a woman laying on a bed covered in an oversized sweater.

Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear to a Boudoir Photoshoot

Everything you need to know about what to wear at a boudoir photoshoot, from choosing the right outfit for your body type and outfit ideas to what not to wear.

While you may think of scantily-clad vixens sprawled out on a bed when envisioning boudoir photography, boudoir photoshoots don’t have to be limited to just a bra and panties.

Whether you’re a new mom, newlywed or bride to be with a personality that best fits silky PJs, t shirts and thongs or sexy robes, there’s no shortage of boudoir outfits to get inspired by.

In this article, I’ll cover tips for what to wear to a boudoir photoshoot with some of the best boudoir outfit ideas.

How Do You Pick Outfits for a Boudoir Shoot?

a woman's hand holding a bra on a hanger.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Picking boudoir outfits that capture your personality and boost your confidence is typically the first step in your boudoir shoot journey.

If you prefer showing a little more of yourself, your boudoir outfits will likely center on a matching bra and panties or a more risqué corset.

And if you’re unsure what will look best on your body type, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! Let’s dig into more specific boudoir outfit tips that will be sure to flatter your unique frame.

Choosing the Right Boudoir Outfit for Your Body Type

Choosing the best boudoir outfits for your figure may seem daunting — most magazines tend to show an unrealistic frame that most women don’t have and don’t take plus size shapes into consideration.

While we’ll cover five main figures and the best looks for them, there are a variety of unique shapes and sizes out there.

Some of us are top-heavy, some of us are bottom-heavy, some of us have wide hips and a small booty, and all of these bodies are built from a diverse set of genetics, diet and exercise, so let’s honor them all!


a woman in a red dress laying on a green couch.

Credit: Rodnae Productions

An apple-shaped figure is a generalized way to describe a woman with a small waist, semi-broad shoulders and wide bust and ribcage.

And while you should feel the freedom to wear whatever you like and feels comfortable regardless of your frame, wardrobe specialists will probably recommend you show off your legs.

A classic evening gown hiked up a bit to showcase your legs and heels is a great option, but so is a sexy cocktail dress that shows a bit of cleavage while still highlighting your legs and overall length.


a woman sitting on top of a bench with her arm in the air.

Credit: Isabel Blanco

If you’re a gym guru who religiously works out and played sports your whole life, you probably have an athletic figure with a little more muscle mass and slightly fewer curves.

You may have broad shoulders with a narrow waist or are smaller on top with more muscle in your thighs, hips and booty.

Again, you should feel confident wearing whatever style of lingerie or clothes you want for your boudoir photo shoot, but styling pros would recommend showing off that toned physique in a strapless or halter bra with bold panties that show off your eye catching backside.


a woman sitting next to a potted plant.

Credit: Rodnae Productions

The curvy silhouette is another classic shape among ladies around the world.

You may be top-heavy with a bust Pamela Anderson would envy or maybe you have the junk in the trunk Fergie has always sung about. Regardless, a curvy physique is easy to highlight!

Go for head-turning push up bras and some delicate jewelry to show off your buxom bust, or choose traditional white lingerie with garters to lead the onlooker’s eye to your booty from behind.


a woman laying on top of a bed in lingerie.

Credit: Luana Freitas

The classic hourglass frame is another general category many women fall under.

You probably have a tiny waist, plump booty and ample chest.

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This shape is another easy one to show off! You can choose a bra that enhances your bust and panties that show off as much or as little of your bum as you choose.

A snug-fitting negligée that cinches the waist is another flattering option.


a woman in a bikini standing in front of a mirror.

Credit: Heitor Verdi

The pear is another common way to classify some women’s body types.

This typically means you have a lean body type with minimal body fat on top and maybe some muscle on your lower half.

Again, there are dozens of ways to highlight any body type, but for pear shapes, stylists would suggest drawing attention to your waist.

This means nighties with a drawstring that can pull in that waist or perhaps a cropped tank top that draws the eye to the waist with your favorite pair of shorts or undies.

Exposure Level: How Much Skin?

How much flesh you expose is a totally individualized preference.

You may have grown up in a family that frequented nude beaches and applauded the beauty of the raw human form. But if you grew up in a more buttoned-up family, it may feel counterintuitive to reveal everything.

For this reason, how much or how little skin you prefer to expose is up to you, so let’s explore all the ideas for your boudoir photo shoot.


a woman in a strapless dress wearing a necklace.

Credit: Pixabay

A more modest approach to boudoir photography just means you’re choosing to be sensual, but a bit less revealing.

You could fold the straps down over your shoulders to show jewelry on your décolletage that lets you feel comfortable and sexy.

If you want a sexier look that maintains the modest theme, you can try a conservative negligee that covers everything.

You could also throw on your cotton or silk robe and sprawl out on the couch in a more conservative boudoir photoshoot that shows off your legs. Or get a little more adventurous by letting your bra peek out while capturing that intimate, behind-closed-doors sentiment.


a woman in a pink lingerie laying on a bed.

Credit: Maria Helena Mazuroski

I think of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when I think of classic boudoir photography — it’s sexy and appealing while leaving all the provocative parts covered.

While you may not be fully nude, you can embrace your inner sexpot with the right pose or some peek-a-boo moments with a sheer top.

This boudoir outfit may be a bra and panties set, some faux fur or even just your bed sheets covering you up.

Think of a PG-13 movie — the sex scene is present, both bodies are covered with sheets, but the actual act is just implied.

Whether you choose sexy lingerie, a corset or PJs, you can have fun capturing your unique personality and great real-life moments during your shoot as you add accessories: open a bottle of champagne, smell fresh flowers or read a book in bed.


a woman laying on top of a wooden table covering herself with flowers.

Credit: Marina Ryazantseva

The daring boudoir photo shoot tends to show the most amount of skin and has no real restrictions.

The clothing here will be super sexy and bold, which may mean going topless with just a g string or fashioning a long scarf or newspaper over your front half to cover the naughty parts.

You could also try a classic trench coat shot with the coat open while you pose topless during your bridal boudoir session.

If you’re working with a photographer, you can work together to come up with creative ideas, and if you’re trying this out solo with the timer on your camera, you’ll have fun trying out some of the ideas shown here.

Boudoir Outfit Styles

There are heaps of options out there for boudoir outfits. Some people choose to wear their day-to-day clothes and just show a little cleavage, while others spend weeks planning their wardrobe based on different types of lingerie, so let’s explore some of the best outfit ideas.

Sex kitten

a woman laying on a bed smoking a cigarette.

Credit: Darcy Delia

This one doesn’t really need a ton of explanation, just let your inner sexpot shine!

And one size doesn’t fit all — sexy varies by preference.

To you, sexy may mean showing every last crevice off, while to others it may mean a silky nightie or revealing swimsuit or the tried-and-true matching bra and undies with a pop of red lipstick.

Girl next door

a woman sitting on top of a counter in a kitchen.

Credit: Pixabay

The girl-next-door look is the classic cliché of our era, but for good reason.

The strait-laced girl with a naughty side appeals to men and women alike because there’s a special sense of seclusion there — getting a voyeuristic view into a sexier alter ego that’s for your eyes (or your partner’s eyes) only.

This carefully balanced look gives an ordinary outfit a titillating twist that can be easily created with the following ideas:

  • Denim overalls with nothing underneath
  • Extra-short cutoff jeans and a cropped top à la Daisy Duke
  • A classic summer dress with buttons that are tastefully undone

And don’t feel limited to these ideas! Get creative.

Naughty schoolgirl

a woman laying on a window sill wearing a plaid skirt and white top

Credit: Alteredsnaps

Who doesn’t love a classic naughty schoolgirl look? Outside of Halloween, this is a go-to aesthetic for boudoir photography.

Taking the schoolgirl route is as easy as putting on a plaid mini skirt, button up and maybe some glasses and pigtails.

You’ll have fun choosing between a variety of skirt fabrics and patterns and putting your own spin on the schoolgirl thing.

Boudoir Outfit Props and Accessories

You can use whatever you want in boudoir photography depending on the vibe you wish to emit. If you’re seeking a sexy spin on the morning at-home theme, prance around in a sexy outfit with your coffee pot.

If you want to focus exclusively on your outfit, try lace lingerie or some whips and chains to coordinate with a sexy leather look. I’ll get more specific below.


a woman sitting on top of a white couch wearing a robe.

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

A robe is one of the most popular accessories in boudoir photography because it can double as your wardrobe and accessory.

You’ll have a blast keeping it closed, loosely opened to reveal lingerie or capturing a fun shot from behind as you hold the robe open.

Body paint

a woman painted in rainbow colors

Credit: Alexander Grey

Now this accessory is one that’ll let you explore the beauty of the human body and your artistic side.

All you need is some body paint and someone to help you cover every square inch of skin.

You can even have a talented friend or your partner draw some cool shapes on your breasts, bum and anywhere else your imagination takes you.

Whips & chains

a woman with red hair and horns on her head.

Credit: Dijanynni Kiratza

Let your inner dominatrix out and enter full BDSM mode with a leather jacket and some whips and chains scattered throughout your space.

Pop-out cake

You can take your boudoir photoshoot back in time with a vibrant pop-out cake!

Typically, it’s a life-size, three-tier cake with an open top.

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You’ll have a blast popping in an out of this cake in a coreset and with some extra party props during your boudoir photoshoot.

And don’t forget that there are tons of other accessories out there to choose from!

21 Boudoir Outfit Ideas to Try

While I already had fun dropping an array of boudoir outfit ideas into this article, let’s summarize the top boudoir outfits to shop for and get inspired by these ideas:

  1. Matching bra and panties
  2. Thong bodysuit
  3. T-shirt and thong
  4. Two-piece swimsuit
  5. Overalls with nothing underneath
  6. Silk nightgown
  7. Corset
  8. Chic robe
  9. Plaid skirt and buttoned top
  10. Off-the-shoulder, oversized sweater with boy shorts
  11. Sexy lingerie
  12. Leather jacket
  13. Summer dress unbuttoned
  14. Flannel top and cutoff jeans
  15. PJs
  16. Trench coat
  17. High heels and nothing else
  18. Bedsheets
  19. Newspapers
  20. Nude body painting
  21. Pop-out cake

Where to Buy Boudoir Outfits

a room filled with lots of clothes and plants.

Credit: Ksenia Chernaya

Whether you head to Victoria’s Secret, the nearby sex toy shop or a local boutique, you can find a lovely boudoir outfit or corset in a plus size or a standard size.

And if you’re on the shy side, just shop any of these popular stores online:

  1. Victoria’s Secret – Victoria’s Secret is a well-known lingerie brand that offers a variety of boudoir outfits, including bras, panties, corsets, robes, and more.
  2. Agent Provocateur – Agent Provocateur is a luxury lingerie brand that offers a range of boudoir outfits, from classic corsets and garters to more daring, bondage-inspired pieces.
  3. Adore Me – Adore Me is an online lingerie retailer that offers a variety of boudoir outfits, including bra and panty sets, bodysuits, corsets, and robes.
  4. Yandy – Yandy is an online retailer that specializes in lingerie and offers a variety of boudoir outfits, including babydolls, chemises, and teddies.
  5. La Senza – La Senza is a Canadian lingerie retailer that offers a range of boudoir outfits, including bras, panties, corsets, and bodysuits.
  6. Hips & Curves – Hips & Curves is an online retailer that specializes in plus-size lingerie and offers a variety of boudoir outfits, including corsets, babydolls, and chemises.
  7. Frederick’s of Hollywood – Frederick’s of Hollywood is a lingerie retailer that has been around since the 1940s and offers a range of boudoir outfits, including bras, panties, corsets, and teddies.
  8. Bare Necessities – Bare Necessities is an online lingerie retailer that offers a variety of boudoir outfits, including bras, panties, and bodysuits.
  9. Bluebella – Bluebella is a UK-based lingerie brand that offers a range of boudoir outfits, from classic bra and panty sets to more daring, bondage-inspired pieces.

How Many Outfits Do You Need for a Boudoir Photoshoot?

a pair of red lace garters laying on a bed.

Credit: Castorly Stock

Your clothing options are all about preference, but I’d recommend three to five outfit choices for boudoir photography so you have backups if you feel bloated in one or it doesn’t match the picture in your head.

You can stick to a single set of bra and underwear and throw on different robes or coverups, or bring three to five sets of different lingerie sets for a different mood in every outfit.

What Not to Wear for Boudoir?

Again, this is all about preference, but I’d recommend avoiding anything that doesn’t fit well, whether it’s too loose or too tight, because you could look back and wish you had worn something more form-fitting.

Other things to avoid wearing at a boudoir photo shoot:

  1. Clothing with large logos or graphics – These can be distracting and take away from the overall look of the image.
  2. Clothing that is too casual – Boudoir is all about feeling and looking sexy, so clothing that is too casual or too everyday may not be the best choice.
  3. Clothing that is too revealing – While boudoir is about showing off your body, there is a fine line between tasteful and too revealing. It’s important to choose clothing that you feel comfortable in and that flatters your body.
  4. Clothing that doesn’t fit your personal style – If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show in the photos. Choose outfits that reflect your personal style and make you feel confident.
  5. Clothing that is too ‘busy’ – Clothing with busy patterns or designs can be distracting and take away from the overall image.
  6. Clothing that is too trendy – Trends come and go, and you want your boudoir images to be timeless. Avoid clothing that is too trendy and instead opt for classic, elegant pieces.


What colors to wear for boudoir photos?

This is based on individual preference and whether your photographer specializes in black-and-white or color photography. I suggest black as a classic sexy color, floral patterns for something different, or wear white for a girl-next-door theme.

Do you bring your own outfits to a boudoir shoot?

Typically, yes. While you may have a stylist, bringing your own outfits ensures total satisfaction in comfort and looks.

How do I look skinny in boudoir?

Whether you rock a plus size or standard size, it’s all about posing! Elongating your limbs is key in looking your best during your boudoir shoot.

What kind of lingerie do you use for boudoir?

Any kind you like, but my favorites are lace, silk, and lingerie or bras and panties with fun, playful patterns.

Final Words

Whether you set off to an isolated area in the woods, hit the beach or just head to your bedroom, there’s no shortage of fun ideas out there for boudoir photography.

Just determine what mood you hope to bring to life during your boudoir shoot and start planning your outfits!

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