A bowl full of vegetables and fruits on a wooden table.

16 Famous Food Photographers to Follow in 2023

Feast your eyes on the work of renowned food photographers. Dive into delicious visuals, get inspired, and follow the masters of culinary imagery

If you’re looking for the most famous photographers to follow, this guide will be your new foodie best friend!

Whether you’re a chef with a huge passion for food photography or just love sophisticated food images, I’ve got the perfect list for you.

Based on my research, you’re about to discover the top 16 food photographers to follow in 2023.

16 Famous Food Photographers from Around the World

1. Jackie Alpers

Three slices of bacon on a black pan.

Jackie Alpers

Jackie Alpers is undoubtedly one of the most famous food photographers in the world.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Alpers started her career writing for the Food Network and since then, has enjoyed exploring different food cultures and histories and sharing that knowledge at workshops.

She also boasts more than 25 years of professional photo editing, which makes her a master at both food styling and food photography!

2. Francesc Guillamet

Two slices of cheese on a black board.

Francesc Guillamet

Born in Catalan in 1956, Francesc Guillamet is another one of the most famous food photographers on earth.

While he’s been photographing culinary masterpieces for decades, Guillamet became more well-known outside of Europe after appearing in Anthony Bourdain’s legendary TV series, No Reservations.

Today, Guillamet continues to add artistic depth to food photographs that make even raw vegetables look appetizing.

3. Carl Warner

A hand holding an ice cream cone with mountains in the background.

Carl Warner

Hailing from the UK, Carl Warner is a professional food photographer you should be familiar with.

After kickstarting his career as an illustrator, Warner found himself eager to direct his creative eye towards photography.

And while he may not have coined the term “foodscapes,” he certainly sparked its popularity by building gorgeous settings and recreations of renowned landmarks.

4. Wladimir Schohin

A broken egg on a plate with a spoon.

Wladimir Schohin

Praised for being a pioneer in food photography, Wladimir Schohin is another one of the best food photographers in the world.

Born in the 1860s, Schohin began taking food photographs in the early 1900s and continues to receive admiration more than 100 years later!

5. Brent Parker Jones

A table with plates of food and wine on it.

Brent Parker Jones

Based in Melbourne, Brent Parker Jones is one of the best food photographers in the world.

With a portfolio full of stunning food photography for brands such as Vegemite, Stone & Grove, and more, Parker Jones makes shooting food look easy with a superb duo of natural lighting and fresh ingredients coming together in harmony.

And with an Instagram feed that includes everything from exquisite charcuterie and nachos to gazpacho and flourless chocolate cake, Parker Jones’ grid as a professional food photographer is simply captivating.

6. Henry Hargreaves

A black plate with two sauces on it.

Henry Hargreaves

One of the top food photographers on the planet, Henry Hargreaves is another food photographer to follow in 2023.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Hargreaves got into food photography by way of fashion photography and eventually decided to make beautiful food photos his primary focus.

Hargreaves is currently based in New York where he continues to add elegant shots like above to his portfolio, as well as photography series that spotlight fortune cookies, gingerbread towers, and other fine examples of good food photography.

7. Lucia Marecak

A bundt cake is sitting on a table next to a cup of tea.

Lucia Marecak

Lucia Marecak is another must-follow professional food photographer in 2023.

Originally from Slovakia but based in Italy, Marecak fell into food photography after wearing many hats in corporate roles.

With photo collections categorized by location, you’ll see professional images of craft cocktails in the making and beautiful tablescapes with freshly made desserts, as shown above in Marecak’s food photography collection from Turin.

8. Skyler Burt

A person is holding a bowl of soup on a wooden table.

Skyler Burt

With a gorgeous grid full of beautifully photographed food, Skyler Burt is another one of the best food photographers around.

A striking series of everything from seared filets and fresh sage sprigs to a perfectly seasoned rack of lamb and roasted heirloom veggies breathe vibrant life into Burt’s portfolio, making your mouth water more and more with each scroll.

And because past commercial clients include major brands like Southern Living and Ritz Carlton to name just two, it’s no wonder why Burt is a highly sought-after photographer in 2023.

9. Rachel Korinek

Three bowls of tomato soup on a table.

Rachel Korinek

With just one look at Rachel Korinek’s website, you’ll see why she’s one of the most beloved food stylists in her native Canada and around the world.

Vibrant pops in the form of garnishes and seasoning transport otherwise stuffy food photography into the realm of genuinely great food photography, as shown in this shot of tomato bisque above topped with a striking bit of purple basil.

Other jaw-dropping food photos that make Korinek a must-follow on social media include intricate captures of star anise, a drizzle of honey the second it comes in contact with fresh figs, torched grapefruit on a bed of ice, and uniform cuts of fresh rhubarb.

10. Caroline Losse

A pink smoothie bowl with blueberries and bananas.

Caroline Losse

Multi-faceted photographers will surely find inspiration in German photographer and food blogger, Caroline Losse.

Specializing in a variety of genres from food and portrait photography to weddings and landscapes, Losse is a master at creating consistently beautiful images that demonstrate her signature style.

Her food photography specifically showcases true works of art mainly in the form of superfood bowls such as this one above — a gorgeous acai bowl presented with plenty of natural light and several toppings, including a chocolate fishtail.

11. Andrew Scrivani

A piece of cake on a plate with berries on it.

Andrew Scrivani

Arguably the king of capturing freshly cracked egg yolks as they fall into a perfectly fluffy mound of flour, Andrew Scrivani is a need-to-follow food photographer in 2023.

Based in New York City, Scravini is known for featuring Mexicali dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and intricate Sicilian dishes such as the Colomba dessert above.

He’s also a strong proponent of repetition in photography, as highlighted in food images like sets of grilled carrots and dozens of fresh-from-the-oven bagels.

12. Mowie Kay

Ice cream cones with sprinkles and chocolate.

Mowie Kay

Mowie Kay is another must-follow food photographer in 2023.

While many food photographers tend to include multiple ingredients as props that surround their dish, Kay’s food photography style tends to lean more minimalist and sophisticated.

Known for his equally modern and elegant approach to food photography, Kay’s work has been featured in highly respected publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Living, and more.

13. Joanie Simon

A slice of lemon cake on a plate with lemons on it.

Joanie Simon

Joanie Simon is another name to add to your list of food photographers to follow this year.

Simon’s career started with humble beginnings as a food blog in her Phoenix, Arizona kitchen and soon transformed into an impressive food photography career.

As a proud mother of two boys, you’ll find an abundance of collaborations between toys and food that bring a touch of whimsy to her detailed cocktail images, delicious recipes, and sophisticated photos of chefs at work.

14. Kimberly Espinel

A plate of fruits and vegetables on a table.

Kimberly Espinel

Hailing from London, Kimberly Espinel is another one of the best food photographers in the world.

With reels full of helpful tips and tricks for any budding food and beverage photographer, Espinel’s Insta grid is jam-packed with valuable food photography tidbits.

And with IG shots that highlight an array of textures like the one above, it’s not surprising Espinel has won countless awards for her work as a food stylist.

15. Radhika Penagonda

A plate with squares of yellow fudge on it.

Radhika Penagonda

Home chef, food stylist, and food photographer, Radhika Penagonda is another one of the best food photographers you need to follow.

Known for her extensive list of plant based recipes on her recipe blog, Just Homemade, Penagonda specializes in sharing delectable vegetarian and vegan recipes from India.

Take Myspore Pak, a traditional dessert shown above made primarily of sugar and Bengal gram from Penagonda’s hometown, which not only looks delicious but is captured beautifully in this expert-level photo.

16. Neal Santos

A plate of food and a glass of wine on a table.

Neal Santos

Based in Philadelphia, legendary food photographer, Neal Santos is another must-follow in 2023.

One of the top food photographers in the US, Santos is known for capturing impeccable food photos like the own shown above, as well as powerful food industry photos of top chefs in action.

Santos is also known for his tasteful combination of natural light and dramatic depth that make every dish look absolutely irresistible.

How Do You Become a Famous Food Photographer?

Becoming a famous food photographer involves a combination of honing your photography skills, developing a unique style, networking, and marketing yourself effectively. Here are some steps to guide you on this journey:

  1. Learn the Basics of Photography: Start by understanding the fundamentals of photography such as composition, lighting, and exposure. You can take photography classes or learn online through various platforms.
  2. Specialize in Food Photography: Food photography has its own unique set of techniques. Understanding how to style food, use lighting effectively, and compose mouthwatering images is crucial. Consider enrolling in specific food photography workshops or online courses to refine your skills.
  3. Invest in the Right Equipment: A good DSLR or mirrorless camera and lenses for food photography that are suitable for close-up work are essential. Also consider investing in food photography props such as cutlery, dishes, tablecloths, and backdrops/backgrounds that can help to create the right mood for your food photos.
  4. Develop Your Own Style: The most successful food photographers have a distinct style that sets them apart. Experiment to find a look that suits you, whether it’s bright and airy, dark and moody, or something else entirely.
  5. Embrace Post-Processing: Don’t shy away from editing your photos. Software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop can enhance your images, allowing you to correct colors, enhance textures, and create the perfect mood.
  6. Build a Portfolio: Create a portfolio showcasing your best work. This should be a curated collection that demonstrates your skill and style as a food photographer.
  7. Network: Connect with other photographers, stylists, chefs, and food bloggers. Attend industry events, workshops, and food festivals. This can lead to collaborations, job opportunities, and increased visibility in the industry.
  8. Market Yourself: Use social media platforms, especially Instagram, to showcase your work and engage with your audience. You can also start a blog where you share behind-the-scenes stories, tips, and tutorials.
  9. Pitch to Clients: Start by working with local restaurants, bakeries, or food companies. Once you’ve built up a strong portfolio, you can begin submitting photos to magazines or pitch to publishing companies, advertising agencies, and larger corporate clients.
  10. Keep an Eye on Trends: Food trends come and go, and being aware of them can give you an edge. For instance, if a particular food or beverage is trending, you might create a series of photos featuring that item.
  11. Think Beyond the Plate: While the dish is the star, consider the table, background, and overall scene. Creating a visually interesting environment can add depth to your food photos.
  12. Keep Learning and Experimenting: The field of food photography is always evolving. Keep up with trends, learn new techniques, and continue to refine your style.
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