Can I use my phone as a webcam?


Yes, you can use your phone as a webcam on a laptop or a desktop computer. The easiest way to do this is by downloading a dedicated app that connects both of your devices. Unfortunately, this can cause lagging and it’s definitely not the best way to use a webcam, but it generally works well.

Otherwise, you can connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable – however, this is a bit more advanced and requires you to adjust some developer settings on the phone. 

If you’re using a PC with either Windows or Linux, you can use an Android phone as a wireless webcam using an app. One of the most popular is DroidCam.

DroidCam is free with limited features and resolution, or you can upgrade to the paid version for full access. Once you download the app, it will give you instructions on installing the desktop application.

You can connect in different ways – including a USB cable – but the easiest way is to use the WIFI option. So, launch the application on both devices and make sure they have the same WIFI IP number and Port. 

If you’re a Mac user, you can use Camo, Irium WebCam, or EpocCam. I’ll explain how to use Camo, but most apps work similarly, so you shouldn’t have any problems using one or the other – see: what are the disadvantages of Zoom?

If you go for Camo, you can easily download the desktop app on your computer and the mobile app on your phone. Once downloaded and installed, launch the one on your computer first, and later the one on your phone. Now you can adjust the settings if you want, enable the green screen background, etc. Otherwise, just use the default settings. 

To connect your phone to your computer via USB to use it as a webcam, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. You should know that this could represent a risk, so never do it to connect on a public computer and don’t forget to disable it once you’re done.

Can I use my phone camera as a webcam for zoom?

Yes, you can use your phone camera as a webcam for Zoom. The easiest way is to download the Zoom app and join the Zoom meeting on your phone. This will automatically use the camera and microphone from your phone, and you won’t need to set up anything – see the Zoom support article here.

If you want to use Zoom on the computer and the phone camera as a webcam, you’ll need to connect your phone wirelessly with an app or using a USB cable. For this, you can use apps such as DroidCam or Camo as explained above. 

Ideally, you’ll use one of the best webcams for Zoom if you’re after the best video and audio quality, but in a pinch, using your phone camera is a good alternative.

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