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18 Spooky & Fun Witch Photoshoot Ideas for 2023

Make your witch photoshoot scarily good with these killer tips and ideas. Includes props, locations, photography tips and more!

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, dress up, and take fun pictures, and what better way to capture the spirit than with a witch photoshoot?

If you’re planning to capture some fun and witchy photographs during this spooky holiday season, this article can help you.

Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. I love having an excuse to get creative and take photos using witch-themed props and costumes.

I want to share my tips and tricks for a killer witch photoshoot, including ideas on costumes, locations, props, makeup, and special effects.

What Are Some Witch Photoshoot Ideas in a Group with Friends?

Girls with candles

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Gather your friends for an exciting witch photoshoot where the only limit is your imagination. Some fun picture ideas include: 

  • Celebrate the Sabbath (a midnight meeting of witches) as a group
  • Dance around a fire – see our creative fire photography tips
  • Get your entourage to join hands in a circle with smoke rising from the ground
  • Stand together while all dressed in hooded cloaks
  • Act as if you are spell casting
  • Hold various props, including brooms, crystal balls, spell books, baskets full of herbs, and small smoking cauldrons
  • Stand in front of an altar adorned with potions, candles, and other witch-related items.

What about Witch Boudoir Ideas?

Witch boudoir

Credit: Anya Juárez Tenorio

One popular Halloween costume is a sexy witch, which, when done appropriately, makes for tasteful boudoir photographs.

Being able to dress up and feel sexy is a fantastic feeling and the perfect way to elevate your self-confidence.

Add fun props to your witch boudoir session, such as witch hats, skulls, cauldrons, crystal balls, pumpkins, tarot cards, candles, a witch’s broom, an oversized spell book, and fog to create a spooky yet sexy setting.

If you’re looking for witch boudoir outfit ideas, think about anything you’d expect to see a traditional witch wearing but a little more revealing.

(It doesn’t have to be expensive, either – check out our DIY boudoir ideas.

Boudoir costume ideas may include lingerie, shorts with thigh-high boots, sexy body suits, gothic witch tops, and corset dress bustiers.

Of course, you’ll want to stick to dark colors like black or midnight blue to convey that witchy mood in your shoot.

A simple bra and panties with a witch’s broom and hat are another easy wardrobe option for boudoir sessions.

So make your Halloween a bit sexier and plan a fun, provocative witch boudoir photoshoot. 

(Check out these boudoir photography poses to really nail your shoot.)

11 Tips for a Scarily Successful Coven Photoshoot

Girls dressed as coven of witches

Credit: Sierra Koder

Gathering in the woods with your witchy friends is the perfect opportunity to take eerie coven-style photographs. 

Here are some tips for a scarily successful coven photoshoot: 

1. Plan ahead

Start by sitting down together and brainstorming ideas – note down all of them, even the whacky ones!

Once you’ve narrowed down your ideas, pre-plan your outfits, props, and locations for the coven photoshoot. Make a list of everything you need so you’re organized on the day.

2. Collect inspiration pictures

If you see images online that grab you – whether it’s the wardrobe, the poses or the overall scene – save them as inspiration.

You can create a mood board for your shoot to consolidate your ideas and refer back to it on the day of the shoot.

You can also send the pictures to a professional photographer if you decide to work with one, to help communicate what you’re after.

3. Think about props

Two girls in black with skull

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Props can take your witch photoshoot to the next level. For example, you might plan a bonfire and dance around it carrying crystal balls, skulls, and witch’s brooms.

Props can also help you set the scene for a séance, tarot reading, or other witchcraft activity.

4. Try special effects

Three girls in halloween dress

Credit: Erik Mclean

Consider investing in some special effects like smoke bombs, a fog machine, or colored paint powder.

For example, use candles and stand in the woods as the fog machine covers the ground with an eerie mist.

5. Take photos from different angles

Try shooting from above downwards to get a bird’s eye view of the coven at work.

Or, shoot from low down to make the enchantresses look larger than life.

6. Nail your depth of field

The depth of field you need will differ depending on the effect you want. To get the background in focus as well as the subjects, use a wide depth of field.

To create some eerie floating lights behind the coven, string up some fairy lights and use a shallow depth of field (low f-stop number) to get a bokeh effect.

7. Shoot at the right time of day

If you’re doing your witch photoshoot outdoors, plan for a time of day when the light isn’t too bright. Harsh midday sun is never the most flattering for photographing people because it creates hard shadows. 

Instead, try the golden hour for a magical scene or twilight (the blue hour) for a darker, more eerie mood.

(Read more on how to take blue hour photos.)

8. Harness ambient light sources

Street lights or porch lights can make for stunning ambient light sources in a moody photoshoot. Bump up the ISO to compensate for the low light, or use a tripod and a slightly slower shutter speed to get enough detail into your shots.

9. Capture movement

A slower shutter speed can also be used without a tripod to deliberately capture motion blur and add a sense of mystery and movement to the images. For example, capture the movement of the witches holding hands and dancing in a circle. 

10. Get creative in post-processing

Editing your images – even using a free image editor – can take them from merely good to eye-poppingly awesome. Play with contrast and shadows to heighten the mood.

You can even try double-exposures to create an eerie, ghost-like effect. 

Bonus: How do you do witch photoshoot makeup?

Credit: Beatriz Braga

Outfits are critical to a successful witch photoshoot, but makeup can mean the difference between a boring shoot and an epic one.

It’s ok if you’re not an experienced makeup artist. Even if you’re not a fan of putting on lots of makeup, you can create spooky witch makeup perfect for your Halloween or coven photoshoot.

One common witch makeup design is painting the face green using face or body paint, and adding a long prosthetic nose with a wart. Enhance this look by adding bright metallic purple eyeshadow and lipstick, creating a colorful and contrasting look.


Another fun idea is to use vibrant orange glitter eyeshadow and eyeliner or face paint to draw spider webs below the outer corners of the eyes and draw a dangling spider on one side of the face.

Creating a gory witch using makeup can make for an exciting photoshoot if you love horror movies, so hunt online for some tutorial videos to follow along with.

Lastly, you could take cues from Hollywood and go for a more subtle and elegant witchy makeup design. Channel Morticia Addams with dark, smoky eyeshadow, heavy eyebrows and red lips for a flattering yet spooky look.

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