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Maternity Boudoir Photography (Tips, Ideas & Outfit Ideas)

How to capture the beauty and essence of motherhood with Maternity Boudoir Photography, blending elegance, empowerment, and the intimate journey of pregnancy.

Boudoir photography may seem exciting, but about when you’re pregnant?

Don’t worry, maternity boudoir photography is a lot of fun and there’s no need to be intimidated.

In this guide, I’ll cover some of the best maternity boudoir photoshoot tips, ideas, and outfits.

Whether you’re an expectant mother or a boudoir photographer, you’ll have the confidence to create sexy and empowering photos before the baby arrives.

Preparing for the Maternity Boudoir Shoot

Preparing for a maternity boudoir session may feel intimidating with all the changes your body is going through, but it’s a great way to capture the intimate moments that are unique to your pregnancy and your vision.

Let’s go through some ways to prepare for your maternity boudoir photoshoot from consultation to wardrobe and all the fun steps along the way.

What should I share during my maternity boudoir consultation?

A consultation is a critical first step in your maternity boudoir journey.

Setting expectations, expressing your vision, and building that trust will ensure your photographer understands your vision.

Additionally, setting boundaries or saying what you don’t feel comfortable doing will ensure a relaxing shoot.

You should also consider the best time to take maternity photos.

What should I wear to a maternity boudoir shoot?

A pregnant woman standing in the water at sunset.

Your ‘wardrobe’ is a huge part of the maternity boudoir session! A matching bra and panty set that’s equally sexy and comfortable is a great start.

If you’re unsure where to start, no need to fret! Here are some helpful wardrobe options  of what to wear for your maternity photoshoot:

  • Nylon/spandex sets: Unlined bras and undies made from these materials like the kind from ThirdLove will be comfortable and allow room for changes in bust size since they flex with your figure.
  • Lacy or satin sets: If you want something more feminine and innately sexy, there are plenty of nylon/spandex blended sets from Preggo Leggings that are covered in lace details to ensure comfort while adding some sex appeal. Satin sets give that shiny sophistication and can be paired with a robe for added coverage.
  • Victoria’s Secret sets: I don’t think anyone’s surprised that the leader in lingerie has stunning lace-trimmed maternity bralettes and matching panty sets in endless color options.
  • Lingerie: Soft slips or negligees with baby-doll designs are a top pick because they’re fitted at the bust. Most have a relaxed, cut-out design that exposes the belly or even a see-through material — either way, your beautiful bump will be the focal point.
  • Bottoms only: If you want your growing belly to catch the eye more than anything, a favorite pair of trousers works.
  • Dresses: Some of us still want an alluring look that highlights our bump without exposing too much, which is when nightgowns, silky sheets, and clothes such as dresses work best.

You should also consider bringing some props to your maternity photoshoot.

What are the must-have accessories for my maternity boudoir session?

Accessories can really amp up maternity sessions and help highlight your own unique personality.

Now is the time to celebrate with accessories that honor your individuality or even your culture, such as flower crowns that can also match your aesthetic and setting.

Fedoras and beanies are great if you’re a hat person, and custom jewelry highlighting your baby’s initials and birthstone are other wonderful ideas.

Your photographer will also probably ask you to bring little onesies to show what your future baby will one day wear!

What’s the best makeup for maternity photos?

Whether you’re a makeup maven or tend to work the natural look, there’s no reason you can’t sex it up for your maternity shoot.

If you’re thinking of wearing some sultry lingerie, match the mood with your makeup. Think of a bold red lip and smoky eye.

You can also lean on makeup choices to bring out the colors that will surround you during the session.

For example, use green eyeshadow for woodsy locations. Pick a theme and run with it!

Location selection

No matter what location you decide to use, you’ll want to be comfortable and have good weather if shooting outside. Either way, you and your photographer can collaborate to nurture a comfortable, intimate setting where you feel confident in your changing body, such as:

  • Homes: Your home is probably where you’re most comfortable. Here, your personal style shines through, and the same will happen if your maternity photos are taken in your living room, in your bedroom, and so on.
  • Studios: If you’re concerned about the weather around your maternity boudoir schedule, avoid the risk and head to your photographer’s studio. The studio will be full of props and decked out with the best lighting, so take advantage of that!
  • Other settings: Places full of your best memories like your own yard, a lake house, or a beach house offer unmatched scenery, paving the way for gorgeous photos that symbolize impending motherhood.

And remember, safety comes first. Don’t attempt locations that are risky like those in the mountains or near waterfalls.

Night before and day of prep

Taking care of yourself with healthy food choices and lots of hydration will make a monumental difference in how you feel the day of your maternity photo shoot. Here are some must-follow tips for feeling your best on the big day:

  • Eat a healthy meal full of protein and nutrients the night before and day of your photo session. I recommended a hearty salad packed with protein the night before and oatmeal with protein or fruit the morning of so you feel energized and satiated.
  • Get a good night’s sleep so you feel rested, healthy, and alert the day of your session.
  • Do your hair and makeup to look and feel your best! If you don’t typically wear makeup, give yourself plenty of time to explore and jazz up your skin and face.
  • Bring accessories for touch-ups as needed throughout your session, including brushes, curling irons, makeup, deodorant, and more.
  • Have a backup outfit on hand just in case you’re not feeling what you originally picked or start to feel uncomfortable.
  • Pack water and snacks to keep you feeling your best throughout the session. If you’ve been battling morning sickness, make sure you bring ginger ale or ginger candy to keep nausea at bay.

How is a Maternity Boudoir Photo Session Different From a Regular Boudoir Photoshoot?

Maternity boudoir sessions are awesome because, unlike regular boudoir, they empower women to feel attractive while carrying a child.

These photos will also serve as a great reminder after birth, allowing you to remember all the challenges you overcame and all the excitement that was to come.

Techniques for a Successful Pregnancy Boudoir Shoot

A pregnant woman standing on the beach at sunset.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from your photographer in terms of directions, lighting, and more.

Poses for the expectant mother

The most common pose for an expectant mother is a profile shot that highlights her bump. Side views are not only flattering but also safe.

Your photographer will encourage you to hug and hold your belly in a way that feels organic and gives your bump center stage.

You can get some more inspiration by reading our guides to pregnancy photoshoot poses and the best boudoir poses.

If you’d like to go the do-it-yourself route, check out these DIY boudoir pose ideas.

Lighting essentials

Your photographer will also leverage natural and studio lighting to enhance your curves and the mood.

A flash and reflector are common types of gear your photographer will rely on to get lighting that maintains that boudoir vibe.

Including families

Why wouldn’t adding your partner still feel sexy with boudoir photography?

Maternity photos tend to be a mix of solo and partnered photos, so the same goes for maternity-focused boudoir photography.

Having partners embrace the expectant mother from behind is a good method here. You can also add in your other children if you change into a backup outfit.

Post-Processing Tips for Maternity Boudoir Shoot Images

Light editing and retouching work wonders in all styles of photography, including boudoir photography. Let’s cover some basics below!

Ethical retouching

Your photographer may use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop for minor retouching because nobody wants to see their skin close up with a ton of zits or redness. Thanks to the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom, ethical retouching of skin is possible!

Mood enhancements

Photoshop and Lightroom are full of presets designed to enhance photos. Your photographer may also try black and white conversions to add drama and depth.

Maternity Boudoir Photography Ideas & Examples

Let’s jump into the best part here: maternity boudoir ideas and examples!

1. Beauty in basics

A pregnant woman is holding her belly in front of a window.

Sometimes, keeping it simple with setting and wardrobe during your maternity boudoir photography session is the easiest, most comfortable option as shown above by Freestocks.

2. Moody scenes

A pregnant woman leaning against a wooden door.

Boudoir photography is free to be interpreted by everyone differently, it doesn’t have to mean being nude or scantily clad, as shown above by Mel Elias.

3. Bumps in black and white

A pregnant woman is silhouetted against a white background.

This stunning shot above from Janko Ferlič is as gorgeous as it is artistic.

4. Fluffy frills

A pregnant woman laying on a bed.

The textures and setting of this maternity boudoir session by Pau Patterson is a striking showcase of maternity photos in boudoir style.

5. Bringing attitude

A pregnant woman wearing a black hat and black pants.

This creative take on maternity boudoir by Toa Heftiba is a solid example of individuality in maternity photos.

6. A cultural connection

A pregnant woman in a white dress posing in the grass.

This photo from Shelly Shell is a wonderful demonstration of culture in maternity photos.

7. Relax and reflect

A pregnant woman in a red dress standing in a field of tall grass.

Venturing to the outdoors is a great idea for maternity shoots.

This photo here by Omar Lopez gives the mom an opportunity to reflect and connect with nature.

8. Delicate details

A black and white photo of a pregnant woman.

A gorgeous picture that spotlights the delicate relationship between mothers expecting their babies, captured here in greyscale by Ready Ray.

9. Blue and beachy

A pregnant woman in a blue dress poses in front of a palm tree.

Don’t be afraid of colors and backgrounds.

This image from Gemali Martinez is an awesome representation of the “barefoot and pregnant” figure of speech.

The beautiful tropic setting and soft blue really have the mom who’s expecting shining bright!

10. Reflective portraits

A black and white photo of a couple posing for a maternity photo.

This black and white portrait from Venti Views is a truly stunning boudoir shot with lingerie, a baby bump, and the couple.

11. Sexed up sunsets

A silhouette of a couple kissing at sunset.

This sunset silhouette photo from Nandu Kumar is a great representation of how partners can be effectively added to boudoir photography sessions without losing the mood.

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