Best UV Camera Lens Protection Filters in 2023 to Prevent Damages

Lens protection filters are an affordable way to protect camera lenses from knocks, scratches and bangs. Discover which at the best options of the year.

Many photographers consider lens protection filters an essential purchase — after all, it’s much cheaper to replace a cracked filter than a cracked lens! 

Protective filters screw onto the front of your camera lens, acting as a ‘bumper’ to any inevitable scratches or knocks which are all too common when carrying your camera on a strap.

These days, you’re most likely to use a UV protection filter to prevent this kind of damage, although you may come across clear filters too.

(There are also other camera lens filters including skylight filters which are a subtle magenta color, but these are more for film photography.)

Urth UV Filter Plus+

Get the best light transmittance, reduced lens flare, haze and ghosting and achieve the best protection with this UV filter .

Environmentally conscious brand that plants trees.

UV camera lens filters have the additional benefit of cutting out unwanted ultraviolet light to reduce the amount of haze in an image, although most modern lenses deal well with UV exposure already.

Remember that attaching any kind of filter to your camera lens can cause light refraction or ghosting, with the light reflecting between the glass elements. However, the effects are so minimal for it not to be an issue.

Whatever type of lens you own, you need to be keeping it scratch-free in some way, so let’s take a look at the top protective filters for your camera lens this year.

What is the Best Lens Protection Filter in 2023?

Image Product Features
shk2-table__imageUrth UV Filter Plus+OUR #1 CHOICE
  • Innovative
  • Eco-friendly Construction
  • Better Protection
  • Multi coated SCHOTT Glass
View Price →
shk2-table__imageK&F Concept UV Filter Ultra SlimHIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Super Slim & Lightweight
  • High Density Sharp Cut UV Glass
  • Ultraviolet Protection
  • Double-threaded
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shk2-table__imageHoya HD nano Mk II UVTOP RATED
  • Ultra-Smooth Coating
  • Very Thin Frame
  • High Density Sharp
  • Absorbs UV Rays
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shk2-table__imageAmazonBasics UV Protection FilterBEST BUDGET
  • Anti-reflective Multi Coating
  • Reduces Ultraviolet Light
  • Durable
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
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shk2-table__imageTiffen UV Protector filter
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Basic UV Protection
  • Low Profile
  • ColorCore Technology
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shk2-table__imageB + W UV Protection Filter
  • Color Neutral Filter Glass
  • Front Lens Protection
  • Blocks Disturbing UV
  • MRC coating
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Urth UV Filter Plus+ 

  • Innovative UV filter delivers optimal light transmission and camera lens protection.
  • Multi coated SCHOTT glass protects against scratches, dust, water, and oil.
  • Designed to prevent color degradation, reflections, glares, and haze.
  • Eco-friendly construction means you can feel good about your purchase. 
  • Some users assert the UV filter seems too thick.
  • Other users noted it was super fragile.

This high-performing Urth Plus+ Filter adds a protective layer your camera needs to maintain a like-new condition while delivering the best picture quality.

Its industry-leading nano multi coated SCHOTT glass is a German miracle for your camera lens with 30 layers of protection that resist scratches and reflections while delivering optimal light transmission.

This Urth Filter features an ultra slim design to prevent vignettes even at high altitudes or near bodies of water, so you won’t waste time editing. And it’s made for easy stacking and storage, though some users assert the filter seems thicker than most UV filters. 

Created more mindfully than cheaper filters, this glass filter reduces UV contamination to help you achieve the sharpest images and light transmission possible without a lens flare. Built to defend your new lens or broken-in lens hoods against damage from dust, water, and oil, it can withstand travel and messes.

Credit: Urth

Designed with the planet and durability in mind, this multi coated Urth Filter is an upgrade from any other UV filter. Designed from aluminum to promote long-term use and layered in plastic-free packaging, you’ll get a code you can enter on Urth’s website to plant 5 trees per product. 

The nearly ideal balance of cost and quality ensures top performance against elite models with expensive lenses. And because it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, you can purchase this filter with confidence.

Whether you’re new to the photography world or a seasoned expert, this Urth Filter is one of the best camera protection filters in 2022 to prevent camera lens damage while helping you achieve the sharpest indoor and outdoor picture quality imaginable.

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K&F Concept UV Filter Ultra Slim

  • Cutting-edge design protects your lens and prevents blue color casts.
  • AGC glass UV filter reduces reflections without lens flare.
  • Non-slip, waterproof design protects against damage and spills.
  • Evaluated in 24 optical tests to ensure optimal performance. 
  • This UV filter can get stuck.
  • Cross-threading may also be an issue.

The K&F Concept UV Lens Filter Ultra Slim is easily one of the best protective filters in 2022 to prevent damage while eliminating your blue color cast worries.

Designed with AGC glass and 99.6 light transmission built to reduce ground and reflections, you’ll get 28 layers of nano multi coated technology for state-of-the-art image quality free from color degradation. This helps prevent blue hues and haziness that can minimize sharpness in long-distance shots, so you can achieve pure, well-balanced colors in every photo — near or far. 

An ultra-thin frame on this UV filter prevents vignettes when used on telephoto or wide-angle lenses, helping you save time editing and cropping to get a more realistic look, while its super slim design allows for easy installation or removal from lenses with a quick screw on and off, though some users have reported the UV filter gets stuck. 

Worried about the elements? Not anymore. Meticulously designed with a double-sided coating, you can avoid damage from dust, mildew, weather, and scratches for lasting durability, so the only sharpness you’ll be thinking about is how sharp your photos look. It’s also non-slip and waterproof to prevent damage to the optical glass from spills and drops, so even if your camera takes a fall, you’ll experience some peace of mind. 

The lightweight yet sturdy design of the K&F Concept Ultra Slim Filter offers hassle-free portability without a camera bag or filter case, so you can roam around with ease. And take extra comfort in its performance testing across 24 optical tests to withstand a variety of applications.

A variety of available sizes make it ideal for use on almost any camera — professionals recommend checking the thread range before matching the filter quality to your lens quality — if you’re unsure, grab a high-quality filter for best results on professional lenses.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you can give your camera the protective lens filter it deserves with this K&F Concept UV Filter Ultra Slim Filter — the most popular protection filter for achieving the highest quality and definition in landscape, travel, and lifestyle photos while shielding your lens and preventing damage.

Hoya HD nano Mk II UV 

  • Absorbs UV rays to avoid blue tints, glares, and haziness.
  • Ultra-smooth coating helps you achieve professional-grade images.
  • High-quality glass filter protects optical glass from oil, scratches, and moisture. 
  • Glass is designed to stay in place rather than break apart to prevent shard damage.
  • Not ideal on extra sunny days.
  • Brass design isn’t as good as an aluminum frame.

This Hoya HD nano Mk II UV Filter is one of the most popular protection filters that delivers the sharpest quality images with optimal damage protection to meet all your digital photography needs.

Boasting 32 layers of an ultra-smooth coating made from cutting-edge materials, this UV filter helps you achieve professional-level photos, delivering camera protection while preventing damage.

And its reinforced, dual-purpose glass is specially enhanced to deliver damage prevention and UV absorption, minimizing blue hues and haziness from natural sunlight. You’ll also appreciate the ultra-thin frame, which reduces vignetting, so you can place it on wide-angle lenses and avoid excessive editing and cropping. 

The Hoya HD nano Mk II Filter’s high-quality glass coating with advanced pressure technology is also built to withstand scratches from surfaces and fingernails, as well as wear and tear from daily use and maintenance such as filter wiping.

The smoothness of the coating is also designed to resist stains, water, and oil — so you’ll be able to trek just about anywhere with your camera in the harshest conditions — whether you’re near messy food or surrounded by a body of water. And even if an accident happens, the glass delivers up to four times more strength than other filters and will stay together rather than break apart to prevent the risk of contact with shards.

The Hoya HD nano Mk Filter also has sleek front threads with innovative latching technology to hold the optical glass securely in place while promoting easy attachments to lens caps for seamless stacking and storage.

And because it’s built from aluminum, this filter is built to last and take on the go, thanks to its lightweight design making it easy to pack it in backpacks, suitcases, and purses for local and international travel. Though some users suggest using the CPL filter, designed to work like a pair of sunglasses, for extra sunny days.

When you choose the Hoya HD nano Mk II Protective Filer, you’ll get  protective filter that dramatically improves lifestyle, landscape, and nature photography.

AmazonBasics UV Protective Filter 

  • UV filter prevents blue hues, lens flares, glares, and image degradation.
  • Anti-reflective multi coating ensures optimum clarity.
  • Designed to resist scratches, dirt, and moisture for durability. 
  • 1-year limited warranty offers peace of mind.
  • Blurriness has been reported.
  • Quality is considered mediocre.

An array of modern features makes this Amazon Basics Filter the perfect filter for digital camera protection and any budget-friendly beginner or expert-level photography project. 

As the name implies, it’s a top-rated ultraviolet filter at a low price, built to cover all the basics to reduce UV contamination in images while shielding your lens from wear and tear. Designed to reduce ultraviolet light with seven layers of an anti-reflecting multi coating, you’ll avoid even the most subtle UV contamination that can cause blue hues, haziness, glares, and overall picture degradation.

And because the polarizer prevents color tinting, you’ll avoid while also enjoying superior front element protection against the scratches, dirt, and dust in tougher climates. It’s also lightweight and waterproof for protection from rain, bodies of water, or spills from bottles, so you can take it anywhere from the beach to the rainforest.

This Amazon Basics Filter has a tough aluminum construction that promotes lasting durability, so you can depend on it for years to come, and is available in an abundance of sizes and a solid thread range for any needs related to protection filters. 

A one-year limited warranty means you can purchase this filter confidently, while Amazon’s signature packing means the product will be encased to stay firmly in place during shipment. And at less than $25 for the smallest size, it’s perfect for those with limited funds who don’t want to compromise quality and performance, though some users believe it made their photos blurry.

Get the clarity and meticulous detail you need to level up your photography with the easy-to-use Amazon Basics Filter, which tops the 2022 budget-friendly list for UV filters that also prevent damage.

Tiffen UV Filter

  • Designed to absorb UV light, you can achieve high-quality photos on the haziest of days from the highest of altitudes. 
  • Slim design prevents vignettes.
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof to prevent damage to digital cameras. 
  • 10-year warranty offers peace of mind. 
  • Some users reported reduced quality.
  • It tends to slip out of place.

This Tiffen UV Protector Filter provides the UV reduction you need for less than $10, making it the perfect filter to protect your camera for those on a budget.

ColorCore technology means every Tiffen UV filter is designed by laminating the filter between two layers of glass before being placed on low-profile metal rings for a sleek look that lasts.

Designed to absorb UV light, the Tiffen Filter helps you avoid glare, haze, and bluish hues in your daytime photos for better color and picture quality. And by delivering front element protection without adding other colors or contrast, you can layer this clear filter with others for easy stacking, though a small percentage of users noticed a reduction in image quality compared to other filters, even those with a very expensive lens.

Shielding your lens from dust, moisture, and abrasions, you’ll have no worries bringing this scratch-resistant digital camera to any location — whether it’s the desert, beach, lake, or mountains. And because the Tiffen Filter provides a shield of defense against damage from drops and breaks, some users choose this filter as a lens cap alternative.. 

Its portable, lightweight design promotes easy mobility, so you can move from setting to setting and pack or unpack without a hassle. And because it’s available in a variety of sizes, you can find the filter you need for multiple cameras and any indoor or outdoor photography project. 

Thoughtfully packaged to prevent damage during shipment, you can rest assured your filter is as protected as it is protective, while its 10-year warranty offers added peace of mind.   

Get the protective solution you need with this Tiffen Filter, the top filter to protect camera lenses among industry professionals. 

B + W UV Filter

  • Designed to protect the front element from damage.
  • MRC coating prevents color tinting and distortion.
  • Resistant to scratches, dirt, and moisture for durability.
  • Tight fit prevents vignetting.
  • Some users reported receiving counterfeit product.
  • Others received a visibly used filter.

This B + W UV Filter is easily one of the most popular available, complete with all the features you need for camera protection and professional-grade photo quality.

It multi coated design absorbs UV rays to prevent a bluish cast, blurs, glare, and haziness, while its MRC coating prevents violet, red, deep-red, and blue tints from UV light that can create distortion, reflections, and ghosting not visible to the naked eye. 

And you can say goodbye to damage concerns thanks to its built-in resistance to dirt, fingerprints, and scratches that can affect your fragile front lens element. And even better, it’s moisture resistant, so you can safely take photos around water.

Its tough brass frame promotes lasting use, though some users prefer aluminum frames. And because it has a matte black coating, you won’t experience any reflections. 

Precisely built for a tight fit across a wide range of available sizes, this filter reduces vignetting and is easy to install on almost any Nikon, Canon, Samsung, and Fuji digital cameras, helping you spend less time editing, cropping, and screwing it on. 

Its lightweight design makes portability across different locations a breeze, so you can effortlessly pack it up and go. For enhanced, color-neutral images with unrivaled crispness and clarity, choose this B&W UV Protection Filter to protect your prized digital cameras.

*Please be aware that counterfeiting claims have been made by users who have recorded the differences between the real UV filter and fake ones, so we urge you to be mindful and carefully read reviews prior to purchasing. 

Are Expensive Lens Filters Worth It?

You can pick up some UV filters which cost less than $10, while others cost more than 10x this amount. Why is there such a price difference, and are expensive filters worth the extra money?

Here are the factors that will help you understand the price difference:

  • Filter Material

Glass is the top digital camera UV filter choice. And when layered with a multi coating, you can achieve increased durability for lenses, lessening the need to have to repair a lens if you knock or drop it.

  • Brand

A variety of brands and price points help make your choice easier. For those on a budget, Amazon’s line of UV Protective Filters is great, while Urth’s line is best for high-end needs. You can also look at our guide on the best ND filters to discover more great brands.

  • Type of Coating 

Nano multi coatings are the most popular and generally the most durable while preserving light transmission and preventing reflections and ghosting. 

  • Thickness of the Filter

The thickness of the filter can determine how effective it is at preventing vignetting. Slimmer filters tend to reduce vignetting better than thicker lenses. 

Protective / UV Light Lens Filter FAQs

Which is Better: CPL or UV Filter?

UV models are ideal for reducing haziness and adding crisp detail, while CPL filters are better for altering color balance on photos that may look washed out. Some experts use both protection filters depending on the task at hand.

Are clear filters better than UV filters?

A UV lens filter tends to be more affordable than clear filters, though a lens hood or a clear or UV filter can serve a similar purpose of preventing distortion and glare while shielding the front lens element from damage.

What’s the difference between a UV and Polarizer Filter?

CPL filters reduce polarized light at various angles, making it easier to boost saturation, while UV designs are a great choice for damage protection and image enhancements. Professional photographers will argue that UV, polarizing, and skylight filters have benefits that cannot be replicated with software.

Do professionals use UV filters?

Just like anything else, the filter or no-filter debate varies by individual preference. Many professionals rely on UV filters or a skylight filter to restore color to washed-out photos while also protecting the actual lens from damage, while others don’t want protection filters or UV filters on their camera lens.

UV Filters for Lens Protection: Final Words

Depending on your photography needs, skillset, and budget, there’s no shortage of UV filter or skylight filter options.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to capture their adventures in nature, or a professional photographer seeking enhanced image quality from high altitudes on days with a clear blue sky, there’s a smorgasbord of UV lens protectors available to suit your needs and budget. 

When thinking about protecting your lens with a UV filter, you should also consider using a lens hood too, since these will help stop objects from reaching the lens even before they touch any filter.

If you have any questions about UV filters or protective filters in general, leave them below, and happy shooting!

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