10 Ways to Enhance Your Photos with inPixio Photo Studio

Discover 10 ways to transform your photos with inPixio Photo Studio and take your photography editing skills to the next level.

I know that half the battle of photography comes with editing and sometimes I just need an app that works without a lot of complicated options.

inPixio Photo Studio

Offers a simple and affordable solution to editing photos, with intelligent automatic effects.

inPixio Photo Studio is a powerful editing tool that is surprisingly easy to use.

You can create stunning photo edits with these 10 quick ways to enhance your photos with inPixio Photo Studio.

1. Use The Remove Background Tool

Easily the most impressive tool that comes with inPixio Photo Studio is the ability to remove the background with a single click.

All you need to do is select your subjects and inPixio handles the rest. I found that inPixio is even able to handle things that usually trip up automated background removal like frizzy hair and complicated subjects.

a photo of a woman in a dress.

2. Try Replace Sky

Another standout feature from inPixio Photo Studio is the ability to remove and replace the sky with a single click.

inPixio comes preloaded with a variety of skies from sunsets to thunderstorms. There are even adjustment sliders that help you match foreground and background exposure and color.

an image of a mountain with a lake and lightning.

3. Create A Photo Montage!

The photomontage feature in inPixio Photo Studio is a lot of fun.

You can use inPixio to create mock magazine covers, birthday cards, and even memes with just a few clicks.

a picture of a girl with long hair and a christmas tree in the background.

4. Use The AI Erase Objects Feature

One of the most in-demand features of any photo editing software is the ability to remove unwanted objects from your images.

inPixio Photo Studio makes it easy to click and remove unwanted objects. The interface is easily the most simple I’ve used when it comes to content aware editing.

All you need to do is paint your unwanted objects and inPixio’s AI replaces them with information from the image’s background.

an image of a person walking in front of a building.

5. One Touch Edits With Auto-Correction And Filters

Every photo editing app comes with its own one touch auto-correction, but inPixio Photo Studio takes things to a new level with an easy-to-use interface and plenty of customizable options.

The included filters also give you additional layers of control that you can further refine by adjusting sliders to improve color and exposure.

an image of a canal with boats in it.

6. Use Photomontage To Add Text

The photomontage tool does more than make complicated montages.

After opening the photo montage tool, you can backtrack to upload your original image in the montage editor. This lets you add text in a variety of fonts and styles as well as make other simple adjustments.

inPixio Photo Studio also comes with a sticker pack that lets you make fun edits on the fly.

a web page with a picture of a drink.

7. Enhance The Details With The Adjustments Sliders

AI features are convenient, but you’ll do your best editing when you take the wheel.

inPixio Photo Studio lets you use adjustment sliders to refine nearly all of its editing features. You can use these from the start and have total control or let inPixio Photo Studio handle most of the work while you just focus on the fine details.

8. Use Background Blur For Instant Bokeh

I’ve talked a lot about removing the background from images, but you can also use inPixio Photo Studio to blur backgrounds.

This is a sneaky feature included in inPixio Photo Studio that allows you to create smooth bokeh in all of your images. It’s essentially a combination of the ability to remove backgrounds and isolate subjects.

a woman sitting on a ledge in front of a painting.

9. Fun creative effects with frames and textures

When it comes to effects in inPixio Photo Studio, you are not limited to basic photo filters. The app also includes customizable overlays in the form of frames and textures.

It only takes one click to apply an effect, then you can adjust it to fit your photo. For example, after adding a frame you can resize it or change the color.

a picture of a dog standing on a beach.

10. Create Crystal Clear Enlargements With Photo Maximizer

Easily my favorite feature in inPixio Photo Studio is the photo maximizer effect.

This uses the same AI-backed software that inPixio Photo Studio uses throughout its app, but it allows you to magnify images up to 1,000x their normal size without losing much quality.

a woman wearing a pink hat and green sweater.

inPixio Photo Studio has an easy-to-use interface and offers fast and effective editing for all of your photo needs.

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