A Beginner’s Guide to Using inPixio Photo Studio

Discover all the key features of InPixio and how to use them to make simple but powerful photo edits this year in our beginner's guide.

Graduating from the photo editing options that come with your smartphone’s camera app doesn’t mean having to jump into the deep end head first.

inPixio offers you a versatile and easy way to get into effective photo editing. 

inPixio Photo Studio

Offers a simple and affordable solution to editing photos, with intelligent automatic effects.

Using inPixio Photo Studio is about as easy as it gets. After years of using Photoshop, it’s been honestly refreshing to use a photo editing app that works with just a few simple clicks.

Anyone can pick up inPixio Photo Studio and start getting powerful edits today, but I’ll be walking you through downloading inPixio and getting started on your own.

Download And Install inPixio Photo Studio

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to install inPixio Photo Studio. 

All you need to do is head over to the inPixio website and install the photo editor.

There’s even a free version that you can download that lets you test-drive the software while still getting access to some powerful photo editing tools.

The best features that come with inPixio are in the paid download options. inPixio Photo Studio is incredibly affordable as far as photo editing software goes and it’s way under the cost of its competition like Photoshop.

Once you have inPixio installed, you’re ready to start editing. 

Practice With Sample Images Or Upload Your Own

inPixio Photo Studio lets you jump right into the action when you first open the software.

You’ll be greeted with a screen that gives you two options for opening images. 

You can select a particular editing task, such as removing unwanted objects or changing the sky and open an image directly into that editing menu.

You can also see a “My Images” menu that lets you browse your images so you can open any image you want directly into the editor.

Of course, you can always click on the “open” menu when the editor is open to switch to any image you’d like to edit. 

inPixio Photo Studio also comes with sample images built in so you can walk through tutorials for all of the features that come with this app. 

a screen shot of a photo album.

Start With The One-Click Edits 

The best place to get started with inPixio Photo Studio is by using the one-click edit features. These features let you make big changes to your images with just a few simple clicks.

Some of the easiest-to-navigate features allow you to add frames to pictures, change filters and add textures, or even try out LUTs to change the color grading for your images.

You can also use the more advanced one-click edits that let you remove the background, change the sky, or even blur the background to create a smooth bokeh effect. 

an image of a woman holding a cat.

Use inPixio Adjustment Sliders To Dial In Perfect Images 

Now it’s time to move up to more complicated editing techniques that put you in total control over the final image.

This is my preferred way to edit using inPixio Photo Studio. I let the AI take care of the bulk of the editing and then use the adjustment sliders to fine-tune the image to my liking.

You’ll find the adjustment sliders in the menu for each of inPixio’s editing tools. You can use the adjustment sliders to change things like color, exposure, and other aspects of your photo. 

These tools can help you create an image that looks incredible. 

an image of a beach with sand dunes and grass.

Share Your Edited Pictures And Explore inPixio’s Advanced Features 

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of using inPixio Photo Studio to edit images, it’s time to share them with the world! 

Exporting images with inPixio is about as easy as it can get. There’s a save icon at the top of the screen, and all you need to do is click on that, enter a filename, choose an image quality, and hit save.

Your image will be saved to your designated images folder and then you’re free to share your final creation on your favorite social media platforms.

If you’re hungry for more advanced editing techniques, inPixio’s website features plenty of tutorials for mastering the full editing potential that you can unlock with this easy-to-learn software. 

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