Where to Print Large Photos & Posters Online in 2023

Large photos or wall posters are a great way to decorate a room but knowing the best places to print them our online isn't always obvious.

If you’re searching for where to print large photos & posters online, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s nothing better to decorate your walls than large photo prints or posters (especially if you took the photos!)

However, ordering large prints online makes some people nervous…

Will the print quality be good enough? Will the colors match the photo? How about the paper (‘stock’)?

That’s why I’ve done all the research to help you order the perfect custom poster print.

In this guide, you’ll discover the top places to print large photos, as well as tips to get the best results when printing photos.

Just promise me you’ll get a frame with the right size mat for your photo prints.

Where Can I Print Large Photos & Posters for Walls?

1. Printique

The homepage of a printique a variety of products.

  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Accurate Color Reproduction
  • Archival Ink printing for a long life
  • No international shipping
  • Pricier than the competition

Printique (formerly AdoramaPix) is one of the top services on the web for printing large posters and photos.

It’s best known for high-quality prints across its product range, be it printing digital art, a fine-art poster or a metal print.

Printique offers photo prints in two categories; Standard Prints, which cover small to medium sizes starting from 3.5×5 to 12×26 inches, and Poster Prints for sizes from 16×20 to 40×60 inches.

Plenty of size options allow you to find a suitable size for your print, whether you’re looking to print a large poster for your wall or a mid-sized piece to mount above a cabinet.

When it comes to printing large photos, the result largely depends on the type and quality of paper used. With Printique, you get many paper options like Luster, Glossy, Matte, Metallic, and Fine Art.

However, sizes 16×20″, 20×20″, and 20×30″ offer all five paper options. Additionally, only Fine Art paper is available for sizes 30×30″ and above. Fine Art paper is the most expensive of all and comes in three textures; Low, Medium, and Heavy.

A screen shot of the print options page on a website.

Printique has a reputation for excellent color reproduction and details, whether you are ordering standard-sized prints or large posters.

The design interface is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing uploading high-quality TIFF files that allow maximum details in your prints. Apart from uploading photos, you can also import them from social media, photo-sharing sites such as Google Photos, and also your Lightroom library.

The maximum file size allowed is 200 MB which is one of the largest file size photo printing services offer.

You’ll also find five framing options in the editor- Satin Black, Satin White, Classic Mahogany, Gold Foil on Pine, and Smooth Black. However, framing is only available for sizes up to 30 x 30 inches.

The processing time ranges between 3-7 days based on the print size. Printique ships all over the United States and Canada; however, international shipping is unavailable.

Printique’s customer support is one of the best-rated by customers. Support is available via email as well as phone between Monday to Friday.

Overall, Printique is one of the best services if you’re looking to get large-size prints of your photos. It stands out for its many size options as well as the premium papers along with its user-friendly design interface.

2. Artifact Uprising

A person is holding a piece of art on a website.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Exceptional color accuracy
  • Fine-art archival paper
  • No framing options
  • No chat or phone support

Artifact Uprising is known for superior quality products, whether you’re looking for a large-size print or a keepsake photobook.

What makes them stand out is the premium printing materials, exceptional print quality, and elegant and minimalist aesthetic, which they follow throughout their product range.

With Artifact Uprising, you’ll find an abundance of choices. Photo prints offered are divided into various categories based on materials, sizes, and purpose.

The Large Format Print option gives you plenty of big photo sizes to choose from; starting with 8×10”, it goes to 20×20”, 30×40”, and even 60×40”.

In the editor, you can keep the photo fully bleeding or put white borders on the final print. Size of the border changes depending on the print size; for example, an 18×24” print would have a print area of 14.5×20.5” with the borders.

Price starts from around $19 for an 8×10” print and goes as high as $74 for 20×30” and around $149 for a 60×40” print.

All large format prints use acid-free fine art Giclée paper which is archival grade, and inkjet printing which results in rich, true-to-life colors.

Unlike other services on the list, Artifact Uprising doesn’t offer a framing addon anywhere in the order process.

The production time for large photo prints is around three business days. There are three US domestic shipping options: Economy, Expedited, and Rush. International shipping is also available for all products.

Artifact Uprising offers a help section to troubleshoot customers’ common issues and provides a contact form for scenarios when they need additional assistance. However, phone or chat support is not available.

If you’re looking for large photo prints that offer high-quality paper and inkjet printing and no complexities of add-ons, Artifact Uprising would be a great choice.

3. Artmill

A screen shot of a website with a blue background.

  • Sizes up to 120 inches
  • Free Image Enhance
  • Ready-to-hang print options
  • Clunky editor

Artmill is another online photo printing service that has been a favorite of professional photographers for years. They are well-known for their exceptional print quality and attention to detail.

Unlike other printers, Artmill only deals in photo prints and offers various ready-to-hang and print only options.

In this Artmill review, we’ll cover the Large Format Photo Prints category that offers four material options: Lustre, Metallic Photographic, Eco-Solvent Canvas Print, and Fine Art Hot Press.

Gloss, color reproduction, and overall look of a print varies depending on the material chosen. Lustre paper produces a semi-matte effect with a gentle sheen that makes your photos look vibrant. In contrast, metallic photographic paper has more gloss, but it adds to the richness of colors.

Eco-solvent Canvas is an acid-free, cotton-poly blend canvas that produces the brightest white and deepest blacks, which results in superior contrast with a matte finish.

On the other hand, Epson Fine-Art Hot Press print uses a 100% cotton material that produces a non-glare smooth finish.

Lustre and Fine-Art Hot Press prints start with 5×7 inches, whereas Metallic and Eco-Solvent prints offer the smallest size of 8×7 inches. All the options provide a maximum size of 30×40 inches. There’s also a custom size option that allows a maximum of 120×120” dimension.

Pricing starts from around $11 for a 5×7” Lustre paper (see the difference between lustre and glossy photo paper) and goes as high as about $221 for a 30×40” Fine-art Hot Press print.

Artmill follows giclée printing standards to produce fine-art prints using pigment inks that produce excellent color vibrancy and accuracy.

Artmill’s editor allows you to upload high-quality image formats such as .tiff as well as jpeg and png. The interface is quite basic compared to some of the others on this list; however, it’s fast and intuitive.

Step 4 of the order process gives you the option of Image Enhance, which, when selected, would mean an Artmill professional would review your photo and make luminosity and color adjustments where necessary.

The comment box lets you mention additional adjustments you wish to make, such as removing unwanted objects and artifacts from your photos.

There’s also an option to print a matte border of any color of your choice of size between 1” to 5”. If you select white, the border is left untouched and reveals the texture of the paper/material.

Artmill offers various ready-to-hang print products such as Plaque Mount, Floatmount, Flush Mount, Gallery Lightbox, Fine Art frames, etc. However, the Large Format Prints don’t offer framing options anywhere in the ordering process.

As per the website, domestic orders would take up to 15 days to process and reach you anywhere within the US. International shipping is only available on request as the shipping costs are too high for large format prints.

Artmill’s customer support is available via the toll-free number as well as a local number and email.

If you’re exploring large size fine-art printing options, Artmill can be a good choice as they produce high-quality results.

4. Pictorem

Fine art photo printing wordpress theme.

  • Plenty of paper choices
  • Affordable
  • Clunky interface
  • Limited customization
  • Longer processing time

Pictorem is relatively new to the photo printing industry. It’s a Canada-based service that has gained popularity among artists and photographers over the years.

They offer a wide range of print products such as canvas, acrylic, metal, panel, wood prints, and more. In this Pictorem review, we’ll look into their Large Format Photo Prints.

The sizes available are divided into three categories- square, landscape, and panoramic. For square shape, the sizes start from 16×16” and go as large as 36×36”, the landscape starts from 24×16” and goes to 48×36”, and the panoramic sizes range between 24×12 to 48×16 inches.

Apart from the preset sizes, it also allows you to choose a custom size up to 96” on the longer side and 58” on the smaller side.

Pictorem offers a wide range of paper options, each with its own characteristics and pricing. You can choose from Poster Satin, Glossy, Canvas Matte, Varnish Matte Canvas, Semi-gloss Canvas, Silvery Canvas, Art matte, and Vinyl – see how to print photos onto canvas.

Poster Satin offers a balance between richness and minimal glare, and Glossy paper is ideal for photos where a soft sheen would be desirable, whereas Canvas Matte, Varnish Matte, and Semi-gloss Canvas produce different degrees of sheen with vivid colors.

Art matte is an archival-grade paper that produces accurate color reproduction and high contrast.

Vinyl would be the right choice if you’re looking for a waterproof and scratch-proof surface for your photos with a matte sheen that produces a minimal glare.

A screen shot of a website with a picture of a waterfall.

Pictorem prints are high quality and boast of excellent color reproduction across all of their product range.

In terms of pricing, a 16×16” print would cost between $20 to $45 depending on the paper chosen. Cost increases with the size; for example, the largest size, 96×58”, would cost somewhere between $53 to $122 based on the paper chosen.

The ordering interface is a bit clunky, and the editor has limited functionality. However, it indicates whether the image resolution is suitable for the chosen size.

Unlike the previous services, the Image Enhancement service cost around $10, which includes basic adjustments. In-depth adjustments and object removal are covered under Picture Enhancement, which costs around $22.

Framing addons are not available anywhere in the order process. However, other product categories offer in-built mounting options.

Processing time for large prints is around ten days which doesn’t include transit time which ranges between 3-10 days depending on your location. Shipping to Continental US and Canada is free while shipping to other areas in the US and international locations is calculated during the checkout.

Pictorem also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the products for reasons under their control. They offer a replacement or full refund in such cases.

Customer support is available on the phone, via email, and in the physical showrooms in selected cities.

If you wish to explore other print materials except just the fine art paper, Pictorem can be an excellent choice for you.

5. Canvas Pop

canvas pop home page

  • Great print quality
  • Feature-rich editor
  • Free digital proofing
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Limited paper choice
  • Slightly Expensive

Canvas Pop is a premium photo printing service that offers a wide variety of canvas and fine art prints. What sets them apart is their purpose-specific options, such as pet portraits, kids’ art, and word art prints.

Large sizes are available under many different categories. However, Canvas Prints and Framed Prints use the finest quality materials.

Canvas prints offer sizes starting from 8×10″ to 30×40″ and custom sizes up to 72×40 inches. With Framed Prints, the preset sizes are 8×10″ to 30×40″; however, custom sizes are divided into landscape and portrait categories that allow many variations with a max of 30×40″ and 40×30″, respectively.

Canvas prints use a water and fade-resistant, museum-quality canvas. However, there is no word about the archival properties of the material used. On the other hand, Framed Prints use 235 gsm vibrant, luster fine-art paper.

The smallest 8×10″ canvas print starts at $83, whereas the largest 30×40″ print would be $188.

For a Framed Print, the 8×10″ frame starts from $147, and the price would go as high as $509.

Canvas Pop has one of the best ordering interfaces among all the services listed in this article

Apart from the usual preview, it also offers a 3D view that allows you to check all sides of the final product by moving the product around 360 degrees.

canvas pop editor

It allows uploading image files in JPG, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, HEIC, and HEIF formats and importing from Instagram and Facebook.

The editor also features various filters such as sepia, oil painting, pop art, lomo, and more. Each is priced differently, between $9 to $25. However, the black-and-white filter is free to use.

Apart from the filters, photo enhancement addons are available- touch-ups, adjustments, and makeover. Touch-up is for smaller edits and blemish removal and is priced at around $9.95, adjustment allows for the removal of large objects and altering the photo, and Makeover is for photos where more complex edits are required.

Edges and Framing options are available in both canvas and framed prints. You can choose between borders, photo wrap, or a frame for a canvas print, and for framed prints, you can choose from various colors and frame styles.

Canvas Pop provides free digital proofing, which means before printing, every photo goes through various quality checks. In-house designers create a digital preview of the final product and share it with the customer for approval before sending it to printing.

As per customer reviews, the print comes packed securely and with mounting brackets. International shipping is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and most European countries.

Processing time depends on the order type and takes between 5-7 days, and it takes around 7-15 days for the package to reach you, depending on your location.

Customer support is available via chat, email as well on the phone at their offices in London, Canada, and the US.

User-friendly interface, ease of ordering, and quality products make Canvas Pop a good choice for framed and canvas prints.

6. Nations Photo Lab

nation photo lab large format prints

  • Affordable prints
  • Variety of print materials
  • Excellent quality
  • Longer shipping duration
  • Slightly confusing options

Nations Photo Lab is an online photo printing service known for its quality prints at attractive prices. The wide range of materials and finishes available makes it an excellent choice for both casual shooters and pro photographers.

From metal prints, canvas, linen, and fine art paper, you’ll find plenty of options on the website. However, large sizes are available in only a few categories.

The smallest size available is 8×10”, while the largest is 30×45”. Some sizes offer Lustre, Glossy, Pearl paper, or Linen; however, many have limited paper choices.

The website also mentions they use Kodak Professional Endura or Fujicolor Crystal Archive Super Type PDN photo paper with most prints. These papers are archival grades, meaning they would last up to 100 years with good care. A fine-art linen texture is also available as an add-on for all paper options.

You can also opt for a color correction add-on at the start of the ordering process.

Nations Photo Labs have some of the most affordable photo products, but that doesn’t come with a compromise in quality. Color accuracy and print quality are well-maintained throughout the product range, whether ordering a small wallet print or a large wall poster.

Various mounting options are available on the order page; styrene, standout, gatorboard, and matboard. Each of them is available at a different price.

An 8×10” canvas print costs $50, while a large 24×36” size costs around $178. However, Lustre, Pearl, and Glossy paper prints are considerably cheaper compared to canvas prints.

Apart from JPEG and PNG formats, Nations Photo Lab also allows uploading high-resolution TIFF files.

Nations Photo Lab offers multiple shipping methods, from Standard and Economy to Expedited and Express. However, there is no word about international shipping on the website.

Prints take up to 4 business days to process and between 3 to 10 days in transit, depending on the chosen shipping method. Economy shipping is free for orders above $79.

Nation Photo Lab’s support is one of the best-rated by customers and is available on chat, email, and phone.

If you’re looking for a balance of reliability, affordability, and quality prints, Nations Photo Lab is the right choice.

7. Pro DPI

Pro DPI large format prints

  • Exceptional quality
  • Multiple paper options
  • Excellent Color Reproduction
  • Confusing website

When it comes to premium printing options, ProDPI offers some of the finest products starting from loose prints, framed prints, metal, glass & acrylic prints to photo books, cards, and keepsakes.

There are various print options; however, only a few categories offer sizes as large as 30×50” and above.

C-type Photographic Prints and Large Format Photographic Prints start with small sizes, such as 3.5×5”, and go up to 30×50”.

For these prints, you can choose between Fuji Lustre and Fuji Deep Matte, where the former is a bright white paper with a slight sheen, and the latter is a non-reflective paper with a normal white, smooth surface.

There’s another paper option – Fuji Pearl that produces high-gloss with a pearl-like shine.

Both these options utilize the chromogenic printing method, where paper is pre-treated with silver crystals before an inkjet printer projects the image onto the paper. In the case of color images, layers of cyan, magenta, and yellow are combined to form a brilliant full-color print.

It’s an accurate and time-tested printing method that results in beautiful color and black-and-white print, which are scratch and water-resistant to some degree. Such prints typically have a life of 60 years in normal lighting conditions.

A 16×20” C-type print would start from $29.50, whereas a 30×50” might cost around $80.25.

Apart from the above two, ProDPI offers two more options for large-size prints; Giclée Fine Art Prints and Large Format Fine Art Prints. Sizes for both of these start with 4×6” on the smaller end and 40×60” on the larger end.

These categories use Fine Art Inkjet or Giclée printing, which involves using a variety of water-based inks that produces a wide color gamut and UV light resistant prints.

pro dpi photo printing

Fine art prints offer five materials to choose from; Smooth Matte, Photo Rag Baryta, Hahnemühle Torchon, Photo Rag Metallic, and  Aquarelle Rag. 

Smooth Matte, as the name suggests, is a matte finish paper with a slight sheen and vibrant color reproduction.

Torchon is Hahnemühle’s paper that produces watercolor-like texture in prints, ideal for warm-toned and monochrome photos.

Photo Rag Baryta is another paper by Hahnemühle that’s 100% cotton with an inkjet coating, which makes it a great choice for a low-glare fine art print.

On the other hand, Hahnemühle’s Photo Rag Metallic is high-gloss premium inkjet paper made of 100% cotton that produces a silvery-metallic finish.

Aquarelle Rag is a watercolor texture 100% cotton rag with a warm white tone for rich printing results.

The fine art category prints boast of a museum-grade quality that often lasts more than 50 years with proper care.

The ordering process and editor are user-friendly and intuitive. However, file format support is limited to JPEG only. The website mentions they currently can’t accept high-res formats like TIFF, PNG, or HEIC.

You can add a white border by ticking the Border checkbox and choosing one of the mounting options- white foam board, styrene, and print only. However, please note mounting is only available for sizes up to 30×40”.

When it comes to color reproduction, you can’t go wrong with ProDPI, as it has some of the most high-end print products available in the market.

The turnaround time for prints is 1 to 4 days and takes between 1-5 days for domestic shipping. Shipping internationally takes 2-5 business for Canada and 6-10 for other countries.

The website also provides a phone number, toll-free, and email address for support queries.

If you’re looking for fine art prints that would last many years, ProDPI would be the right choice.

8. WhiteWall

A website with a lot of pictures on it.

  • Wide product range
  • Very large sizes available
  • Premium quality prints
  • Excellent editor
  • Too many options

WhiteWall is an award-winning photography lab that offers a wide range of print products. You can choose from acrylic, metal, and canvas prints or a large selection of photographic papers such as Fuji Crystal DP II, Ilford Baryta, Fujiflex High Gloss, Kodak Endura, etc.

Some specialized prints include Textile print on stretcher frames, ultra HD prints, direct print on brushed aluminum, chromaluxe metal print, and more.

Even though there are many material choices available, in this review, we’ll cover the Giclée print category, which has two choices; Fine Art Prints and Fine Art on Aluminum Dibond prints.

With Fine Art prints, you can choose between sizes 3.6×3.6” to 117.3×40.5” with 11 different paper options, including various Hahnemühle, Canson, and Epson papers.

On the other hand, the Fine Art on Aluminum Dibond category allows sizes between 3.6×3.6” and 94.4×41.3” with four fine art paper choices from Hahnemühle and Canson.

The image configurator allows file upload in JPEG and TIFF formats with resolution of up to 50,000×50,000 px, 1000 megapixels, and max filesize of 2GBs. It also features Image Optimization that automatically enhances contrast and saturation, reduces exposure errors and color cast, and boosts definition in the shadow areas.

However, you can disable the image optimization if you’re working with a well-edited photo.

Framing is available in sizes ranging from 0.8” to a large 4.1” with seven texture choices for aluminum dibond variants; Tuscany, London, Hamburg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Solid Wood Artbox.

Whereas the Fine Art (not aluminum) variant has 11 framing textures to choose from; Hamburg, Bern, Vienna, Stockholm, London, Tuscany, and Brittany in sizes between 0.8” to 4.1”.

Both print variants allow white borders between 0.4” to 4.7”. Aluminum Dibond print also has the option to get built-in hanging hardware (hook support) and split the photo into two separate prints.

One of the best things about WhiteWall is that they allow you to order a test print with a neutral watermark at a significantly lower price. This lets you take a preview before deciding to order a final print.

A picture of a living room with a picture of a waterfall.

The price of a 4×4” Fine Art Aluminum Dibond print starts at $28.95 and goes up to $1169.95 for a 60×40”. The Fine Art variant starts at around $25.95 for a 4×4” and $427.95 for a 60×40” print.

Shipping duration, including processing time, takes approx. 8 to 10 business days for domestic orders within the US. WhiteWall also ships to most European countries, Australia, Canada, and some parts of Asia and the Middle East. However, international shipping takes 10-15 days, depending on the location and print size.

Customer support is available via email and phone from Monday to Friday (6 am — 7 pm EST).

Overall, WhiteWall is an excellent photo lab that offers plenty of print surfaces to choose from and some of the largest sizes.

9. Social Print Studio

social print studio large prints

  • Great quality
  • Ships worldwide
  • Unique materials available
  • Pricier than the competition
  • Limited editor functionality

Social Print Studio is an online photo lab that offers a wide range of print products, such as photo books, wood prints, metal prints, photo ornaments, cards, framed prints, photo books, and more.

Even though you can find large sizes in wood, metal, canvas, and other print categories, we’ll look into the Large Format and Fine Art print categories for this review.

Sizes available in most of the print products range from 4×4″ and go up to 30×40″. Fine art prints use high-quality archival inks on fine art paper. By default, it uses Kodak photo paper with a luster finish. However, Moab Somerset Museum Rag and Moab Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper upgrades are also available.

Kodak paper has a matte finish and a good amount of gloss that adds to the richness of colors.

Moab Somerset Museum rag is an archival quality 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface that produces the least amount of glare among the three paper options.

social print studio configurator

Moab Somerset Enhanced Velvet is 100% cotton, archival paper with a velvet-textured matte surface that produces brilliant colors with a slight sheen.

The large format prints allow photographer-friendly sizes between 8×8″ and 30×30″ in Square dimensions, 8×10″ to 30×45″ in landscape orientation, and 10×30″ and 12×36″ in panoramic dimensions. These prints use archival-grade inks and Kodak photo paper.

Unlike most photo labs on this list, Social Print Studio does not provide much information about the paper specifications except the gsm and brand.

Fine art prints allow you to choose from four framing options at the start of the ordering process. You can opt for Framed, Framed with Mat, Foam Mounted, or Unframed.

You can also select the color of the frame from the three options- Black, Natural, and White.

On the other hand, large format prints give you two border options; Full-Bleed and White Border.

The editor is easy-to-use with limited options compared to other services. It supports uploading files in JPEG, PNG, and high-quality HEIC formats and allows importing photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Photos.

The turnaround time for fine art and large format prints is around 3-5 business days on normal days; however, it gets longer during the holiday season due to high order volume.

Social Print Studio offers free and expedited shipping options for US orders over $120. Shipping to most countries is available with charges starting with $10, which increases depending on the quantity, size of the product ordered, and shipping method chosen.

Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch with the support team, but they’re also available via email. However, phone support is not available when writing this review.

Social Print Studio is another option that offers many choices when it comes to photo printing products. Though it’s a bit pricier than other services, the product quality is excellent.

10. Bayphoto.com

Bayphoto fine art prints website.

  • Various printing mediums
  • User-friendly interface
  • Elegant packaging options
  • Long turnaround time
  • Limited international shipping

Bayphoto.com is another player in the photo printing industry with a wide range of products, from single prints to photo books, cards, calendars, and more.

There are various wall art products available on bayphoto.com; however, for this review, we’ll discuss the Fine Art Prints category.

Sizes start with 5×10” and run as large as 40×80”, which can be further increased to a maximum of 40×120” with custom sizing. In total, more than 60 sizes are available, giving you many options to choose from.

You also get 18 premium paper options from leading manufacturers such as Moab, Canson, Epson, Breathing Color, and Hahnemühle.

All the papers differ in terms of GSM, texture, surface reflectivity, and material. For example, most of the Hahnemühle papers in the list are 100% cotton, archival grade.

With bayphoto.com, you can use JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, PSD, and PSB files. The site recommends saving 8-bit sRGB or Adobe RGB color gamut embedded files for best results.

Apart from your computer, you can also import files from Google Drive, Instagram, and Facebook.

The editor’s interface is user-friendly, with the functionality to add borders of sizes between ¼” to 1.5”.

It also features a wall preview option that lets you upload a photo of your wall and help you pre-visualize how the final print would look. There are also a few built-in image filters to quickly tone your image.

Bayphoto.com color corrects each image without additional costs when Color Correction is selected on the checkout page.

For prints up to 16×20,” you can also choose from five of the Boutique Packaging options available at an additional cost.

bayphoto editor

Styrene, Gatorfoam, and Frame with optional mat are the three mounting choices you can select before checkout. Additionally, you can opt for a deckled edge with some fine art papers with hand-torn edges for an elegant and classy appearance.

Pricing is categorized into three groups, each containing similarly priced papers. 5×10” prints without a mounting start at around $22.10, whereas a 30×120” can cost around $503.

The website’s help section contains many how-to videos to walk you through the ordering process and address any queries you might have.

However, when you need person-to-person troubleshooting, you can contact a customer support agent via chat, email, or phone.

There are three shipping speeds available- Standard, 2-Day, and Overnight for which the prices vary depending on the package size and delivery speed. However, transit time is on top of the order processing time of 1-4 business days.

Bayphoto is a premier printing lab with exceptional quality products that would serve you well whether you’re looking for an affordable print or museum-quality wall art.

11. Sharp Prints

The homepage of a photography print store.

  • Affordable prints
  • Quick processing time
  • Bulk order discounts
  • Limited paper choices
  • No color correction option

Over the years, Sharp Prints have emerged as an affordable photo printing solution catering to photography enthusiasts and pros since its inception in 2013. It offers a diverse range of products, including large format prints, panoramic prints, aluminum prints, calendars, as well as film development and scanning.

In this review, I’ll cover the large format prints available in portrait and landscape orientation as well as square and panoramic formats.

The order page offers sizes ranging from 4×6” to 30×60” in different orientations and shapes.

For Panoramic prints, the size ranges from 3×12” to 24×60”, whereas square prints offer a size range of 4×4” to 30×30”. There’s also a Fuji Pearl paper option that is available in sizes from 5×7” to 30×60”.

The Fuji Pearl paper offers a wide tonal range, with the pearl-like crystals reacting with silver halide to produce a glossy, rich finish.

The ordering interface doesn’t provide any other paper choice for panoramic, square, and other sizes which do not fall under the Fuji Pearl menu. Even though you can choose between two finish options- Luster and Glossy, there’s no information provided on the paper make and quality for these categories, which may leave some buyers confused.

One of the standout features of Sharp Prints’ order menu is the option to add multiple quantities of every single size.

Sharp Prints uses Chromira Pro Lab Silver Halide print, ensuring high-quality printing and exceptional color reproduction.

Although basic in functionality, the website’s editor interface offers a clean and user-friendly interface.

However, the website lacks some of the add-on services, such as color correction, photo enhancement, and filters that most competitors offer.

The pricing on Sharp Prints is cheaper than most of the printing services listed in this article. It gets even more attractive when you order the same size print in quantities larger than three.

The smallest, 4×4” print can cost you around $0.39, increasing to around $63 for a 30×60” print. For Fuji Pearl, the pricing starts at about $2.99 for a 5×7” and goes to $115 for a 30×60” print.

If you’re a pro photographer looking to ship the print directly to your client’s address, you can choose the dropshipping option that comes at an additional cost.

The image upload is only limited to JPEG and PNG file formats and can be imported from your computer, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Customer reviews suggest the print quality is impressive, with decent color reproduction, especially considering the price bracket.

Sharp Prints offer various shipping methods depending on how early you wish to receive your prints. Notably, if your order is confirmed before 12 PM Central Time, the print is processed and shipped on the same day.

By default, the order is shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which takes around 2-5 business days to reach most locations within the US. While shipping is not free, a flat fee stays the same regardless of the order size.

Sharp print is an excellent option for those looking to print their photos on a budget, especially for those who wish to order larger quantities, as it offers deep discounts on bulk orders.

6 Tips to Create Stunning Large Photo Posters & Prints

Here are some essential tips for preparing your photos for large prints:

Choose a high-resolution image:

Resolution can make or break the quality of your prints. Low-resolution files tend to pixelate when printed in large sizes, so make sure your photos have adequate resolution for your chosen size.

Consider the viewing distance:

Before choosing the size of your print, you should carefully consider the area where you wish to mount the art, as your viewing experience depends on how far you stand from the photo.

Soft proof your image:

There’s a big difference between viewing an image on a screen and seeing it printed on paper. The screens are backlit, which makes the photo look brighter than it is. Soft-proofing gives an idea of the brightness and exposure adjustments needed to prepare the photo for printing.

Color correct the photo:

Most screens have different color-gamut capacities, which means how your photo looks on your screen might be different from how it looks on your printer’s color-calibrated monitor. By opting for color correction, you can eliminate the guesswork and retain the most natural colors in your photos.

Use high-resolution image format:

Image file formats such as JPEG and PNG can sometimes result in loss of details and make a big difference in the final print. Using high-resolution formats such as TIFF, PSD, or RAW files retains more exposure data and allows for high-quality edits.

Calibrate your monitor using the printer’s color profile:

Most printing labs provide their printer’s ICC profile that you can use to calibrate your screen and get a preview of how the image would look on the lab’s monitor. This process would make sure you’re making the right edits to your image.

How Big Can I Print my Photos Without Losing Quality?

Here’s a table with general guidelines on how big you can print a photo without significant degradation in quality:

What are the Most Popular Large Print Sizes?

The most common poster and large print sizes and their typical uses:

  • 16 x 20 inches (406 x 508 mm) – This size is popular for printing photographs to be framed and displayed on walls.
  • 18 x 24 inches (457 x 610 mm) – bedroom posters (sometimes 11 x 17″)
  • 24 x 36 inches (610 x 914 mm)standard size for large photos.
  • 30 x 40 inches (762 x 1016 mm) – large format art prints, especially in galleries.
  • 36 x 48 inches (914 x 1219 mm) – large-scale outdoor advertisements, such as billboards.

The standard large print size is 24 x 36 inches (610 x 914 mm).

The difference between large print and giant print sizes is anything over 24 x 36 inches (610 x 914 mm).

Can You Print iPhone Photos in Large Sizes Too?

If you don’t own a high-megapixel camera or you simply have a great photo to print on your iPhone, there are still some ways to print it out big.

First, you need to know how many megapixels your iPhone camera has:

iPhone Model Megapixels Maximum Print Size at 300 ppi (in) Maximum Print Size at 300 ppi (mm)
iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C 8 8.6 x 6.4 218 x 162
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE (1st generation) 12 12.8 x 9.6 325 x 244
iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, SE (2nd generation) 12 12.8 x 9.6 325 x 244
iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE (2020) 12 12.8 x 9.6 325 x 244
iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13Pro, 14 Pro 12 14.4 x 10.8 366 x 274

Following this, you should examine the photo at 100% zoom to see if it’s sharp and your subject is in focus.

If it was taken in low light, you should also check for image noise too.

If you want to print larger iPhone photos than the recommended sizes above, you can try using an image enlarging tool like Topaz Gigapixel.

FAQs about Large Photo Prints and Custom Poster Printing

  • What is bigger than A3?

A0 (33.1×46.8”), A1 (23.4.5×33.1”), and A2 (16.5×23.4”) are all bigger than A3 (11.17×16.5”).

  • How many megapixels is good for large prints?

24 megapixels is good for a print of size up to 24×36 inches. For larger prints, you’ll need a higher-resolution image.

  • What resolution should I use to print large photos?

The resolution depends on the size of the print. However, a minimum of 6000x4000px is ideal for a 24×36” print.

  • How big can you print 24 MP?

24 MP photos with high resolution can be printed as large as 24×36 inches.

  • What paper types are best for large photo prints?

Archival-grade paper types are great for large photo prints due to their long life and thickness.

  • How much does it cost to print a large photo?

The cost for a large print differs based on paper quality and the printing method used. For example, a 20×20” print on archival-grade Hahnemühle Torchon paper would cost around $70.

  • What are the different types of finishes available for large photo prints?

Luster, matte, and glossy are some of the common finishes available for large photo prints.

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