8 Apps to Remove People from Photos for Free (iPhone & Android)

If you've got the perfect shot, but there's someone unwanted in the background, you need one of these free apps that helps to remove people from photos.

If you’ve got the perfect shot, but there’s someone unwanted in the background, you need a ‘remove people from photos app’!

Thankfully, aside from Photoshop (which requires a subscription), there are numerous free photo editing app options which can help you remove unwanted objects from your photos.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best apps to remove people from a picture in a couple of clicks. Some of them even use artificial intelligence to get the job done even more quickly.

We’ll only be concentrating on the free object removal apps – while there are plenty of full-blown photo editing apps for iPhone and Android available that can easily remove people from photos, they’re expensive and generally overkill for this kind of edit.

Some of the apps even work on iPads too. Let’s take a closer look at the options.

What Free App Removes People from Pictures?


  • Lasso tool makes removal quick and easy
  • Video tutorials to guide you
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices
  • Clone Stamp tool
  • Hidden tools can be hard to find
  • Editing options aren’t as extensive as other photo editing apps

TouchRetouch is one of the best apps to remove a person from a photo, whether it’s a tourist or a photobomber. The automatic Brush tool removes unwanted objects quickly, so you can spend less time editing and more time sharing.

This photo editing app also includes a Lasso tool, which lets you choose what you want to remove. Simply select a small part of the object you want to remove, and the Lasso tool will do the rest.

TouchRetouch also includes a clone tool with manual retouch. Plus, there are video tutorials available to those who aren’t sure how to use a photo editing app or don’t have a lot of experience.

Available on both Android and iOS devices, TouchRetouch is an effective tool for removing unwanted objects fast.

YouCam Perfect

  • Save photos to the cloud to back them up
  • Premium subscription lets you save photos in HD
  • Smart software only removes people from photos
  • Compatible with YouCam Makeup and YouCam Video
  • Premium features sit behind a paywall
  • More of a cosmetic retouch app than an object removal tool

This free photo editing app is available for both Android and iOS users to remove an unwanted person from a photo. It is also compatible with YouCam Video and YouCam Makeup to make the most of the YouCam suite of photo editing apps.

This creative editing tool allows you to remove a person from a photo with ease. Simply use the brush tool to highlight an unwanted object, click apply, and watch the object disappear.

The YouCam suite of awesome editing tools also includes a body tuner, teeth whitener, background changer, and background remover. Plus, you can save the edited photos to the cloud to back them up.

The best part about this app is that you can increase or decrease the size of the brush to precisely remove an unwanted object. If you don’t get it right the first time, you can also go back and try again.


  • Blur effects
  • Access to stock images and templates
  • Great tool for complex backgrounds
  • Edit photos with one tap
  • AI integration can produce less-than-desirable edits
  • No free version available

If you’re looking for AI-powered photo editing tools, PhotoDirector is at the top of the list. This advanced editing tool allows you to zoom in and adjust your brush size for greater precision while editing photos, with plenty of other features to love.

For example, you can use the advanced Removal tool to pinpoint object removal. Simply run the tool around your photo, even if it includes a complicated background.

If you want to remove a person from a photo, all it takes is one tap. You can even edit photos with tools such as sky and background replacement (much like Luminar Neo), animated decorations, overlays, and light effects.

Best of all, this app allows you to access templates and stock images while you remove objects with just a few clicks. Create one-of-a-kind photos with this photo editing tool.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

  • Liquify feature for facial editing
  • Spot Heal feature removes unwanted people and objects
  • Suite of enhancement tools available
  • Advanced Healing Feature
  • Requires Adobe Creative Cloud account for syncing
  • Crash issues reported
  • No longer supported by Adone

This editing icon is one of the best healing tools you can download to remove unwanted people from photos. Adobe Photoshop Fix is available on both Android and iOS devices, with an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Some of the best features of the Adobe Photoshop Fix app include the Advanced Healing Feature, the Spot Heal feature, the clone stamp, and the patch tool. Plus, you can use the Liquify feature to edit individual facial features if you’d like.

In just a few seconds, you can remove a person or any number of minor details. This object remover tool is a popular photo editing tool platform with plenty of key features for beginners and advanced users alike.

The only downside is that Photoshop Fix is no longer supported by Adobe, which is instead concentrating on Adobe Express.


  • Android and iOS versions
  • Heal tool
  • Free and premium versions
  • Guides you through editing process
  • Most features can be found in paid version
  • Not as extensive as other apps on this list

For those of you wanting to remove unwanted elements from your photos, Lightleap is a clever app that guides you through the process. It’s also available for free download on both major smartphone platforms.

The Heal tool from Lightleap allows you to improve image quality with many photo retouching applications and selection tools. You can also replace the sky if you so choose.

Additional photo retouch tools allow you to manipulate your photos to produce unique photo effects. You will have to pay for the premium version if you want access to all the features.  


  • Professional retoucher available
  • Speedy turnaround
  • Free trial
  • More natural-looking photos without AI touch
  • Only available on iOS
  • Payment required after free trial ends

 Most people know FixThePhoto for the professional retouching services this app offers to achieve the perfect photo. You simply describe what you want the retoucher to do and then pay for the service.

If you just want to remove a person from a photo, that’s easy enough with FixThePhoto. Select your favorite options from the drop-down menu, with the option to add objects in place of the people you want to remove.

The finished pictures with this software are more natural looking since they don’t use AI tools. Plus, you do have the ability to recover your original photo if the photo edit didn’t go as planned.


  • Classic editing tools in addition to object removal
  • No pesky ads
  • Create your own filters
  • Blur effects available
  • Doesn’t save completed photos automatically
  • Requires a learning curve to master

Snapseed is a great tool from Google for person removal from a photo. The intuitive interface allows you to tune colors and even create a blur effect if you’d like.

You can also create your own filters on this app, which is available for both iOS and Android users. Classic editing tools complement a Healing tool, as well as customizable filters.

Snapseed gives you the ability to undo or adjust an edit at any time during the process. Person removal is easy with just a few keystrokes here and there. This app can even help fix blurry photos.

While Snapseed may not be as user-friendly as PhotoDirector, it does allow you to edit raw files. Plus, there are no ads to deal with.

How to use the Snapseed app >>


  • Patch tool
  • Cut and paste one part of image onto another
  • Creative blending modes
  • Free to download
  • Ads pop up and delay editing
  • Only for iOS

Formerly known as Enlight Photofox, Photoleap brings all the same great tools to users worldwide. This app can easily help you remove a person from your photos with ease.  

Take advantage of the Healing Brush and Patch tool to remove objects you don’t want in your photos. You can choose normal blending mode or creative blending modes for the best effects.

Photoleap also gives you the option of cutting and pasting one part of your image onto another. You can also choose from many brushes, shades, special effects, fonts, and more.

If you’re looking to remove a person from your photos, Photoleap makes the process incredibly simple and even fun.

How do I Remove Someone from a Photo Online for Free?

If you don’t even want to install an app to remove unwanted objects, you can always try one of these online options:

  • PhotoWorks – Remove unwanted objects from your photos with the Healing Brush tool or Clone Stamp tool.
  • GIMP – Take advantage of this free open-source photo editing website that’s available on a number of operating systems. See: GIMP vs Photoshop.
  • PhotoRoom – This website advertises removing unwanted objects, people, and/or watermarks from photos in under 5 seconds.
  • Fotor – You can use this website for free to edit your photos, but you will have to sign up for the paid version to gain access to all the available features.
  • Adobe Photoshop – Use the Pen tool to cut out what you don’t want from your photos.
  • MarkGo – This website allows you to remove unwanted objects, including backgrounds, text, dates, logos, people, and watermarks, all without a blur.
  • PhotoDirector 365 – Use this AI-assisted photo editing software to manipulate your photos with filters like the Glitch Effect.

Removing People From Photos: Final Words

Editing your photos to get the perfect shot can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. With these eight apps, you can easily remove people from your photos without having to know anything about Photoshop.

Never let a photo bomber or unwanted guest ruin any of your photos again! We like using TouchRetouch the best, but all the apps featured here do a great job too.

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