Leonardo Cavazzana

Leo Cavazzana Shotkit Author

Hello, my name is Leo Cavazzana, I'm a professional photographer and film director. As a photographer, I've been photographing our natural world for the past 8 years and worked on assignments with NatGeo, BBC, and UN on all 5 continents. As a film director, I've been directing commercials and campaigns for brands for the past 4 years. I've directed international projects for Volkswagen, Airbnb, Corona, The North Face, and more.

I'm passionate about understanding and exploring the creative process and how ideas are crafted into reality. Coexistence is at the very heart of my work and it's how I see and shoot my subjects. Ultimately, I love discovering more about what makes an image more intriguing and more effective when it comes to telling a story or sparkling imagination.

When I'm not shooting you can find me outdoors on hikes or on the water. Nature is my biggest source of inspiration and there's nothing more beautiful to me than to enjoy and share it with friends and family.


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