37 Pregnancy Photoshoot Poses for a Stunning Maternity Shoot

Find out the best and most flattering maternity poses with these 37 examples, plus our pro tips for nailing your most stunning pregnancy photoshoot.

If you’re looking for some beautiful and meaningful pregnancy photoshoot poses, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve gathered maternity pictures and ideas for different photoshoots. You’ll find pregnancy poses suitable for the mom-to-be, the couple, and the whole family all the way leading up to their first baby photoshoot!

You’ll also find inspiration and tips in this article for taking beautiful photos of pregnant women. These can help you if you’re a photographer just starting out with maternity photoshoots. (You can also use the tips if you’re a pregnant woman about to have your first maternity photoshoot.)

Maternity photography truly is a special thing, so let’s celebrate it with some amazing poses that really highlight the wonder when expecting a child.

37 Beautiful Pregnancy & Maternity Photoshoot Poses

Get inspired by these maternity pictures if you have a maternity photo shoot coming up. The examples are helpful whether you’re a photographer or a model.

You’ll find poses for a solo maternity photoshoot, as well as ones for couples and families.

Make sure to also read our guide on when to take maternity photos too.

Solo Maternity Poses

1. Hold the belly – frontal

Credit: Leah Kelley

Facing the camera, hold your belly in a protective and caring way.

2. Hold the belly – 45 degrees

Credit: Garon Piceli

This is a variation on the first pose, but you have to face at a 45-degree angle from the camera. In this case, you show better the size of the baby bump.

3. Hold the belly-lateral

Credit: João Paulo de Souza Oliveira

Silhouette maternity photos are perfect for showing a mom’s belly. This is great if you want to do a week-by-week photo session to keep track of the growing belly.

4. Showing the sonogram

Credit: Dominika Roseclay

Try holding the sonogram in front of the belly. This way, you can include the baby’s first picture in your maternity photos.

5. Milk bath

Credit: Lucas Mendes

A milk bath is one of the best maternity photoshoot ideas – and it’s also great for the skin. Approach a professional photographer to get the best results.

6. Holding something of the baby

Credit: Andre Furtado

Hold some of the baby’s items (possessions) next to your pregnant belly – for example, some baby shoes or plush toys.

This is great if you have the photo session in the baby’s nursery. Otherwise, you can bring some items with you if you’re doing it outdoors or in a studio.

7. Sunbathing

Credit: Georgia Maciel

The best outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas include sunbathing.

Getting enough sun is essential for the baby’s health and development. This light also makes for stunning maternity photos.

Make sure you wear sunscreen, though. 

8. Legs crossed

Credit: Mikotoraw Photographer

A simple pose for females that’s very effective for maternity shoots is to sit down with your legs crossed. This way, you create a visual base that supports your beautiful baby bump.

9. Leaning on a wall

Credit: Lucas Mendes

Leaning against a wall should be amongst your maternity photoshoot poses. Make sure you choose a wall with pleasing color and texture to complement the photo. 

10. Looking at the belly

Credit: Jonathan Borba

A classic pose in maternity photography is looking down at the belly – sitting, standing, or lying. You should also check out our guide to sitting poses for flattering portraits.

11. Pregnancy yoga

Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Why not a yoga session if you’re looking for cool ideas for your maternity photo shoot? This way, you get to show off your amazing pregnant body

12. Half-lying on the side

Credit: Andreza Vasconcelos

Not all maternity poses are different from any other portrait photoshoot. You can sit on the floor sideways, supported by your arm. Then, use the other hand to touch your adorable baby bump. 

13. Underwater

Credit: Cort Landt

Have you ever thought about having an underwater maternity photography session? Water is such a natural environment that some women even decide to have a water birth.

You’ll surely get a unique maternity photo to remember this magical time.

14. In the tub

Credit: Jonathan Borba

If underwater is too extreme for you, you can still create some stunning images in the bathtub. 

15. Walking

Credit: Vitor Monthay

An outdoor maternity photo shoot invites you to take some beautiful photos walking. Also, you’ll get some wonderful natural light if you do it during the golden hour. 

16. Lying on your back

Credit: George Jr Kamau

Another great pose for a maternity photo shoot is to have the moms lie down on their backs. This will highlight the cute bump. 

Couple Maternity Poses 

Capture memories that will last for a lifetime with some professional photos together. Here are some maternity picture poses for a couple’s photo shoot.

1. Holding hands

Credit: Saulo Leite

You can’t miss a picture of you and your partner holding hands when doing a couple’s maternity photo shoot.

2. Holding the sonogram as a couple

Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

A must-have maternity photo shoot pose is to have the couple holding the baby’s sonogram.

3. Face to face

Credit: Georgia Maciel

Having the couple look into each other’s eyes makes a lovely maternity pose. 

4. Partner holding baby’s item

Credit: Alzenir Silva do Nascimento

Another classic maternity photo shoot is having the partner hold a pair of baby shoes or baby clothes. 

5. Embrace from the back

Credit: Jéshoots

A husband hug from the back is one of the best maternity photo poses. You can even take fun pictures from the side if they want to compare their bellies. 

6. Partner kissing the belly

Credit: Pixabay

One of the sweetest maternity photo ideas is to have the partner kiss the pregnant belly. 

7. Foreground and background

Credit: Nicole Ganze

Try using different focus planes for less traditional maternity photoshoot ideas. For example, have the partner show the sonogram in the foreground. Then, place the mom in the background with a softer focus.

8. Front and sideways, holding the belly

Credit: Georgia Maciel

During a pregnancy photo shoot, it’s also important to try different poses. This will help the couple find one where they feel more natural and take great maternity photos.

For example, try having the partner hug the mom’s belly from the side. 

9. Walk on the beach

Credit: Jonathan Borba

A maternity photo shoot on the beach gives you great opportunities for candid shots. You can also achieve some posed pics that look more natural.

10. Mom and dad’s hands on the belly

Credit: Ryutaro Tsukata

A couple’s maternity photo shoot is about the connection of both parents. One way to show this in the pregnancy photos is to have the hands of both of them on the baby bump.

11. Hold flags (for international couples)

Credit: Caleb Oquendo

Finding maternity photo ideas that show the heritage of international couples isn’t easy. Try including the flags as props for a cute pic.

12. Standing behind her

Credit: Thiago Borges

Poses with different heights create dynamic compositions. This also applies to maternity photos. For this, try having the future mom sitting down and the partner standing behind her.

13. Sitting on the ground

Credit: Kyle Karbowski

A great look for a maternity photoshoot is having the couple sit down on the ground. It gives the pregnancy pics a casual look. 

14. Lying on the ground

Credit: Martin Kirigua

One of the sweetest maternity photos is having the couple lie down together. It’s a way to show intimacy that also helps to show the pregnant belly. 

15. Recline on him

Credit: Alexandre Saraiva Carniato

This pose makes for casual and intimate maternity photos. It works as well outdoors as it does in the client’s house. You should try it out the next time you do a pregnancy photoshoot. 

16. Hand heart

Credit: Trung Nguyen

A must in maternity photography is to have the hands forming a heart on the belly. This pose works well in a solo or a couple’s maternity shoot. 

If you want to find some other cute ways to pose your hands poses, check out our guide on posing the hands.

Family Maternity Poses

It’s not always easy to find maternity poses for the whole family. So, here are some pregnancy photoshoot ideas to get you inspired. 

1. Dad and older child touching the belly

Credit: Fadime Erbass

Maternity photos where all the family members are touching the belly are beautiful.

You need to arrange the group around the mother to create a good composition. How you do this depends on how many people are in the photo. 

2. Running toward the parents

Credit: PNW Production

When there are other small children, it can be difficult to pose them for family maternity photos.

An excellent way to solve this is to suggest actions instead of poses. Ask the child to run towards the parents to capture a great photo without stressing anyone. 

3. Older child hugging both parents

Credit: Ana Bregantin

One of the best maternity photoshoot ideas for families with more children is to do a huddle. Otherwise, place the child in the middle hugging both parents.

4. Holding up the older child in between the parents

Credit: PNW Production

Because of the difference in size, it can be difficult to pose for maternity photos with a small child.

One way to fix the problem is to have the parents hold the child in their arms – this way, all three faces are at the same height.

5. Dad kissing the belly and the older child on top kissing mom

Credit: Andreza Vasconcelos(left) / Denys Mikhalevych(right)

A pregnancy photo shoot in the studio allows one to get more creative with the poses. A beautiful maternity pose is to have the partner kneeling so that they can kiss the belly. Then, have the older child climb on their shoulders so that they can kiss the mom. 

Posing Tips For Flattering Maternity Pictures 

Credit: Lais

  • Face the camera at 45 degrees for more flattering pregnancy photos
  • Schedule an outdoor maternity session during the golden hour. This way, you’ll have soft, warm light that’s very flattering for a pregnant woman.
  • Ask the model to push the chin forward to avoid a double chin. See: How to pose for pictures like a model
  • Suggest a comfortable outfit that flows naturally for a beautiful maternity shoot. 
  • Most of the time, you won’t be doing a maternity photoshoot for a professional model. Instead, it’s a pregnant woman who wants to look good but doesn’t know how to pose or act in front of the camera. It’s your job as the photographer to help her relax and act natural. 

Pregnancy Photoshoot Poses FAQs

Which month of pregnancy is good for a photoshoot?
There isn’t a hard and fast rule on when you should have a maternity photoshoot. Any time after the baby bump is noticeable is a good time to have your pregnancy photos taken. Just don’t wait until the last minute before the baby arrives so you can move around. This is why most pregnant women choose to do it between 28 to 36 weeks into pregnancy.

How do you take good pregnancy pictures of your tummy?

If you want to do a pregnancy week-by-week session, you’ll want to be facing sideways to show how the belly grows. Otherwise, face 45 degrees towards the camera for some flattering maternity pictures. Ask your photographer for some photoshoot outfit ideas. Yet, make sure that you always feel comfortable.

How should I pose for maternity pictures?

Maternity pics where you hold your belly are a must-have. Another typical pose is with you showing baby clothes. Looking at your belly while sitting or standing is also a common pose in a maternity photoshoot. We’ve put together some more ideas in this article; make sure you check it out for some photo examples as well. Always remember to have a little fun, though.

How do you hold your stomach in maternity pictures?

In almost every pose of a pregnancy photoshoot you have your hands holding your baby bump. You can do this by placing both hands under it to show support. A good variation is putting one hand on the top and the other on the bottom as an embrace. Finally, another option is to form a heart with your fingers.

Maternity Photo Shoot Final Words

I hope this maternity photography posing guide was helpful. I trust you got some photo ideas for your upcoming maternity session. Please share with us in the comments which one is your favorite and any other ideas that aren’t on the list.

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