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How Big Is an 8×10 Photo? (Inches, CM, MM & Pixels)

Discover the exact dimensions and visual impact of an 8x10 photo, a popular size for framing and preserving cherished memories.

This guide to 8×10 photos will help you find out more about the size of these photos in all popular measuring units.

Although many people don’t spare much thought about it, the size of the photos you take can have a tremendous impact on their resolution and aspect ratio, so you always need to keep it in mind.

One of the most popular photo sizes out there is the 8×10 photo, so exactly how big is an 8×10 photo? This is where this guide comes in handy!

Today, I’ll show you exactly how big an 8×10 photo is in different measuring units while providing you with tips and considerations while framing these photos.

How Big is an 8×10 Photo?

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8×10 is one of the most popular standard photo print sizes in photography.

This standard photo size gets its name from its exact dimensions, as it refers to the measurement of the image when measured in inches.

In other words, any 8×10 photo out there should be exactly 8 inches long and 10 inches in height, giving the photo a vertical orientation.

Since the image size is measured in inches, you can easily convert it to other measuring standard-size units to make it easier to visualize its actual dimensions.

Since an A4 paper is exactly 8.3 inches wide and 11.7 inches high, it’s large enough to fit one 8 x 10 photo with little room to spare in either dimension.

In Feet (Ft)

Ideally, feet are only used to measure the size of huge banners rather than simple photos, as every foot equals 12 inches.

However, you can still easily convert an 8×10 photo to feet by dividing by 12. This means that an 8 x 10 inches photo is approximately 0.67 x 0.83 feet respectively.

In Centimeters (CM)

Every inch is exactly equivalent to 2.54 inches. To get 8×10 in inches, you should multiply it by that factor, which gives you exactly 20.32 cm wide and 25.40 cm high.

This conversion is necessary while adjusting the photo size for printing while using the metric system.

In Millimeters (MM)

Like centimeters, millimeters also use the metric system to measure the dimensions of photos.

This one is ideal for extreme fine-tuning and high accuracy, as every 1 cm equals around 10 mm. This means that an 8 x 10 photo is exactly 203.2 mm wide and 254 mm high.

In Pixels

Measuring the size of a photo in pixels is a bit unique from other measuring units because it counts the number of pixels that make up the photo’s dimensions (length and width).

Scanning quality is measured in ppi or pixels per inch. This means that you can get the number of pixels in every photo by multiplying its value by 8 and 10.

As a result, the number of pixels in an 8×10 photo depends heavily on the scanning quality and resolution of the photo.

For example, a low-quality scanning of an 8×10 photo at 125 ppi would create an image with 1000 x 1250 pixels.

On the other hand, higher scanning quality, like 300 ppi, would create a more pixel-dense 8×10 image, measuring 2400 x 3000 pixels.

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How Big Is an 8×10 Photo in Standard Print Sizes?

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As a general rule, the print standard for 8×10 photos is 180 ppi, which creates 1440 x 1800 pixels.

Higher pixel density means improved print quality and more refined small details in the photo.

What Is the Aspect Ratio of an 8×10 Photo?

The aspect ratio of a photo is simply the ratio between its width and height, which determines how the photo appears virtually and how it fits on screens.

This is important because many online platforms use certain accepted aspect ratios for their photos.

In the case of 8×10 photos, the aspect ratio is 4:5, which is one of the most popular ratios in photography and the default aspect ratio for platforms like Instagram.

What Are the Differences Between 8×10 and 10×8 Photos?

Although both photos have similar sizes, the dimensions in 10×8 are inverted.

This means that it’s 10 inches wide and 8 inches high, giving it a horizontal orientation.

This also inverts its aspect ratio, which is 5:4 instead of 4:5.

How Do 8×10 Photos Compare to Other Popular Photo Sizes?

8×10 photos are fairly popular in portrait photography but relatively large for prints.

For instance, some photographers might prefer smaller photo sizes, such as 4×6 and 5×7.

You can resize 8×10 photos to larger and smaller prints using editing software.

However, if the new size has a different aspect ratio, you must add or remove a few inches of the photo to fit the frame.

What Type of Cameras Can Capture Photos in 8×10 Photo Size?

A man is taking a picture with his camera.

To capture 8×10 photos, you need to keep two aspects in mind, which are:

  • Photo resolution
  • Aspect ratio

Ideally, you need a camera that supports a 4:5 aspect ratio and captures photos at a decent resolution.

You should aim for a camera with a minimum of 180 to 320 ppi, which creates a high-resolution image that retains its quality at such a photo size.

Framing Considerations While Using 8×10 Photos

As previously established, 8×10 photos are among the most common photo sizes for framing.

However, while framing any photo, some frames will cut off a few millimeters of the photo from both dimensions, which applies to 8×10 frames as well.

For that reason, ensure that the subject of your photo and any other essential elements are not too close to the photo borders.

Luckily, some frames address this issue by extending the picture frame’s size by a few millimeters in both dimensions while keeping the aspect ratio 4:5.

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  1. SC ROUX on November 23, 2023 at 10:44 pm

    WE like your explanation – but why stick to this format of 8×10 and 10×8 – have you heard about metric sizes or
    are your explanation only for American audiences ? – what about using A4 ( roughly 8×10 ) A3, A2 and A1 etc. Much
    easier to explain !

    • Jeff Collier on November 24, 2023 at 7:50 am

      Hey there, we appreciate your feedback, and you’re absolutely correct. The format I provided with 8×10 and 10×8 is indeed in the imperial measurement system commonly used in the United States. However, the metric system, with sizes like A4, A3, A2, and A1, is widely used internationally and is a more logical and standardized system for paper sizes.

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