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YouTube Vloggers You Should Follow in 2023

A selection of the year's most influential and entertaining YouTube vloggers with interesting, informative, and inspiring content for you to watch for free.

Vlogger as a word is relatively new to the English dictionary and has sprung to the world’s attention with the ever-expanding multitude of wild and wonderful online videos.

Vloggers are influencers and people who share videos that are popular for capturing the audiences’ attention with interesting, informative, or inspiring content.

In this article, we’ve hand-picked a cross-section of some of 2023‘s most influential and intriguing best YouTube vloggers for you to enjoy.

We measured popularity and quality based on a combination of the number of YouTube channel subscribers and the number of views the channel’s videos have received.

Obviously, the term ‘best’ is entirely subjective – let’s just call this a selection of YouTube channels that really caught our attention.

Who are the Best YouTube Vloggers in 2023?

Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Travel Vloggers bring the adventure to you.

Safely nestled in the comfort of your favorite armchair you can explore the peaks of Everest, have breakfast with a Sami deer herder or plunge into the depths of the ocean to explore a shipwreck.

Adventure might not be your middle name, so thanks to aspiring vloggers and robust travelers you can taste the virtual forest air of the wilds without leaving your living room.

1. Fearless and Far

former radio personality

Fearless and Far describes himself as a professional adventurer who will help you overcome your travel fears.

True to his description he explores remote untrodden paths and would be classified as a modern-day explorer.

Although Fearless and Far doesn’t make videos every week, and sometimes not even every month, his content is still incredible, unique, and riveting.

His most popular video has currently reached 14 million views!

It’s hard to go past ‘Raiding a BaBoon Camp’ – the title itself invites intrigue. Another of his videos ‘Living with a Death Tribe’ has 7 Million views.

2. Lost Leblanc

daily videos

Lost Leblanc quit his job to unconditionally pursue his dream of filmmaking and travel, and his channel calls on you to do the same.

Lost Leblanc commits to uploading a new video punctually every Saturday at 9 am EST for his dedicated following of 2 million subscribers.

His positive attitude shines through his videos and his most recent video, posted only 6 days previous, has already taken a hit of 200k views.

3. Drew Binsky 

tyler oakley

Drew Binsky has 3.8 million subscribers, for whom he has recorded and shared his visits to every single known country in the world – that’s some feat.

He shares his crazy adventures and the stories of the inspiring people he meets, such as ‘He Hasn’t Slept Since 1962’ which has reached an incredible 13 million views, and ‘She Cooks Your Leftover Mcdonalds (for Profit)’ at 815 thousand views.

4. Kold

daily life

Kold is a Vlogger for those who want to know more about filming travel escapes.

He is known for offering the best views of travel locations using his impressive filming techniques.

Kold has 1.2 million subscribers to date and his most popular video ‘Kold – My Year 2016’ is currently at 7 million views.

One of his Youtube videos demonstrating his editing and filming skill ‘How I Filmed a big budget Commercial (On a Phone)’ has hit over one million views – what aspiring filmer wouldn’t want to know how to do this?

Kold offers classes on video editing and has created a thriving online community.

Best Female Travel Vloggers Creating YouTube Videos

1. Sorelle Amore


Sorelle’s Youtube channel aspires to motivate her one million followers to live their dreams and be free like her.

Her channel delivers regular travel stories with an inspirational punch that will grab your attention.

Having freed herself, she now makes vlog videos showing others how to live freely, such as ‘HOW I became a free human and at what cost’ at 175 thousand views and ‘What makes a human free?’ at 61 thousand views.

If you are feeling trapped in your current routine it might be worth jumping onto Sorelle’s Youtube channel and taking a peek.

2. Jonna Jinton

Jonna JInton youtube vlog

Jonna Jintons is a Swedish filmmaker, musician, and artist who shares her Nordic daily life with her 4 million subscribers.

Videos such as ‘Living with the Dark Winters in Sweden’ and the ‘Nordic Morning Routine – Ice Bath’ are well-executed videos that give her followers a glimpse of what it is like to live in the depths of a freezing Swedish winter.

3. Jennelle Elianna

prank videos

This fresh vibrant vlog channel with a following of 2.4 million subscribers gives anyone who is curious about what life is like living in a van a good run for their money.

‘My house doesn’t have walls’ has hit 1.9 million views and ‘I bought a house’ is at 1.7 million giving the world a peek into not only an alternate way to travel but a different way to live.

Best Food Vloggers on YouTube

1. Mark Weins

family life

Mark Weins’s passion is food. He believes one should travel with their belly first and feet last as local food is the ultimate exploration.

Mark is an upbeat enthusiastic vlogger and shares new mouth-watering food-related videos every week with his 9.9 million subscribers.

His most popular videos to date are ‘Extreme Chinese Food’, its intriguing content gaining it nothing short of 26 million views, and ‘The Ultimate Dubai Tour’ with 21 million views.

2. Cooking With Dog

cooking with dog food vlog

Cooking with Dog is a quirky food vlog channel hosted by a caine called Francis, and a mysterious Japanese chef who has never disclosed his name to his 1.6 million subscribers.

All the exquisite food cooked by the mysterious chef is authentic Japanese and there is an endless repertoire of recipes with one delivered weekly on Friday.

The most popular vlog to date with 6.9 million views is ‘How to Make Bento’, yum.

Best Photography Vloggers on YouTube

1. Shoot Film Like a Boss

shoot film like a boss vlog video

Shoot Film Like a Boss is all about learning. The vlog teaches everything there is to know about film photography and darkroom skills, inspiring its 31.9 thousand viewers to shoot with film.

Roger the youtube vlogger claims to be no expert in film or photography and instead aspires to be one, like his audience, to be the boss one day.

‘Olympus OM10’ is his best hit video to date, it is a thorough and well-thought-out review of the Olympus OM10 SLR camera.

2. Sean Tucker 

youtube community

Sean keeps his 540 thousand subscribers captivated by exploring the more emotional side of photography rather than focusing on the technical.

As he says himself: ‘I am more interested in the Why of the photography than the how’.

Although Sean does also provide videos on how to improve your practical skills, the make focus of his youtube channel is taking authentic shots with a deeper emotional meaning.

Two great examples of his deep probing works are ‘The Feeling Vs the Meaning’ and ‘Street Photography and Your Mental Health’.

Best Family Vloggers on YouTube

1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

Smile more vlog youtube


If you’ve wondered how other families live their lives or are looking for tips on parenting then head to the Smile More Youtube channel created by Roman and join the 15 million subscribers.

Packed with hilarious pranks and viral videos, you won’t be disappointed especially if quirky family life is your thing.

The family’s popularity is evident when you notice that ‘I Bought Them a House’ has hit 53 million views and ‘Plastic Ball Pranks’ has hit 23 million.

2. KK and Baby J

kk and baby j vlog

KK and Baby J share real-life stories from birthing their baby boy to children’s birthday parties.

This family welcomes you into their home via their Youtube channel – you can be part of their virtual family and join the 1.2 million subscribers.

Their aim is to empower families to live their best lives by showing them how they strive to thrive and succeed.

Sharing lots of advice, resources, and inspirational videos, while building a thriving community of parents of families that can network and connect.

Best Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube

1. Mountain Tracker

mountain trecker

There is nothing like having the unfamiliar path beaten for you and being inspired to step out of your comfort zone

If this is what you’re looking for then check out Mountain Trecker’s Youtube channel.

With his Youtube channel of 1.5 million subscribers, Varn Vagish has motivated many of his viewers to get on the road and explore the big wild world by giving them practical travel information mixed with interesting adventure stories.

2. Tanya Khanijow

indian travel vlogger

One of the best-known Indian female travel vlogs created by Tanya Khanijow has reached 1 million subscribers, inspiring women to follow their passions and hit the road.

With her high energy and enthusiasm Tanya shows that even if it’s not as easy for Indian women to travel they still can.

From skydiving, to icey treks, to meeting African tribal women Tanya takes her viewers on some wild and wonderful adventures and into some unexpected places.

Best Indian Food Vloggers on YouTube

1. India Eat Mania

india eat mania vlog

India Eat Mania promises to take their 5.5 million subscribers on a delicious journey of Indian street food, so buckle up and join in for some spectacular mouth spectacular treats.

Pumping out more videos than most India Eats Manis uploads a few videos a week from their Indian food trail, ‘Varanasi Famous Chana Masala’ was posted 2 years ago and already has over 52 million views, must be a good dish!

2. Village Cooking Channel

indian cooking vlog

Indian cooking is popular with an abundance of Youtube channels to choose from some posing daily vlogs with delicious recipes, but Village Cooking Channel is one of the most popular with 21 million followers.

Village Cooking Channel weaves culture, tradition, and festivities into their vlog posts, giving their audience more to savor than just the delicious recipes.

Best Motorcycle Vloggers on YouTube

1. Walterrific

Walterrific motorbike vlog

Walterifics is an avid motorbike enthusiast, wild for everything about motorbikes 0 he is probably the most popular motorbike vlogger there is with 2.3 million subscribers.

Walterrifics vlogs will show you less about how to maintain bikes, and more about the adventures you can take on a bike.

He’s not short on enthusiasm or energy so his vlogs make for a thrilling view.

2. Chase on Two Wheels

so much fun

Chase On Two Wheels gives in-depth information on how to rebuild a wrecked bike to his following of 1.1 million subscribers.

He’s constantly adding new content and information which is in demand by all the motorbike fanatics that have crashed a much-loved bike.

Best Disney Vloggers on YouTube

1. FreshBaked

Freshed baked daily vlogs

FreshBaked’s YouTube channel will keep you up to date with the latest at Disney from rides to restaurants.

They claim to be the leading authority on everything Disney and their following of 185 thousand subscribers must agree.

To date, they have uploaded an impressive 5 thousand videos, which is more than most YouTube vloggers.

2. Disney Dan

animal rights

If you need some travel inspiration when heading to Disney this channel could be the ticket to get you razzed up for fun and games on Disney rides.

Best Beginner Vloggers on YouTube

1. HuluWuluAnimations


If you are looking to keep an eye out for new talent then this is one to watch.

At only one year old and already with one million subscribers, they are doing something funky and right.

2. Sam and Colby



Making haunted and spooky content is grabbing the attention of YouTube viewers and fast-tracking this channel to vlogging success with 1.1 million subscribers within a year.

Best Daily Vloggers on YouTube

1. Ellie and Jared


It takes a lot of work to pump out a daily vlog for your subscribers but that doesn’t stop Ellie and Jared who share their family’s daily life with their loyal following of 1.6 million.

2. Daily Vlogging


Daily Vlogging is true to their name and posts daily to keep their 5 million followers informed of their unique family’s daily life and travels.

Best Study Vloggers on YouTube

1. Unjaded Jade

regular videos

Unjaded Jade is a young student vlogging about her study life and offers tips and advice to her almost 900 thousand followers.

2. Studyquill

first video

Studyquill has a collection of valuable study resources for her one million subscribers, from tips on stationary to time management.

Best Couple Vloggers on YouTube

1. Nick and Carrie

Nick and Carrie vlog

This fun, playful, cute, and adorable couple let their 4.9 million subscribers enjoy the daily ups and downs of their own life through their vlog.

Their comedy skits and their playful antics are popular with many.

Their most viewed video to date is ‘My Asian Girlfriend Cooking Indian Food with My Hindu Instructions’ with just a mere 7.8 million views.

2. Avacados Couple

avacados in love vlog

Maybe not what we were expecting, but this roaring success of a youtube channel was put together by a couple who love cartoons, just like their 11 million subscribers.

This vlog channel’s comic content is suitable for the entire family, children, parents, and grandparents, so cozy up and watch their most viewed video, ‘Pregnancy Prank Competition’ which has reached 112 viewers.

3. Kara and Nate

best youtube vlogs

A husband and wife team from Nashville, Tennessee bringing to their faithful 3.5 million subscribers their travel videos.

Get an insight into the daily life of a couple on the road, and what makes them tick.

‘We Lived in a $650 Million Dollar Earthroamer’ shows some of the more off-the-road adventures this couple has embraced together, keeping viewing interesting for their viewership.

How Much Can Vloggers Make on YouTube?

How much can a YouTube Vlogger make? I heard rumors that it can be quite a hefty sum reaching well into the thousands each week.

YouTube earnings are not based on numbers – a vlogger with a subscription of 1 million might not make as much money as a vlogger with 100 thousand.

Earnings will depend on a combination of the quality of the content, the niche, the loyalty of the subscribers, how often you create videos, and the products that are advertised.

Remember that YouTube vloggers can work for a whole year creating awesome footage and putting it out to an empty YouTube theatre, then one day, hit the jackpot.

A Youtube vlogger might make anything from nothing to upwards of 54 million a year, like Mr Beast one of the most famous YouTubers.

Commitment is the key, Youtube likes loyalty and rewards it, so stick in there.

When you reach 100 thousand subscribers you could be earning one thousand dollars a week, with Youtube playing $0.018 a view.

YouTube’s ad revenue rates can vary greatly, but a recent range was between $0.25 and $4.00 per 1,000 views.

This is highly dependent on factors like the content’s topic, audience demographics, and the time of year.

Here’s a hypothetical table on how much vloggers can make on YouTube based on these rates:

YouTube Channel (Hypothetical) Views per Month (Estimated) Potential Earnings per Month
Channel 1 10,000,000 $2,500 – $40,000
Channel 2 20,000,000 $5,000 – $80,000
Channel 3 30,000,000 $7,500 – $120,000
Channel 4 40,000,000 $10,000 – $160,000
Channel 5 50,000,000 $12,500 – $200,000
Channel 6 60,000,000 $15,000 – $240,000
Channel 7 70,000,000 $17,500 – $280,000
Channel 8 80,000,000 $20,000 – $320,000
Channel 9 90,000,000 $22,500 – $360,000
Channel 10 100,000,000 $25,000 – $400,000

How do travel Vloggers make their money?

There are a few ways you can monetize a travel Youtube channel. The most common three are paid ads, affiliate sales, and sponsored content.

One interesting point is that you don’t need a huge following to make decent money from a Youtube channel -what you need is a loyal following who is interested in the products you advertise.

Thus they are more than likely to take your advice on products and click through to the affiliate sales to buy.

Most travel vloggers will make their income through a combination of all three – the type of affiliate sales and sponsored content that a YouTube channel monetized will depend on their niche.

If the YouTube channel’s niche is motorcycle travel, they can seek motorcycle products that need advertising or get sponsored by Harley Davidson to take a motorbike ride through the Sahari with a tribe of camel herders.

If they are a traveler wild for everything trekking and are forging their livelihood by making videos, it might be a tour trekking company that approaches them for affiliate sales or someone who has written a trekking guidebook.

If you have a travel vlog businesses that match your travel niche will either approach you when they see you have a large following or you can approach them and make an offer.

YouTube will flip some money your way from ads that are run through your channel to your audience.

Although this won’t start until you have reached a healthy following of over a thousand and have reached 4,000 hours watched.

The great thing is that anyone can start vlogging, that is if you are willing to dedicate momentous amounts of time to filming, editing, and creating absolutely awesome sky-shattering content.

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