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How to zoom in on Premiere Pro (3 Simple Methods)

This guide will show you three simple ways to zoom in using Adobe Premiere Pro. Discover the best way to achieve a realistic zoom effect.

This guide will help you quickly learn how to zoom in on Premiere Pro.

If you are just at the beginning of your video editing path, this tip will help you to add dynamics to your video and emphasize the parts you want.

Before you start, make sure you have high-quality footage, which won’t get pixelated after zooming in.

Start with importing your clip to the timeline and picking the area you‘d like to zoom in.

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How do you Zoom in on Adobe Premiere Pro?

First Method

This is the quickest way that doesn’t require creating keyframes.

Select the part of your video where you want to start zooming in and cut it with the Razor Tool.

Cut out the first part of your video with razor tool

Next, cut your video at the moment where you want to zoom out.

Cut out the part of your footage with Razor Tool in Premiere Pro

In your middle clip, go to Effect Controls and adjust Scale and Position of your clip to the desired value.

Adjust Position and Scale in Premiere Pro

Done! You’ve zoomed in to the selected area without keyframes and made your video dynamic. If you want to get smoother zooming, you can use method two.

Second Method

With this method, you’ll create a smooth In and Out animation by using keyframes.

After importing your clip to the timeline, go to Effect Controls.

Here, select the Anchor Point and move it to the area you want to zoom into.

Place Anchor Point in Premiere Pro

You’ll see the preview area of your clip – here you can select the In and Out points of your animation.

Click the stopwatch on the Scale parameter, to create the first keyframe.

Create Keyframes in Premiere Pro

Next, move your playhead to the part when you want to finish zooming, increase the scale to the desired value, and the second keyframe will be created automatically.

Create keyframes in Premiere Pro

Now, you can do the same steps to zoom your video out.

Create the third keyframe at the moment you want to start zooming out.

Add a keyframe in Premiere Pro

And the fourth keyframe in the area where the video should be zoomed out.

Here, you can click the reset button instead of dragging the scale – the video will return to it’s original parameters.

Reset parameters in Premiere Pro

From here, you can make the animation smoother – select the first two keyframes and right-click on them, selecting Ease In.

Premiere Pro how to use Ease In

Do the same for the other two keyframes, selecting Ease Out.

If you want to change the speed of your zooming, just drag your keyframes closer or further from each other.

Change the speed of zooming in on Premiere Pro

Additional Method

You can also use the same steps from the second method but change the Out animation.

It’s called Jump Cut – remove 3rd and 4th keyframes and cut the video in two in the area where you want to start zooming out.

Jump Cut in Premiere Pro

Now, select the second part of your video and click the reset button to get back back to the original video scale.

Jump Cut in Premiere Pro

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