inPixio Photo Studio vs. Photoshop: Key Differences

There are plenty of options of software to edit your photos, but two commonly compared tools are InPixio and Photoshop. Here are the main differences to note.

There’s more competition out there than ever before when it comes to photo editing software.

I’ve tried just about every app out there for editing my pictures.

inPixio Photo Studio

Offers a simple and affordable solution to editing photos, with intelligent automatic effects.

inPixio Photo Studio and Photoshop are two of the biggest names in photo editing, but which one is better?

I’ll be walking you through an honest review of both of these photo editing apps, including their features, their pricing, and real-world cases for who should be better off with each app. 

Who Is inPixio Photo Studio For? 

I’m going to start off with the underdog in this fight: inPixio Photo Studio.

inPixio Photo Studio is a powerful and lightning-fast photo editor. With a single click, you can replace the sky in a landscape shot, remove the background of an image, or delete unwanted objects from your photo.

inPixio Photo Studio is fast and lightweight, with a very low learning curve. You’ll be able to master the ins and outs of this app in just a few days.

This makes inPixio Photo Studio a great choice for photographers who are new to photo editing software or photographers who want to make fast edits for social media. 

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inPixio Pros & Cons

Now it’s time to break down the pros and cons of inPixio Photo Studio.


  • You get the most impactful edits with a single click 
  • Editing tools are easy to find and use 
  • inPixio Photo Studio is easy to learn, especially when compared to Photoshop 
  • There are advanced adjustments you can make to refine automated AI edits 


  • User interface feels a bit dated and can’t be easily customized 
  • Tools are basic and lack more nuanced features 

Who Is Photoshop For?

Photoshop is the gold standard for image editing software. it might be the biggest name out there, but it’s not the right choice for everyone.

Photoshop takes time to master. Edits that you can do in a single click with inPixio take much longer with Photoshop.

With that said, Photoshop offers more nuanced controls and virtually limitless potential. This makes Photoshop the right choice for professionals and artists who really want to take the time to work on their images.

Everything with Photoshop is bigger, and that includes the amount of time you need to spend learning the software to get the results you’re looking for. 

Photoshop Pros & Cons

Adobe Photoshop is easily the biggest name in photo editing software, but what are its pros and cons? 


  • Powerful editing software with more features 
  • Photoshop can do just about everything—if you’re willing to master this software 


  • Photoshop is much more expensive 
  • The learning curve on Photoshop is steep
  • Basic edits required more steps and more advanced skills 
  • Tools can be hard to find 

inPixio VS Photoshop: Cost & Plans

No comparison would be complete without a look at costs.

inPixio Photo Studio is easily the more affordable option of the two. Even inPixio’s most expensive plan is still a fraction of the cost of what you’ll pay for Adobe software.

Basic plans from inPixio have the same yearly cost as what you’ll spend each month for Adobe Creative Suite—depending on your software package.

The only instance where Photoshop is cheaper happens to be if you’re in school and can get that student discount. However, inPixio also offers student discounts when they have a promotion going on. 

inPixio VS Photoshop: Which Should Buy? 

I’m going to be honest; not every photographer needs to buy the latest, most expensive gear. Some of the most popular photo and video influencers are shooting on smartphones and editing with lightweight mobile apps. 

You might not need all of the complexity that comes with Photoshop. inPixio Photo Studio is an effective and powerful app that can easily manage some stunning edits. 

inPixio wins this head-to-head if you want an app that’s affordable, easy to learn, and still delivers powerful editing utility. 

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