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17 Lovely Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas (+ What to Wear)

Create the best ever mommy and me photoshoot with these tips and ideas for both boys and girls. Celebrate the unique mother-daughter/son bond.

Looking to create the best mommy and me photoshoot, but unsure where to start?

We’re here to help with all the inspiration and advice you need to achieve the best possible images.

Whether you’re more focused on a fun outdoor setting or a coordinating outfit, we’ve got plenty of broad tips plus some detailed pointers that fall under them to help you make the most of your mommy and me sessions with your son, daughter or your whole family.

We can help you narrow down a theme or give you some tips to wing it with only your outfit planned.

Either way, you’ll find the inspo you need to get the creative juices flowing.

So, let’s dive into lovely mommy and me photoshoot ideas and some tips for what to wear as you capture a precious moment during a studio session or an amazing at-home shoot.

What are Some Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas for a Boy?

Mother and son with map

Credit: Pixabay


If you’re not enlisting the help of a professional photographer for your mommy and me photoshoot ideas, an indoor session at home with your own camera is a great way to save money and stress.

By simply setting your phone’s timer or using a camera and tripod, you can capture cute, natural photos while making sure your kids feel comfortable and at home — pun intended.

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to do an at-home shoot, what’s next on the list for photoshoot ideas? We’ll cover some basics below!

1. Pick your outfits 

While coordinating with your little one isn’t mandatory, matching outfits offer cute photoshoot ideas for pics with your son or daughter!

You can both don formal wear, bright colors or matching jeans and T-shirts. Don’t feel limited to those clothing ideas, however – celebrate your personal style for your best mommy and me photoshoot.

2. Select your space 

Mum and son playing on bike

Credit: Gustavo Fring

Do you want the neutral background in your kitchen or the cozy fireplace in the living room for your mommy and me photoshoot?

You could try a cute look on the steps with mom sitting and son standing, or you can snag a more interesting bottom-up angle as you both snuggle on the gorgeous hardwoods in front of your sofa and toys.

The photoshoot ideas around your home are nearly limitless.

3. Ponder your pose 

Are you hoping for a cute candid capture full of genuine smiles or a posed look you can quickly prepare for?

For planned poses, you and your son can look adoringly at each other and for a candid look, you know what to do!

Break out the tickle monster or the voice of their favorite TV character to get a natural look that shows your kids giggling away.

4. Get creative 

If a clean, classic photoshoot feels boring, don’t worry! There are tons of fun ideas out there that can make this photo session one to remember.

If your child loves to finger paint, have fun painting each other with a rainbow of colors.

If one of your favorite mommy and me activities is cooking, get some playful shots of the two of you mixing brownie batter and smearing it on each other’s noses.

If your child’s favorite nighttime activity is assisted reading, break out the Dr. Seuss books and score some shots of the two of you intently focused on the story.


Mother and son winter photoshoot

Credit: Yan Krukau

You’ll want to follow similar steps for an outdoor mommy and me photoshoot here: pick your outfits, ponder your post and select your space, but let’s dig deeper into these photoshoot ideas:

5. Dress to impress 

If it’s chilly out or you’re doing a winter holiday photo shoot, you’ll want to dress yourself and your kids appropriately. This also brings a chance to get creative with coats, scarves, beanies and more.

If your family is full of die-hard New York Giants fans, you and your son can rock some of their festive gear while staying warm.

6. Choose your setting 

Mother and child at pool

Credit: Josiah Matthew

Are you envisioning cute backyard photo shoots in your garden during golden hour or a lovely summertime shoot showcasing you and your little ones dipping their toes in the pool?

Whether you’re doing a shoot with a baby, toddler or multiple little ones, your backyard can be the perfect way to bring all your creative photoshoot ideas to life.

7. Plan your poses 

If you’ve nailed down the location, it’s time to decide if you want a natural, real-life moment or a more posed portrait.

An adorable shot of your little ones running toward you out in the yard or a classic shot of your toddler kissing you are both exceptionally cute ideas worth considering, so set up your tripod and camera and get going, or have your partner play photographer.

Out and About

Woman and little boy fishing

Credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

8. Venture out

Perhaps you’ve decided you want to venture out to a local spot up the road with a cool mural that can double as the perfect background.

This gives you the opportunity to leverage your outfit to coordinate with or complement that beautiful artwork!

9. Get action shots 

Lady and little boy making snowballs

Credit: Victoria Akvarel

Maybe there’s a gorgeous park in your neighborhood that allows you the freedom to race down the slide with your kid.

And how cute would it be to get on the swing sets with your child and get some in-motion shots of you swinging, laughing and being silly? Too cute, and you may even decide to involve a pet dog in the action too.

10. Seek out a professional

On the other hand, maybe you’ve actually decided you want a professional photographer to grab the perfect image of you and your little ones during your mommy and me photoshoot.

A photo session in a clean, classic studio offers an array of props, toys and backdrops to create the perfect mood you can’t always achieve at home.

You and your kids can sport black turtlenecks for a poetic mood as you sit against the neutral background in the studio, or you can celebrate your little one’s birthday with bold, bright colors against a clean white backdrop.

And you can, of course, just hire a professional to come to your home to snag some pics if you want your house or backyard to be the setting and don’t want the stress of being the subject and the photographer or traveling to a studio.

What are Some Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas for a Girl?

Mother and daughter in forest

Credit: Filipe Leme

There doesn’t have to be a big difference between the ideas for a mommy and me photoshoot with a boy or a girl. Just like for the photoshoot with your boy, you’ll want to plan your outfit, setting and pose for your mommy and me sessions with your daughter.

However, you can get a little more creative with details, so let’s explore some options:

11. Accessorize 

Although little boys can certainly have fun accessorizing too, you’ll create a cute matchy-matchy look with your daughter by choosing similar accessories for your mommy and me sessions.

Try some cute hair bows, matching headbands or even some coordinating sunglasses.

12. Matching outfits and hair 

Maybe you and your daughter have a similar sense of style that centers on the color pink, or maybe you both love to sport ponytails or braids.

Use these commonalities to create the cutest portrait ever during your next mommy and me photoshoot!

Also, if you have brothers and sisters, don’t forget to include them in the fun aswell.

Mommy daughter matching outfits

Credit: Lucas Souza

13. Don’t forget props

If your little girl has a favorite board game, dust it off and use it for the photo! If she has a favorite stuffed animal or a cherished blanket, add that kind of stuff in too for a more genuine photo that captures her spirit and hobbies.

14. Choose a theme

Stumped on mommy and me photoshoot ideas? Try taking inspiration from a theme. This can be anything from a color to a movie or a character, but we’ll call out some specific photoshoot ideas below:

Theme Ideas

Parent and child cooking together

Credit: Gustavo Fring

Disney princesses — This opens up all kinds of adorable mommy and me photoshoot ideas! Whether you want Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan or any of the more recent characters like Elsa, you’ll create an amazing photo shoot with your children as you sit around a table or meander about.

Cake — Cakes are not only a gorgeous display of intricately crafted artwork, but they’re also delicious and make excellent props for pictures! So grab your camera and rub some icing on your kid’s nose or take turns feeding each other for the cutest photo session imaginable. (See also: Indoor & outdoor birthday photoshoot ideas)

Flowers — There’s nothing more feminine than flowers, which is why they’re a perfect addition to your mommy and daughter photoshoot. Roses, tiger lilies, azaleas and more will add a vibrant pop of color and a fun girly element to your photo shoots.

Play dress-up — Even if you’re not going into full character mode, your daughter will love raiding your closet and throwing some of your heels and jewelry on.

What are Some Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas During Pregnancy?

Pregnant mother and daughter

Credit: Gustavo Fring

Your little one may not be here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun portrait session in style! Whether you’re expecting your first or are pregnant with your fourth, you can play around dressing up and documenting these precious moments.

15. Grab the kids

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, pick an adorable matching outfit with your son or daughter and have them join in on the memories as you hold your belly and start your session via your tripod, partner or a professional.

Get some cute profile shots as you pick up your kid while showing off your belly’s beauty from the side.

16. Call your mom 

Two generations of mothers

Credit: Rodnae Productions

In today’s world, a lot of young mothers are choosing to incorporate their own moms, grandmoms or both parents into mommy and me photoshoots as a way to illustrate a legacy among three or four generations.

Making this a multi-generational affair will provide you with portraits you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

17. Go solo 

Maybe you want to show your late-stage pregnancy in all its glory with some sexy yet tasteful lingerie that highlights just you and your bump, and there’s no shame in that game!

Get your brightest lingerie and pair it up with a robe or fur heels for the ultimate feeling of luxury that emphasizes your pregnancy pride.

Mommy and Me Sessions: Final Words

Whether you’re a woman with two newborn babies, children of various ages or a feisty toddler, you can easily capture your child’s spirit and smile during at-home photoshoots or with a pro when you apply any of the mommy and me photoshoot ideas in this article.

So, pick a theme, pick a place, choose your pose, and you’ll be instantly on your way to the perfect mommy and me portrait.

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