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68 Best Instagram Poses in 2023 (Pose Like an Influencer)

Want to learn to pose like an influencer? These 68 Instagram poses will get you cute pics every time, with fun & flattering poses for females, males & couples.

Looking to become a master at Instagram poses? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Yes, posing for Instagram can feel awkward – intimidating even. Especially if you’re trying to nail a flattering pose in seconds flat while out in public.

That’s why it can help to have a bunch of Instagram influencer poses up your sleeve. Whether you’re male or female, or even a couple, this guide includes posing ideas to take along to your next Instagram photoshoot.

These poses for Instagram are also perfect for photographers who want to offer guidance to their subjects on how to pose.

We’ll also cover some influencer tips on how to look good in photos regardless of the type of pose.

Ready to set your Instagram feed on fire? 🔥 Let’s jump into our posing guide.

Table of Contents

Cute, Sexy and Fun Instagram Poses for Girls

To find your favorite poses, you should focus on body positivity. After all, there is nothing sexier than a confident woman!

Whichever pose you choose, make sure you feel empowered and comfortable with yourself.


Girl smiling pose

Credit: Los Muertos Crew

Regardless of the pose, the best Instagram photos feature a natural smile. You can even have a burst of laughter.

Try to relax – you can close your eyes for a moment if this helps.

You can also think about happy memories or ask the photographer to make a goofy face to make you laugh.


Young girl with headphones

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Forget about Instagram poses for a moment and dance to your favorite music.

You’ll look more attractive and fun to be with if you just be yourself.

Peek from behind an object

Black and white portrait

Credit: Barbara Ribeiro

If you want an Instagram pose that makes you look playful and mysterious at the same time, try peeking out from behind a doorframe, curtain, or other object.

Frame your face

Woman making frame with hands

Credit: Rodnae Productions

Another cool Instagram pose is to extend your arms in front. Then, form a frame with your fingers to direct the attention to your face.

Lying on the couch

Woman lying on couch

Credit: Rodnae Productions

A laid-back Instagram pose that’s very fun and flattering is to chill on your couch.

Experiment with the camera angle to make it visually attractive.


Twirling dress

Credit: Leah Kelley

Twirling is just as fun as dancing. Simply find a beautiful setting like a flower field and start twirling.

Use a long flowy skirt to make the picture more dynamic.

Show off your athletic skills

Girl with ball in bikini

Credit: Lucas Allmann

A confident woman is always a hit. So, if you have any athletic skills or enjoy a specific sport, show it in your pictures.

Kneel with one leg

Girl kneeling

Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev

Crouching or kneeling with one leg is another popular Instagram pose that you can do.

It’s usually done in urban settings. Simply put the camera on the ground, tilted up, and snap away.

Lying belly down on the grass

Portrait lying in grass

Credit: Pixabay

Lie belly down on the grass. Then, bend your elbows and rest your chin on your hands.

This pose creates a triangle that’s pleasing to the eye. It also directs attention to your face.

Cool Male Instagram Poses

If you want to level up your Instagram photos, you need to learn how to pose in front of the camera.

This isn’t something that comes naturally for most people. So, here are some Instagram poses to inspire all the guys the next time you take photos.

Do the peace sign

Peace sign

Credit: Flávio Santos

A fun pose for your Instagram photos is to flash a peace sign.

You can extend your arm closer to the camera so you’re blurred in the background.

Another possibility is to hold your hand close to you and make a silly face – like sticking out your tongue.

Lean the head forward

Man in coat

Credit: Rene Asmussen

For Instagram poses, it’s always more flattering to lean your head forward.

This will elongate your neck, avoid a double chin, and make your eyes the focal point.

Stand sideways and put your hands in your jacket pockets

Guy with hands in coat pocket

Credit: Roy Reyna

Having your hands in your pockets makes your image more dynamic. This is because of the triangles created by the bent elbows.

Stand sideways with your hands in your jacket pockets for a great Instagram pose.

Sit leaning forward

Male sitting

Credit: Taimoor Arain

Sitting Instagram poses always benefit from leaning forward.

You can put one foot forward and rest your elbow on that knee.

Lean on a wall and bend your leg

Leaning on wall

Credit: Prayoon Sajeev

While standing, bend your leg and put one foot on the wall behind you.

Then lean into the wall for a more relaxed pose.

Hand on the back of the neck

Hands on back of neck

Credit: Shah Nawaz

Extend your arm up and bend it so you can touch the back of your neck with your hand. This is a very popular pose in Instagram photos.

Crouching down

Crouching with camera

Credit: Kaique Rocha

One of the most dynamic and engaging Instagram poses is to crouch and have the camera low on the ground.

You can try this pose with a foot forward to create different planes.

Relaxed Instagram Poses at Home

You don’t need to go to an exotic destination for your Instagram photos.

There are plenty of opportunities to snap pictures at home. You just need to create a professional look using one of these Instagram poses.

Enjoying coffee on the couch

Drinking coffee on sofa

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Snuggle up on the couch with a coffee cup and your usual smile. Try to sit close to the window for perfect lighting.

Taking a bath

Lady taking a bath with legs up

Credit: Elina Fairytale

There are many Instagram poses that you can do in the bathtub.

Simply lie back and relax, or try extending one leg with the toes pointed and the other leg bent. It depends on the vibe you want to give.

Selfie lying in bed

Blue eyed girl lying on bed

Credit: Molly Champion

This Instagram pose is always a hit.

Lie on your bed sideways. Then, extend your arm towards the camera as if taking a selfie.

The arm will direct the viewer toward your face.

Chilling on the floor

Sitting on floor with cup of tea

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Instagram poses that give a peek into your real life are always popular.

For example, sitting on the floor surrounded by your things as you would typically do.

Cuddling with your furry friend

Man with dog

Credit: Zen Chung

It’s no secret that Instagram loves pets! If you have one, make sure you pose together for a few pictures.

Top-down on the floor

Top down shot lying on floor

Credit: Polina Tankilevitch

A change of perspective is always good.

Try some Instagram photos from the top while you lie on the floor.

Relaxing on the couch

Man sitting on sofa taking selfie

Credit: Mart Production

Just by sitting on the couch, you can come up with a bunch of great Instagram poses.

Try having one leg stretched and one leg bent, sitting with your legs crossed, lying down on the couch, etc.

Looking out the window

Girl hugging pillow

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Look out the window for a more reflective and meditative vibe.

This pose also helps you to get wonderful natural light on your face.

Reading in front of the fireplace

Reading book in front of fire

Credit: Arthouse Studio

A fireplace is a very evocative setting. Try sitting on the floor or the sofa in front of it and reading a book.

You can take the photo from over the shoulder to have an interesting perspective.

Waking up

Man stretching in bed

Credit: Kampus Production

Style your hair and clothes into a roll-out-of-bed look. Then, pose as if you were just waking up.

This is a fun way to invite people to follow you in your everyday life.

Instagram Standing Poses

To pose the entire body can be difficult. That’s why a set of standing Instagram poses can help you start on the right foot.

In any case, from all the posing tips, the most important one is to stand straight. Posture is vital in a photo pose.

Back to the camera with open arms

Man standing looking at ocean

Credit: Sanketh Rao

One of the most popular Instagram poses in a landscape shot is to stand facing away from the camera.

Open your arms wide. It’s as if you were embracing nature.

Recline on a wall and bend the knee

Taking photos against a wall

Credit: Croft Alexander

For this Instagram pose, you need to rest your upper body on the wall. Then, bend one knee and keep the other leg straight.

Leaning on the wall sideways

Suited man

Credit: Royal Anwar

Lean sideways and rest your arm and shoulder on the wall. This pose is just as effective as reclining with your back against the wall.

Hands in your pockets

Man in suit with hands in pockets

Credit: Antony Trivet

For a standing Instagram pose, putting your hands in your pockets is always flattering.

This way, you’ll have the elbows bent and create a space between the body and the arms.

Hands on your hips

Girl posing with hands on hips

Credit: Kate

If you don’t have pockets or prefer to show your hands, simply put your hands on your hips. It will create a similar effect.

One hand on your head

Girl in dress in front of waterfall

Credit: Luis Moya

Another successful Instagram pose is to raise your hand. You can hold a hat, play with your hair, or simply put your hand behind your head or neck.

This will break the symmetry and make the pose more dynamic.

Sideways looking at the camera

Sideways looking at the camera pose

Credit: Abel Matthew

A very cute pose is to turn away from the camera or stand sideways. Then, turn your head over the shoulder and look back.

Fixing your clothes

Fixing clothing pose

Credit: Antony Trivet

Many Instagram poses are a variation of this simple action – fixing your clothing.

You can pull up your coat’s collar, adjust your shirt’s cufflinks, button your jacket, etc.

Experiment with these elements to find the one that you like.

Arms crossed

Girl in boxing ring

Credit: Kyle Karbowski

Standing with your arms crossed is one of the most classic portrait poses.

Stand facing the camera for an empowered look, or turn 45 degrees to look more approachable.

One arm across the torso

Model with one arm across body

Credit: Aldair Nuñez

If crossing both arms is too strong, try crossing one arm across your torso and holding the opposite arm.

Holding a jacket over the shoulder

Holding a jacket over the shoulder pose

Credit: Gustavo Fring

A great standing pose is to hold your jacket over your shoulder. Using a backpack is also possible for a more casual look.

Laid Back Beach Instagram Poses

The beach is a wonderful setting for your Instagram photos.

All you need is some cute Instagram poses for some scroll-stopping pics. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Reading with a fresh drink

Reading book with coconut water

Credit: Taryn Elliott

Do you want a carefree vibe in your pictures? Relax on a hammock or a beach chair with a drink and a good book.

This is an easy photoshoot setup for your Instagram photos.

Feeding the seagulls

Feeding seagulls

Credit: Taryn Elliott

For some original Instagram photos at the beach, grab some bread and feed the seagulls.

Make sure you take a lot of pics so that you can choose the best one.


Kneeling on beach pose

Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Kneeling in front of the ocean is a great power pose.

Back to the camera and crossed legs

Sitting back turned to camera

Credit: Wendy Hero

Another great pose at the beach is to sit cross-legged, giving your back to the camera.

This Instagram pose communicates peace as it shows you contemplating the beautiful scenery.

Walking down the beach

Walking down beach

Credit: Julia Volk

You can make some wonderful Instagram photos simply by walking up and down the beach.

Instead of posing, you’re being active. This makes the pictures more natural and dynamic.

Relaxing on your inflatable

Relaxing on an inflatable

Credit: LRM Exterior

Do you know what makes summer photos cool and inviting? Some colorful inflatables!

Grab your favorite one and drift off. You might want to try drone photography for a more spectacular sight.


Lotus position

Credit: Natalie

Meditation helps you to get in sync with the environment and enjoy the moment.

A perfect place to do this is the beach. This is why sitting cross-legged in meditation is one of the most popular Instagram poses.

Freeze a jump

Beach jump shot

Credit: Vaibhav Kashyap

If you feel that Instagram poses make you look stiff, why not try a jump?

The beach makes a beautiful setting for you to try this photo idea.

Look over a handrail

Looking over hand rail pose

Credit: Jermaine Ulinwa

Whether it’s the lifeguard tower or a dock, there’s usually a structure with a handrail at the beach.

Just lean on it and look over for a simple pose that makes eye-catching Instagram photos.

Lying on your side

Sitting on sand with fruit

Credit: Mikhail Nilov

One of the most popular Instagram poses is sitting sideways. You can hold yourself up with your arm.

It’s a flattering pose, and it gives a laid-back vibe.

Belly down

Lying on stomach

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Lie down on your belly and rest on your elbows. You can bend your legs for a more playful look.

Contemplate the sunset

Standing on sand at sunset

Credit: Pixabay

It may sound simple, but standing in front of the sunset and contemplating it can make a powerful image.

Fun and Natural Instagram Poses with Friends

Instagram photos are more fun when you do them with friends.

Not everyone in your group of friends will be a natural when taking portrait photos, though. So, here are some go-to poses for you to use the next time you get together.

Jumping for a silhouette pic

Jumping for a silhouette pic

Credit: Vjapratama

Posing can result in stiff photos. To add more movement, you can all jump for the photo.

This looks great when you have a beautiful sunset in the back, and you’re captured as silhouettes.

On the floor, lying in different directions

On the floor, lying in different directions

Credit: Asya Cusima

This is the cutest pose for two best friends. You can lie beside each other, except that your bodies are in opposite directions.

You can use this photo pose for a group of friends too. Simply lie down, forming a circle where the top of your heads touch in the center.

Chilling around a picnic

Chilling around a picnic

A super cute pose for sitting photos is to arrange a picnic scene. Then, organize yourselves around the picnic blanket.


Friends toasting beers

Credit: Pressmaster

An easy pose for a group of friends is to have everyone clink their glasses for a toast.

The group hug

Group hug shot

Credit: Elina Fairytale

Of all the Instagram poses, this is the most natural for a group of friends.

Get together for a group hug that shows your affection. Just make sure everyone’s faces are visible!

The road trip

Friends on road trip

Credit: Sake Le

Road trip vibes are always trendy on Instagram photos.

A great pose to achieve this is to have you and your friends sticking out of the car window.

If the group is too big, some can be inside the car, and some stand outside.

Hand signs

Spelling LOVE with hands

Credit: Leah Kelley

Hand signs make super cute poses for Instagram. You can do a heart or an entire word – it’s up to you!

Holding fun props

Holding fun props photo pose

Credit: Fauxels

Props are a great way to loosen up anyone that feels awkward with photoshoot poses.

Holding a prop gives you something to do, so you don’t have to focus on what to do with your hands and body.

Plus, you can use props to show the group’s relationship and personality.

Peek at the camera

Peek at the camera from above

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

The peek-at-the-camera pose is simple and fun.

Just put the camera on the ground or a table. Then, all of you lean forward as if you were looking at the viewer through the lens.

Sitting next to each other, facing away from the camera

Sitting next to each other, facing away from the camera

Credit: Matheus Ferrero

Turning your backs to the camera is a great sitting pose for scenic photos.

This way, you’re looking at the same background as the person who is looking at your picture.

Form a line and hold the shoulders of the person in front

Form a line and hold the shoulders of the person in front

Credit: This is Zun

A cute Instagram pose for a group of friends is to get in line while holding the shoulders of the person in front of you.

This pose will add movement and give the group a sense of unity and support.

Original Instagram Selfie Poses

Trending Instagram poses are great. However, if you really want to stand out, you need to be original.

Here are some ideas for you to create some unique Instagram photos.

Do a common thing in an unusual place

Do a common thing in an unusual place

Credit: Toa Heftiba şinca

Unique and scroll-stoping Instagram poses don’t need to be complicated. Think of everyday activities and take them out of context.

For example, bring a book and start reading in the middle of the sea.

Cross your legs and “levitate”

Cross your legs and 'levitate'

Credit: Designecologist

This super cute pose is easy to do with some simple retouching in Photoshop.

First, photograph the empty background. Then, sit cross-legged on a stool or something high.

Layer both images in Photoshop and remove the stool to achieve the levitation effect.

Stage a videogame-like battle

Stage a videogame-like battle

Credit: Joagbriel

A great photo pose for your Instagram feed is a video game fight.

Depending on your scene’s complexity, you might need editing skills for this Instagram pose.

Tie yourself to a friend

Friends tied together photo pose

Credit: Ron Lach

If you like taking outfit photos, this is so much fun to do with a friend.

You’ll need a cool outfit with belts – such as raincoats.

Then, tie yourself to your friend and, while looking at each other, lean back.

Just make sure the belts will hold. Otherwise, put one foot back to hold your weight.


Picture-in-picture with iphone

Credit: Shotpot

This is one of the most original Instagram poses.

First, take a close-up using your phone. Then, hold the phone where you took the photo to make a picture-in-picture effect.

Choose a painting and recreate it

Religious painting inspired instagram photo pose

Credit: Niko MonDì

You can find inspiration for your Instagram poses in paintings.

Find a classic pose in a museum or art book and recreate it in your Instagram photos.

Do a yoga pose

Do a yoga pose

Credit: Chevanon Photography

Some of the most original Instagram poses are yoga asanas.

They don’t have to be the most complicated poses; the one you use depends on your skill level.

An eye-catching beginner’s asana is the flamingo pose. However, feel free to do something more advanced if you can.

The great thing about using yoga postures as Instagram poses is that you can communicate something about your lifestyle and personality.

Pose with your reflection

Pose with your reflection

Credit: Lucas Souza

You can use a mirror to make your Instagram photos more creative.

This is also a great way to check your pose for the perfect shot.

You can use a handheld mirror or a full-body one. The idea is that your reflection will be the main subject of your Instagram photos.

How Do I Look Cool on Instagram?

Regardless of the pose, here are a few tips you can use to look better in your Instagram pics.

  • Pull back your shoulders and away from the ears for a better posture.
  • Turn 45 degrees away from the camera.
  • Find your most flattering side – for most people it’s the left one.
  • Push your face forward to avoid a double chin.
  • Separate your arms from your body – even a small gap makes a big difference.

Read more: How To Pose For Pictures Like A Model (10 Pro Tips)

Instagram Poses FAQs

How do Instagram influencers pose?

Instagram influencers have a lot of practice. They study their body in front of a mirror or make a video to find their best side. They also take multiple photos each time to choose the most flattering one to post.

How do boys pose on Instagram?

Typically, boys put their hands in their pockets when they are standing. If they are sitting, they can put one leg up and rest an elbow on the knee. Otherwise, they can crouch or walk for a more dynamic look.

How do you pose for a selfie?

Whether you’re smiling or not, relax the muscles of your face for a more natural look. Then, find your best side – this is usually the left one. Try different camera angles to see which one you like most. Some people like the classic selfie angle (a little above the eye level) – others prefer from the bottom. Remember to experiment and practice to find the perfect pose for you.

Final Words

There are tons of Instagram poses that will help you look like a professional model.

The best way to find the right poses for you is to experiment. Then, practice them until you look natural.

I hope you found these Instagram poses and posing tips helpful! Let us know which are your favorite poses from the list and which ones we missed.

If you have any other questions or comments, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments section. We love reading your thoughts.

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