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27 Most Famous Fine Art Photographers in 2023

Get inspired by our curated list of the most famous fine art photographers of the year, including where you can find their work on Instagram.

You’re about to discover 27 of the best fine art photographers and their websites in 2023.

I’ll introduce you to a list of the most influential photographers in fine art across the globe.

I’ll also answer frequently asked questions about fine art photography in general.

You’ll discover lots of inspiration for your own fine art photography in this guide.

Who Are The Most Famous Fine Art Photographers in 2023?

#1 Brooke Shaden


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A post shared by Brooke Shaden (@brookeshaden)

Let’s start with Brooke Shaden, a popular fine art photographer who takes selfies and creates eye-catching juxtapositions for her gallery.

Shaden’s fine art images feature dark, moody colors and self-portraits highlighting her childhood dreams and nightmares.

With smart editing and classic textures, her contemporary photography truly stands out. A powerhouse in the fine arts photography world.

#2 Teber

Teber is one of the most intriguing photographic artists to follow on Instagram.

The fine art photographer’s bio reads “minimalist hyperphantasia” in reference to vivid mental imagery.

Their work is a testament to intense imagery, with vivid colors that look out of this world. Truly a name to take note of in the artistic photography scene.

#3 Dirk Bakker


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A post shared by Dirk (@macenzo)

Dirk Bakker may be an architectural photographer by trade, but his work has a fine art feel that captivates the art world.

His graphic design background shines through in his unique photographic practice, which uses colorful shapes and patterns to intrigue the audience.

An artistic eye comes in handy as he makes new art with close-ups of buildings and backgrounds in the Netherlands.

#4 Damiano Errico

Damiano Errico’s fine art photography is inspired by Renaissance paintings.

The Italian artist studied in Naples and combines traditional and fine arts in his intimate portraits celebrating the female body.

He isn’t afraid to experiment with different lighting to create photographs with a sensual feel.

Because of this, he is one of the photography artists to watch out for.

#5 Inna Mosina


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A post shared by Inna Mosina (@inna_mosina_arts)

Inna Mosina learned photography after finishing law school, and it wasn’t long before she started taking pictures of people all around her.

She fell in love with visual arts and conceptual photoshoots, which she uses to create stories with strong emotions.

Scrolling through her fine art photography, you’ll see plenty of elegant portraits with soft sunrises and ethereal and dreamy cloudy skies.

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#6 Delaney Allen


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A post shared by Delaney Allen (@delaney_allen)

Delaney Allen is an American photographer who puts a colorful spin on fine art with a unique self-portrait style.

His artistic practice includes still life and landscape photography, playing with people, nature, and objects.

He draws inspiration for his own work from the best fine art sculptures and paintings.

#7 Anna Devís

A trained architect and creative photographer, Anna Devís uses building facades to create compelling photographs of daily life and popular culture.

Based in Valencia, Spain, she works with Daniel Rueda to photograph campaigns for Coca-Cola, Disney, and Netflix.

This impressive work continues to earn international recognition and has been widely published in The New York Times Style, Surface Mag, Marie Claire, and more.

#8 Daniel Rueda

Daniel Rueda is part of a creative photography duo with Anna Devís, and together they complete fine art projects for major institutions and big brands.

If you’re into architecture and travel, then this fine art colour photography is definitely worth checking out.

Rueda is a master of blending backgrounds into sophisticated scenes that make you think twice.

#9 Elsa Bleda


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A post shared by Elsa Bleda (@elsableda)

Elsa Bleda is a fine art photographer from South Africa who uses multiple exposures to achieve compelling cinematic images.

Although it presents its challenges, night photography is her passion, and she uses hazy artificial lights to produce one-of-a-kind photographs.

A hint of neon color gives her fine art scenes a unique blend of realism and supernatural.

#10 Sarah Ann Loreth


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A post shared by Sarah Ann Loreth (@sarahannloreth)

If you want to be inspired by long exposure shots and dramatic portraits, have a look at Sarah Ann Loreth’s fine art photographs.

Her conceptual images look like something out of a fairytale, with vivid nature and people subjects on beautiful display.

Her whimsical feed of fine art features a few landscape photographs and dog content, too, making her a fun photographer to follow.

#11 Alex Stoddard


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A post shared by Alex Stoddard (@alexbstoddard)

Alex Stoddard is an American artist living in Los Angeles. Growing up in rural Georgia, he discovered self-portraits as a way to express himself.

Today, he strikes a balance between historic art and digital trends, exploring surrealism and fantasy within his photographs.

What’s really impressive about Stoddard is he’s a self-taught photographer, and his images have been published by Columbia Records and Art Week.

#12 Gina Vasquez


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A post shared by Gina Vasquez (@ginaaballerina)

Gina Vasquez is one of the most intriguing fine art photographers creating today.

Based in New York, this talented artist uses unusual subjects such as floating lightbulbs, birds, and skeletons to craft fine art.

She works in self-portraiture and landscape photography, evoking emotion with carefully composed images.

#13 Lotus Carroll


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A post shared by Lotus Carroll (@lotuscarroll)

Lotus Carroll is a passionate teacher, traveler, and fine art photographer who is clearly inspired by the world around her.

From eye-catching self-portraits to haunting documentary photography, Carroll captures people and places in a new light.

What’s unique about her fine art photography is how she posts photos with heartfelt poems to dive deeper into what the image depicts.

#14 Olga Fler


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A post shared by Olga Esther Fler (@flerolga)

Olga Fler is one of the best fine art photographers specializing in portraits.

She captures candid moments of families and children who seem totally unaware they are being photographed.

Dreamy landscapes and golden light are signature features in her high-quality compositions.

#15 Laura Zalenga


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A post shared by Laura Zalenga (@zforzalenga)

Laura Zalenga loves capturing clouds and trees behind the lens for ethereal, eye-catching pictures.

If you scroll through her Instagram profile, inspired by portraiture and fashion photography, you’ll see that she usually posts in sets of three. This transforms the standard square format into a larger image that draws attention to the subject and their surroundings.

The conceptual photographer likes to mix natural and industrial backgrounds into her portraits while also visualizing emotion.

#16 Alexia Sinclair


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A post shared by Alexia Sinclair (@alexiasinclair)

As an award winning photographer with a unique photographic medium, Alexia Sinclair presents a whimsical fine art photography collection.

Inspired by history and fantasy elements, her photographs look like they belong in a storybook with eye-catching colors and vivid details.

The Australian native continues to chase her artistic passions in London, where she lives and works in commercial and fine art photography.

#17 Mike Monaghan


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A post shared by Mike Monaghan (@mike_monaghan)

Mike Monaghan isn’t afraid to experiment with his photography and printing process.

His gallery features elements like dappled light, blurred motion, vibrant rainbows, and intense fire, just to name a few.

Monaghan’s creativity continues to shine through in his role as a digital content director with Alexa Meade. He previously created campaigns for Nordstrom and Zulily.

#18 Lucy Michaela


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A post shared by LUCY MICHAELA (@lucymichaela)

Lucy Michaela is a talented landscape and portrait photographer who makes fine art with dark yet dreamy atmospheres.

The British photographer loves graphic design as well, and her technical knowledge ensures crisp, finished images.

Her clients include Yale University Press, Jewish Renaissance Magazine, and AGNI Manchester.

#19 Eduardo Acierno


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A post shared by Eduardo Acierno (@eduardoacierno)

Eduardo Acierno is one of Mexico’s most impressive fine art photographers.

He started taking photos at an early age and began freelancing as a teen after Yahoo discovered his work on Flickr.

Fast forward to today, and his editorial and commercial campaigns stand out in the fashion photography world, with bold scenes for Benefit Cosmetics, Swarovski, Nike, and Vans.

#20 Ana Lora


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A post shared by ANA LORA (@analora.art)

Ana Lora is a visual artist who describes herself as “in love with art, nature, and music”.

She does both digital and analog fine art photography, focusing on expressive, striking models in natural settings.

Water, light, and florals feature heavily in her Instagram feed, so if you need inspiration for your next fine art photo shoot, make sure to check it out.

#21 Christian Benetel


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A post shared by Zaina Swailem (@zainaswailem)

Christian Benetel comes from Sydney, Australia and strives to adequately capture the emotion in every shot.

He takes an array of fine art, portrait, and wedding photos, telling unique stories with a beautiful finish.

Whether he’s in a floral park or underwater, he goes for a moody yet vibrant feel to draw the audience in.

#22 Ruby James


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A post shared by ruby james (@rubyjamesphoto)

Ruby James works in both film and digital photography, capturing solo shots, couples, and families with a hint of nostalgia.

While her portfolio gives off the impression that she’s a professionally trained photographer, James is actually self-taught.

Following in the footsteps of other great fine art photographers before her, she has curated a fabulous selection of dreamy shots that show people in a new light.

#23 Magda Piwosz

Magda Piwosz goes by Pinkyblue Art online, delivering a fun mix of fine art and family images.

She’s passionate about capturing the innocent joys of childhood as well as the beauty of modern women who are comfortable in their own skin.

Her dreamy photos are a high point in fine art photography and serve as inspiration for aspiring artists.

#24 Carolyn Hampton

Carolyn Hampton’s creative talent and thoughtful style are evident in her monochromatic fine art gallery.

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She explores the ups and downs of childhood in dreamy, slightly mysterious photos.

In addition to her successful fine art photography exhibited worldwide, she also puts her creativity to good use in her senior management role at Paramount Pictures.

#25 Marta Syrko


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A post shared by Марта Сирко (@martasyrko)

Marta Syrko is known for using water in her fine art images, resulting in romantic and soulful shots.

She takes her time during shoots, making sure models are comfortable so their confidence radiates in the final images.

Her works are most easily recognized for expression and light, with her models looking serene and relaxed.

#26 Masha Sardari


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A post shared by JACKSONVILLE ARTIST (@mashasardari)

Masha Sardari lets her imagination lead the way during fine art photography projects.

From models in antique bathtubs to conceptual shots in the great outdoors, she works hard to bring her dream concepts to life.

Sardari seeks inspiration in dramatic lighting and paintings and started creating herself with a 365-day photo project.

#27 Josefine Hoestermann


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A post shared by Fine (@fourthousandstars)

Josefine Hoestermann was only seven years old when she got her first film camera and started taking photos.

She quickly fell in love with photography and hasn’t looked back, capturing adventure and landscape photos with a fine art flair.

From self-portraits to weddings, she looks for an emotional perspective to connect viewers with her subjects.


Who created fine art photography?

Fine art photography was pioneered by Alfred Stieglitz, who founded The Camera Club of New York in 1896. He worked alongside Holland Day and Edward Steichen to grow the movement and get fine art into more galleries and museums.

Can you make a living as a fine art photographer?

If you put in the work, you can definitely make a living as a fine art photographer. There’s a growing demand for commercial fine art photographers who can bring fresh creativity to ad campaigns.

How do I become a successful fine art photographer?

To become a successful fine art photographer, you need unique artistic vision and patience to get the perfect shot. It helps to have a niche subject and style so people can recognize your work.

What skills do you need to be a fine art photographer? 

Fine art photographers should have a range of creative and technical skills, including lighting and composition. It’s important for fine art photographers to communicate with their models and make them feel comfortable, too.

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