What Video Editing App Do TikTokers Use?

Creating TikTok videos with the default app is simple and fast, but lacks the editing features of 3rd party apps. Here's what apps popular TikTokers use.

From Bella Poarch’s “M to the B” to Zach King’s digital magic, no matter which social media platform you’re on, you’re bound to come across a slew of viral TikTok videos.

So, what video editing app do TikTokers use to create these trending clips, reels and other short-form video content?

Here we’ve listed five famous TikTokers and the video editing tools and apps they’re using to garner millions of views and likes.

Bella Poarch – CapCut

With over 9 million followers and 2 billion likes, Bella Poarch is the top 3 most followed TikTok celebrity next to Khaby Lame and Charlie D’Amelio.

She uses CapCut, the video editing software made by TikTok itself, to make her reels and viral videos. It’s free, easy to use, and has a wide range of video editing functions.

Zach King – VideoLeap

Zach King is famous for his digital magic videos that seem to bend the laws of video editing. He revealed in one of his videos that he uses Video Leap to make some of his magical reels.

Video Leap is a great editing program with many effects that are easy to learn and pick up, even for newbies. It’s perfect for short reels and videos you’d post on any social media platform.

Jera Bean – Adobe Express

Jera Bean is a popular video editing tutor in TikTok. She walks her followers through the editing process of some trendy and viral videos online.

She uses Adobe Express, which boasts a fast and straightforward video editing interface. You can use it to make professional-looking and high-quality videos with just a few clicks.

Emelielein88 – Zoomerang

Zoomerang, like CapCut, is a popular video editing app many TikTokers use. It’s the application used by Emelielien88 to make her funny, good-looking clips.

A wide variety of video filters, effects, and editing tools are available to you with Zoomerang. It’s free to download with upgradeable features if you purchase its Pro version.

Aliciasann – InShot

Aliciasann is a TikToker with over 250 thousand followers and 6 million likes. She’s famous for her aesthetically pleasing videos and reels about her daily life.

In a video tutorial she posted, she revealed InShot as the editing app she uses. You can download this video editing application for free and use its wide assortment of aesthetic filters for your TikTok videos.

Bottom Line

Using the right editing tool is crucial if you want to make trendy and viral videos on TikTok. So, what video editing app do TikTokers use? Remember CapCut, VideoLeap, Adobe Express, Zoomerang, and InShot.

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