Will Rampling-Bauer

Landscape | Last Updated: April 3, 2023

Hi, my name is Will Rampling-Bauer. I am a photographer based in and around Melbourne, Australia. I began my photographic journey a few years ago while I was backpacking abroad. Several weeks into my trip I decided to document my travels, so I bought an old Canon film camera which never left my side.

I soon realised I was going to go broke buying film constantly so I decided to buy a DSLR. Given that I was already shooting with a Canon camera it made sense to get another so I bought a Canon 700D.

During my travels I photographed just about anything that caught my interest but it wasn’t long before I realised I thoroughly enjoyed taking landscape photographs. Upon returning home I decided to study photography at RMIT university to learn as much as I could. It was around this time that I bought a Canon 5D Mark III and several lenses which I currently use and have been great to shoot with. However that is not to say that I wouldn’t switch to another system if I felt it suited my work and or personal photography better.

I now work in a photography studio in Melbourne but I try to travel as much as possible to continue building and refining my landscapes folio.

I hope you find this kit information useful!

Canon 5D Mark III
I bought this camera just before the Canon 5D Mark IV came out. At the time I had a bit of buyer’s remorse, however I have found the Mark III to be a solid and reliable camera. It was also a substantial upgrade from my previous camera.

Canon 16-35mm f/4L
One of the first lenses I bought. It has been a great lens to shoot with and offers some interesting characteristics to an image – especially at 16mm.

Canon 24-70mm f/4L
I probably have this lens on the camera most of the time due to its ability to go from wide angle to moderately zoomed. When shooting panoramas I often set focal length around 50-60mm.

Canon 70-200mm f/4L
One of the last lenses I added to my landscape kit. I am surprised at how often I use this lens. It is much lighter than the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L variant and is a little kinder on your back when hiking.

Really Right Stuff TVC 33 with BH-40 Ball-head
Has been an amazing rock-solid tripod. I have had this tripod sitting in running water whilst doing long exposures and had no issue with camera shake. The ball head is incredibly well made and sturdy also.

Novoflex VR-System Slim
A great head for doing multi row panoramas. Can be a little shaky in strong wind but it is lightweight and easy to use once you understand its functions. I have another system for shooting panoramas, however it is limited in regards to shooting above or below the horizon line, unlike this head.

F-stop Tilopa
One of the best things I have bought for my photography. It holds just about anything I want to take with me on a hike and feels very comfortable. I have racked up lots of kilometres with this bag and it takes anything I throw at it.

Lee Filters
I use Lee square neutral density filters and graduated filters. I initially used screw-on filters, however I found them to be a little cumbersome and they lack the versatility of a square filter system. It’s quite convenient to stack an ND filter with a graduated filter to cut light to certain parts of your composition.

Hoya Polarising Filters
I often use these filters to cut glare in my images. They can be used with the Lee filter system if needed, but it’s not an ideal situation as the Lee adapter ring needs to screw on to the polarising filter.

To round out my kit I usually have spare CF and SD cards as well as a blower and lens cloths to clean my equipment when needed. I also carry a torch and head lamp should I need them.


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