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44 Fall Photoshoot Ideas (Colors, Clothes, Outfits, etc)

When the leaves are starting to fall and things are getting chillier, it's time to plan your next fall photoshoot. Here are some fun ideas to get inspired.

The seasons are starting to change and if you want to kick start your imagination for a fall photoshoot, I’ve got 44 ideas you should check out!

These fall photoshoot ideas will give you everything you need to capture some breathtaking images this autumn.

These ideas are perfect for families, models, and solo photographers who want some eye-catching Instagram posts! 

Fall is probably my favorite season to take pictures and this list is the culmination of years of autumnal photography! 

I’m going to kick things off with ideas for fall family portraits, but stick around for ideas for couples, kids, models, and even indoor ideas! 

Table of Contents

What Are Some Great Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Families? 

1. It’s Pumpkin Carving Time! 

Image Credit: Daisy Anderson

Autumn is here and that means it’s the perfect season to capture some pumpkin carving pics with the whole family! 

This is a fun activity that the whole family can get into. Your toddlers can paint mini pumpkins while teens and adults carve ghoulish gourds of their own! 

You can do this photoshoot in the comfort of your own home, but you can also tell the whole story by getting things started at your local pumpkin patch! 

2. Festive Fall Family Parties 

Image Credit: Daisy Anderson

If you’re carving pumpkins with the family, might as well make a day of it! 

A fall or Halloween themed family part is the perfect time to get some group shots that really share something special.

These pics can show your family playing games, decorating cookies, or just enjoying each other’s company. 

The key to making this photoshoot work is to let the fun naturally unfold while you document the magic. 

3. Outdoors With The Kids

Image Credit: Yan Krukau

Fall is known for some cold and rainy weather, but don’t let that stop you from getting outdoors. You can snap some magical shots even if things are gray and rainy. 

Let your photographic style lead the way with this one. You can take the time to compose shots and pose family members, but you can also just keep on pressing that shutter button while the kids play and the adults try to keep up! 

4. Bring The Pets Into Your Photoshoot 

Image Credit: Yan Krukau

Autumn is a great season to bring the family pet into the photoshoot. 

Bring the family dog out to play in the falling leaves or take things indoors with a fall feline photoshoot! 

Notice how the dog’s coat naturally works with the colors of the fallen leaves? Most cats and dogs have a coat that will easily play off of typical fall colors for a more vibrant shot! 

5. Perfect Season For An Autumn Picnic 

Image Credit: Melike Benli

Fall is a great time for a family picnic photoshoot. 

Picnics are a great way to indulge your family photographer. These can be captured in a naturalistic style or posed to your heart’s content. 

Always remember to try to make sure your outfits and picnic props play off of the fall colors wherever you are shooting. 

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6. Take Your Family Further Into The Woods!

Image Credit: Tatiana Syrikova

There are some stunning natural sights in your local forest or national park. These seasonal natural wonders are a great location for family pictures. 

Most of these locations have accessible trails so you won’t even need to brave the wilderness for a stunning fall family portrait.  

It’s a good ideal to research these locations ahead of time. This lets you both plan your shots in advance and it lets you keep an eye out for park closures and any required passes. 

7. …Or Watch The Leaves Change At Home 

Image Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva

You don’t have to head into the deep woods to watch the leaves change colors. Your family can capture similar photographic magic in your own backyard! 

You’ll have a lot of versatility with these portraits. You can go very minimalist like our example here, but you can also bring in props, outfits, and bold compositions. 

The autumn landscape in your own backyard is not only full of potential, it’s also nearby which means you have extra time to capture the right shot. 

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Spooky 

Image Credit: Gantas Vaičiulėnas

Autumn means Halloween is right around the corner, so why not get a little spooky with your family photography? 

This example is fairly subtle with its muted tones and family members walking away from the camera—but you can get as seasonally spooky as you want! 

9. Because It’s Halloween! 

Image Credit: Daisy Anderson

Alright, there’s almost no fall family photos quite as iconic as Halloween pics! 

Get those costumes on, set your camera to timer mode, and capture some slightly monstrous pictures of everyone in their Halloween finest! 

10. An Apple Orchard Adventure! 

Image Credit: PNW Production

Okay, you don’t have to be spooky to take a great family portrait this fall. Doing an apple orchard photo shoot is just as iconic as a spooky Halloween photo session.

Most apple orchards don’t mind casual family photos, but if you plan on bringing tripods, lights, and other gear, you might want to get permission before you start setting up! 

Apple picking is one of the best fall photoshoot ideas since it gives you the opportunity to take pictures of everything from colorful leaves to the entire family!

What Are Some Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Couples?

11. Add Fall Flair To Your Usual Couples Portraits

Image Credit: Tim Samuel

Fall practically generates stunning scenery wherever you go. This means you can take couples pictures doing all of your favorite activities with some extra fall vibes. 

This is a great time to go on a couples hike, enjoy some pecan pie, or even take your skateboards out for a ride! 

Just don’t forget your phone camera to snap up all those couple’s fall pictures. 

12. It’s Pumpkin Spice Time! 

Image Credit: Katerina Holmes

You can get great couple’s pictures this fall season without heading into the woods. All you need to do is grab a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy your urban environment with the one you love and a camera! 

These couples pics are cozy and can make great use of fall fashion. Treat the apple cider—or another hot drink—as a prop to add some dynamic movement to your photoshoots. 

Photographers can even reach out to their local cafes to build partnerships or paid gigs that highlight seasonal drink menus. 

13. Make Use Of Natural Indoor Ambiance 

Image Credit: Daisy Anderson

Fall vibes are everywhere you go this time of year. Couples can take advantage of this natural ambiance by being ready to capture portraits wherever you travel. 

Your smartphone camera will be your best friend for these pics. You can capture fun selfies by using a perfect backdrop that appeared in your home, a shop, or anywhere you’re out and about! 

14. Flex Your Fall Fashion 

Image Credit: Melike Benli

Your fall photoshoots deserve creative fall fashion. You can take any fall photoshoot ideas to a new level by focussing on your style. 

Try a few of these fall photoshoot outfit ideas:

  • Dress in cozy layers
  • Use bright fall colors contrasted with stable earth tones 
  • Add something spooky or gothic vibes to your style 
  • Fall is the perfect season for cute matching couple’s outfits 

15. Fall In Love With Fall Leaves 

Image Credit: Maksim Goncharenok

There’s nothing more romantic than fallen leaves. Photographers can take advantage of this naturally occurring prop by posing their couple’s with some fun fall leaves. 

Try having your couple lay back in some beautiful fall foliage or unleash your inner child and have them throw leaves for something more dynamic. 

Autumn leaves create a natural backdrop for couple’s photography. 

16. Autumn Is Perfect For Fall Cooking Photoshoots 

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Your photogenic couple can take advantage of cooking together this fall. While they are preparing a delicious pumpkin pie, you can get your camera gear ready for a fun shoot. 

Think outside the box with pictures and capture both the pumpkin spice hot drink and pictures that focus on the couple.

Go for both shots that show the story behind the meal and shots that give the couple plenty of attractive profile shots. 

17. Show Off Your Halloween Couples Costumes 

Image Credit: Alan Cabello

Are you wearing matching angel wings or dressing up something a bit more devilish? Your next photoshoot could be a couple’s Halloween costume party! 

Costumes can be as dramatic as you’d like. You can take a minimalist approach with basic costumes or go all-out with bold designs. 

18. Get Outdoors For Cute Couple’s Poses 

Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

All this talk of perfect fall photoshoot ideas and we are only starting to get into outdoor ideas! 

These fall photoshoot ideas are ideal for couples who love to get outdoors together. You can take some great pics while hiking or just enjoying the changing color of the local leaves. 

Even city couples can find forested parks to develop some great fall photoshoot ideas. 

19. Tell A Story With Your Fall Pics 

Image Credit: Daisy Anderson

One of the best fall photoshoot ideas is to capture a picture that tells a story. Even posing for a selfie can be a cute moment worth capturing during a fall-themed party! 

Storytelling with your images helps you to create pictures that convey something more about your couple. Think about how your fall photoshoot can express their style, emotions, and unique bond. 

20. Show Some Love For Shallow Depth Of Field 

Image Credit: Tim Samuel

Fall leaves make for beautiful bokeh. 

Use a shallow depth of field to capture couples kissing, hanging out, or just enjoying the autumn scenery. The bokeh will be full of fall colors and that will make your couple pop even more! 

Do You Know These Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Babies & Toddlers?

21. Take Your Kids To A Pumpkin Patch! 

Image Credit: Nathan J Hilton

The best fall photoshoot ideas all start at your local pumpkin patch. 

Pumpkin patches are natural settings for fall photography whether you want to pop in for a quick pumpkin sit pose or you’ve got an entire fall photoshoot planned for your nearby pumpkin farm! 

Try to capture pictures of your kids with all of the pumpkins. Make sure to get shots from different perspectives so all of your pics aren’t just from adult eye-level. 

Pumpkin farms are a great location to let your creativity take the lead! 

22. Kids Love Fall Leaves

Image Credit: Michael Morse

Think back to your childhood, was there a better moment than jumping into a pile of fall foliage? Now that you’re a photographer, you can use those moments to create some great fall photoshoot ideas! 

You can try to pose your toddlers, but letting them have fun is the best way to capture some genuine happiness.   

23. It’s Time To Go Trick Or Treating! 

Image Credit: Charles Parker

This is a classic fall photoshoot ideas if you’ve got young children. Going Trick or Treating on Halloween lets you capture pictures with candy, in Halloween costumes, and while your kids are out having fun in the world! 

This is an ideal time for parents who are photographers. You can dress up as a “photographer” and join your kids in the Trick or Treating fun while capturing some great family photos. 

24. Try A Halloween Costume Photoshoot! 

Image Credit: Helena Lopes

Is there anything cuter than babies in little Halloween costumes? 

You can take some inspiring fall portraits of infants and toddlers in Halloween costumes this fall. This lets you make use of that standard photo backdrop you’ve been hanging on to or gives you the opportunity to make a fall-themed backdrop of your own! 

25. Autumn Birthday Party Pics! 

Image Credit: Vlada Karpovich

These fall photoshoot ideas can incorporate major life events that happen throughout the seasons. If you know a kid with a fall birthday, why not take the opportunity to do a fall-themed birthday photoshoot! 

Even if their main birthday bash is themed after their favorite cartoon, you can set up a quick fall colors birthday display for some cute portraits! 

26. Embrace Cool And Dramatic Colors! 

Image Credit: Tetyana Kovyrina

Just because these are kids portraits, doesn’t mean they all have to be cutsie! Fall has some naturally dramatic colors too. 

Golden hour and blue hour create especially dramatic skies that make fall foliage colors pop! 

Now’s the perfect time to capture something that says “let’s start an adventure!” 

27. Cozy Kids Pictures 

Image Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev

Fall is the perfect time to try out some cozy photography with your kids. An indoor blanket fort, wrapped up by a campfire, or just bundled in a cute sweater, there’s no better season for taking pics that radiate with relaxation! 

28. Capture Quick Outdoor Adventures With Your Baby

Image Credit: Yan Krukau

There’s something fun and adorable about infants enjoying the outdoors and you can bring that charm into your fall photography. 

You can go for something more naturalistic by letting your baby play in the falling leaves—or you can help them to strike a pose as a brave wilderness explorer! 

29. This Is The Season Of… Candy! 

Image Credit: cottonbro studio

Let’s face it, as much as we want to encourage our kids to have healthy diets, they really love candy! Fall is the season of sweets and you can get some cute pictures out of these tempting snacks. 

Capturing the moment your children open up their Halloween candy haul is a classic idea, but there are so many more ways to get inspired! 

Try letting the candy inform your fall photoshoot ideas and you’re bound to come up with something sweet!

How About Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Models?

30. Fall Poses For Male Models 

Image Credit: Dima Valkov

I’ve got some fall photoshoot ideas for your male models. 

This is the perfect season to explore masculine energy in the great outdoors.

Whether you want your model to be chopping wood or brooding thoughtfully beneath the falling leaves of an old tree, you’ve got some great options this fall.

Male models can also get in touch with their sensitive side by exploiting the more emotive side of the fall season. 

31. Fall Poses For Female Models 

Image Credit: Ezekixl Akinnewu

Fall is a great season for female models. You’ve got a stunning pallet of fall colors, diverse fashion options, and a combination of striking holidays to inspire your photography! 

Your model can also explore some bold makeup choices for your next fall photos. 

Use fall as motivation to get outside of your photographic comfort zone. Try heading outdoors if you’re used to working with models in the studio, or build a DIY indoor set if you’ve been a dedicated natural light photographer until now! 

32. Fall Photoshoot Ideas For Model Couples 

Image Credit: Jessica Rockowitz

Fall practically radiates ideas for model couple’s photo photoshoot ideas! 

This example of a model couple’s fall photo goes rustic with some fall farm themes, but there are endless possibilities for fall pictures when you’ve got a couple that also happens to model. 

Models are highly skilled when it comes to posing and you can use that to your advantage. Models can help you sell the visual storytelling of your photoshoot.

Try having your models work through fall moods like romantic, cozy, and even frightened! 

33. Get Spooky With A Smoke Bomb Photoshoot 

Image Credit: Michele Raffoni

A smoke bomb fall photoshoot is a great way to create something breathtaking that will really pop this Halloween season. 

Have your model hold a prop that smoke can billow out of like a jack-o-lantern or a plastic skull. You can also set the smoke bomb out of frame to have an enchanting haze roll through your photograph. 

Keep in mind that smoke bombs draw a lot of attention and might not be the right idea for crowded parks or similar areas.

A few forest preserves and parks have also banned or regulated the use of smoke bombs due to the risk of fires. 

34. Model With A Perfect Fall Leaf 

Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

There’s one prop that just naturally appears during the fall and that’s the humble fall leaf. 

Fall photoshoot ideas can be entirely based around a single fall leaf! 

Try having your model strike poses using a fall leaf as a prop. Fall foliage has a distinct shape and striking color that you can balance with some fall fashion and makeup on your model. 

Fall leaf photography also lets you play around with depth of field, perspective, and framing. 

35. Get Extra With Your Fall Leaf Modeling 

Image Credit: Larm Rmah

If you want a little more out of your fall foliage than just a single leaf, why not get creative? 

You can weave together a few leaves for a beautiful leaf crown or even a leaf skirt for your model! 

This fall foliage fashion brings your model into the season and creates some unique clothes for your portraits. 

36. Fall Photoshoot Idea: Make Use Of Halloween Props! 

Image Credit: cottonbro studio

Fall is the best season for letting your inner child get some creative control. The best fall photoshoot ideas are inspired by Halloween props! 

Have your model pose with some props fresh from a haunted house.

You can go vintage with Beistle cutouts, pose a skeleton as a second model, or grab something a bit more gruesome for a more impactful photoshoot. 

The props don’t have to be the center of attention. Props can serve the simple purpose of adding some movement to your model’s pose or they can be loud and upfront by defying the style of the shot. 

37. Have A Fall or Halloween Themed Boudoir Photoshoot! 

Image Credit: T Leish

Traditionally, a few fall photoshoot ideas involve getting a little risqué with costuming. Models from all backgrounds can engage in some shockingly enticing boudoir photoshoots using Halloween season costuming as inspiration. 

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Outdoors! Here Are Some Indoor Fall Photoshoot Ideas

38. Use Fall Home Decor For Inspiration 

Image Credit: Monstera

You can turn to your own home decor for some inspiring fall photoshoot ideas!  

All you need is a few mini pumpkins and a cozy blanket to set up some captivating fall pictures. A few more props or background elements could really open up the potential of indoor fall photography at home! 

39. Create An Autumnal Still Life 

Image Credit: Vlada Karpovich

All of those Halloween and autumn decorations could become a great still life photograph! 

You can find a great still life in your home one of two ways. 

Start off by looking for a naturally occurring still life. This might be some decor you’ve already set up or just some fall produce sitting on your counter. 

You can also set up your own fall still life. Assemble your autumn decor in a way that moves the eye through the image while capturing interesting shapes and ensembles of items. 

40. Indoor Fall Photoshoot Idea With Halloween Props! 

Image Credit: cottonbro studio

All you need is a single Halloween prop to inspire some stunning fall photoshoot ideas! 

This image was created using a single jack-o-lantern in a regular room. You might be used to a bombastic Halloween, but sometimes less is more when it comes to photography! 

This also makes for a great challenge. Give yourself a single day to come up with as many creative ideas as you can using only a single halloween prop! 

41. Set Up An Indoor Fall Photoshoot With Your Pet

Image Credit: Evellyn Cardoso

Here’s an indoor fall photoshoot idea that you can do with your pet! 

This is a behind the scenes shot showing you the process of capturing an enchanting fall picture of a cat. This lets you see that all you need is a few props and a quick background to snap a great pic of your pet this fall! 

42. Set Up A DIY Fall Photo Studio 

Image Credit: Mike Jones

You might have everything you need to create a DIY fall photo studio—even if you don’t know it! 

A few yards of creepy Halloween fabric is all you need to set up a professional-looking backdrop this fall. If Halloween vibes aren’t your thing, you can also opt for an earth tone blanket or even a white sheet for a basic photo background. 

43. Play Around With Indoor Lighting This Fall

Image Credit: Konstantin Mishchenko

The sun starts to set a little earlier each day in fall. This means you have the opportunity to play around with dim lighting without having to stay up all night. 

Plenty of fall decor naturally gives off some light like a carved pumpkin or even twinkle lights. Try to come up with a fall photoshoot idea that uses only one source of light without compromising on the overall quality and sharpness of your shot. 

44. Capture Fall Living In Your Own Home 

Image Credit: Monstera

What are you up to this fall? Do you love gardening, or carving pumpkins, or maybe doing DIY crafts with fall foliage? 

Whatever you love doing during the fall—that’s your inspiration for your next fall pictures! A little framing and a change of lighting is all you need to transform the room you pass through every day into a stunning fall photograph!

Wrapping Up The Best 44 Fall Photo Ideas

Which of these fall photoshoot ideas are you going to try out first? 

Let us know in the comments and make sure to check out our other blogs on the most useful photography tips! 

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