A woman is standing next to a wall with wings painted on it.

25 Funny Perfectly Timed Photos You Won’t Believe

Enjoy our curated selection of perfectly timed photos, plus top tips to create your own perfectly timed photos to impress your family and friends.

Here are 25 funny, perfectly timed photos you won’t believe.

Included are the top tips to create your own magical, perfectly timed photos. That will amaze your family and friends.

Read on to see incredible moments frozen in time.

25 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Floating dog in a bubble

A dog is playing with a bubble in the yard.

Image source: Reddit

The family dog looks like it is caught in a bubble floating over the grass.

A perfect example of a perfectly timed photo. It is not easy to get a running dog and a bubble lined up!

Both dog and bubble don’t respond easily to directions. They both have a stubborn will and a way of their own!

2. The winners get the beer, a photograph taken by Arjen Robben

Bayern munich vs bayern munich vs bayern munich vs bayern munich .

Image source: Reddit

Arjen Robben caught the exact moment before a player became saturated in beer.

The player’s expression is gold. You can see he is feeling the first impact of the cold beer against his head.

Capturing a shot like this requires a combination of components.

The photographer must have the exact camera settings and be positioned in the right spot.

In this case, the camera must be set at a high shutter speed to freeze the liquid in motion.

3. Frozen fishing action, photographed by Stephane Ducandas

A man is diving into the ocean with a stick.

Image source: Reddit

This photo surpasses perfectly timed and hits gold. This is an incredibly timed photo.

The photographer uses a waterproof camera to catch the fisherman as he spears a fish.

Not only can we see the fisherman’s frozen dive pose, but we can see his surprised prey.

4. Spooky featureless face

A man in a suit and tie standing next to a little boy.

Image source: Reddit

This is a perfectly timed photo that makes you look twice. Who’s head is whose?

Father and son morph into one, or is it a freaky, faceless child?

It is unlikely that this photo was planned. Most likely, it was an unexpected surprise in the camera roll.

5. Face paint or mask?

A woman with a red and black bird on her shoulder.

Image source: Reddit

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the lady is wearing a mask or her face has been painted.

Instead, this is another example of a photo where the face of one is imposed over the face of another.

The eye, beak, and collar of the parrot line up perfectly with the nose and mouth of the lady.

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6. Bat-catching action, photographed by Christoper Horner

A group of people watching a baseball game with a man holding a bat.

Image source: Reddit

This photo captures the moment when a father reacts instinctively to save his child.

The crowd’s reaction makes this an interesting photo. The father instinctively protects his child while the two women duck.

The child appears to be the one who is the least concerned. He has a dazed expression as the bat almost slams his face.

7. Sweeping water over sunset, photographed by Matthias Graben

An elephant standing in the water with a water hose.

Image source: Reddit

The elephant sweeps the water above its head in a spiral. The trunk is perfectly aligned to form the start of the curve.

The sun peeks out from beyond the clouds, directly behind the water spiral.

This beautifully balanced photo demonstrates the skill of wildlife photographers.

Wildlife photographers need bucketloads of patience to capture incredible shots.

8. The moment before the wave hits

A woman in a bikini sitting on the beach in front of a wave.

Image source: Reddit

The girl sits, unaware that a wave will form a sea throne behind her.

The wild wave is ready to crash. It perfectly contradicts her calm zen pose.

Was this a set-up? Or a lucky fluke?

9. An eye for an eye or butterfly photo bomb?

A young boy holding a butterfly on his face.

Image source: Reddit

When a butterfly decides to be your friend, you will snap a photo for memorabilia.

By lucky coincidence, the butterfly’s eye pattern lines up with the child’s eye.

This perfectly timed photo creates an interesting optical illusion.

10. Cartoon, Photoshop, or real life

A woman is standing next to two horses in a field.

Image source: Reddit

The strong, commanding stance and lady’s attire add to the charm of this photo.

The lady is snuggled in so close to the horse that her head is cut from view.

It is perfectly timed to create the illusion that it is a human body with a horse’s head.

11. Strangers pass as their shadows stop to kiss

A group of people walking past a wall with a dog on it.

Image source: Reddit

This image could easily be overlooked and deleted from someone’s photo library.

Only when you look twice do you notice that the two strangers’ shadows appear ready to kiss.

Strangely, the dog appears to notice the kissing shadows. Adding an extra level of mystery to the photo.

The image makes one wonder if the unknown subjects know each other. Will they ever know of their kissing shadows?

12. Was it something I ate

A person standing on a hill with a cloud in the sky.

Image source: Reddit

We have all seen illusionary photos of people playing with the moon.

But it is rare to see photos of cloud illusions. Here is an unusual one to get you inspired.

13. What’s on the menu today?

A cat sitting in front of a tv.

Image source: Reddit

A cat sits calmly, unaware of the scene played on the screen behind its head.

The mouth of the Asian man is perfectly positioned, creating the illusion that he is feasting on the cat.

14. Fancy dress or casual day?

A bartender serving a woman at a restaurant.

Image source: Reddit

A mirror is always conducive for illusionary tricks and photos.

The photographer is perfectly positioned to create the illusion that the barman is in a mini skirt.

Unsuspectingly, the barman continues to serve his customers.

15. The man with a shrunken body

A man carrying a child in a swimming pool.

Image source: Reddit

Because the father and son’s faces have similar skin tones, their faces merge as one.

Creating a confusing photo that at first looks like an image of a tiny man with an oversized head.

16. The moment before the tears

A young boy with a hat covered in water.

Image source: Reddit

The giant jellyfish-shaped water is caught just before the moment of impact.

If the camera were not set on a high shutter speed, this image wouldn’t be as spectacular.

17. Once-in-a-lifetime electric storm

A statue of liberty with a lightning bolt in the sky.

Image source: Reddit

One of the beauties of this photo is that it would be impossible to replicate in this lifetime.

The photographer was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to capture such a rare occurrence.

18. A rare image of the diving fish, photographed by Nick Kelly

A man snorkling in the water with a lot of fish around him.

Image source: Reddit

This hilarious image captures the fish as it eyeballs the photographer.

Is this a fusion of snorkeler and fishhead, or is it a rare sighting of a merman?

19. A visit to the dentist or lunchtime?

A black and white photo of a bird feeding a fish.

Image source: Reddit

Is that a look of shock on the fish’s face as he peers towards the crane’s beak?

The moment is frozen when the crane captures lunch, and the fish takes its last jump.

20. Someone lurking just below the surface

A shark with its mouth open in the water.

Image source: Reddit

The instant is caught before the ferocious shark breaks forth from the wave.

Most likely, the photographer was using a telephoto lens to zoom in so close.

21. A reminder not to play with water

A group of people on a boat splashing water on each other.

Image source: Reddit

It was fortunate timing for the photographer but not for the unlucky man.

22. Let sleeping dogs lie

A golden retriever laying on a bed with a yawn.

Image source: Reddit

A perfectly timed photo to capture the dog’s pose mirroring the photo behind.

Who ever knew that yawning was this contagious?

Although, when looking at this image, you wonder if this dog is always yawning.

23. Watched over by their savior

A man and woman posing for a photo in front of a statue of christ.

A happy snap turned into religious memorabilia. Are the angels trying to send a message to this couple?

24. Finally, the stork’s delivery has arrived

A baby is being held up by a bird in the sky.

Image source: Reddit

If you have a camera ready to shoot at all times, you may capture an incredible photo like this.

Although I believe you won’t often have an opportunity to take an image like this.

Unless you live under a crane’s flight path and you always keep a baby on hand.

25. I’m so hungry I’d even eat a bubble

A dog is blowing bubbles.

To end on the same note we started, here is a photo taken at the right moment of a dog and a bubble.

4 Tips on How to Get Perfectly-Timed Photos

So, you are keen to create your own perfectly timed viral photos.

Taking perfectly timed photos can be a lucky fluke.

Fortuitously, you are in the right place at the right time, with your finger perfectly poised on the shutter release.

But you can also cheat, just a tiny bit. With a little strategy, planning, and patience, you can create perfectly timed photos.

Here are a few tricks you can use to help capture some incredible gems.

1. Always have a camera on the ready

Tip number one: never, ever put your camera down. If you have a camera glued to your hand, at some point, you will capture a perfectly timed photo.

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly practical to glue a camera to your hand. However, you can aim to be trigger-happy and keep a camera within reach.

Persistence is the key, and remember – you always have a smartphone camera on you, so no excuses!

2. Dial in the best settings

Perfectly-timed photos often require a fast shutter speed and an auto-focus mode that can help you capture fleeting moments.

If it’s daytime or you’re in a brightly lit room, you can set your shutter speed as fast as it will go without the worry of resorting to a high ISO (which can produce grainy images).

If you’re in low light, crank up that ISO to get the fastest shutter speed you can – take a test image to see how it looks. Alternatively, use your camera flash.

As for the camera focus mode, choose a wide AF mode, which can capture any subject within the frame without too much fiddling.

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Alternatively, you can use the zone focus system or turn your camera to manual focus and set it to infinity, depending on the distance to your subject.

3. Be strategic and plan ahead

A dog is standing next to a wall with a drawing of a dog.

Image source: Reddit

The photo above looks like it was an accident.

At first glance, you think the photographer was lucky to capture a dog sniffing the chalked dogs behind.

But maybe, just maybe, the photographer planned ahead.

It is possible that the photographer placed something deliciously pungent and smelly, like peanut butter, on the wall.

This would encourage passing dogs to sniff the wall.

Planning and strategy will help you create some interesting pictures.

The image will look like a fluke. Only you will know of the careful forethought and planning used behind the scenes.

4 Patience is a virtue

Two orange cats standing next to each other near a pool.

Image source: Reddit

If you wait long enough, you will capture the image you want.

Bird photographers sit patiently in the woodlands, waiting for a rare bird to perch in front of them.

Their photos take time and a lot of patience. They have little control over their subjects, so they have no choice.

Take this photo of cats, for example. If you wait long enough, the cats’ tails will eventually cross over and make a heart shape.

To take a photo like this, you must be perfectly positioned and very patient.

Know that eventually, you will capture the cats’ tails in a love heart.

5. Anticipate the moment

There are some situations in which you can anticipate exceptional images.

Such as if you are traveling to an animal reserve with friendly animals.

When animals are fearless, you know there will be some priceless moments to capture.

Have your camera on the ready, set to automatic settings, and be prepared.

Follow these tips, and you are bound to shoot some incredible viral photos.

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