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How to Download Video from Canva (and Share It)

Follow this guide to learn how to download videos from Canva and share them directly to all your social media accounts.

Wondering how to create engaging videos for marketing? Well, yet again Canva has your back.

You can create videos in Canva for a diverse range of platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and many more.

With so many video formats available, there has to be the option to not only share them on different compatible platforms but also to download Canva videos to save for future purposes.

Follow the steps below and you’ll learn how to download a video from Canva.

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How to Download Video from Canva

You can use Canva video templates to create videos for almost all your marketing, educational, and social purposes.

Canva has done the hard and boring work for you which makes it invaluable as a design tool.

Not only are Canva videos instantly in the correct format to share on pretty much every known social media platform but they’re also set to the correct dimensions. 

Select Video Project

To download your Canva video, first open your video project in the Canva workspace.

Click on the “Projects” button in the menu panel to the left of the workspace.

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Once clicked, the projects panel will be opened and all your saved design projects will be displayed, including your video projects.

Scroll through your projects until you find the video you wish to download.

Click on your video project and it will open in your Canva workspace. 

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Download Video

Once the video project is open in your workspace, you will have two options to download your video: either using the “Share” button or the “File” button.

You can download videos by clicking on the “File” button in the top menu bar.

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In the drop-down menu that appears, scroll down and select “Download”.

When “Download” is clicked, a pop-up window will appear to the right of your workspace.

Under “File type” you can choose which format to save the video.

To download videos, Canva suggests using the MP4 Video format.

Select MP4 Video and click the “Download” button. 

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Your video will now begin to download.

Share your Video

You might want to skip the download option and just head straight to sharing.

After all, that’s what you most likely created your videos for, right?

In the right-hand corner of the top menu bar, you’ll find the “Share” button.

Click on this button and a drop-down menu will appear. 

Here you will find the option for downloading videos or sharing videos.

You can choose from “Share with people”, “Copy a video link”, or “Share on social”.

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To share the video directly to social media scroll down to “Share on social”.

The social media platform options range from Facebook to Pinterest to LinkedIn.

Make sure that your video template is compatible in format and dimensions with the social media platform you are sharing it on.

Removing Canva Watermarks

If you have a free Canva user account, Canva will prompt you to upgrade to a Canva Pro account when downloading videos.

You can still download the video using a free account, but some of the videos will be marked with Canva watermarks. 

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To download Canva videos without watermarks, you will either need to upgrade your subscription or pay a one-off fee for the use of the video.

Now you know how to share and download your Canva videos you will have ample options for creating mesmerizing marketing material or having fun making videos to share with your friends.

Why Can’t I Download Video from Canva?

Are you having problems downloading videos from Canva?

There are several reasons why you might be prevented from downloading a Canva video. Try following these troubleshooting steps. 

1. Check your internet connection. If you are properly connected to the internet, you might also want to check the connection isn’t too weak to support downloading large files.

If this is the case, move to a place with a stronger signal if you’re using a mobile device, or try rebooting your modem. 

2. Check the video format is compatible with Canva. Canva supports MP4 and MOV.

If your video is in a different format you will need to change it to a Canva-compatible format.

3. Check the video or images in the video are not subject to a copyright license. If they are, this could be preventing you from downloading the video.

Check the video copyright license and either upgrade to a Canva Pro account or pay to use the video.

4. The last troubleshooting possibility is that the video could be too large to download. 

Try reducing the number of elements in your video. Canva also recommends keeping your video to 30 minutes or less, and reducing the resolution down to 1080p (1920×1080) if possible. 

Hopefully, after following these tips, you’ll be back on your way to downloading videos from Canva so you can share them with your followers and friends.

Got any other questions about how to download video from Canva? Ask us in the comments section below.

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