Steven Markham

Hi, my name is Steven Markham, I photograph people and the worlds they encapsulate themselves in. Also I’m from the land down under, Australia! First a big thanks to Mark, I’m so happy featured on Shotkit.

I’ve never really laid everything out I carry, there are so many different situations and shoots, so therefore I sometimes I require different gear for each one. I only own what I know are the essentials so if I need something different to capture the shot how I see fit I will just hire it.

My story is a little different from most, no doubt my passion was photography since my teenage years, but it wasn’t until later I decided to take the career up as a pro.

There are so many good photographers around, but not as many great ones. I figured if I really wanted this, I had to know what brings it all together, the lighting, technicality, art, and how to deal with changing situations confidently.

So at 34, I started my Bachelor of Arts degree. I took on as many units as I could that related to anything photography. I really feel this was the turning point for me, my confidence was where it needed to be, and I felt that I could now create an end product that was my original vision.

I absolutely love to absorb information, I always put time aside each day, even if it’s only five minutes to learn something new. I’ve also been retouching for 3+ years, which is a huge bonus for what I do.

I started my photography career using Canon film cameras. However, at a point when inspiration from other photographers was huge for me, my favourite photographer, Joe McNally, was using a Nikon. I figured if Joe used it, I should give it a go and since then it’s all I’ve used.

In the past six months I’ve also started shooting a lot of sport. I’ve absolutely loved the atmosphere, adrenaline rush and challenge to get the perfect shot in that split second time frame, so I can’t wait to continue learning and growing my confidence in this area.

My Gear


Nikon D810it does everything well, plenty of MP to play with. The only issue I find is that if you get it wrong, it’s not very forgiving!

Voigtlander Vitessa – super sharp f2 lens, I totally love the look of the images, you can’t get this look with digital.

Kodak Brownie Box – this camera is just fun, creates a look at all of its own.


Most of my digital camera life, I’ve used Nikon lenses. However a year ago I notice some photographers I follow using Sigma lenses with top results, so now I use a majority of Sigma lenses, they’re great.

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 – such a versatile lens great when you need a full shot in a small space.

Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 – this lens is as sharp as the Nikon, I love how you can use this lens up close at around 80-100mm @2.8 and get a beautiful bokeh and separation.

Sigma 150mm Macro f/2.8 – totally in love with the detail you get from this lens for portrait work, and the bokeh is amazing.

Nikon 18- 35mm f/3.5 – such a versatile lens, I love using it low and wide when shooting big dresses, great effect.

Nikon 50mm f/1.8 – you can use this lens anywhere, except up real close for portraits. I love walking around the city with this lens and just taking shots of everything going on.

Nikon 400mm f/2.8 – I’ve hired this lens a few times for sport. A truly amazing piece of glass, can see I’ll have two add this to the kit permanently very soon.

Everything Else

Nikon SB-700 x3 – I always take at least two with me everywhere, they have surprising power. There is always a way around dealing with the ambient light if the power isn’t enough. They also don’t take up much space.

Aputure Trigmaster Plus II x 4 – these wireless triggers are so reliable, and have amazing range with the ability to light different zones.

Fotogenic 1.2m Softbox – easy to carry, easy to assemble and creates beautiful soft light.

13.3” Macbook Pro – my right arm, don’t go anywhere without it. I always try to shoot tethered, it gives me confidence that when I get home I’ve got the shot.

Manfrotto Pro Backpack 50 – the first bag that will fit everything and allows quick and easy access. It’s not too heavy and the quality is great.



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