Trending Pumpkin Head Photoshoot Ideas for TikTok

Love it or hate it, the pumpkin head photo trend looks set to stay... or at least it does during Fall! Here are some ideas to make your next photoshoot a fun one.

If you’re a fall lover looking to spice up your next photo shoot, you’ll be swooning over the pumpkin head trend.

Over the years, we’ve watched as the ice bucket challenge and current trends like the creative pumpkin head trend videos have skyrocketed.

Thankfully, the pumpkin head trend is a lot less frigid and a lot more fun for most people.

In this article, you’ll learn some trending pumpkin head photoshoot ideas for TikTok that’ll take your content to the next level without worry because no tools (other than a knife) are required!

What Are Some Fun Pumpkin Head Photoshoot Ideas with Friends?

Credit: Noé Villalta Photography

Whether you’re a social media influencer or a fashionista in a small thrift community, there are tons of pumpkin head photoshoot ideas that can elevate your content.

Inject ordinary pictures with a spooky and humorous flair even Wednesday Addams would admire, so let’s dive into some inspo related to the trend:

Carve Out Some Personality

Credit: Ivan Serendiuk

This is a great way to replace facial expressions with some hand-carved creativity! Think of this idea as a modern take on the traditional pancake happy face and apply it to the pumpkin carvings.

The eyes are the window to the soul, so the eyes you carve into your jack-o-lanterns will make the biggest impact.

If you’re the starry-eyed optimist in your group of friends, carve out some stars to represent the eyes, then have your friends incorporate things that are uniquely them into their personality.

Credit: Cassie Fontenot

Your lovesick friend who has found “the one” several times can have hearts for eyes, your handsome friend who gives out his number too freely to anyone he meets at a bar can have the pound sign as his eyes…

Your friend who’s always trying to earn an extra buck can have dollar signs for his or her eyes…

The list goes on and on for your next pumpkin head photoshoot!

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Jazz Up A Halloween Or Costume-Themed Photoshoot with Pumpkin Heads

Credit: Ivan Serendiuk

Whether it’s Halloween, fall or just a fun summer costume party, the viral pumpkin head trend can put a playful spin on your next photoshoot.

Have a cool Addams Family theme in mind?

Head out to your backyard or an isolated location and add a pumpkin head to any of the characters to stand out in the sea of Wednesdays.

What about a fun Wizard of Oz theme?

Add a pumpkin head to your Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man, lion or wicked witch costume to really up the festive feel as you sit and pose in your pictures.

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What Are Some Family Pumpkin Head Photoshoot Ideas?

Credit: Luis Zambrano

Family Fun For All

Have everyone in your family don a pumpkin head for a cute family photo! (See also: What should families wear for photoshoots?)

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Although everyone’s different body shapes and outfits will let viewers know who’s who, you can have fun carving different-shaped eyes.

The father can have circles, mom triangles, daughter rectangles and your son can sport squares.

And don’t feel limited to geometry, you can explore all kinds of other artistic avenues.

Credit: Luis Zambrano

Musical families can play around with musical notes for eyes and literary families can unleash their nerdy side with Harry Potter-related symbols like lightning or broomsticks.

Regardless of which style you try out, you’ll enjoy a fun family bonding experience that lightens the mood, so sit and pose in harmony!

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Adding Smoke Or Flames To Pumpkin Head Photoshoots

Credit: Daniel Lincoln

Credit: Jack Nelson

Credit: Susie Burleson

Credit: Swansway Motor Group

Credit: Zach Lezniewicz

Who doesn’t love a good smoke show? Makeup, hair, flames and smoke effects can elevate any photoshoot or background, especially during fall and Halloween, so try one of these steps below:

  • Smoke bombs — First, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated remote location outside for everyone’s safety. Then make sure everything is buttoned up before enlisting the help of a smoke bomb, since most only last for about 30-90 seconds once ignited.

We can’t emphasize health and safety enough to avoid a photoshoot gone wrong!

If you’re new to the smoke bomb game, watch a couple of tutorials and ensure everyone in your group knows how to handle them safely.

Bonus: How Do You Make a Pumpkin Head For A Photoshoot?


 The first step is fairly obvious: find good-sized pumpkins with a diameter that can comfortably cover your face, giving you enough breathing room without making you feel suffocated.

Once you’ve successfully found a pumpkin that can fit comfortably over your head, start carving with a paring knife and unveiling your creative streak with pictures of your pumpkin head photoshoot.


Who started the pumpkin head trend?

There isn’t one universally agreed-upon answer, but many sources cite Eleanor Brooke and Megan Thee Stallion as the ones who spearheaded this trend.

What character has a pumpkin for a head?

Jack Pumpkinhead from Land of Oz is probably the most famous fictional character known for his pumpkin head.

What does a pumpkin head symbolise?

It could be as simple as someone representing Jack Pumpkinhead, but in older times, it referred to a dimwit or someone with just pumpkin for brains.

Thankfully, today’s fall and Halloween trends have made the symbol a bit nicer! In the modern era, it’s truly just a fun way to make an average photo amazing.

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