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With my Canon 5D Mark III, back when I was shooting street style in New York. Photo from Vogue Spain.

I fell into photography pretty much by accident. While running a fashion website (almost two decades ago now!), the necessity arose for someone to shoot a few runway shows. The company bought me a camera - an entry-level Canon DSLR - and away I went. Before too long, I had fallen in love.

Over time, my equipment got upgraded, and I ended up doing most of my shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III with my beloved 50mm f/1.2 lens. I regularly attended the "big four" fashion weeks, shooting mostly backstage and street style. After moving to Portugal in 2014, I started shooting street style for Vogue Portugal and other Portuguese women's magazines.

As well as shooting fashion, I've photographed travel stories for publications including Suitcase Magazine, Atlas Obscura and The Luxury Report. What I love most about the art of photography is the way it opens our eyes to moments or scenes that we might otherwise miss.

Beyond photography, I'm also a writer, a lover of nature, and a mother. I love music, going on camping trips, and taking long walks as a way to heal body, mind, and soul.

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