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13 Useful Photoshop Elements Tutorials for Beginners

Get up to speed with Photoshop Elements by watching these handy video tutorials which feature all the main tools and tips needed for beginners.

Photoshop Elements is a simplified version of Photoshop that helps complete photo editing novices achieve some great results.

This article focuses on some of the tutorials I and many others have used to enhance our image editing skills with this handy app.

I’ll introduce you to the best Photoshop Elements tutorials that will help both beginner and experienced photographers.

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Download Photoshop Elements

Download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements to follow along with this simple tutorial.


The tutorials cover a wide range of topics in the software, including;

  • How to use Photoshop Element’s essential tools and features like resizing, color correction, and cropping
  • How to use advanced techniques like masking, layering, and blending to edit images
  • How to add filters and special effects to your pictures for unique designs
  • How to create digital art like logos, graphics, and posters in Photoshop Elements
  • How to use Photoshop Elements to add and manipulate text in images

Hundreds of tutorials are dedicated to Photoshop Elements on the internet in various forms, from written articles to interactive courses.

If you are a beginner, you can use these tutorials to learn the software’s capabilities and features.

If you’re new to the software, you might want to read our Photoshop Elements review first.

13 Essential Photoshop Elements Tutorials for Beginners

Although Photoshop Elements is Photoshop’s light version, it guarantees some premium, advanced and pro-level features.

It is the perfect image editing software for those who want the tools and features but cannot work with advanced software.

The 13 Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials mentioned here will help you expand your knowledge of using the basic and professional instruments available.

It would also help to note that the tutorials featured are from different tutors who explained the concept best.

Basic Photoshop Elements Tutorials

1. Exploring Elements: Bob Gager’s Simple Editing


In this tutorial, Bob Gager explains how to perform simple editing techniques in Photoshop Elements using the available resources.

The video is specific to Photoshop Elements and comprehensively expands on the Quick Edit mode in Elements.

In 17 minutes, you’ll understand the different features of Bob’s comprehensive and compelling descriptions.

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements Training Tutorial


Another practical learning resource to consider for Photoshop Elements is this training tutorial.

It is more of a course since it comprises eighteen lessons dedicated to helping users master the basic and pro-level Adobe Elements features.

I find tutorials presented in video formats more engaging and effective. This training tutorial has videos on using instant and smart fix, color, and quickly lighten and trim pictures.

You’ll also find practical explanations on using the organizer to organize and import your images, use layers, and add captions.

Although the video is for Photoshop Elements 2019, the basics explained apply to newer versions.

3. Easy Editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements


If you take too much time editing images despite the automated tasks, you need to consider watching this easy editing tutorial.

This Photoshop tutorial is among the best options for beginners to learn and master making quick and accurate retouches on all images.

You’ll learn more about using Quick Mode and how to experiment with the various effects on the platform.

4. Photoshop Elements Organizer


The organizer in Photoshop Elements is among the primary interfaces you’ll engage with in every editing project.

It would be best to learn more about the feature when starting with Elements since it deals with uploading and organizing pictures.

Although it lacks advanced features in dedicated photo organizing software, it is powerful enough to handle all your image-handling requirements.

This tutorial explains everything about the Photoshop Elements organizer and how you can use it to add keywords, sort your collection and edit the images faster.

5. Importing Images in Photoshop Elements


There are various approaches to importing photos in Photoshop Elements, and this tutorial focuses on the most common ways.

In this video, you’ll learn the fastest and most effective approach to importing images on the platform.

It also shows how to organize your photos to find your files without trouble effortlessly.

6. Using Photoshop Elements to Edit Raw Images


Most users new to Photoshop Elements don’t know that you can use the program to edit raw images.

This video tutorial aims to teach beginners how to refine images using Raw files. It also explains how you can improve your photos with the Nikon D600.

The tutorial is ten minutes long and has a lot of valuable information to set beginners on the right track to improve their image editing skills in Photoshop Elements.

Layers and Effects Tutorials

7. Making a Colored Pencil Sketch Effect


The colored pencil sketch effect is among the most common filters to significantly enhance your image’s appeal.

This video tutorial has everything you need to know about the Pencil Sketch effect in Photoshop Elements.

It explains every process step when adding the effect on a multi-layer image.

You’ll also learn how to create a colored pencil variation on the Pencil Sketch effect using several photo-enhancement techniques.

8. Five-Fun Filters in Photoshop Elements


There are dozens of filters available in Photoshop Elements to help you improve your photo’s design and appeal.

This tutorial narrows down to five fun Photoshop Elements filters to transform your image into fine and creative artwork.

Mastering how to use filters in Photoshop Elements effectively is crucial to becoming an expert on the platform.

The video explains how to use effects like Equalize Filter, Graphic Novel Effect, Painting Effect, and the Old Style Photo Effect.

For more sophisticated software, you can watch more tutorials on improving your pictures for a retro effect.

9. Top Ten Best Guided Edits Tutorial


The Guided Edits Mode in Photoshop Elements makes it easy for beginners to execute complex image processing without all the challenging background processes.

The feature helps you add unique effects and fix common design issues, while Expert Mode provides a more complex interface and features for image editing.

This video tutorial explains how to use these modes when editing images effectively.

10. How to Use Photoshop Elements Layers


Layers allow users to manipulate images by focusing on specific elements in the picture.

This tutorial explains how to create and use layers in Photoshop Elements for around fifteen minutes.

In the video, the author comprehensively explains how to use layers in projects, especially for beginners.

Restoration Tutorials Using Photoshop Elements

11. How to Repair and Restore Old Damaged Images in Photoshop Elements


Another unique feature of Photoshop Elements is its ability to reconstruct damaged photos into acceptable copies.

This comprehensive tutorial has everything necessary to help you enhance those old photos for natural looks.

Background Manipulation Tutorials

12. Photoshop Elements Background Tricks


There are hundreds of ways to manipulate an image’s background with Photoshop Elements, and this tutorial explains five of the most valuable tricks.

Using these tricks helps you alter or remove the background of any picture, including portrait photos.

It is a six-minute video tutorial showing each step in detail, making it perfect for beginners and advanced users.

13. How to Use the Selection Tools in Photoshop Elements


Selection tools help you edit elements in your image’s background.

Watching this tutorial equips you with information on how to remove people and other objects from the background effortlessly and effectively.

Although the video is for the 2020 version of Photoshop Elements, it still applies to newer and older versions.

The video is the best way to understand the basics of Element’s selection tool in less than twelve minutes.

Why Is Photoshop Elements Ideal for Beginners?

Photoshop Elements is among the most powerful image editing software that focuses on simplifying all the complex processes involved in photo manipulation.

It is the best software to consider if you lack experience in Photoshop Elements because of its straightforwardness and valuable resources.

Here are some of the reasons why Photoshop Elements is the best image editing software for beginners;

Easy to Use

The primary reason why Elements is perfect for beginners is its user-friendly interface.

This interface provides a straightforward approach for users to navigate and use the software to manipulate elements in your pictures.

The platform also offers you a wide range of basic and advanced editing features to help enhance images with a few clicks only.


Using Photoshop Elements is significantly less expensive than the full version of Photoshop.

The platform is affordable and provides most of the features in Adobe Photoshop, plus other tools you might need to execute practical photo editing.

Versatile Editing Capabilities

Photoshop Elements offers beginners access to tools and features that guarantee to perform a wide range of tasks.

These tasks include color correction, removing unwanted objects, retouching, and adding and outlining text in images.

Guided Edits

Another reason all beginners should consider Photoshop Elements is the Guided Edit mode.

This mode provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific editing tasks. Integrating AI automation makes it easy for beginners to execute basic and complex tasks.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

Many editors can attest to the storage and file-sharing challenges experienced when editing and sorting your images.

Photoshop Elements integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, seamlessly integrating your workflow across different programs.

This feature is also available in other Adobe programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Larger User Community

When using new software, it would be wise to consider the user community. The ideal platform should have a substantial and active community to guarantee quick responses in case of complications.

The user community for Photoshop Elements is extensive and frequently provides resources, tips, and tutorials on using the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started with Photoshop Elements?

If you’re interested in using Photoshop Elements, you’ll first have to download and install the program.

Then open the software, import an image, and familiarize yourself with the user interface.

You can also consider the tutorials mentioned here to sharpen your image editing skills with Photoshop Elements.

How Long Does It Take to Master Photoshop Elements?

The average beginner takes two to three months to learn and master Photoshop Elements.

However, it would be wise to understand that this doesn’t guarantee you’ll understand all the tools and advanced techniques in the platform.

You can also take a shorter time to master Photoshop Elements depending on several factors from the tutorials used and the software version.

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