Penny De Los Santos

My photography centers around food and still life images. I am a firm believer that a photograph should tell a story and the best ones tell a story and make you feel something at the same time. Whether I am shooting a plate of mussels or a beautiful beauty image that is my goal.

I started shooting with a Hasselblad and a PhaseOne back last year and it changed my photography completely, it made me better. This is the gear I use when shooting in the studio. I try not to get overwhelmed with too much stuff, my goal is to focus on composition, light and capturing the perfect moment. (not pictured: lighting kit, tripod, monitor, diffusion and all the bells and whistles that come with a studio)

Hasselblad H2

I used to shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and decided it was time to upgrade my tools I use in my photography so I got a Hasselblad H2. The image quality is unbelievable with the Hasselblad and the Phase One, without a doubt this camera has taken my photography to the next level.

Digital Back

The Phase One P45 digital back has breathed new life into the way I make photographs and with 7216×5412 active pixels, it gives me a beautiful crisp image.


The Hasselblad HC Macro 120mm is the lens is my go to lens and gets the job done every time for me.

Color Checker

I use the X-rite color checker passport to color balance my photographs and I always white balance in camera to save me that extra step in post-production.


It doesn’t hurt to have an extra level on set, it helps me keep the camera and surface on the same plane, so when the client sees it live on a monitor on set there are no surprises.

Hard drives

I keep two 1TB Seagate Hard drives with me at all times. I back up everything as I shoot throughout the day and then me and an assistant each take one home for safe keeping until it is backed up on the main drive.


I always have extra batteries for my camera and for the radio slave-you can never have too many of these, ever. Ever!


I like to keep my clients comfortable so there is always music happening in the studio, just to loosen things up a bit and to keep all of us in a good mood.


I use a Mac Book Pro Retina display with 16GB of onboard memory and 512GB of flash storage to run Capture One. I don’t store anything on this computer I only use it for photo shoots. When the shoot is over we back up files to the main drive and do any other work from a different dedicated office computer.

Monitor Calibrator

I use x-rite i1 display calibrator for every photo-shoot. I always want to make sure that the colors I’m looking at in the monitor are true to what I’m looking at on the set.

Flash Drives

I keep a couple of 64GB flash drives with me so that I can immediately give my clients the images that they need.

Chicken Wishbone

I keep one around at all times for good luck, who doesn’t need good luck? What’s that saying, “opportunity happens when luck and preparedness collide.”

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