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Top 21 Photography Workshops Around the World in 2023/4

Looking to take your photography skills and technique to the next level? Check out these recommendations for photography workshops around the world.

Our guide to the top photography workshops around the world aims to provide you with exceptional recommendations for your next investment to hone your skills.

Photography programs, whether they’re centered around wildlife, wedding, or fashion settings, are highly beneficial in aspects like inspiration, networking, and feedback.

Choosing a suitable photography workshop is also essential since they tend to be on the pricier side, especially if it’s a boutique option.

That said, a workshop for photographers is quicker and usually more efficient than taking courses at a photography school.

Stick around to learn more about the top photography workshops around the world that won’t waste your time and money.

The Best Photography Workshops Around the World

Whether you want to get into street-style photography or snap some wildlife pictures, check out our top photography workshop recommendations below.

1. Luminar Adventure in Iceland


The Luminar Adventure in Iceland workshop provides wildlife enthusiasts with an experience to hone their photography skills.

It’s hosted by professional photographers like Iurie Belegurschi, Jim Nix, and Sarah Lyndsay. That said, the adventure photography experience spans a week.

During those seven days, you’ll visit the Snaefellsnes peninsula, where your camera can witness mesmerizing rocky, river, cave, and beach views.

You’ll also visit the Budakirkja, a 19th-century church, ideal for rustic photography inspiration.

The tour features other locations, including the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Skaftafell Nature Reserve, and Vik Village.

These destinations provide you with a range of nature shots, from black sandy landscapes to expansive glacier fronts.

Once you’ve got your shots, the group tour will return to Reykjavik, where there’ll be further photography instruction regarding editing, reviewing, and processing the images.

Overall, the workshop is well-organized, boasts positive reviews, and provides ample time for instruction and feedback, making it worth the investment.

2. Erez Marom Photography Workshop

Erez Marom website

Credit: Erez Marom Photography website

Erez Marom holds a list of achievements in the photography field, such as a Gold Star Award for Seascape photography in 2018 and Aerial photography in 2015.

That said, his workshops revolve around natural landscapes. Some of his coming travels include the Arctic Kingdom and Jungle Royalty workshop, situated in Svalbard and Vietnam.

Marom’s workshops usually stretch between one and two weeks. During that time, you get to enjoy a well-organized itinerary detailed on the website.

One of the unique selling points of Marom’s program is that he prefers staying longer times in one location rather than hopping constantly.

It gives amateur photographers more time to get acquainted with the breathtaking landscapes.

3. Lightstalker Adventures Workshops


Lightstalker Adventures holds over 18 years of experience in the travel photography workshop field.

The company’s workshops are guided by the professional and award-winning photographer, Glen Campbell.

You can choose between a host of workshop locations, like a one-to-one or solo session in Scotland.

Aside from that, you get to marvel at picturesque mountain peaks surrounded by mist and historic sites.

During the workshop, the photography instructor will generously share his insights, expertise, and thought process.

By the end of it, some programs offer a gift certificate to acknowledge your experience.

4. California Coast Photography Workshop

California coast photography workshop website.

Credit: Jim Patterson

The California Coast photography workshop is offered by Jim Patterson Photography. The experienced photographer has worked with National Geographic, earning a reputable benefit.

In his California Coast workshop, you get to experience about five days of exotic beachfront views.

The landscape offers multiple photo-taking opportunities, where you can capture the beauty of sandy shores, rocky arches, and sea stacks.

The program primarily focuses on fine-tuning your camera setting by enhancing your filter and motion technique.

Some of the perks of this workshop are its small group size of five or fewer and its positive learning environment.

5. Winter in Yellowstone

National geographic expeditions winter in yellowstone photo.

Credit: National Geographic

When it comes to nature photography expeditions, National Geographic comes on top. For this reason, you’ll want to attend their featured Winter in Yellowstone photography workshop.

The trip explores a snowy landscape and the natural beauty of wildlife in the winter months, including elk, bison, gray wolves, and sheep.

Aside from the environment’s fauna, you can walk through geologically significant sites like Old Faithful. There, you can take a few snaps of the color-contrasting views and geysers.

The trip includes an expedition to the Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Canyon, Lamar Valley, and Bozeman, all of which will give you ample chance to enhance your nature photography skills.

6. Morocco Photography Expedition

National geographic expeditions morocco photography expedition.

Credit: National Geographic

Also offered by National Geographic, the Morocco photography expedition is an ideal pick for culture enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in diving into the North African country’s cultural roots, this workshop is perfect. It’ll allow you to maze through the clay walls of the Aït Ben Haddou village.

It offers a camel ride through the vast Sahara desert, where you can capture images of the picturesque smooth hills.

Morocco hosts other photogenic landscapes, from dense cedar forests to the rocky Atlas Mountains.

Aside from that, a National Geographic expert will accompany you on this trip for further photography instruction.

7. Newborn Photography Workshop

A photo of a baby wrapped in a blanket.

Credit: Twig & Olive

The newborn photography workshop is offered by Twig & Olive. Understanding the behind-the-scenes of a newborn photoshoot is essential before partaking in the real deal.

It allows you to better understand the safety precautions of handling the newborn, as well as how to create a positive environment for the parent clients.

That said, the workshop discusses layering techniques, composition, and framing choices for better angle and gear options.

It’ll also dive into the editing process. Plus, you’ll work with baby models to experience a real-life simulation with professional feedback.

8. Family Photography Workshop

A photo of two children in a field of flowers.

Credit: Twig & Olive

Traditional family images tend to appear stiff and outdated. This family photography workshop offered by Twig & Olive allows you to capture a more authentic shot.

Overall, it teaches you how to create a calm and relaxing environment, so the shots appear more natural.

One of the best parts about this program is that it advises you on how to market yourself.

It’ll also discuss tips on booking and tracking your sessions, on top of improving your photography skills.

9. Wedding Photography Workshop

A photo of a bride and groom kissing.

Credit: Twig & Olive

Wedding photography is a high-demand role with an increasingly saturated market. Standing out demands building your brand and creating a unique and enticing perspective.

This wedding workshop from Twig & Olive targets topics like client guidance, posing, composition, successful business practices, and editing.

It will allow you to draw inspiration from photography instruction and find your style. Besides that, the wedding workshop is open to photographers of all levels.

10. Carnaval Experience Photography Workshop

Carnival experience 2024.

Credit: David Coleman

Offered by internationally-recognized professional photographer, David Coleman, the Carnaval Experience workshop offers a culturally diverse look into street photography.

The workshop is situated in Mexico, Oaxaca, where you’ll experience the Carnaval San Martín Tilcajete.

You’ll expect to see people celebrating the festival adorned in acrylic paint and motor oil with costumes resembling animal skulls, devils, and clanging bells.

Coleman will take you on a seven-day visual storytelling photography session to explore the festival’s symbolic meaning.

11. Julie Paisley Photo Workshops


Julie Paisley’s photography workshops give you a push to build your brand. She specializes in wedding photography.

Her workshop is divided into multiple modules discussing topics, such as marketing, social media, and achieving a workflow.

That said, her workshop isn’t as much about photography instruction as much as it’s about how to grow your business.

12. Kenya Tribes

The homepage of the kenyan tribes website.

Credit: Muench Workshops

The Kenya Tribes photography workshop is hosted by the organization, Muench Workshop and is led by the pro photographer, Sean Dundas.

The photography classes will center around remote villages and tribe exploration. The trip will take you through the singing and dancing of the Turkana tribe.

You’ll also witness other tribesmen, including the Maasai people and Samburu warriors.

That said, the workshop allows you to walk through a national park, exhibiting all kinds of East African wildlife.

On top of that, you’ll be receiving detailed photography instructions regarding post-processing and Lightroom editing.

13. Light Painting Princeton Photo Workshop

A flyer for the princeton lighthouse workshop.

Credit: Princeton Photo Workshop

Princeton’s light painting workshop brings you specialized knowledge of the photography technique.

The professional, Chanette, will be in charge of teaching you the basics and tools that’ll help you create exquisite light painting images for your portfolio.

14. Santa Fe Photographic Workshops


Santa Fe’s photography workshops are primarily offered online.

You can choose specialized classes, like “Beyond the Basics: Mastering Focus & Exposure with Your Fujifilm X Series Camera”

Alternatively, other photography workshops focus more on botanical and flora images. The workshops also branch to more general topics like the visual art of storytelling.

15. New York Film Academy


What better place can you take your photography skills to the next level than the esteemed New York Film Academy?

The education institute hosts multiple options, from a four-week fashion photography program, to a prolonged 12-week evening workshop.

The academy pushes its focus on the real-world industry. Some of the organization’s alumni have landed roles with impressive clients like Elite Model Management, Elle, and Glamour.

Overall, the film academy will provide an exceptional experience, especially if you’re looking to go professional, whether in the digital or high-fashion scope.

Now, don’t be too intimidated by its big name in the market. Some of the workshops are suitable for all skill levels.

16. Andrew French Workshops

A website with the words see the light.

Credit: Andrew French Workshops

Andrew French’s workshops provide you with a nuanced perspective of photography in lifestyle and studio settings.

His experiences include working for top clients like Esquire, Time, and Women’s Health.

Located in New York, you can choose between multiple workshops, including (Extra)ordinary portraits and Dancers: Portraits in Motion.

The three-hour workshop prioritizes your inspiration and allows you to experiment with varied techniques and models.

17. Death Valley Photographic Workshop

The website for the death valley photography workshop.

Credit: Jim Pattersons Photography

Jim Patterson Photography has curated a Death Valley photographic workshop. The location is like something out of a Dunes movie.

The environment boasts an extensive desert landscape of dry, smooth, and sandy hills. Some spots offer a perfect contrast shot of cracked land.

In this workshop, the photography instructor will place more emphasis on camera composition and evoking a story in your images.

You’ll also get to learn more about light painting and night photography in this three-day workshop.

18. Leopards of Bera Photographic Expedition


The Leopards of Bera expedition is hosted by the company CNP Safaris. In the heart of the Aravalli mountain ranges of India lies an abundance of leopards.

There, you get to find some of the best wildlife photo-taking opportunities.

As a leopard rests in the granite hills previously carved by volcanic rocks, you’ll be camera-ready for a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Besides that, the seven-day expedition is divided into two safari trips located in Jawai Bandh and Dam.

In these locations, you’ll be in the presence of the Rabari herdsmen, an indigenous tribe of shepherds and camel herders.

During that time, you can capture some powerful shots of their men at work. Overall, you’ll experience a blend of culture and wildlife photography opportunities.

19. Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photographic Expedition

The website for tigers of bangalore photography expedition.

Credit: CNP Safaris

The Tigers of Bandhavgarh photography expedition explores the Bandhavgarh National Park’s most prized animal.

In the eight-day photography program, you can feast your camera on the array of breathtaking wildlife.

Not only does the park host tigers, but you can also capture shots of leopards and deer. In addition, the location also holds over 250 species of birds.

Your photography instruction will be led by the “Nature Photography Secrets” podcast host, Lou Coetzer.

On top of that, the tour offers expertise in big cat behavior, giving you better insight into the best snapping opportunities.

20. Suzi Eszterhas Photography Workshop

A website with pictures of people and animals.

Credit: Suzi-Esztherhas

Suzi Esterhas specializes in documenting wildlife images of animal families and newborns. She has earned a professional spot in the industry.

That said, she won the 2021 Outstanding Photographer of the Year award provided by the North American Nature Photography Association.

Some of her upcoming workshops tour locations like Brazil, where you get to capture the grace and elegance of jaguars, giant otters, and anteaters in their natural habitat.

Alternatively, another option is situated in Antarctica, where you’re immersed in the Emperor Penguin’s icy shelter.

Aside from that, most of Eszterhas’ photography workshops are limited in capacity. They don’t usually exceed ten people, making the experience more personalized and tailored for your skill-building.

21. James Maher: Street Photography Workshop

James harper new york photography tours street photography workshops.

Credit: James Maher

James Maher specializes in New York street photography. He offers private and group workshops.

The certified New York history guide will take you through unseen spots to expand your photography portfolio.

You can customize the tour to your skill level, schedule, and interests. That said, Maher has three popular routes.

One of them starts on Broadway and Houston Street before heading to Soho and the Manhattan Bridge. The route then veers north to the Lower East Side.

Why Experience a Photography Workshop

Photography workshops allow you to reexamine the areas you can improve in your technique, such as editing and composition.

In addition, the experience lets you participate and network with multiple other like-minded individuals. These connections can prove useful if you’re expecting a professional career.

Attending photography workshops also gets you out of a creative slump. It reignites your inspiration for the art.

For instance, just because you’re used to wedding photography doesn’t mean you can experience wildlife or street options.

You can find and implement techniques from across all kinds of photography styles. It widens your scope of knowledge in terms of lens work, lighting, and other aspects.

These workshops also offer professionally tailored feedback on how to fine-tune your art.

On top of that, a photography workshop organizes all logistics, tasks, and objectives for you, especially if it involves traveling.

Photography Workshop Types

A woman posing in front of a camera in front of a group of people.

Credit: Matheus Bertelli

There are multiple kinds of photography workshops available in the market. These options may primarily depend on the type of photography you’re pursuing.

For instance, as a travel photographer, you’re likely better off on a tour photography workshop. They’re more focused on the destination rather than instruction.

That said, you’ll likely visit popular photography sites, whether it’s on top of a cliff or an exquisite sunset view. Afterwards, you get allocated time to set up your gear and take your shots.

Now, if you’re more of a novice photographer, a workshop with a professional is your best bet.

These experience-led workshops provide more personalized one-to-one feedback on how to better your camera work.

Besides that, you might come across boutique workshops. They’re highly specialized in niche subjects, such as boudoirs, black and white portraits, gardens, or high-fashion shoots.

How to Choose the Right Photography Workshop

After figuring out the type of photography workshop you’re willing to undertake, it’s time to do your homework on the ones available.

Your research shouldn’t be limited to looking at the results and the lecturer’s qualifications. You’ll also want to take a look at the customer reviews.

They’ll tell you whether the experience is worthwhile and productive. You also need to know what to expect.

Ask questions like, “Will the instructor provide guided feedback?” and “How is the itinerary organized?”

Ensure that the workshop organizers have planned for every detail, from the timing and lighting of the session to the possession of photography permits.

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