9 Best Photo Light Boxes in 2023 for DIY Product Photography

Find out our picks of the best photography light boxes in 2023, including large, mini, portable and budget options!

If you want to step up your product photography, a photo light box (light tent) is an essential purchase.

No matter how expensive your camera is, it’s lighting that makes a product look professional in a photo.

The best photo light boxes are the easiest way to eliminate shadows and illuminate your product or object in beautiful soft light.

By shining a camera light directly into or through the photo light box, the light is encouraged to ‘wrap around’ any object placed within.

The best news is that even the very best photo light boxes are still affordable, easy to set up, and a cinch to use.

All you really need to decide is what size light box you need.

(It’s usually best to choose something bigger than you need – that way, you have more options for what to photograph in the future.)

There’s always the option to build a DIY photo light box, but if you’re like me and time-poor, it’s a good idea just to buy one – they’re not expensive, thankfully!

Let’s take a look at the top products available right now.

What are the Best Photo Light Boxes in 2023?

FOSITAN Photo Box | Best large light box for photography

  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • LED beads for great lighting
  • Reflective fabric for even light distribution
  • 4 background colors for customization
  • Large enough for most product photography
  • Backgrounds can be flimsy
  • Not particularly durable

Get the backdrop you need to snag the perfect product shot with the FOSITAN Photo LightBox.

Its ample design and carrying bag make it the best large light box for photography, while its foldable construction lets you easily move from set to set or from room to room at home.

Built-in LED beads deliver the optimal level of brightness, though you can easily adjust it as needed.

The reflective fabric that lines the tent helps evenly distribute light while keeping shadows and glare away, so you can achieve the perfect shot without photo editing.

Four background colors let you have the backdrop of your choice — whether you prefer black or white for a neutral look or the blue or orange options for a vibrant pop of color.

While there are a ton of features that make this photography light box a great choice, keep in mind that the material isn’t particularly durable, so it’s not suitable for travel – see the next recommendation for that.

Thanks to the FOSITAN Photo LightBox, taking your product photography to the next level is easier than ever.

Foldio3 Portable Product Photo Studio Light Box with Halo Bars | Best portable photo studio light box

  • Magnetic structure for easy setup
  • Foldable for portability
  • Dimming remote for total light control
  • White and black backdrops available
  • Potential backdrop stains
  • Customer service issues

You can capture high-quality product photos anywhere with the Foldio3 Portable Product Photo Studio Light Box.

Classified as the best portable photo studio light box among elite photographers, the Foldio3 light box is loaded with features that make it exceptional.

For starters, its magnetic design allows you to set it up in mere seconds, so you can start achieving professional-level shots in no time.

Its LED lighting system includes a dimmer for adjustable light control at the push of a button, while its triple light diffuser helps you avoid shadows inside the photo lightbox.

And with white and black backdrops available, you can choose the one that meets your preference while ensuring the product takes center stage — simply attach the bottom of the backdrop and unroll it to secure it to the top of the light box.

Although the Foldio3 photography light box is full of benefits, remember that the material used with photo boxes like this is susceptible to stains – keep your fingers clean when handling it.

With a compact, foldable design that promotes easy portability, it’s no wonder the Foldio3 Portable Photo Studio Light Box is a top choice among professionals photographers.

Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box | Best budget Option

  • Portable design for mobility
  • LED beads for optimal lighting
  • Several openings for multi-angle shots
  • 6 backdrop colors available
  • Subpar light quality
  • Missing components

The Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box makes capturing product beauty shots effortless.

Equipped with an array of features and available at an affordable price, this photo light box is easily one of the best budget light boxes around.

Its LED light beads ensure you get the high-quality lighting you need to showcase everything from jewelry to ceramics, while a reflection board prevents shadows from creeping in.

Multiple openings in the Glendan photo lightbox allow you to shoot from a variety of angles easily — so you can seamlessly transition from wide shots to close-ups without worry.

A whopping six backdrop colors are included, so you can choose from neutrals like black and white, vibrant shades of blue or orange, or festive holiday colors like red and green.

This photo light box gives you a lot of bang for your buck, making it ideal for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Taking breathtaking product photos without breaking the bank is a breeze with the Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box.

EMART Table Top Light Box

  • Handles for easy transport
  • 10 brightness levels for customization
  • Extensive smartphone compatibility
  • 4 background colors available
  • Flimsy design
  • Unresponsive customer service

Creating photos that captivate is easier than ever thanks to the EMART Table Top Photography Light Box.

Designed for professionals and beginners alike, getting started is easy with the snap-button design, which makes setup hassle-free.

Top and front windows offer the multi-angle versatility you need to capture full-coverage shots and close-ups that highlight product details.

Three brightness levels provide the lighting you want for a variety of scenarios — whether you want white lighting for clean product shots or warm lighting for food photography.

Backdrop colors are available in black, white, blue and gray, so you can choose the one that matches your preference and project needs.

And while the design is a little flimsy to the touch, it’s actually fairly durable for the price.

For a quick snap for an eBay product listing or other product photography applications, the EMART Table Top Light Box is a smart choice.

Travor Photo Box

  • Velcro design for easy setup
  • LED beads for optimal lighting
  • Reflective fabric for reduced shadows
  • PVC & cloth backdrops included
  • Black wiring is an eyesore
  • Box won’t fit in carrying bag

Get the on-the-go studio you need with the Travor Photo Box.

Its Velcro design lets you set up in no time, while its convenient carry bag makes it easy to pack and go when the job is done.

LED beads offer the studio-grade lighting you need, and you can easily adjust the brightness at the turn of a knob.

Its reflective fabric and diffuser reduce shadows, so you can let your product shine without distractions, while six backdrops give you the freedom to choose from black, white, blue, orange, red or green backgrounds.

Just be careful about the visibility of the black wiring against some of the lighted backdrops – make sure the wires are tucked away out of sight.

Highlighting your product in all its glory is easy with the Travor Photo Box, one of the best photo light boxes for the money.

Godox LST40 Portable Photo Studio Box

  • Compact design & handles for carrying
  • Soft LED light minimizes shadows
  • Accurate color temperature
  • 2 ports for multi-angle shots
  • Difficulty setting up backdrops
  • Clips can’t keep backdrop in place

Put your product in the best light with the GODOX LST40 Portable Photo Studio Light Box.

A silver interior with three LED light strips with diffusers promotes even lighting without shadows, while a 5600K color temperature emits a warm, daylight-balanced color.

And you can easily adjust the light boards to direct the light right where you want it when shooting toys, jewelry, electronics and more.

Two ports allow you to achieve shots from a variety of angles — whether you want to showcase the product with full coverage or its intricate details.

Backdrops are available in both black and white for a clean look that complements a wide range of product designs.

It may take a little practice to get the backdrops set up inside the box effectively, but do it a few times and it becomes second nature.

Create a convenient pop-up studio anywhere with the GODOX LST40 Portable Photo Studio Box.

Amazon Basics Foldable Photo Studio Box

  • Collapsible design for portability
  • High-output LEDs for ideal lighting
  • Multiple ports for different angles
  • Built-in white backdrop for convenience
  • Very affordable
  • No lights along right side
  • Foldable design may result in a crease

This Amazon Basics Foldable Photo Studio Box makes it easy to take professional-grade photos anywhere.

A collapsible, lightweight design allows you to quickly set up or pack up, while its handles give you the portability you need.

High-output LEDs deliver a color temperature of 5600k for an ideal level of daylight-balanced lighting when shooting cosmetics, jewelry or footwear.

A built-in white backdrop lets you avoid the hassle of installing and can be easily removed if you want to swap it for another color.

Note that the lights only line the front and left edges and not the right – you just need to make sure you place your product right in the middle to ensure even light coverage.

Is it the best photo light box available? Definitely not, but AmazonBasics products never are. Instead, they’re extremely competitive in price and good enough for most.

The Amazon Basics Foldable Photo Studio Box is great value for money and an ideal entry point into the world of photo light boxes.

Neewer Professional Photo Light Box Kit

  • Lightweight, waterproof design
  • Adjustable brightness for customization
  • Several openings for multi-angle shot
  • 3 background colors available
  • Lighting is too dim
  • Not collapsible

Shed the best light on your products with the Neewer Professional Photo Light Box Kit.

Designed to fit in its compact bag, you can easily grab your portable studio and go.

And because it’s waterproof, you’ll have peace of mind if you spill your drink or get caught in the rain.

Its LED beads deliver the optimal lighting you need to accentuate product details, while adjustable brightness offers total light control at your fingertips.

Multiple openings allow you to shoot from various angles, and removable panels let you move the light board as needed.

Three backdrops give you the freedom to choose an orange, black or white background for a setting that best suits your product.

And while this photo light box kit is built for convenience, the term ‘portable’ is a little misleading since the design isn’t collapsible.

Regardless, shooting small and medium-sized products is a breeze with the Neewer Professional Photo Light Box Kit.

JHS-TECH Mini Photo Studio Box

  • Foldable for easy setup and breakdown
  • LED beads for enhanced brightness
  • 2 windows for multi-angle shots
  • 6 backdrop colors available
  • Difficulty staying assembled
  • Lights flicker

On-the-go photographers will love the convenient, compact design of the JHS-TECH Mini Photo Studio Box.

Arguably the best small photo light box around, you can easily capture high-quality shots of small products like shoes, bags, jewelry, food and more.

Built-in LED beads provide the bright yet natural lighting you need, while horizontal and vertical windows offer multi-angle shooting.

Six backdrops offer the versatility you want with backgrounds available in black, white, red, green, blue and yellow.

The build quality isn’t on par with some of the other best photo light boxes in this guide, but for the price, it’s acceptable.

Whether you’re a food blogger or the head of marketing, the JHS-TECH Mini Photo Studio Box will help you get the clear, vivid product photos you need.

How to Set Up and Use Photo Light Boxes for Product Photography


Photo light boxes have changed the way professional photographers capture their product shots.

As opposed to dropping loads of money on a venue or model, many photographers are choosing photo light boxes for their simplicity, convenience and low price.

Most of the best photo light boxes are designed with a collapsible design that includes clips for securing backdrops for quick and easy setup, but let’s dive deeper into the best way to set up your photo light box:

  • Start by ensuring each component is fixed in place, otherwise you’ll struggle to pull the zipper up.
  • Once you’ve confirmed every piece is securely in place, you can place the bag around it and zip it up, making sure not to pull too aggressively around corners.
  • Then, select your backdrop color. Many models have the white backdrop built in, but you can easily swap it for different color with ease by inserting a new one into one of the openings.
  • Next, insert the light wiring through the top opening, which will allow you to power on the lights.
  • Then, simply set your product up and adjust the brightness as needed. It’s that easy.

Please keep in mind that most light boxes already have built-in LED beads along the top, and inside, your lightbox so they shine down directly onto the product, but can you easily secure string lights to the top, if your model doesn’t come with them — keep reading because we’ll cover DIY light boxes soon.

  • Do you use flash in a light box?

No, we’d encourage you to avoid using flash in a light box since most are equipped with LED light beads. If the built-in lighting isn’t up to your standards, we’d suggest a lamp with a high-quality bulb with a color temperature that fits your project needs — ideally, a soft white around 3000K or a daylight-balanced color temperature of 5600k.

  • How do you get rid of shadows in a light box?

You can avoid shadows by shooting right next to your light source. And thankfully, most photo light boxes come with a reflective layer that can decrease the risk of shadows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Light Boxes

What is the best brand of lightbox?

This depends on your needs and budget, but I recommend:

  • GODOX LST40 — we mention it as a top choice in this article for a reason! It’s considered to be one of the best overall choices for under $60.
  • Neweer Photo Studio Light Box — if you read this whole article, you already know that its easy setup and adjustable brightness levels make it a favorite.
  • Travor Photo Light Box — no surprise here! We included this one because of its extensive range of backdrop colors and top-line LED light beads.

What is the best light box for jewelry photography?

I recommend the Travor Photo Light Box for unrivaled jewelry shots. High-quality LED lighting and multiple backdrop colors make it the ideal choice, and with one look at the reviews, you’ll be convinced of its worth.

Are photography light boxes worth it?

Absolutely! Whether you’re an amateur on a budget or a pro with heavy demands, there’s a photo light box out there that can help you better capture your products.

Can you make your own DIY photo light box?

Yes. As long as you have a sturdy cardboard box within reach, you can create your own photo light box by shaping it and cutting a top hole and side hole. If you want to try it out for yourself, check out this video from DIY-XYZ.

Final Words

Whether you’re an influencer trying to promote a product or a photographer working in advertising, light boxes can truly help you elevate the end result.

They’re also useful for the average Joe who wants to take a better photo of something to sell on Facebook MarketPlace or eBay.

While I can vouche for every photo light box covered in this article, don’t be afraid to dive deeper to find the one that works best for you and your projects.

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