17 Hilarious Grinch Photoshoot Ideas for Christmas & Beyond

It may be a bit early for Christmas, but who says you can't start planning a Grinch photoshoot for your kids and friends?! Here are some fun ideas.

Whether you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, the animated movie or the character in general, there’s no shortage of ideas out there that will take your holiday photoshoot to the next level. 

In this article, I’ll share funny Grinch photoshoot ideas for parents to try this Christmas that will be sure to make your season’s greetings cards stand out among the other pictures lining your refrigerator door.     

What Are Some Funny Grinch Photoshoot Ideas for Christmas?

Are you a giver of annual gag gifts, a merry prankster at family reunions, or the class clown continuing to wreak havoc decades after graduation?

Then this Grinch-themed photoshoot section has your name all over it.

1. Spook Your Kids Outside




A post shared by Royal Rose Images (@royalroseimages)

Equally adorable and hilarious, capturing the moment of terror on your children’s faces as you scare them in your Grinch costume is a must-try this holiday season.

The ideal photo session would be outside with an elegant armchair your child can cozy up while posing for the professional photographer.

Then pick the perfect moment to sneak in from the side and spook them! Their scared facial expressions will be pure gold worthy of internet stardom.

2. Prank Them Inside


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A post shared by Kyron Malachi (@kyron_malachi)

If you don’t have an outdoor setting in mind or the weather isn’t nice on the day you plan to shoot, take the action to your living room.

Have your children sit around the Christmas tree and repeat the steps from above!

3. Catch Them on the Run


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A post shared by Dee Vanity Photography (@grinchphotosbydee)

Whether you’re inside or outside, if you successfully spook your kids, you’ll get hysterical shots of their facial expressions and some sweet action shots!

Your photographer will have ample opportunity to get action shots of you peering out from behind them as your kids start to run.

These are humorous shots your friends and loved ones will laugh about for years, even if your kid looks traumatized.

4. Talk to the Hand


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A post shared by FAITH KNOWLES (@a_mom_with_a_fancy_camera)

Here’s a fun twist that will elevate the hilarity of your Grinch photoshoot! Instead of having your kids seated while you prepare to spook them, have the Grinch sit in the fancy armchair.

Then have your children come onto the scene, and the designated Grinch playfully (and gently) terrorize them by pushing your kid’s face out of the way.

5. A Gentle Headlock


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A post shared by Jasmin Felix REALTOR® (@jazzyjas_inthehouse)

Another comical thing to try with your kid is a classic headlock and noogie.

Reminiscent of an older brother teasing his young bro, this pose would make the funniest photo in the world.

6. Reverse the Roles


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A post shared by E V A H O D G E S (@_reallyfeofeva_)

Turn the tables by having your kid or children dress up as the Grinch while Mom and Dad don their everyday wear.

This time, the parents take a seat by the Christmas tree and politely wait for their photo to be taken.

The little ones can “scare” the parents while adorned in their best How the Grinch Stole Christmas! costumes and makeup (more on that later).

7. Have a staring contest


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A post shared by LITCHFIELD PARK PHOTOGRAPHERS (@theholidaytographers)

Dressed as the Grinch, have a staring contest with your kid. Let’s see how long they last without laughing! 

Whether you catch them all concentrated or in a burst of laughter, these pictures are a lot of fun. 

8. Upside Down


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A post shared by Crafty Creations (@craftycreationsusa)


Have the Grinch ‘steal’ the children by grabbing them from their feet and holding them upside down. 

What Are Some Family Grinch Photoshoot Ideas?

9. Let the Grinch Crash the Party


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A post shared by Vida Garay (@lifewithvidagaray)

One of the easiest ways to do a Grinch family photo shoot is to have one family member dress up as the Grinch — the ultimate party crasher — without anyone else in costume.

Parents can grab prosthetic latex, faux fur, and festive decorations and get started!

To snag tips for perfecting the Grinch’s makeup and wardrobe, check out the YouTube video below from legendary makeup artist Ashlea Henson.


10. Have Everyone Get into Character


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A post shared by Kalli Narvais (@kalli.narvais)

If your children love the Grinch, they’ll have a blast joining in on the costume party.

Dad can play the Grinch, Mom can play Martha May Whovier, your daughter can naturally adopt Cindy Lou Who, and your son can rock the Drew or Stu Lou Who role.

But don’t feel limited to these characters – there are so many to choose from and so many themes that invite your creativity.  


11. Furry Friends Welcome!


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A post shared by Chelsea & (in memory of) Meeko (@chelsea_and_meeko)

Don’t forget to include your four-legged friends in the fun of a family portrait!

Check out some cute dog and cat Grinch costumes on Amazon.

12. Santa saves the day!


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A post shared by KAREN CHIN PHOTOGRAPHY LLC 📸 (@karenchinphotography)


The Grinch might want to ruin Christmas, but Santa isn’t going to let him! Have another person dressed as Santa come in halfway through the photoshoot to save the day.

What Are Some Grinch Baby Photoshoot Ideas?

13. Play Dress Up


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A post shared by LITCHFIELD PARK PHOTOGRAPHERS (@theholidaytographers)

There are tons of small Grinch costumes out there that will make your baby the cutest Grinch around, so get some baby snuggles, hugs and kisses while they’re in their festive Grinch pajamas as seen here!

14. Hold & Wait


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A post shared by Lesley Masson FOT (@lesmassonfot)

This should be the easiest idea of them all — enjoy baby snuggles while you or your partner is dressed up as the Grinch.

We all know how unpredictable your little baby can be, which is the beauty of this tip!

Whether they cry, laugh, or look traumatized while you’re in Grinch mode, you’ll have some amazing frame-worthy photos to choose from.

15. Fresh Paint


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A post shared by Central Jersey Photographer (@sarahdipityphotography)

If you’re the type who likes to go the extra mile, try gently painting your bundle of joy in the signature Grinch green before dressing them up!

There are loads of options for child-safe paint and makeup out there.

Just make sure you test a small portion of their skin first to make sure they don’t have an allergic reaction before the photoshoot.

16. Have a Grinch maternity photoshoot


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A post shared by BLAKELEY VINICKY | fashion • beauty • family (@blakeleysblondelife)

If you happen to be pregnant around Christmas time, why not invite the Grinch into your maternity photoshoot? Especially if he’s the father!

17. Fake Disgust


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A post shared by Eighth & Moon Photography (@eighthandmoonphotography)

Another hilarious option for your Grinch photoshoot is to have one parent act as the Grinch in Santa mode, sitting on the couch while holding the little one away from them in disgust — similar to the iconic Lion King scene but with a disgruntled facial expression.

This funny photo session will garner much more laughs than traditional holiday pictures with hugs and kisses.

I hope you have a lot of fun at your next Grinch photshoot.

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