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53 Best Photography Youtube Channels in 2023

YouTube is packed full of free content to help photographers take better pictures. Here's a mammoth list of the most entertaining and informative channels.

Are you searching for the best photography YouTube channels?

YouTube enables you to learn photography, post-processing, and more without paying for expensive workshops and courses.

Over the years, the community of photography YouTubers grew and brought valuable content to the masses for free.

In this article, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what I consider to be the best photography YouTube channels for beginners through to advanced photographers.

So whether you’re looking for tutorials, expert gear advice, or advanced photo-editing techniques, this guide has something for you.

(If you want to see the best YouTube vloggers in general, that’s another article.)

Let’s dive in to the recommendations!

53 Best Photography YouTube Channels in 2023

Best Landscape Photography YouTube Channels

1. Nigel Danson

nigel danson on youtube.

Nigel Danson is a landscape photographer based in the UK. His YouTube channel focuses on landscape and nature photography and features stunning locations around the world, including the UK, Scotland, Iceland, and more.

2. Thomas Heaton

thomas heaton on location on youtube.

Thomas Heaton is a photographer and YouTuber based in the UK. His YouTube channel is focused on landscape and outdoor photography, where he showcases his amazing photos and the shooting process behind them.

His content ranges from gear reviews to films shot in some of the most scenic places in the world.

3. Andy Mumford

andy mumford youtube page

Andy Mumford is a professional landscape and travel photographer and educator. You’ll find tutorials, tips, gear reviews, and photography vlogs on his YouTube channel.

4. Mads Peter Iversen

mads van iversen's youtube channel

Mads Peter Iversen creates inspiring and informative videos on landscape photography. He shares his process behind iconic photos as well as composition tips and techniques for better photography.

5. Michael Shainblum

michael shainblum's youtube channel.

Michael Shainblum is a photographer and filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. He shares tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos on the landscape, Astro, macro photography, time-lapse, and post-processing.

6. Nick Page

nick page's youtube channel

Nick Page’s YouTube channel is excellent for photographers focused on nature, astro, landscape, and wildlife photography. He travels around the world to shoot some of the most beautiful landscapes.

He has multiple videos demonstrating advanced post-processing techniques, as well as gear reviews.

Best Beginner Photography YouTube Channels

7. Anthony Gugliotta

anthony guillotta on youtube.

Anthony is a photographer and content creator based in Canada. His YouTube channel gained popularity in quite less time due to his high-quality videos, where he shares tips and tutorials for beginners on photography, videography, post-production, and video editing.

8. Saurav Sinha

a screen shot of youtube page of Saurav Sinha.

This channel offers excellent beginner-friendly tutorials on all types of photography. Saurav covers a wide range of topics, from basic photography concepts to advanced cityscape photography techniques to behind-the-scenes portrait shoots.

His YouTube channel would be a good starting point for starters in photography.

9. Jamie Windsor

jamie windsor's youtube page.

Jamie is one of the most popular YouTubers among new photographers. His videos offer a fresh perspective on the photographic process. If you’re looking for videos to help you with your photography journey, you’ll find a lot of value on this channel.

10. Willem Verbeeck

Willem Verbeeck's Youtube Channel

This channel can be a great starting point for those wishing to enter the film photography world. Willem Verbeek shares his film photography experiences, tips, and tutorials that would equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to start independently.

11. Pixel Village

a screen shot of the youtube page for pixel village.

Fashion and portrait work is challenging for new photographers, especially when it involves working with lights and reflectors; that’s where Pixel Village would help you with step-by-step video guides to various lights and modifiers.

It’s a great channel aimed at helping beginners in photography with gear recommendations, tutorials, and more.

Best Street Photography YouTube Channels

12. EYExplore

a screen shot of the eyeexplore youtube channel.

EYExplore is a channel focused on street photography; it was started by Lukasz Palka, a street photographer based in Japan. He creates vlog-style videos while capturing the moments on streets in and around Tokyo.

13. Samuel Streetlife

samuel streetlfe youtube channel

Samuel Lintaro Hopf is a street and documentary photographer and filmmaker from Hamburg, Germany. His content includes POV street videos and walking interviews with some of the best street photographers in the world.

14. Roman Fox

roman fox's youtube channel

Roman Fox offers a unique take on street photography. He reveals the process behind the photos in his POV videos and shares practical tips in his photography advice videos. You’ll also find a fair amount of street photography gear-talk on this channel.

15. Faizal Westcott

faizal westcott's youtube page

Faizal Westcott travels around the world with his camera, focusing on street photography. His videos take you to the streets of some of the most interesting places. Not only that, he shares a ton of practical gear advice as well as tutorials.

16. Eren Sarigul

eren sarigul youtube channel

If you’re looking for gear reviews from a street photographer’s point of view, Eren Sarigul’s channel is the right place for you.

You’ll also enjoy his cinematic-style photos and behind-the-scenes videos captured on the streets of London, Istanbul, Tokyo, and many more cities worldwide.

Best Travel Photography YouTube Channels

17. Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell Kanashkevich's youtube channel

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a full-time professional travel photographer and educator. His channel focuses on all aspects of travel photography, from landscapes, travel portraits to travel documentary photos.

His channel contains a wealth of information on the photographic process, tutorials on photo editing, and more.

18. Pascal Basel

Pascal Basel Youtube channel

Pascal Basel is a photographer and videographer from Ontario, Canada. He shares his travel experiences through vlogs focusing on travel photography and videography. He also posts tutorials on photo and video tools and expert opinions on travel photo gear.

19. Pierre T. Lambert

a screen shot of Pierre T. Lambert youtube page.

Pierre T. Lambert is another popular YouTuber known for his informative photography content and gear reviews. He also shares practical tips, techniques, and creative insights that would be helpful for aspiring travel photographers.

20. Pat Kay

a screen shot of the youtube channel of Pat Kay.

Pat Kay- a travel photographer, blogger, and YouTuber from Sydney, Australia, shares his photography expertise on his channel. Pat takes you on a creative journey into the world of photography with his valuable tips on composition, color, and the editing process.

One of the highlights of his channel is the behind-the-scenes photography vlogs, where he takes the viewers along on the shoots. If you’re an aspiring travel photographer, you will find a lot of value on Pat Kay’s channel.

21. James Popsys

James Popsys' youtube page

James Popsys is a travel and adventure photographer and YouTuber based in the UK. You’ll find a wealth of information on his channel about photography techniques, gear, and various shooting locations around the world.

His content consists of travel vlogs, tutorials on post-processing, composition, and more.

Best Wildlife Photography YouTube Channels

22. Morten Hilmer

a screen shot of a youtube page of Morten Hilmer

Morten Hilmer’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove for wildlife and nature photography enthusiasts.

He’s a professional wildlife photographer from Denmark; his videos take you along on expeditions to some places with extreme weather conditions, such as Svalbard. He also discusses things such as camping and gear for photo expeditions.

23. Simon d’Entremont

simon d'entremont on youtube.

Simon d’Entremont is a wildlife, nature, and astrophotographer from Nova Scotia, Canada. The content on his channel includes various topics such as camera techniques, composition, editing tricks, and behind-the-scenes of his wildlife and nature shoots.

24. Mark Smith

Mark Smith on youtube

Mark Smith brings the amazing world of wildlife closer to you with his videos and photography. He covers stories from the wild in beautiful films that transport you to the world of animals.

Apart from photography vlogs, you’ll also find a fair amount of gear reviews and photography advice on his channel.

25. Steve Perry

steve perry on youtube.

Steve Perry’s channel will be a great resource if you want to improve your wildlife photography skills. He shares valuable tips, tutorials, and crash courses on topics such as autofocus, spot metering, and more. There’s also gear advice related specifically to wildlife photography.

26. Sudhir Shivaram Photography

Sudhir Shivaram on youtube

Sudhir Shivaram is a wildlife photographer and educator from India. His channel is probably one of the best for wildlife and bird photography starters.

He has created multiple helpful guides for beginners and also conducts image review sessions on his channel, where he provides feedback on viewers’ images.

Best Camera Reviews YouTube Channels

27. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

TonyChelsea Northrup on youtube

Husband and wife duo Tony & Chelsea Northrup form one of the most prominent voices in the camera and photography industry. Their channel caters to a large audience with over a million subscribers.

They stand out for their comprehensive and engaging content, which largely focuses on gear talk but also offers value to photographers of all skill levels- from beginners to experts.

28. Christopher Frost

christopher frost on youtube.

Christopher Frost offers one of its kind reviews of most cameras and lenses available on the market. You’ll find a standardized test format for each type of gear that he uses for all his review videos.

His content is great when you want to compare lenses or cameras objectively, as little to no ‘opinion’ is involved in his videos.

29. David Manning

David Manning on youtube

David Manning is a professional photographer and filmmaker who shares practical photo and video gear reviews. The content on his channel involves comparison videos, tutorials, and photography advice.

Whether looking for a new camera, lens, mic, or even tripod, you’ll find all the top products reviewed on David’s channel.

30. DPReview TV

DPReview TV on youtube

DPreview is one of the largest camera review websites on the Internet. Their YouTube channel- DPReview TV, shares hands-on videos with the most popular photography and videography gear available on the market.

They are another prominent channel for the camera industry. Recently, DPReview got acquired by Gear Patrol when the previous owner- Amazon, decided to pull the plug on it.

It’s also one of the channels where you’ll find newly launched gear reviews before anywhere else.

31. Mattias Burling

Mattias Burling on YouTube

Mattias Burling has a unique approach to reviewing cameras and other photography gear. His reviews are technical yet easy to understand for even starters in photography.

He has reviewed many of the old, vintage cameras and the newest models in the market. You’ll also find reviews and hands-on videos of some of the less popular photography gear on his channel.

32. Maarten Heilbron

Maarten Heilbron on YouTube

Maarten Heilbron makes in-depth videos on all types of photography and videography gear. His style makes him stand out from the rest as he demonstrates the usage of any gear.

He covers various tools such as lights, tripods, mics, and more, apart from cameras and lenses. Even though the channel primarily focuses on gear, there are a fair amount of tutorials as well.

33. B&H Photo Video

BnH Photo Video on YouTube

B&H is a camera store chain that’s been in business for more than 45 years. Their official YouTube channel shares a ton of content on all kinds of photography and videography gear.

They make quality content on various topics, including reviews, tutorials, and travel photography vlogs.

Best Mobile Photography YouTube Channels

34. Steven Divish

Steven Divish's youtube channel.

Steven’s channel is a great resource for those who primarily use mobile phones for photography and videography. He shares plenty of tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you take your phone photography game to the next level.

The channel also features gear reviews and recommendations where he highlights the best accessories to improve your phone photography.

35. Sean Alami

sean alami's youtube channel.

Sean Alami is a YouTuber who shares information on everything you need to create great video and photo content. Even though his channel doesn’t specifically focus on phone photography, you’ll find many related tutorials and gear guides.

This channel is a must-visit if you want to level up your content game.

36. Shayne Mostyn – Mobile Photography

shane mottyn's youtube channel.

As the name suggests, Shayne’s channel is dedicated to mobile photography, where he shares how-to videos on landscape, astro, portrait photography, and cinematic videography. He doesn’t stick to just the iPhone but also makes tutorials specific to Android phones.

37. iPhone Photography School

iPhone Photography School on YouTube

This channel is aimed at people who wish to take better photos with their iPhones. As the name suggests, this channel only talks about iPhone photography. There are a ton of tutorials and videos on useful accessories you need to improve your photos.

38. Smartphone Photography Training

Smartphone Photography Training on YouTube

This channel is run by Mike, who aims to help photography enthusiasts who want to improve their phone photography. He systematically equips the viewer with the knowledge of composition, techniques, and external accessories for effective phone photography.

The content also covers in-depth photography tutorials as well as post-processing guides.

Best Photography Tutorials YouTube Channels

39. Adorama

adroma tv on youtube.

Adorama’s official YouTube channel is one of the most informative for photographers of all genres. It features some of the best names in the industry who create step-by-step guides for portrait, landscape, drone photography, and more.

With over a million subscribers, Adorama is one of the best resources that would benefit both starters and pros.

40. Piximperfect

Piximperfect on YouTube

Piximperfect is hosted by Unmesh Dinda- a pro photo editor who shares Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. His great knowledge of the craft of photo editing and manipulation has gathered him over four million subscribers.

The channel covers everything you need to know for photo processing. The tips and tricks Unmesh shares would make your workflow more effective.

41. Photography Life

Photography Life on YouTube

Photography Life is a YouTube channel run by Spencer Cox, who creates helpful content on concepts of photography as well as focused tutorials on landscape, wildlife, macro, astrophotography, and more.

There are also a good amount of post-processing tutorials and gear guides.

42. f64 Academy

f64 Academy on YouTube

f64 Academy is another YouTube channel dedicated to Photoshop and Post-processing. It shares advanced photo editing tips for various genres- portrait to nature and landscape photography.

You’ll find easy guides on techniques such as color theory, exposure blending, color grading, luminosity masks, and more.

43. Mark McGee

Mark McGee on YouTube

Mark McGee is a portrait photographer and content creator. He shares tips and tricks on portrait work as well as many tutorials on post-processing. His content is a mix of vlogs, tutorials and gear reviews, and behind-the-scenes videos of his photoshoots.

Best Female Photographers’ YouTube Channels

44. Julia Trotti

julia trotti's youtube page.

Julia Trotti is a portrait photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She is one of the most popular female-hosted photography youtube channels, with over half a million subscribers. Her videos include camera and lens reviews, Lightroom tutorials, and travel and photoshoot vlogs.

45. Irene Rudnyk

Irene Rudnyk on YouTube

Irene Rudnyk is a portrait photographer and YouTuber from Canada. She is popular among nearly a million subscribers for her unique photographic style.

You’ll find useful behind-the-scenes photoshoot videos, travel vlogs, and lighting and photo equipment reviews on her channel.

46. T. hopper

T. Hopper on YouTube

Tatiana Hopper’s channel is a must-visit if you’re looking for photography inspiration and wish to study the works of master photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson, Alex Webb, and many others.

She emphasizes on discussing the art of photography more than gear reviews or tutorials. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll get to learn a great deal from Tatiana’s timeless videos.

47. Jessica Koebeissi

Jessica Kobeissei on YouTube

With over a million subscribers, Jessica is one of YouTube’s most popular female-led photography channels. She’s an Arab-American portrait photographer from Detroit. Some of her most viewed videos include shoot vlogs, tutorials, and opinion and reaction videos.

48. Lizzie Peirce

Lizzie Peirce on YouTube

Lizzie Peirce is another popular photographer, video producer, and YouTuber based in Canada. She shares post-processing tutorials, camera reviews, comparisons, interviews with other photographers, and more.

You’ll also find useful gear advice, knowledge of the craft, and lighting guides on her channel.

Best Photography Inspiration YouTube Channels

49. Sean Tucker

sean tucker channel trailer on youtube.

Sean Tucker is a street, documentary, and portrait photographer. He takes a different-than-usual approach where he avoids gear-talk and tutorials but instead focuses on creating films and interviews that force you to think deeply about your work and photography in general.

50. The Art of Photography

the art of photography on youtube.

Ted Forbes is a photographer with decades of experience and the person behind the Art of Photography. He covers the works of famous photographers, instruction on various photography and composition techniques, and the history of photography.

It’s one of the few channels that encompass all aspects of the craft- from gear to practice and theory of photography.

51. Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon on YouTube

Peter McKinnon is a popular photographer with over five million people subscribed to his YouTube channel. Peter shares his expert opinion and recommendation on the top photo and cinema gear available on the market.

Beyond gear advice and photography talk, Peter also offers glimpses into his travel and adventures around the world. You can’t miss this channel if you’re looking for photo or cinematography inspiration.

52. The Photographic Eye

The Photographic Eye on YouTube

The Photographic Eye is hosted by Alex, a photographer with over 30 years of experience. He digs deeper into the craft of photography and reveals the less-talked-about aspects of it.

There are no gear reviews on his channel, but you’ll find inspiration, explanations of various photographic concepts, and discussions on the work of great photographers.

53. Aperture Foundation

Aperture on YouTube

Aperture is a not-for-profit art foundation started by Ansel Adams. Their official YouTube channel is dedicated to the craft of photography. You can watch insightful talks, interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos with photographers and artists of other disciplines.

There are also various photobook discussions on the channel that gives you a glimpse into the work of great photographers.

Best Photography YouTube Channels | Final Words

YouTube is an amazing platform for learning photography and staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

I’ve covered some of the best YouTube photography channels that I subscribe to, but I’d love to hear from you!

Share your favorite channels from the list above, or let me know if I missed one.

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