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Ulanzi launches new F38 Quick Release Video Travel Tripod

News | By Stephan Jukic | Last Updated: March 28, 2023

Ulanzi, the brand behind numerous other superbly useful photo and video production accessories, has launched a brand new video travel tripod.

The Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Video Travel Tripod is a new innovation for the pro tripod market and has been available for pre-order as of March 17th for a special price of $219.95. This includes a 15% discount off its regular $259.95 cost once the F38 starts shipping.

Ulanzi’s new travel tripod is a perfect tool for videographers, vloggers, and even photographers engaged in lots of fast-paced fieldwork with a constant need for shifting their camera gear from one position to another.

One of the Ulanzi F38’s most useful features is its ability to quickly switch between multiple cameras on the go. This means that users can rapidly dismount and remount any single camera easily, quickly and efficiently in any setting.

To achieve this, Ulanzi has given the F38 Quick Release Video Travel Tripod a built-in, easily-detachable ball head with an F38 quick-release plate that users of other Ulanzi products should already be familiar with.

photos of video travel tripod

This particular mounting mechanism gives the F38 tripod the ability to deliver smooth and flexible camera pan/tilt functionality.

More specifically, the F38 video tripod offers a fixed damping level and its head delivers precise tension for fluid camera panning and device pitch.

The tripod head is also designed to handle 360° panoramic panning shots and can tilt from between -55 degrees and 90 degrees for multi-angle photo and video shooting.

Furthermore, it has a bowl base that lets users level their devices quickly with one-step camera leveling even in complex, rough terrain.

It’s also worth mentioning that the gimbal in the F38 Video Travel Tripod has a 1.5kg dynamic rebound and a recommended maximum ball-head load capacity of 3kg.

This makes the tripod capable of carrying plenty of compact and mid-sized cameras. The center column can however support up to 10kg of weight.

Essentially, Ulanzi has put major effort into designing this new video travel tripod for easy use while giving it maximum durability and stability during fieldwork.

photos of video travel tripod

The knobs on the F38 are both Quick Release and Anti-touch, while the overall build of the tripod gives it a low center of gravity for robustly stable load bearing.  

The F38 Video Travel tripod also comes with an upgraded Locking Structure design that can be sturdily locked into place, but then also undone rapidly with a single firm twist.

Finally and obviously, this tripod is multi-height adjustable and can be used for shooting from many different levels, including low angles. It also comes with a phone holder and weighs only 1.08kg.

If you’re a videographer, vlogger or photographer who wants a robust and versatile travel tripod that’s genuinely easy to use in the field, the Ulanzi F38 Video Travel Tripod might just be ideal. You can pre-order it now at a %15 discount from Ulanzi’s website.

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