered or printed nicknames on all of them! You’ll appreciate the humor that’s sure to go viral in no time.

2. Pat the buns

a Bride touching grooms bottom standing in a field.

Credit: za.pinterest.com

Another fun idea for your wedding photos that will showcase a lighthearted vibe involves patting the buns — specifically your new husband’s.

Imagine a stunning bride playfully posing as she looks back at the camera and grabs her man’s booty, as he faces the opposite way. Pure comedic gold for your wedding album!

3. Graze the thigh

a man taking a picture of a woman in a wedding dress.

Credit: bigdatr.com

 A sexier take on the naughty photoshoot involves the bridegroom grazing his new bride’s thigh.

You can break up the typical buttoned-up wedding portraits with some sexy shots as your man hikes up your wedding dress to show your garter, illustrating the most important part of your relationship: the strong passion you two share.

4. Dresses up

a group of women standing next to each other on a field.

Credit: pagalparrot.com

Similar to the trousers-down sentiment, this funny act involves all the women in the bridal party lifting their dresses up for hilarious wedding photos that expose personalized underwear.

This could be something as simple as bride, maid of honor or bridesmaid, or something with a more personalized style that shows your sense of humor with underwear or a sign that says something cheeky like blackout queen or seasoned one-night-stander.

You could also have just the bridesmaids participate with the bride watching and feigning shock and horror for a cute, comedic sentiment that will undoubtedly go viral.

5. Naughty preview

a group of people standing around a woman in a wedding dress.

Credit: ranker.com

Here’s a more sexy-naughty than funny-naughty shot to consider: a sneak peek at the bride’s undergarments. Have your photographer take a photo of your white lace underwear peeking out among the sea of buttons lining the back of your dress for a sexy shot you (and your groom) will never forget.  

6. Sexy straddle

a bride and groom sitting on the ground in the leaves.

Credit: ranker.com


Let your sexual chemistry shine and up the wow factor with some naughty photos of the newly married couple making out in their dress and suit!

Regardless of your venue, pick a private spot, straddle your husband and start kissing for some steamy wedding photos that will likely go viral in no time.  

7. Back against the wall

a man and a woman laying on a table.

Credit: ranker.com

Another steamy shot to try out is the newlywed pushing his bride up against a wall or in a ‘doggy style’ position.

The freshly married couple can hold a pose just before a kiss to evoke a sexy mood that leaves just enough to the imagination to let this plan work outside the bedroom.

8. Lap linger

a man and woman sitting on the beach kissing.

Credit James Rubio

What’s sexier than a bride sitting on her man’s lap and snapping some provocative wedding photos? Have your guy face the camera seated and sit on his lap for a series of back- and front-facing photos that bring a truly sensual sight.

9. Shoulder smooch

a bride and groom embracing each other in a field.

Credit: weddinginclude.com

Who doesn’t love sexy smooches along their body? So why not highlight that in your sexy wedding photos?

This one typically comes naturally to brides and grooms, so there isn’t much planning needed. Your groom will want to plant one on you the second he lays eyes on you, but some cute shots your photographer can snag can include him grazing your neck, shoulder and hand with kisses.

10. Half-dressed

a group of women dressed in lingerie posing for a picture.

Credit: nt.womansera.com

Another popular choice among sexy wedding photos that never fails to go viral is the half-dressed theme!

Designed to give the sultry wedding night vibe, this involves the couple partly undressed, perhaps your bride has your gown down to her waist and you have your pants on, but your shirt off.

11. Desirous dip

a black and white photo of a person holding a skateboard.

Credit: weddinginclude.com

Similar to the shoulder smooch, the desirous dip has the groom dipping his new wife backward as he holds a pose kissing her neck. This will bring a sexy element of salsa dancing to your wedding photos for an unbelievably romantic wedding day.

12. A split second

If you’re really looking for something crazy to play around with, try a split! Spread your legs on the grass and hold your dress down to keep things covered as your man grabs your thighs.

This will surely go viral due to the equally fun and weird vibe it injects into your wedding photos without over-revealing.  

13. Play dress-up

a group of women sitting on top of a couch.

Credit: nt.womansera.com

Another sexy plan to consider is the getting-dressed, behind-the-scenes type of wedding photos. Your photographer can capture your gorgeous bra and panty set as you pull your wedding dress up for another sexy sneak peek.

14. To no a-veil

a woman wearing a veil on top of a bed.

Credit: weddinginclude.com

Get some cool shots of you in just lingerie while wearing your veil at your venue, against a gorgeous background, outside or in your bedroom for an artistic take that combines creative and sexy seamlessly.

15. Tasseled tatas

A Bride half dressed in front of groom

Credit: weddinginclude.com

If you’re still on the hunt for a dangerously sexy shot that doesn’t involve full nudity, just pull out your tasseled tatas and have a friend snap a shot that’s an intentional, hilarious wardrobe malfunction among all your guests and friends.

Just make sure no kids are around and be prepared for this topless shot to go viral. It will probably spread quicker than you ever realized was possible!

16. Heads up

a woman in a white wedding dress and veil.

Credit: nt.womansera.com

Who says newlyweds can’t enjoy some of the traditional parts of wedding history while scoring some steamy wedding photos?

Absolutely no one. So have your new husband grab your garter and catch him in the act with a wedding photo that will preserve this memory for years to come.

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