A gopro action camera next to an iphone.

Comparing GoPro vs iPhone Camera (Which is Better?)

Discover the ultimate showdown between GoPro and iPhone cameras, exploring their features, performance, and capabilities to help you determine which reigns supreme in the realm of capturing unforgettable moments.

In a world where traveling is about recording as many moments as possible, having portable equipment is essential if we want to accomplish this task.

That’s why one of the most searched topics regarding photographic and video recording is about the GoPro vs iPhone camera, and which one is better.

GoPro Hero and the iPhone are excellent cameras for documenting outdoor adventures.

And over time, they have improved year after year in image quality and functionality, giving you almost total freedom to be creative.

Because they deliver unquestionable quality when it comes to photo and video, a big question for anyone thinking of buying a device like this is: which is BEST in terms of photo, video quality and vlogging?

Both the iPhone and GoPro cameras are popular in their own ways.

They have different functions, which makes the choice more a matter of personal preference. But it’s still good to know the main features of each of these devices.

In this article, we’ll show you the difference between these two mini cameras to help you decide which one to take on various trips.

Here’s a simple comparison table that outlines the general use of GoPros and iPhones as everyday cameras for taking photos and videos:

Feature GoPro iPhone
Design Rugged, compact, and waterproof design. Sleek, not naturally rugged without a case.
Portability Extremely portable, designed for action. Highly portable, fits in a pocket.
Durability Built to withstand extreme conditions. Requires additional protection for extremes.
Ease of Use Simple interface, quick to start recording. User-friendly with a familiar interface.
Image Quality High-quality images with a wide-angle lens. Higher-quality images, more natural perspective.
Video Quality High-resolution, stable video capture. High-resolution, with software stabilization.
Versatility Fixed lens, wide field of view, digital cropping Multiple lenses (on newer models) for versatility.
Mounting Supplied with accessories for easy mounting. Requires additional accessories to mount. Fewer optins
Battery Life Average, but varies by model and use. Generally longer battery life but varies by use.
Storage Removable SD card storage. Fixed internal storage, varies by model.
Connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular options.
Accessories Wide range of GoPro-specific accessories. Wide range of general smartphone accessories.
Cost Cheap for a digital camera. More expensive, but also a multi-purpose device.

GoPro vs iPhone: Specs and Features

A person holding up an iphone and a gopro.

When considering the two devices, it’s important to remember that the GoPro Hero is a camera, and the iPhone is a cell phone with many features.

Keeping this in mind when buying one of them is important because then you’ll be clear on what you really want and what will meet your needs.

The iPhone’s cameras are high quality. With them, you can produce professional-level content.

So, your iPhone can be your tool for recording/photographing, and, best of all, you can edit your content and share it on your social media accounts.

When you think of the GoPro, it’s “just” a camera. I put JUST in quotation marks because this action camera delivers a high-quality end result.

One big advantage of the GoPro is its ability to be used in any environment you find yourself in. They are built to last, unlike the iPhone which breaks easily when dropped, and cannot be used safely for extreme sports.

You can’t edit directly on the GoPro. For that, you either need to use a computer or your cell phone. So, GoPro will work as a high-resolution camera at an affordable price.

Let’s compare the most popular current models from each brand: the GoPro Hero 11 Black and the iPhone 14 Pro – two of the most popular cameras at the moment.

Both devices have their features, strengths, and weaknesses, and for comparing them, it is important we learn a little more about each one.

GoPro Hero 11 Black
iPhone 14 Pro
Up to 10m
Up to 6m
Image quality
Screen Size
Rear: 2.27-inch
Front: 1.4-inch
Front: 6.1 inch
Video Resolution
10-bit HDR
Dolby Vision HDR (up to 60fps)
ProRes, Cinematic mode (4K@24/30fps)
3200 mAh
Image Stabilization
HyperSmooth 5.0
second-generation sensor-shift optical image stabilisation

GoPro vs. iPhone: Which Is Better?

A person holding a gopro and a phone in front of a lake.

When comparing these devices, the most important aspect is their camera features. Let’s discuss their functionalities.

GoPro vs iPhone: Video Mode

With the iPhone 14 Pro, you can record videos in cinematic mode with a resolution of up to 4K at 30 fps and 60 fps.

The GoPro Hero 11, on the other hand, contains a 1/1.9-inch sensor, which allows action cameras to record videos with a resolution of up to 5.3K at 60 fps and can take photos with 27MP. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro offers a 48 MP sensor.

The action camera footage has more saturation and contrast due to its 10-bit color grade. Even so, the iPhone’s footage is of very good quality, offering good video clarity and a dynamic perspective. As for low-light shooting, the iPhone’s video is better than the GoPro Hero 11.

The iPhone 14 Pro has the advantage when it comes to creative freedom.

The phone has three lenses, an ultra-wide angle, a wide angle, and a 3x zoom. This allows content creators to play around more when they’re filming, getting several different views.

Because of the freedom of control and these three lenses, many content creators use an iPhone as a recording device instead of a GoPro. You can even see people creating professional videos with just an iPhone. You can find many of these videos on YouTube, many of which are cool music videos.

But it’s true iPhones are fairly fragile, while GoPros are built to last and will allow you to get more daring shots instead of the iPhone.

GoPro vs iPhone: Sound Quality

The iPhone 14 Pro has two microphones – one on the top of the iPhone, designed to help cancel out noise when using the phone, and the other is placed on the bottom of the device, as in other Apple phones.

There are specific microphones for the iPhone that you can use to improve sound capture – they plug into the same connector as the charger.

The GoPro Hero 11, on the other hand, has a built-in directional microphone for better voice capture. It also has an exclusive 3.5 mm microphone port.

When comparing the sound quality of both devices, there’s no doubt that the GoPro Hero 11 outperforms the iPhone 14 Pro.

An external wireless mic is one way to improve the GoPro sound further.

GoPro vs iPhone: Stabilization

The Hero 11 brought brilliant image stabilization to the market by introducing Hypersmooth stabilization 5.0 and Horizon Lock (which ensures that the footage remains stable even if you rotate the camera 360 degrees).

The iPhone 14 Pro brought Action Mode to the market, using Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Stabilization. V

Videos on YouTube show people who activate Action mode, starting to run while holding the phone in their hands with significant shakes, and the end result is mind-blowing.

When we compare the two, the iPhone 14 Pro does incredible video stabilization. But, of course, the GoPro Hero 11 is better, as it’s an action camera made for extreme sports with lots of movement.

But for a phone, the iPhone 14 Pro is a good match for the GoPro’s stabilization. The downside of using Action mode is that you’ll have to lower the resolution to 2.8K at 30 or 60 fps.

GoPro vs iPhone: Battery Life

With a capacity of 3200 mAh, Apple says the iPhone 14 Pro can get up to 20 and 25 hours of video streaming. But because it’s such a feature-rich device, we know that’s almost impossible.

To increase the usage time, you can take some precautionary measures, such as activating the low power consumption mode or having a power bank to ensure uninterrupted filming.

The GoPro Hero 11 comes with the new Endure battery, which has a capacity of 1720mAh. This model considerably improves the camera’s performance in extreme conditions. GoPro claims that recording time can be extended by up to 38% compared to the previous model.

We should remember that the settings used will also interfere with recording time, as more powerful settings use up more battery.

GoPro vs iPhone: Photography

GoPro action cameras are primarily designed for capturing action footage, but they can also be used for photography. In the right conditions, you can take high-quality photos, even if you don’t have full control of the settings.

GoPro’s wide view lenses can capture a wide perspective. This fisheye look makes them nice for capturing landscapes, cityscapes, and other wide-angle shots, creating a new view from a different perspective, as their lenses have slightly distorted edges.

They also have features such as burst mode, time-lapse and night mode that can help you capture unique photos.

The iPhone 14 Pro has three cameras, ranging from an ultra-wide angle to a 3x optical zoom lens. As well as shooting in RAW, you can control the settings when shooting in the camera app. In other words, if you understand photography, this device is powerful, even in low-light conditions.

iPhone 14 Pro primary lenses are a 48mp wide-angle lens with an f/1.8 aperture. The ultra-wide-angle and zoom lenses contain a 12mp sensor and an aperture of f/2.2 and f/2.8, respectively, delivering high-quality photos. In addition, with these large apertures, you get a noticeable blur in your photos, giving them that professional camera look.

So, with your iPhone, you can take an excellent photo of the landscape or someone.

GoPro vs. iPhone For Vlogging

The GoPro is a great camera for vlogging because of the quality of the footage and, above, the practicality of taking it everywhere, and the number of accessories available that can make your content stand out from the rest.

With mounts for the head, helmet, wrist, or chest strap, you can practice an activity or go for a walk without a clear destination and film your outdoor activities. But if you want to record your face while you talk, there’s also a stick that you can hold while you walk.

Vloggers look for cameras with a flip screen so that they can get a sense of the frame and how the image is turning out. GoPro has certainly noticed the demand from this market and has added a front viewfinder since the Hero 9.

And because GoPro’s are quite compact, you can use them publicly to record your video without attracting too much attention.

Using your iPhone as a vlogging device is often not the best choice, as you may always need it either to search for something on the internet or to talk to someone. But it’s a perfect device for recording moments we’re unprepared for.

GoPro vs. iPhone Underwater

GoPro has won people’s hearts for its portability, durability, and ease of recording intense running, mountain biking, and, above all, water sports.

Instagram has been flooded with photos and videos of people diving, surfing, and riding jet skis.

What used to be almost unthinkable because it was so expensive has now become affordable and can fit in the palm of your hand: taking pictures in the water.

A woman holding a gopro underwater.

The latest GoPro models are completely waterproof. There’s no need to add an additional case to protect them. These cameras are designed to be waterproof (maximum depth: 10 meters). So you can dive with a GoPro into the sea or pool, for example, and capture good-quality video and photos.

Have you ever thought about putting your cell phone in water? Crazy to think about, right? Theoretically, the iPhone 11, 12, and 13,14 lines are water-resistant. Yes, that’s right! The latest iPhone models are also on this list.

They carry the IP86 certification, which provides this security. It sounds crazy, but there are several videos on YouTube showing people testing Apple’s protection.

But beware: Apple has never advertised that its phones are waterproof, so they don’t give a guarantee. If you try it out, it’s at your own risk.

So, if you plan to record a video on the beach or underwater, GoPro does a better job. An iPhone is good for recording vlogs on the beach or in the pool. But it’s not so suitable for snorkeling or diving videos.

GoPro vs. iPhone: Comparing Other Versions

iPhone 13 Pro vs GoPro Hero 10 Black

GoPro Hero 10 Black
iPhone 13 Pro
Image Quality
Rear: 12MP (3 Lenses)
Front: 12MP
Up to 10m
Up to 4m – for maximum 30 minutes
4K / 24, 25, 30, 60fps
1080p / 25, 30, 60fps
720p / 30 fps
Slow Motion
5.3K – 2x,
4K/2.7K – 4x,
1080p – 8x
1080p / 120, 240fps
Image Stabilization
HyperSmooth 4.0
Cinematic video stabilisation (4K, 1080p and 720p)

iPhone 15 Pro vs GoPro Hero 12

GoPro Hero 12 Black
iPhone 15 Pro
Video Resolutions
5.3K60, 4K120, 2.7K240
4K at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps
Up to 10m
Up to 6m – for up to 30 minutes
Image quality
27 MP
24.7MP from video
48MP (Main)
12MP (Ultra Wide, 2x Telephoto, 3x Telephoto)
HDR Video Recording
Yes (Dolby Vision)
Yes (Dolby Vision)
Bluetooth Audio Support
Slow-Motion Video
8x slow-motion videos at 240fps in 2.7K
1080p at 120 fps (Main), 1080p at 120 fps (TrueDepth)
Image Stabilization
HyperSmooth 6.0
360° Horizon Lock
Optical Image Stabilization (Main and 3x Telephoto)

GoPro vs iPhone: Which One Is The Best Camera?

Both GoPro and the iPhone are great devices to have. Considering this fact, do you really need to invest in a separate camera when your smartphone can do it, too?

The truth is that your choice will depend on your needs, personal taste, and investment capacity. If you already have an iPhone, instead of spending on a GoPro, accessories might be a better idea, such as filters for your cell phone.

However, although the iPhone is incredible, there are some things that it can’t do but that a GoPro can easily do or that are better and safer to do with this action camera.

A cell phone and a gopro camera.

GoPro wins when we talk about action videos or action photography, as they are made for that.

This way, the possibility of a simple accident breaking your equipment is almost nil. It also has incredibly stable footage recording.

Suppose you’re going to use your camera mainly for photography and documenting your day-to-day life (mainly in vertical video).

In that case, iPhones will probably be more convenient than a GoPro, especially if you already have an iPhone.

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