Photographers Workspaces

A peek at the workspaces, studios and editing stations of 39 professional photographers from around the world, including a run down of their gear.

The life of a photographer has many glamorous moments… but it must be said – the hours spent editing are not among them!

As any photographer will tell you, the hours spent behind a desk are plentiful.

That’s why having a good workspace is so important.

Being locked down in a global pandemic only served to highlight this fact: We need to be comfortable. We need the right tech. We need unhindered access to a 24/7 supply of hot, life-giving coffee!

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to set up or improve your own photography workspace, look no further: below are the workspaces of 39 professional photographers from around the world.

Each photographer shares the (gloriously nerdy) details of every bit of tech they keep on their desks.

They also share the (equally fascinating) details of all the little items that make their photo editing workflow easier, more pleasant, or just more comfortable.

Many also suggest their tips on what you can do to create a better workspace. (Be sure to check out their Shotkit profiles too.)

Ready? Let’s take a look.

🇺🇸 Amii & Andy Kauth | Portrait & Wedding | Arroyo Grande, California, USA

Amii Andy Kauth photography workspace

We love our workspace! Loads of natural light and located in the main building of our two-building photography studio, located in Arroyo Grande, CA.

We’re surrounded by tons of vegetation and fruit trees and less than a 2-mile drive straight through town to the Pacific Ocean.

Our tip: Natural light and at least a few plants will keep you feeling energetic and stoked to get to work!

  • iMac (Retina 4K 21.5-inch, 2019). We have this hardwired to a projector one room over (our design room). It’s perfect for editing and running Fundy Designer Suite v10!
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports). We use this for all our on-the-go needs.
  • iPad Air (10.5″, 2019 [Not Pictured]). We use this for point-of-sale needs + it doubles as our photo booth screen.
  • iPhone XS Max (Our Biz Phone)
  • iPhone XS (Andy’s Phone)
  • iPhone 7 (Amii’s Phone)
  • LaCie 6TB Porsche Design Desktop Drive for Mac (x4)
  • Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HLL2390DW. Convenient flatbed copy & scan, wireless printing, duplex two-sided printing (this is the first printer we’ve had that has given us absolutely zero issues!)
  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition
  • Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit (3200-5600K CRI 96+ LED Panel with U Bracket + 75-inch Light Stand [x2]). We use these when we need extra light for online webinars and online meetings and design appointments).
  • Nikon D750 (This is our go-to camera, so there’s always one within reach…)
  • ZEUS Enamel Everyday Camping and Travel Mug – 12oz – Limited Edition (Love Zeus personal care products!)
  • Novogratz Athena Computer Storage, Black Marble Desk
  • Andy’s Grandfather’s desk + chair (Built in the 1950s and served as his grandfather’s desk in his medical office in Portwashington, Wisconsin, until he retired in the late 80s.)
  • Amii’s Old Surfboard (Purchased in Sydney, Australia, ca. 2001…)
  • Amii’s Custom Tenba Bag (It’s a prototype and currently not available for retail!)
  • Viva (She’s our lovely and precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!)

🇺🇸 Jacquelyn Portolese | Wedding & Commercial | Seattle, Washington, USA

Jacquelyn Portolese photographer interior design of workspace

Feeling cozy and comfortable is integral to my productivity, and that is exactly how this space makes me feel. We have lived in this apartment for two years, and the den remained a blank canvas for much of it. Coincidentally right around the time quarantine hit, I had placed orders on storage and decor to fill the space and finally make it my own!

I would ultimately love an armless desk chair. As aesthetically pleasing as it may be, the bulky arms prevent me from getting close enough to my desk (no thanks to the drawers) to maintain good posture for long sessions. But most importantly, I wish the room had windows! I know I’m not alone in saying natural light affects my mood for the better.

  • 27-inch iMac 3.2GHz Quad-core Intel Core i5 with Retina 5K display
  • Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet
  • Western Digital 8TB Elements x2
  • CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Headset
  • West Elm Mid Century Acorn Desk
  • West Elm Helvetica Desk Chair
  • West Elm Gemini Buffet, Wood, Walnut, 40″ for storage

A credenza or buffet makes for an amazing storage solution that will keep your office clutter-free while also giving you a surface to decorate or use as a tabletop studio. Mine is the purchase that has made the greatest impact on my space.

🇺🇸 Ashley Johnson | Fine Art | Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Ashley Johnson workdesk

I love all of the natural light. Light is so important to photography and so naturally I wanted a workspace with as much light as possible.

I get to watch the seasons change and see all of the animal life up in the trees—so daydreaming during an editing round is so lovely. I have a wireless printer behind me in a cabinet and it’s so lovely to have all the bulky desk items out of my desk!

  • Dried flowers and stationery for letters and writing
  • Letter organizer with all the important papers!
  • Dymo label creator for packages
  • Two film cameras
  • Typical props for product photography
  • A framed portrait against my wall
  • iMac

Place objects around you that are inspiring, engaging and encouraging. I organized the drawers in my desk so that cords, cards, hard drives and other elements are where necessary.

🇺🇸 Art Meripol | Commercial & Editorial | Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Art Meripol

After having my job eliminated in 2013 at a magazine after 25 years, I found myself freelancing. Our basement-garage-laundry-gym-workshop now has my office. It’s perfect. It’s cooled and heated and I have a large open area at my back for gear storage and a small area to work on any lighting scenarios I might come up with.

All my work is on location but I often run through ideas here first. The space has plenty of counter-top that I can expand into if needed.

After the Covid shutdown, I added the bookshelves on the left and had some of my old concert work enlarged for the big wall.

It’s all just for me since my work is on location. I have my dogs, my music, and can work without disturbing my wife who has an office upstairs where she works from home.

I want to add a comfortable small sofa or loveseat on the right for when I want to step away from the desk with just my laptop.

  • Atop the bookshelves far left by the printer is a 40+year-old Light table for those old slides and negatives I occasionally scan on my Nikon Coolscan 5000.
  • Next to that is an office Epson Printer.
  • Below BBKing is an Epson 3000 and to the right under Tom Petty is my old 1973 maranta receiver and Bose 301 speakers. It’s set up to Bluetooth because you have to have tunes when you edit.
  • Then my Apple Cinema Monitor and MacBook Pro on the desk below Bruce Springsteen.
  • On the far right below Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughan is another of my rebuilt Bose 301 speakers and four Raid Drives.
  • And below those is a dog bed used by one or the other of my four-legged office mates.

🇺🇸 Ashlee Hamon | Wedding & Branding | Florida, USA

Ashlee Hamon

We just recently rearranged our house to accommodate my husband also working from home. At first, we squeezed him into our second room that served as my office. It was about 200 sq ft and we were on TOP of each other. He is on video conference calls all day long and I did not like being his background.

We decided to build in my new workspace into the kitchen! We laid out an extension of IKEA cabinets to match the rest of the kitchen. We created a pantry and the perfect new desk for me.

We customized the cabinet pieces to house my battery backup and all of my hard drives. We even drilled through the counter to hide all of my cords, which makes me so happy.

I love being out in the open and bright main living area. I can multitask the TV, chores, cooking, and my editing. I feel more open and inspired and have been able to chip away at tasks at any moment instead of feeling like I need to “go into” the office.

This arrangement also reminds me of the studio cottage I lived in before I met my husband. It’s a unique fit that is perfect for me.

  • Photo of husband and I in Hawaii
  • Black cat magic art (we have 2 black cats)
  • Pink sand hourglass
  • Lamp Berger for yummy scents
  • Pothos plant
  • Custom UBS’s
  • Teacup of memory cards
  • iMac with wood stand

I am working toward more screens! I plan on upgrading my Mac and adding an iPad to use for sidecar retouching. I feel like I have the perfect amount of desktop space and storage to keep the area clean and inspiring.

My tip? There are no rules! Pay attention to how you feel when you work. Are you avoiding your space, are you taking your laptop to other places instead? How does the light make you feel? Do you need to be able to see outside? How much privacy feels good to you?

The more you can check in with yourself the better. I was able to identify what was and wasn’t working for me in order to create a totally new solution.

🇮🇱 Ben Kelmer | Wedding & Photojournalism | Tel Aviv, Israel

Ben Kelmer

First thing you will see is the Dell monitor, 27-inch; it’s super important in my view to be editing your work on a large screen, that’s how you make sure you don’t miss anything while editing and also your eyes don’t need to work so hard.

I also got my computer, which is the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, upgraded to be super strong, so I can also do all my video work on it.

Like any other gear that you buy, it’s important to remember that you don’t buy only for what you think you need now, but for what you may need in the following year or two.

I would like to have a bit more room here so I can use it also to film some stuff, like my upcoming YouTube blog.

  • 27-inch Dell monitor
  • 16-inch MacBook pro
  • SanDisk 1 TB – my harddisk to work from, super-fast SSD drive
  • Lacie 8 Tb – every year I get another drive and also backup on it the previous year
  • A fiscal calendar – it helps to track my assignments for each week

For me, it needs to be clean and very basic, too much stuff can create noise. It also needs to fit your work processes, from the minute you finish the shoot and back up the photos, up to the time you finish editing it all.

🇳🇴 Linda Kristiansen | Creative Fine Art | Vollen, Norway

Linda Kristiansen

I work out of a corner in my living room so I really enjoy being able to look out my big windows facing the water. It feels open and inspiring. Another practical point is I need to try and keep it all tidy at all times as I can’t really close the door behind me when I’m done.

I have this little box that looks like a black book that I keep pens, chargers and other small stuff in. I love that it’s right there, but out of sight.

  • Lenovo Ideapad L340, IntelCore i7 9th gen
  • Asus Screen
  • Huion 610pro Tablet
  • Studio Regent Headphones

Well, I do wish I had a separate workspace with room for a home studio as well – not having to stow away gear and just have a dedicated space for everything.

I would recommend taking a hard look at what you really need to have within reach and then declutter as much as possible.

🇦🇺 Brett Ferguson | Portrait | Melbourne, Australia

Brett Ferguson workdesk

My workspace works well for me, as long as I keep it clean and organised. My new computer is super fast and makes Photoshop a breeze with no waiting or lag.

The computer is close to my shooting location in-studio, so I can shoot tethered which is a bonus.

You will be spending plenty of time in front of the screen. Make sure that your space is comfortable and you have the best equipment you can afford. A great colour calibrated screen is a must if you want to be able to reproduce the colours you see and convert it to a print.

  • PC running 64GB of RAM, AMD Ryzen 9 3950X chipset, Samsung 2TB SSD for main work drive (super-quick), 500GB SSD scratch disk exclusively for PS, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Graphics Card
  • WACOM Pro Medium tablet
  • Eizo CG279X and CS240 monitors
  • Synology DS420J NAS
  • Epson Surecolour P800 Printer

🇪🇸 Dallas & Sabrina Kolotylo | Wedding, Portraiture & Travel | Barcelona, Spain

Dallas & Sabrina Kolotylo

Sabrina’s Office

Dallas & Sabrina Kolotylo

Dallas’ Office

We just love our tiled floors and tall balcony doors, just all the quirky character and soul in our little workspace. It’s what made us fall in love with this space at the start.

The floor tiles are original and hand-painted and the huge doors go out to our little balcony when we need a break from work. It’s what we dreamed about when wanting to have a place in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Apple MacBook Pros (we travel a lot so we sold all of our big dual monitors and huge computer setup and went with something we can simply throw in a bag and travel with)
  • Endless amounts of hard drives, memory cards and cords

One of the things though that has helped us stay focused and inspired is to control the clutter as it inevitably grows over time.

Declutter! A clean space really helps to have a clear mind, giving space for your brain to focus on getting things done.

Being creative people we both tend to find beauty in things, which unfortunately can lead to the habit of collecting many things, haha. So we really try to keep our life simple and declutter often so that we can focus on what is most important in our life.

As a side benefit, we also find it helps keep anxiety at bay and gets rid of distractions.

🇮🇹 Dario Dusio | Wedding | Turin, Italy

Dario Dusio

I spend most of my time in the field, so I sit down only for post-production or to play videogames!

I like the essential organization of my space and the fact that there are so many geeky things that aren’t related to work and that remind me that life is something more than a job.

The light is coming from the top of the ceiling and from the big translucent wall on the right and I like it very much because it’s quite natural, so I nearly never use artificial light when I work at the desk.

  • MacBook Pro 13”
  • Fujifilm x100V with Peak Design leash
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Airpods
  • Lego Voltron
  • Italian Passport
  • Asus 2k mhl monitor
  • Dell monitor full HD
  • 2x Jamo sound
  • Onkyo amplifier
  • SanDisk SSD
  • Lexar card reader
  • Casio Protrek 6600yb
  • Coolermaster Stryker Case with an i7 and a bunch of SSDs
  • Indigena steel water bottle
  • Pacific Rim poster
  • Yonguo YN360 II Pro LED video light
  • Covid Mask
  • Godox LED light
  • Lots of books
  • ‘Lovely day for a Guinness’ box
  • Logitech G602 mouse
  • Corsair keyboard
  • Tonor Microphone
  • A 100-year-old chair
  • Leather notes

My tip? Every 6-8 months do a complete reset of your desk and put on it only the things you need most. Trash or put away at least 60% of the things you have on the desk and that you don’t need. It will clean your space and your mind.

🇺🇸 AD Wheeler | Abandonscape & Travel | Finger Lakes, New York State, USA

AD Wheeler photographer workspace

We spent almost $50k designing our basement/studio to be both an area to work and play. Now almost a year after completion we feel that we have achieved that goal.

Don’t try to do it all at once. I would spend time learning what works and what doesn’t. Save your pennies and you will know when the time is right to design and build it out.

You don’t have to go crazy like we did… but planning is VERY important to get it right. Sometimes you can just build it slowly over time and achieve the same results.

We moved to a new home and had the opportunity to gather all of our previous knowledge and build it all out at once. Previously, we went the other direction and just built over time as well. Whichever way you go, just do it.

Main PC

  • NZXT 440 Custom Tower case
  • i7 9700k running at 4.8ghz
  • 9Terabyte SSDs and NVME drives
  • 128gigs of DDR 4 ram
  • Nvidia 2080ti graphics card
  • Klipsch Audio system
  • Samsung VR headset/Vive Index Controllers
  • Autonomous Standing/Sitting Desk

Outboard Gear

  • GoXlr Audio Processor Mixer
  • Rode PodCast Mic
  • Twin Elgato Stream Decks (for streaming and program control)
  • Dual Dell 34″ curved Monitors
  • Samsung 27″ 4k Monitor
  • Logitech G910 Keyboard G502 Mouse
  • Elgato Camlink w/Sony a6000 for webcam
  • Twin LED color correct panels

Backup Storage (not pictured)

  • Twin UNRAID servers (one on-site, one-off)
  • Both servers 40 terabytes of storage, networked over 10Gigabit

🇺🇸 Douglas Levy | Editorial & Commercial | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Douglas Levy

It’s quiet – a couple of years ago we finished our basement and moved my office down there from the second bedroom. The upstairs bedroom used to get incredibly hot in the summer with 2-3 computers and my server running all the time, and we would have to have the AC set to 60-degrees just to get the office below 70. With the basement that’s no longer an issue.

More room is never bad, but because we finished the basement to our specs, I was able to instruct the electrician on where I wanted the cable and power outlets, and how many of each I needed, which made the layout much more efficient and means I need far fewer extension cords than the old office had.

  • 2019 Macbook Pro
  • Eizo S2443W (24″)
  • Eizo EV3237 (30.5″)
  • Wacom editing tablet
  • Loupedeck+ editing deck
  • Synology 1819+ and DX517 expansion bay for NAS storage
  • Alexa Dot for lights and music

More monitors is always better, and I couldn’t live without an L-shaped desk (mine is from Ikea). Everything feels closer and more efficient than a traditional desk with drawers.

🇬🇧 Ed Peers | Wedding | Surrey, UK

Ed Peers Workspace

I think creativity and inspiration are a product of your environment, so instead of having a dingy workspace tucked away in a dark corner/room, I’ve tried to integrate my workspace into our lounge area. The result is a peaceful space that I am more than happy to spend time in (though it can be easy to get distracted!).

There’s never enough storage! The desk can get a little messy…

  • 27″ iMac for editing
  • Lacie 2Big RAID drive (hidden)
  • Various 35mm film cameras (that I am guilty of only seldom using)
  • Herman Miller Aeron chair

Create an environment you would actually want to spend time in and surround yourself with inspiration. Instead of having your desk facing a wall, try and arrange things so that you have a view.

When editing, ambient lighting is important – you want to avoid glare from light sources, etc (follow the principles used for an artist studio). Lastly, invest in a good ergonomic chair.

🇳🇱 Frank Doorhof | Fashion | Emmeloord, The Netherlands

Frank Doorhof Workspace

Your personal workspace is incredibly important. If you have to “fight” your workspace it means you have less time/energy/creativity for your shoot.

Here are three setups I use a lot, although the mobile setup has changed a bit.

First off the studio:

  • I’m using a very fast own-build PC.
  • Connected is a Wacom Cintique which is great but getting a bit old so I’m looking into something to replace it with.
  • My main monitor is a BenQ. I have everything on there that’s critical for colour or dynamic range. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wacom but colour and dynamic range are not accurate enough for me, so you could say I work on the Wacom but check everything on the BenQ. Thanks to Photoshop’s navigator you can pull that to a second monitor and maximize that to have a proper screen mirroring for checks (both displays have different resolutions, otherwise just use screen mirror).
  • A third monitor is on the side and is used for social media, or watching TV while working (it has many functions).
  • The keyboard I absolutely love, it’s a Logic keyboard and it has 2 fast USB connectors and is backlit, plus it’s a nice form factor so it fits the space. You can get them with different layouts so you see your shortcuts on the keys. I use a Creative Cloud version, and at home an older Photoshop version. You really should check them out.

Then on location:

  • A laptop
  • A LaCie rugged drive
  • Sometimes I use a small Wacom tablet, but mostly it’s just a laptop to shoot tethered to.

Over the years I’ve grown tired of running out of battery and the dim displays outside (we use a Tethertools shade for the laptop to make it visible), so I’ve been playing more and more with a 12.9” iPad Pro which has a full-day battery and is bright enough for outside.

For wireless tethering, I’m now using the Tethertools Air direct in the studio and will be using this on location as well hopefully after Corona.

And finally, I also have a setup at home, and although our studio is literally across the road from our home, I still love to work in this place.

I do a lot of tutorials there and live streams, and as you can see it’s actually my music recording spot. So that’s why it looks a bit…different.

Over the years I’ve learned one thing about setups: make sure it works and you have a backup solution because sometimes you simply don’t have the time to figure out what’s wrong, and you have to continue. So make sure there is always a plan B…

Hope you enjoyed my little tour! :D

🇪🇸 García de Marina | Conceptual | Gijón, Spain


This is my workspace. I don’t need many items because I only make a few small adjustments to my photos. The work process is to get the object once I have thought of a new idea and then, on my computer, adjust the levels layers, colour correction and focus.

I use an iMac Retina 5K – 27″

I love the light, especially when it is autumn and winter and the weather is cloudy. The space is perfect with very few elements.

Be very tidy and have a good light to work, if it is natural, it’s much better. Also, have some hard drives where you can save more than one backup of your work

🇦🇺 Greg Cromie | Street, Travel & Product | Melbourne, Australia

Greg Cromie workdesk

As a blogger, content creator, photographer and regular contributor to, I am fortunate to be able to work from my home in Melbourne, Australia.

My workspace is located in the corner of my living room and, for the most part, I like this location as I can be present for my children. It also grants me a lot of space for setting up product shots.

I enjoy music so having the stereo system and headphones connected to my iMac is a must.

The taller Rakit desk is actually a heavy-grade shelving unit. I attached a larger solid timber tabletop to it and also put casters on the bottom.

The tabletop is great for product shots and can be removed to make the desk smaller. Plus, I have a second solid timber tabletop in a different and darker finish so I can swap them for different looks in product shots. With it up against the timber blinds, I can lean different backdrops against them.

Thanks to the casters, I can move it to anywhere in the house or even to my outdoor balcony if I want to work there standing up or to shoot products.

It holds all my camera gear underneath in organised storage. There is also a hidden powerboard with USB ports so I can charge my gear. My work area is surrounded by some of my own photos and favourite trinkets.

As for the Nintendo Switch, that is my break time distraction.

  • OfficeWorks Cafe Desk – 1200mmW x 600mmD
  • OfficeWorks Executive Desk Chair
  • iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017), 3.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro 560 4 GB
  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • 2X desk lamps with adjustable brightness and warmth
  • Logitec 2.1 Speakers /Sub Woofer (under the desk)
  • Sennheiser headphones
  • Yeti Blue Nano Mic
  • Fujifilm X70 – always on hand.
  • Moleskine x Fujifilm Professional Service notebook and pen
  • RackIt shelving unit – 1000mmW x 450mmD x 1000mmH
  • Solid timber tabletop – 1200mmW x 600mmD
  • 2x Craftright storage boxes (1 for cameras and lenses and 1 for lighting gear)
  • 1x Kingcraft Storage box (Nintendo Switch accessories and games)
  • 1x Large storage bi
  • Crumpler 25th Anniversary Edition Barney Rustle Blanket messenger bag for EDC
  • Crumpler Muli Camer Sling 4500

I wish I had an actual separate room to set up as a studio. While I said I enjoy having my desk in the lounge area to be available for the family, it can sometimes get a bit distracting. But other than that I love my workspace and am quite proud of it.

Get serious about storing and organising your gear. I use cheap storage boxes from a hardware store in place of expensive camera gear storage cases. I know exactly where everything is and know that it is safe and ready to go.

🇦🇺 James Smart | Landscape & Travel | Melbourne, Australia

James Smart editing space

It’s simple and clean to edit, plenty of space for writing things down if necessary.

I might need to put some wall art up just to spice it up a little bit, the white wall is a bit boring.

An additional 16GB Ram would be nice to speed up the editing side of things.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
  • MSI Tomahawk Motherboard
  • 16GB RAM
  • Radeon RX480 GFX
  • Octane Keybord & Mouse
  • ASUS 4K Monitor
  • QNAP 4 Bay NAS – 4x8tb

My tip would be just to have your workspace clean – it just feels easier to work/edit when you have a nice environment.

🇦🇺 Marcus Bell | Wedding & Portrait | Brisbane, Australia

Marcus Bell photographer work space

My workspace has taken a dramatic shift over the past 3 months, with some extra time on my hands due to weddings taking a hiatus. That shift has inspired how I think about my photography and in turn how I’m approaching my post-production.

I’ve been able to re-incorporate a lot of the techniques that I used when I first got into using digital photography. These were very much inspired by traditional darkroom black & white printing techniques, using either your hands or objects to dodge and burn your images to express the journey we wanted people to take when viewing them.

How times have progressed dramatically since those days.

Often as a wedding photographer, our lives are going a million miles an hour and, as a result, we search for quicker ways to do things, especially in post-production. If anything, this pandemic has forced us to stop and has given us the opportunity to re-look at things.

One of the things I got to do was to revisit how I produce my images. It’s been exciting to now incorporate both and as a result, be it in Lightroom, Capture One or with Photoshop, gain a lot of the features and control in using the brush tool, effectively painting pixels in one way or another and the best way to do that is to paint directly onto the image itself.

I’ve always used a Wacom tablet but have always wanted to be able to paint directly onto the image. So after a lot of shifting and mainly selling off some newish and vintages lenses that I wasn’t using I finally been able to incorporate a Wacom Cintiq 24” into my workflow and am rediscovering the art of photography.

  • Apple iMac 27″ spec’d out
  • Wacom Cintiq 24 HD Pro Touch
  • Wacom Express Key Remote
  • Loupedeck+
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Fast SSD drives for Scratch Disk
  • Fast SSD for working
  • Drive NAS 12 Bay Raid for Storage and Backup
  • Epson P800, plus not pictured is the Epson 9070 along with my Just Viewing stand and Eizo Monitor that enables me to correctly review my printing
  • Lastly, my essential Stereo system and library of Art and Photography books

On the wall is one of my favourite prints by Alexia Sinclair called Macbeth and the other is my first image to receive a major award when I was starting out.

I’m re-looking into Pusher Labs – mainly their software that enables you to assign keyboard shortcuts for Develop Presets, but also Localised Correction Brushes. Once mapped, I can then assign a button on my Wacom Express Remote. I’ve just added a second remote working on ways to speed things up again but this time with much greater control than ever before.

🇺🇸 Jared Gant | Wedding | Greeley, Colorado, USA

Jared Gant

I love that my workspace is located at the entry of my home. It makes it incredibly convenient for meeting with clients, while also allowing me to easily attend to family. I have set it up to be a cozy place that I enjoy working in.

  • Custom-built PC with network equipment through the floor directly under the desk in the basement
  • Comfy couches for clients and myself to relax
  • Wall-art for backdrop

I go back and forth between creating an office that is practical and an office that is presentable. Since I use my office for both, I try to toe the line. If I could change anything I’d have a second space and separate these two requirements.

Would love to have a 4K large display in my office for easy screen sharing and premieres.

As for my tips – first off, only get an out-of-home office if you truly need it. I have seen many photographers think that having a formal studio will increase there success. I have also seen many photographers financially struggling because their overhead is too high.

When building a workspace, consider all that space will be used for. If it’s purely for working, then consider ergonomics, productivity, etc. If it’s also for meetings, then consider aesthetics and how they fit your branding.

🇺🇸 Jim Jordan | Celebrity & Fashion | Los Angeles, California & New York City, NY, USA

Jim Jordan minimalist white photographer studio

I love how light and airy the office space is. It provides calmness in the chaos of work and it really opens up the creative process. My team here enjoys the clean environment.

My team and I currently work out of the studio and location I built in Calabasas, Ca. I built the location for the purpose of photoshoots and video production, and it features a full production and editing office space, studio, and interior and exterior shooting locations.

A few of the highlights of our office space include:

  • Office and Studio Location: @whitecrossstudios
  • 8 photo and video editing bays and iMac Workstations
  • Synology DS2419+ 24TB NAS RAID
  • Seagate HDD NAS Hardrives
  • Seagate External Hardrives
  • 8 Wacom Intuos Pro tablets
  • 1 Wacom Companion 2 tablet
  • Daylite by Marketcircle Database & Task/Project Management
  • Livebooks & Go Spacecraft Website Builder and Hosting
  • Capture One Photo Editing
  • Kino Flo LED lights
  • Canon 5D MKIII
  • Black Magic Designs Cinema Cameras
  • V-flat World – Foam Core V-Flats

The location and studio are available for production rental through Peerspace.

One of our goals for the future is to upgrade the computers with faster processors and graphics cards.

I highly recommend working in a clean space and believe that it provides an environment to set you up for success.

🇳🇿 John Bozinov | Polar | Wellington, New Zealand

minimalist photographer work desk

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

It has everything I need.

  • Adjustable Height desk
  • 2019 Macbook Pro 15″
  • Bose headphones
  • Chair

I’d like to get wireless headphones at some point and perhaps a more comfortable chair.

I really like having a height-adjustable desk because most of the time I’m more comfortable standing, so that’s something to consider. But just do whatever you want.

🇦🇺 John Platt | Film and TV Production | Sydney, Australia

home office for photographer john platt

I enjoy the low key simplicity of this set-up. The photo shows a combination of my home and location workspaces.

Portability is most important so when I am away on location I will take the Macbook pro and iPad with me. I also carry two Lacie Rugged 2TB portable HD for back-ups. I will break it down further and have my iPad accompany me to set so I can grade images using Lightroom Mobile during any downtime.

From left to right:

  • Apple 15″ Retina Macbook pro 2.5GHz Quad Core i7
  • Apple 27″ iMac 3.6GHz 8-core Intel Core i9
  • Apple 12.9″ 3rd Gen iPad Pro
  • Dell HD Monitor
  • Wacom Intuos Pro tablet

I’ve had this system of home and away workspaces for some years now and find it works very well. It may look a little crowded but I have everything I need at arms reach so for me it’s all I require.

Two things that are essential in my view: an organised workspace and a comfortable chair. We all spend up big on our editing gear, no point buying a cheap chair and not being comfortable using it.

🇨🇦 Keith Acedera | Wedding | Toronto, Canada

wedding photographer workspace

I surely love the size of the table in proportion to my computer! It’s just right for what I need it for! I feel like if I had anything bigger, I’d probably end up cluttering it more with stuff I don’t need to be most productive.

  • 2020 13” MacBook Pro w/ touch bar, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD Hard Drive
  • WD My Book 8TB USB External Hard Drive
  • Fellowes Laptop Riser Stand
  • Logitech H390 Wired ClearChat Comfort USB Headset
  • Apple USB Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • Logitech USB Mouse
  • Verbatim Pocket Card Reader

…and lastly, the most IMPORTANT item in the workspace — my beloved

  • Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer

(With its own special spot, sitting just adjacent to my desk. I reach out to her when my eyes feel most heavy.)

Sometimes I end up sitting way too long throughout the day. I’d love to eventually upgrade the table legs and turn it into a full “stand-up desk” for better posture!

In order to have a productive workspace, one must declutter and embrace simplicity! Ever heard of K.I.S.S.? It stands for “keep it simple stupid!” Surely one saying I’ve embraced throughout all these years. Keep your workspace minimal as possible and you’ll find yourself quite productive, only focusing on the things that matter!

🇭🇷 Matija Kljunak | Wedding | Dubrovnik, Croatia

home photography studio and workspace

It’s clean, with zero unnecessary decorations to distract me. It has a window view to occasionally rest my eyes and get natural light in the workspace. The full wood desk gives a nice tactile feeling while I work.

I’m connected to the rest of the flat so I don’t feel isolated. And then there’s the huge, custom-designed work cabinet with space for everything – even a custom vertical tripod drawer!

Finally, the wooden bar is just within the grasp for a quick break, whether it’s coffee or something more concrete. :)

  • MacBook Pro 15″, max CTO
  • Dell UltraSharp U2715H
  • Drobo 5D with 27TB storage
  • Multiple 8TB drives for Drobo backup
  • Bose QC25 noise-cancelling headphones for easier immersion
  • 5 drawers of card readers, adapters, cables, memories…
  • A ton of Nikon equipment (5 bodies, 8 lenses etc…) stowed away in the work closet

As a downside, well, it’s connected to the rest of the flat. When kids come home, it’s a nightmare to focus. I also sometimes miss some decor on the wall. It’s just hard to pick the one, perfect photo, so I keep postponing it.

I think it’s crucial to have a window close by, to be able to gaze into infinity, rest your eyes and mind and have some natural light while you work. It’s best to keep it on the side, never behind the desk as it will glare behind the monitor, and not behind your back as it’s useless for a quick look-away.

Also, the less clutter, the better. The rest is just technicalities.

🇦🇺 Michael Rayment | Documentary & Fine Art | NSW Australia

Michael rayment

My darkroom occupies part of a hundred-year-old shed which allows me solitude to experiment and create. I love working with quirky equipment that is many decades old but was built to last. A lot of this equipment is totally over-engineered.

I use digital for my documentary work but mainly large format film cameras for fine art. I need a darkroom as I develop my own negatives and silver gelatin prints including glass slide negatives. Some of the more important darkroom gear I own is:

  • Ilford Cibachrome processing drums and motorbase
  • Uniroller motorbase
  • Omega Super Chromega D Dichroic DII enlarger with Chromegatrol control. This enlarger prints up to 4×5 inch negatives.
  • 2.8/50mm, 4.5/150mm Rodenstock enlarging lenses
  • Meopto Opemus 6 small enlarger (prints up to 6x6cm. Mainly used for contact printing)
  • 4.5/50mm and 4.5/80mm Rodenstock enlarging lenses
  • Eseco Speedmaster colour analyser
  • 1940’s Nebro cutplate developing tank
  • Steaman SP445 4×5 developing tank
  • Paterson Super System4 developing tank (35mm-120)
  • Ilford exposure meters
  • SH-2 Magnetic stirrer
  • Photax print dryer
  • NovexII and LPL Darkroom timers
  • Ilford 902 brown interchangeable safelight
  • Negatives carriers from 4x4cm through to 4x5inch

In time, I would like to line the ceiling to include insulation and air-conditioning as controlling temperatures during winters and summers can be difficult. I would also like to invest in an 8×10 enlarger but these are very difficult to come by and can be very expensive.

My tips: Allow for lots of working room as you will be in total darkness. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing the entire time. To eliminate a sore back, make sure the benches are at a height that avoids you stooping over.

Finally, a sound system to play your favourite songs, as this can help with creativity.

🇨🇦 Jamie Poh | Weddings/Family + Corporate | Burnaby, BC, Canada

jamie poh photography studio

When I first moved into this space, I had office dreams of being able to meet clients, have a space that I could work in and be inspired in. But at the time I had a full-sized desk and the space was much smaller than I had imagined.

Since then I’ve condensed the number of things I have, found a style that I love (natural wood) and stuck to it and have had a goal to find dual purposes to items in the office space (shelf = stand up desk, stool = chair and also posing stool, blinds = also portrait backdrops). This has created a much more inspiring space for me and while I still have goals to cut down on the amount of stuff that’s in here, when it’s clean and tidy and my gear is put away, it’s a great spot to work from.

The office space doubles up as a small portrait studio where I can do headshots and portraits. I can also do small product photography.

With the futon, having client meetings in here works as they sit on the futon and see my presentation on my iMac.

The sit-stand desk is versatile and also serves as storage for my hard drives and any paper items which go in the cupboard (I upgraded to the cupboard doors a little while after getting this shelf).

  • IKEA IVAR Natural wood shelf (doubles as a stand up/sit down desk)
  • Custom wooden backboards by Madera Woodwork Co local to Vancouver
  • IKEA Natural Wood stool
  • 27″ iMac
  • 15″ Macbook Pro
  • Monoprice Tablet
  • IKEA brackets and Tupplur blinds (doubles as 3 backgrounds for portraits)
  • IKEA Balkarp Black Futon
  • Westcott Apollo 28″ Softbox (Also have Westcott Apollo 43″ Orb which is my fave and the stripbox)
  • Manfrotto 1051BAC-3 Mini Compact lightstands
  • IKEA Hemma light string with Phillips Hue Bulbs
  • Savage Seamless paper

I think that if you’ll be spending a lot of your time editing at a computer or doing marketing from home, having a workspace that you love working at is important.

I’ve realized that I love working from spaces such as nice coffee shops and co-working spaces because of the openness, the minimalism, the interior design. Lighting is important to set the tone and mood of a room.

Visual clutter can be extremely distracting.

It might take a few years to discover what makes the most sense for you and you might find that this will change over the years. If something isn’t working for you, change it. Make it work. Sell the items that you don’t use anymore so you can make space for the things that you will use.

I’ve discovered I don’t need a lot of gear to create what I love. Having the newest and greatest tech gadgets isn’t the answer if they don’t work for what you create or shoot.

Create a space that is easy to clean, easy to tidy, inspiring to work from and one that you can be proud of.

🇬🇧 Neale James | Wedding | London, UK

Neale James podcaster home studio

It’s a very intimate space and for me, that works well. Everything is within easy reach and interacts well, in that the Windows systems share well with iMacs and the other way round too.

It’s a space I’ve been able to tailor and is unlike the traditional style of photo studio.

I’m a photographer and a podcaster (Photography Daily and The FujiCast) but equally a podcaster and filmmaker, so I need a set up that allows me to edit pictures whilst being able to make my podcast show, Photography Daily.

So, I use…

  • A Sonifex broadcast mixer that runs through various microphone preamps and processors to give the sound a warmth
  • iMacs for picture editing but Windows systems for the sound systems
  • I’m often asked about the microphones I use. These are Neumann TLM103 mics, which are broadcast standard.

If I could change anything… Ummm, aircon. I’d have aircon. It was a glaring misjudgement and error in the design of this place. Also, never underestimate how many plug sockets you need.

I have to make a decision on what to unplug when I want to vacuum. Seriously!

Back up. That is my one tip. Make sure everything you do is backed up. Whether that’s in a different building or in the cloud, it’s the single most important thing to get right immediately.

🇺🇸 Nikole Mock | Editorial & Commercial | California, USA

Expandable desk space

I bought my Pier1 desk back in 2004 in Connecticut. I love this desk, just wish it had more shelves.

  • iMac
  • iPhone
  • Nikon D5200 (inside Mosiso camera bag)
  • Light ring for FB lives
  • WD external hard drive
  • A yellow button that says “BADASS” on it and when you push the yellow button a voice says “You are a badass!”
  • My kid’s artwork, family photos, Steve Job reminding me to “Just pick up the phone”, a couple of images of Wonder Woman (inside the desk) and a few of my prints.

Display things around you that bring you joy, light up your spark!

🇬🇧 Noel Read | Commercial | Milton Keynes, UK

Noel Read

I love my workspace, it’s a thing of beauty! I’d always dreamed of owning my own studio and this now allows for the perfect balance of work and life and keeps the overheads low!

  • iMac Retina 5K, 27 inch. 4Ghz Quad Core i7
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch. 2.3Ghz 8 core Intel i9
  • Wacom Intuos Pro
  • Zendure SuperTank Power Bank – 27000mAh – 100W Power Delivery
  • YOUKOYI LED Desk Lamp Dimmable 5700K
  • Seagate Portable 4 TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD for Time Machine.
  • Seagate Portable 2 TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD for every day back up

Get the tools you need, don’t compromise. Lose the toys you don’t need. Keep it clean, tidy and efficient.

🇷🇴 Rares Ion | Wedding | Transylvania, Romania

Rares Ion

Most of my clients are laptop users so I can edit the pictures on the proper screen resolution as they will see them. Love the portability, screen colours and the ecosystem. Enough power for fast multi export and working in Final Cut for my YouTube Channel.

My desk is 10 years old, simple and non-distractive. I like the order because I tend to be a minimalist and I love simple stuff which keeps my mind focused.

  • Macbook Pro 15 inch late 2019 – i9, 32 GB Ram, Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB, 1TB SSD + 2 USB C 4TB LaCie HDD’s for backup, of course, an online cloud for the same reason. A small Logitech MyAnywhere 2s mouse, great performance, connectivity and battery, too.
  • An old bookshelf audio Sony system hidden behind the desk, where I have all the cables, UPC and related stuff. Late at night, I use Airpods Pro.
  • A XiaoMi Philips Led Lamp which works on schedule and reminds me when to take a break
  • Sound Proof panels made by me for having the best sound I can get in my room

Keep it simple and let your mind be creative.

🇬🇧 Richard Gaston | Landscape | Scotland, UK

Richard Gaston mid-century design office space

I am a minimalist when it comes to objects in my home. I travel a lot so I keep my kit list light and compact hence the lack of items in my workspace.

A simple functional space with a pleasant environment (music, tea and comfort) allows me to focus on my work.

I like mid-century design – aesthetics mean a lot to me – my shelving system was originally designed by Dieter Rams (best known for his designs for Braun) in the 1950s. It consists of great design, function and quality. This unit can be customised and adapted to your space. It grows with you – adding more shelves if necessary.

A larger monitor would help with the editing process, but this goes against my minimalist approach to equipment.

  • Vitose Shelving System
  • Macbook Pro 13”
  • Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Speaker

Create an enriching atmosphere, surrounded by objects that either you like or provide a function. Clutter only offers distractions.

Organisation is key. Knowing where everything is, has many benefits to a productive mindset.

Play music and relax with a hot drink.

🇬🇧 Robin Goodlad | Wedding, Food & Commercial | Dorset, UK

Robbin Goodlad

I’ve spent quite a lot of time getting my workspace perfect for me, which is a good job considering the amount of time I spend sat in it!

There are a few things that are really important to me:

Screen space – I love big screens, being able to see the detail and get absorbed in the images is really important. When I work, my main iMac has the images full screen, with the second iMac working as a second display for thumbnails, which works really well. The older iMac also doubles as a spare just in case.

Lighting – getting the balance is really important for me, to avoid eye strain. I love to have the window to look out of when not editing, but if I need to balance images then I can close the french blinds, and I also have a blackout blind behind as well if I need it on brighter days.

The two pedestal lights are daylight balanced and dimmable which I find really important to ensure I am getting white balance and colours spot on. I also love how the light diffuses up through the Ikea glass tabletop, to give a soft all-round light.

Greenery – I love the outdoors, and plants! Having a few plants scattered around is a good way of grounding myself, and reminding me to look after them, and myself, and take regular breaks and get outside!

I would love to have a bigger space, a garden office with big doors to open on summer days, and a meeting space, perhaps with a log burner for winter. Wouldn’t we all!

  • iMac 27″ Retina 5k 4.2Ghz with 40GB RAM
  • 2nd iMac 27″ (My older one which is now tethered as an indispensable second screen, and also doubles as an emergency back up)
  • 3 x Lacie working drives for my image library, archives and Time Machine
  • Drobo 5D3 back up drive
  • Loupedeck editing console
  • Herman Miller Aeron chair – the best and comfiest chair there is!

I would definitely say get the lighting right. Balance your ambient lights with your screen so that neither is brighter than the other to avoid strain on your eyes, and use daylight balanced bulbs so you see colour and white balance correctly. Try to find ways to consistently manage the light levels at any time of day.

🇺🇸 Siliang Wang | Wedding | San Francisco, California, USA

Home work space

I like that my workplace could be anywhere, as long as there’s space for me and my laptops. There are not too many choices after I have a kid. It’s basically work wherever there’s space.

My workspace is very simple and minimal. I have the following items:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • MacBook Pro laptop
  • ConceptD 5 laptop
  • Seagate 5TB hard drive for storage
  • Synology 5 Bay NAS DS1019+ as back up

One tip when setting up or organizing a productive workspace is to make sure you’re comfortable wherever you decide to work. If you’re not comfortable, try relocating to another corner of your living space.

🇬🇧 Soven Amatya | Wedding | London, UK

Soven Amatya

It has good light and because I’m staring at a wall, I don’t get distracted.

I have headphones which will allow me to drown out any noise from outside.

My main desktop computer is an Apple iMac. Unfortunately, at the start of lockdown (March 2020 in the UK), my iMac, once again, broke down.

It’s been breaking down since 2017. After two weeks of working on the Surface Pro screen, I started getting headaches. I purchased the Dell U2720Q and hooked it to my Surface Pro.

This setup means desk space becomes an issue, especially placing my hands on the desk to type.

Once Apple returns my iMac, I will purchase a bigger desk that allows 2 monitors (the Dell can be hooked up to the iMac).

  • MS Surface Pro
  • 27″ Dell UltraSharp U2720Q Monitor – LED monitor – 4K
  • Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar | AE515M
  • Apple Keyboard
  • Apple Mouse
  • Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Wacom Intuos Tablet
  • Logitech Webcam

Find an area where it is peaceful with good natural light.

🇺🇸 Stephanie Entin | Newborn, Birth, Maternity & Family | Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA

Stephanie Entin Desk

I love my window and that I can see the trees, birds and squirrels and the mountains in the distance. I also have meaningful things around me like photos of my girls, books I love, music and my buddha collection.

My dog is often lying on the rug with me as I work.

  • iMac 27″
  • Canon MX432 printer
  • Victrola Suitcase Record Player
  • Edifer Multimedia Speakers
  • iPhone
  • TP link Whole home mesh wi-fi system
  • GTechnology 4T Harddrive
  • Seagate 4T Desktop Drive

I would love to get my office space even more organized and utilize the space as an indoor studio as well. I mostly shoot on-location now but would love to do more studio work. Maybe I will also paint a wall or two for a dramatic backdrop.

The most helpful thing for me in my workspace is having my main computer and hard drives where I back up all of my work, and edit my videography work. I also keep my camera bags, tripod, reflector and other items so I can grab and go when I have a photoshoot.

I keep a calendar on my wall with my upcoming shoots and my family schedule.

What makes my space workable and comfortable for me is a great chair I could sit in for hours, good music and natural light and being able to look outside when I take pauses and breaks.

🇧🇷 Uiler Costa | Aerial / Landscape | Salvador, Brazil

Uiler Costa work desk

Since the coronavirus pandemic I am working at home. Now I like to be at home close to my family – it’s small but well organized.

Would be great to have more space to see my prints. I just have it in my studio that is closed now due to the pandemic crisis.

  • MacBook Pro 16” Retina Apple Intel Core i7 – 16GB 512GB SSD
  • 4 LaCie Rugged 5TB external Hard Driver
  • Apple magic mouse
  • Sandisk SSD 1TB
  • Canon G3110 printer
  • Around 1200 books :)

I suggest using boxes for organizing the stuff you have on your workspace – and keep it simple!

🇦🇺 Lisa Saad | Commercial Photographer/Photographic Illustrator | Australia

Lisa Saad photographer computer desk

I like the flow and also that each screen serves its own purpose. I can easily move from retouching, editing, emails, etc, as I think of things.

Also, because I am using a MacBook Pro, it easily comes with me if I am shooting tethered or want to work somewhere else.

  • MacBook Pro 15″ 2019 2.4 GHz 32MB RAM 1TB HD (just changed over to this in June 2020 and it is coping well with the load)
  • Eizo CG277 27″ monitor
  • Apple iPad Pro 11″
  • Wacom Tablet Intuos Pro L.
  • CalDigit Docking Station – Plugs into the Laptop via a USB-C and all the peripherals ie: monitor, External Hard drives, Ethernet etc plug into it
  • MacPro 2009 (under the desk) with Floating Bracket
  • Monitor, right of frame for Server access, however not used much these days
  • QNap Server (8x8TB) for Storage, backup and Time Machine in a server cupboard next door
  • The screens you see in the background are the offline video editing suite workspace

I think I would like to change the light that comes into my office. I do actually retouch and edit after hours and find it peaceful to do this but sometimes during the day, the light is a bit much.

One tip I would share is to have a well calibrated monitor to do your main editing and retouching and to have another monitor for emails, etc, as its much easier to flow from one task to another than it is if you have one screen for everything.

🇺🇸 Shane Anderson | Fashion | New York, NY, USA

Shane Anderson workspace

My workspace is small, which makes it flexible. As someone who is on the road a lot, it is important that I can easily pack up everything I need into my bag. The setup pictured has seen many countries… and works a charm each time!

I think my favourite rendition was in a small flat in Paris with the most beautiful green trees just outside the window. I was living there in the summer, so it would stay light out until about 10 pm each night. It was fun to watch the hue of the tree change with the day.

Right now, this setup is in my charming 19th Century home in New York City. Aesthetics are important to me.

  • MacBook Pro – My hub for all things business and photo editing. The hardware is optimised for smooth sailing through my workflow.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone – Though it might seem strange on a photographer’s desk, I have recently started doing a lot more podcasts and educational content (including tutorials and Lightroom Presets) and this USB microphone gives stellar audio quality.
  • Wacom Intuos Pro – Part of nearly any image I retouch. I cannot imagine my post-processing workflow without it.
  • Drives – I have a 4 TB LaCie as storage for all of my recent projects plus a Samsung T7 as a general backup of finalised images, web files, logos, invoices etc.
  • Various Pens, Pencils, etc.
  • Large Tear Sheets Of Paper – To brainstorm, make lists, run my business, connect ideas together, etc. Having your brain live on your walls and desk can be very helpful!
  • Smythson Notebook – For only my best ideas.
  • Books – Currently: Plato’s The Republic and The Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Paul Dirac. I am deeply interested in philosophy, mathematics and literature. Having books around can be good for a dose of inspiration.

Dedicate your workspace to work. My mind likes to wander (which is great for creativity, not so much productivity), and the internet is already a large enough distraction for me. I like to keep my space free of anything unrelated to my projects. As long as the music is good and the espresso is pouring, I think anyone can stay in the zone.

🇷🇺 Vadim Sherbakov | Cityscape, Architecture & Aerial | Russia

Vadim Sherbakov photographer desk

I really love my wood table. It’s natural, it’s comfortable and it looks awesome. I like the size of it and even when I had 2 displays it was very spacious and all my other items were in the right places.

I would like to get rid of all cables, but it’s not up to me, unfortunately. Just in theory it would be cool to have the same performance specs but without the cables. :) Dreams, dreams.

Besides that, I might consider a new set of ceramic speakers just for the looks of it. But generally, I am very happy with my set-up and don’t want to change anything as of yet.

  • My main working computer is Apple iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch 3,8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 with 40 GB 2400 MHz
  • DDR4 and Radeon Pro 580 8 GB graphic card
  • My working table is a custom build wooden table from reclaimed 100-year-old wooden floor planks
  • Bowers and Wilkins MM-1 speakers
  • Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones
  • Grovemade mouse pad
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Grovemade pan holder cap
  • Wacom Intuos Pro M graphic tablet
  • Nomad Wireless Stand for iPhone
  • The Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac
  • Ferm Living wood paper tray
  • Appointed paper notebook
  • My favourite writing tool is Caran D’ache metal pencil
  • 12 south iPad stand
  • iPad Pro 11′ 64Gb

Cluttered workspace cluttered mind. That is my philosophy. I also like to surround myself with a design and objects that I feel comfortable with and feel inspired by, which puts me in the right state of mind when I’m sitting and working.

🇦🇺 Mark Condon | Wedding, Family & Shotkit | Northern NSW, Australia

mark's office

Yes, that’s right – Shotkit is brought to you from a 3 x 1.4m shed!

This is where I spend most mornings from 4.30, bashing away at my Macbook to bring all you lovely people something inspirational on this website. It also serves as an excellent hiding place from our 3 kids when it all gets too much – don’t tell my wife.

We’re waiting for our house to be built, so in the meantime, I’m making the most of an unused shed in the garden, where I edit the occasional wedding photo (thanks COVID), and attempt to keep Shotkit afloat.

The ‘Deskalator’ contraption is my attempt at an occasional stand-up typing session, but it’s not seeing much use in its glorious expanded state. I do, however, set a timer to stand up and stretch every 30 mins – this would be my #1 tip for desk-warriors.

And yes – if it looks like the desk itself is bending to the point of imminent disaster, that’s because it is – DIY was never my strong point.

  • 2020 Macbook Pro 13″ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core i7 32GB RAM (finally found a use for that touch bar)
  • Benq PD3220U big-ass monitor – see best monitors for photo editing
  • Logitech MX Master Mouse
  • Photostick – currently experimenting with this as a simple automatic backup solution.

Ideally, my workspace would be more comfortable, uncluttered, and not under a tin roof with no air-conditioning.

However, when you have 3 crazy kids under 6 years old, trust me – you can work out of anywhere.

Final Words

So how does it feel to have been given an intimate peek into the daily lives and work desks of dozens of professional photographers? Enlightening, we hope.

If there’s one thing we can certainly gather it’s that no two workspaces are the same. From high-tech to minimal, compact to sprawling, custom-designed to organically created… each one is unique. What it all comes down to is finding what works best for you as an individual.

With any luck, these tips and insights have given you new ideas on how to better your own workspace.

Got any tips of your own or pictures of your workspace to share? If so, drop us a comment below!

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Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer and editor of Shotkit. When he’s not taking photos or reviewing the latest camera gear and software, Mark can be found cycling around the northern rivers.



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