138 Free RAW Photos & Files: Download to Practice Editing

Practice your photo editing by downloading these FREE RAW photo files. Compare different RAW file types from popular digital cameras.

If you want to practice your photo editing, here’s a selection of over 100 free RAW photos for you to download.

You can experiment with any of the RAW images in your favourite photo editing program to see the dynamic range and limits of the RAW files.

Also, if you’re shopping for cameras, these downloadable RAW files can be used to compare various formats from popular brands: NEF, CR2, RAF, ARW and more.

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(We’ll keep expanding this selection of free RAW images to give you a wide variety from all the modern digital cameras.)

If you use any of the images online (as a RAW or a JPEG), please link back to Shotkit and credit the photographer making it clear that the edit is your own interpretation of the photo.

138 Downloadable RAW Photo Files (Free to Download)

We’ve separated all the free RAW images below into the most popular camera brands, including the models of the camera too.

When you begin to edit RAW photos from different camera models, you’ll start to understand the limitations of each.

In addition, depending on which RAW photo editing software you use, you’ll notice how each of the free RAW files can look different, even before any edits have been applied.

You’re free to download any of the RAW photos for editing practice – all we ask is that if you share them online, you leave a link to this page as credit.

If you are looking for free raw photos for retouching practice these are also great resources to look at.

Nikon NEF RAW Files

Try this RAW photo download link for Nikon RAW photos.

These free RAW photos were taken with a variety of Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras. We’ll be adding more Nikon NEF RAW files soon – get in touch if you’d like to submit your own.

Canon CR2 RAW Files

This link showcases Canon RAW photos to edit.

These free RAW photos were taken with a selection of Canon DSLR and mirrorless cameras. If you’d like to submit your own CR2 RAW photos for inclusion, get in touch. Remember when you download raw images be sure to give proper credits.

Fujifilm RAF RAW Files

Check this link out for a Fujifilm RAW photo for editing.

Download the raw file for Fujifilm here. These free RAW photos were taken with a selection of Fujifilm X Series mirrorless cameras. I still own a Fujifilm X100V, so will add more RAW photos for editing soon.

Sony ARW RAW Files

If you are looking for Sony raw images for editing, check this out. These free RAW photos were taken with a selection of Sony full frame and crop sensor mirrorless cameras. I still own a Sony a7III and a7IV, so will add more Sony ARW RAW photos for editing soon. If you are in search of a RAW photo for editing practice, this is a great resource too.

What is an ARW file and how to open one

Leica RWL RAW Files

These free RAW photos were taken with a Leica Q2 mirrorless compact camera. If you own a Leica, please help us add more RAW photos for editing to this list. You can also help us by crediting this page when you use these raw images download files.

You can get RAW portrait photos to edit for various purposes.


These free RAW photos were taken with a selection DJI drones that I’ve owned over the years. The sensor in the DJI Mavic series of drones is small, so don’t expect much editing latitude with these RAW images. These raw image download files are free of charge.

RAW File Format Guide

When you’re using raw images for editing practice or for other purposes, it is important to know what the different file formats are from different devices. It is better to familiarize yourself with the different formats for the RAW file download.

Here are the main RAW image files you’re likely to come across in 2023. You can learn more about RAWs here.

.DNG Apple ProRAW Image
.CR2 Canon Raw 2 Image File
.CR3 Canon Raw 3 Image File
.CRW Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.CS1 CaptureShop 1-shot Raw Image
.BAY Casio RAW Image
.DNG Digital Negative Image
.EIP Enhanced Image Package File
.ERF Epson RAW File
.RAF Fuji RAW Image File
.GPR GoPro RAW Image
.3FR Hasselblad 3F RAW Image
.FFF Hasselblad RAW Image
.KC2 Kodak DCS200 Camera Raw Image
.DCR Kodak Digital Camera RAW Image File
.K25 Kodak K25 Image
.KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer File
.MOS Leaf Camera RAW File
.RWL Leica RAW Image
.MFW Mamiya Camera Raw File
.MEF Mamiya RAW Image
.MDC Minolta Camera Raw Image
.MRW Minolta Raw Image File
.NKSC Nikon Capture NX-D Sidecar File
.NEF Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
.NRW Nikon Raw Image
.ORF Olympus RAW File
.RW2 Panasonic RAW Image
.PEF Pentax Electronic File
.IIQ Phase One RAW Image
.RAW Raw Image Data File
.RWZ Rawzor Compressed Image
.J6I Ricoh Camera Image File
.SRW Samsung RAW Image
.X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.ARW Sony Alpha Raw Digital Camera Image
.SR2 Sony RAW Image
.SRF Sony RAW Image

Learn more about image formats.

RAW Images for Download: Final Recommendations

Despite being a professional photographer for over 10 years, I still find editing photos challenging. Perhaps it’s the same for you too?

Hopefully, this selection of free RAW photos for editing will become a useful resource for photographers of all standards who need to practice their retouching skills.

As a reminder, if you choose to display these RAW pictures online, please remember to link back to Shotkit (or this page), and credit the original photographer, noting that any edits to the RAW files are your own.

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