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Fashionable Outfit Ideas for Photographers (Girls & Guys)

Whether you're shooting a wedding or taking photos of wildlife, choosing the right outfit can help you stand out, or blend in. Here are some stylish ideas.

Deciding what to wear as a photographer ain’t easy!

Ask me what camera to buy or what lighting is best, and that’s a simple answer.

However, choosing fashionable (and comfortable) outfits for photographers is a tougher one.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the research for you and picked 4 of the trendiest photographer outfits.

Style and fashion are subjective, so I’ve included a range of outfit ideas to suit all tastes.

Also, wedding photographers – I hear you! I’ve picked a selection of garb suitable for the occasion.

One thing I’ve learned is that wedding photographers’ attire definitely needs to be comfortable.

That means that heels are out and smart sneakers and flats are in.

Finally, I haven’t forgotten you guys! This is a dress code guide for both men and women :-)

So, let’s dive right into the photography apparel recommendations.

Photographer’s Dress Code | General Advice

  • Dress professionally and appropriately for the event.
  • Wear neutral, non-distracting colours.
  • Choose comfortable clothes that allow for mobility.
  • Opt for clothing with pockets for easy gear storage.
  • Wear quiet, non-jingling accessories.
  • For formal events, consider business or business casual attire.
  • For weddings, check the couple’s preferences or match the guests’ formality level.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and clean; sneakers are acceptable if they look professional.
  • Avoid wearing attention-grabbing, loud, or casual clothing.
  • Avoid bright-coloured clothing that might reflect light onto your subject or into your lens.

4 Trendy Outfit Ideas for Photographers in 2023

1. Black clothing

Two pictures of a man and a woman standing on a rock.

Credit: Rachel Martin (left) / Arthouse Studio (right)

Black is the best color for a photographer outfit. This is because you’ll avoid or diminish your reflection. Also, it’s elegant in case you’re photographing a formal event and it’s always trendy.

As a photographer, you don’t want to attract too much attention, especially if you want to make street photography or candid photos.

2. Camouflage clothing items

A woman wearing a camouflage jacket and a man wearing a camouflage jacket.

Credit: Bave Pictures (left) / Addy Bronzzz (right)

Camouflage jackets and other items are the right outfit to photograph wildlife. This allows you to blend in with the environment so that animals won’t be scared of approaching.

Make sure the clothes are weatherproof and you feel comfortable in them as you may have to use them the whole day.

3. Jacket and a hoodie

Two pictures of a man and a woman taking pictures in the snow.

Credit: PNW Production (left) / Brady Knoll (right)

This outfit is perfect to work outside. Whether you’re doing portraits on location, street or night photography and even if you go hiking to capture landscapes.

Wearing a hoodie under a jacket allows you to take things off or put them on according to the wedding. They look great and are very comfortable.

If you pair this with a T-shirt and comfortable shoes, you’ll be golden for the entire photo shoot.

4. Sweater vest

A woman with a camera standing in front of a window.

Credit: George Milton

Another stylish wedding photographer outfit for males or females is a sweater vest over a formal shirt. This is also an excellent choice for a more casual celebration or even corporate events.

You can add elegant accessories if you need to upscale them to make the perfect outfit. This also gives you the chance to add a personal touch to it.

It also pairs well with either jeans or trousers depending on the occasion. Don’t forget to pair it with comfortable shoes.

This outfit is also perfect for working in the studio with clients when you need a semi-formal style.

What Should a Wedding Photographer Wear?

3 Wedding Photographer Outfits for Males

A bride and groom taking pictures at a wedding reception.

Credit: Kenny Eliason

A wedding photographer attire doesn’t need to match the level of elegance of the guests.

While you shouldn’t opt for casual outfits, you are still allowed to stay comfortable as you’ll be working all day.

Black pants and a white shirt are the perfect choice.

A man in a suit standing by a window with a plant in his hand.

Credit: Gustavo Fring

Bow ties and suspenders are very trendy.

A man holding a camera while sitting on a chair.

Credit: Nappy

A T-shirt and a jacket are always a good choice.

3 Wedding Photographer Outfits for Females

A bride and groom taking a picture with a camera.

Credit: Mariah Krafft

Summer weddings can be difficult because of the heat. Some female photographers may prefer maxi dresses or midi skirts. This way, you can stay fresh, feel stylish and keep freedom of movement to get the perfect shot. Make sure you’re aware of the religious aspects so that you can respect any cultural codes.

A fashionable woman in a suit and tie standing in front of a glass wall.

Credit: Dana Tentis

A button-down shirt and a jacket vest give you a very professional look and keep your arms free to move.

A woman is taking a picture with her camera.

Credit: Lisa Fotios

Khaki pants and a solid color top is OK for more informal weddings.

FAQs About What to Wear as a Photographer

What color should wedding photographers wear?

Dark clothes are always an excellent choice. Wedding photographers should ideally wear colors that blend in with the surroundings, like black, grey, or dark blue.

This helps them go unnoticed while moving around to capture photos during the ceremony and reception. Neutral or pastel colors are good for daytime weddings. It’s important to avoid bright colors.

What clothes should a photographer wear?

A photographer should wear comfortable, professional, and practical clothing. This often means clothes that allow for plenty of movement and have pockets for storing extra batteries or memory cards.

The specific type of clothing may vary depending on the type of photography and the environment (indoor, outdoor, hot, cold, etc.). Your clothes should also reflect your personality and style.

Should wedding photographers wear black?

Many wedding photographers choose to wear black as it’s a neutral color that tends not to draw attention. This allows them to blend into the background during the wedding events.

However, it is always advisable to discuss with the bride and groom about their preference.

Why do photographers wear black?

Photographers often wear black to avoid drawing attention to themselves, allowing them to capture candid shots without distracting the subjects.

Black also reduces the chance of the photographer’s clothes reflecting light onto the subject or into the camera lens.

Can photographers wear sneakers to weddings?

Photographers can wear sneakers to weddings if they are clean, neat, and in darker colors.

Comfort is crucial as photographers spend many hours on their feet, often on uneven ground. However, the shoes should still appear professional.

Can photographers wear jeans to weddings?

Wearing jeans to weddings as a photographer depends on the formality of the event and the agreement with the client. While comfort and mobility are important, it’s essential to maintain a professional appearance.

For a casual wedding, clean, dark-colored jeans may be acceptable. For more formal weddings, dress pants or khakis may be more appropriate.

What should a photographer wear to a formal event?

For a formal event, photographers should wear business or business casual attire, such as dress pants, a button-down shirt, and dress shoes.

Women could also opt for a professional dress or skirt. As always, clothes should allow for movement and comfort.

What not to wear at a wedding as the photographer?

As a wedding photographer, avoid wearing bright or attention-grabbing colors, casual attire like shorts, short skirts and anything too revealing or inappropriate. Also, avoid wearing flip-flops even if it’s a wedding at the beach.

Finally, don’t wear clothing without pockets or some other easy way to carry extra gear.

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