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PhotoRoom Studio AI Photo Editor: Is It for You?

If you sell products online and your phone is your primary camera, PhotoRoom Studio's new AI generator for product photos can lend a hand.

PhotoRoom Studio AI photo editor is another powerful addition to the growing list of AI-powered photo tools that can be used to remove unwanted details effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

It’s an easy background eraser that can also be used to magic retouch pictures and easily crop photos so they’re ready for use in marketing campaigns or social media content.

I’ve used a wide selection of background remover apps and programs to create perfect backgrounds, and PhotoRoom is a welcome addition to the options available for photographers.

Read on for a complete breakdown of PhotoRoom Studio photo editor and how the app crops objects and helps you to remove the background to deliver professional images.

What Is PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor?

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PhotoRoom Studio photo editor is available for all the major platforms

  • Easy to use, no editing skills required.
  • Quick background removal for professional-looking images.
  • Offers various editing tools like filters, text, and stickers.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Offers a free trial.
  • No access to advanced editing features like manipulating layers.
  • Subscription fee may be expensive for occasional users.
  • Background removal feature can be inaccurate.
  • Interface may feel cluttered for some users, especially beginners.
  • Processing speed can be slow for larger or complex images.

PhotoRoom Studio photo editor is an all-in-one app that features a selection of great tools for quickly removing and replacing backgrounds in your photographs.

Featuring a selection of free tools, including white background, background remover, blur background, and magic retouch, it’s a comprehensive app that creates perfect backgrounds in seconds.

PhotoRoom is powered by artificial intelligence, which allows it to generate instant backgrounds from an extensive archive of stock images without the need for time-consuming photo editing.

Upgrading to PhotoRoom Pro opens up access to additional collaborative tools for pro-quality content along with unlimited exports in large batches and an increase in the maximum resolution.

Businesses can take advantage of the PhotoRoom API system to take their visual assets to the next level by quickly removing and generating backgrounds.

This also includes the option to auto-crop advertisements to the correct size in batches, in addition to removing existing backgrounds and applying custom templates.

This makes PhotoRoom a powerful tool for businesses looking for an e-commerce solution that allows them to put together advertising materials and mockups with minimal effort and time.

Who Should Use PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor?

An image of the web version of PhotoRoom's magic retouch tool

Some tools, such as Magic Retouch, can be used for free via the web version

PhotoRoom Studio photo editor has a wide range of applications users can take advantage of using its simple yet intuitive user interface.

For marketing professionals and other businesses who want to create impressive photo collages, PhotoRoom allows them to remove the background with just a swipe on the screen.

Industry professionals can also use seasonal templates to place their products against timely backgrounds for promotional campaigns during Christmas, Easter, and other key sales periods in the template library.

Casual users can also get plenty of value from PhotoRoom, whether they’re removing unwanted backgrounds from items for sale on e-commerce marketplaces like Facebook marketplace.

PhotoRoom Studio’s powerful AI-based removal tools aren’t just for backgrounds, with additional tools that allow users to crop and remove objects and people from their pictures.

This means that not only can you introduce a different background, but you can also fine-tune images such as profile pics to showcase the person in question.

Additional features that you can use with PhotoRoom include the inclusion of text, logos, and adding your own stickers, as well as creating visual magic with photography collages.

It’s also possible to use PhotoRoom to put together impressive gift cards for friends and family, from seasonal celebrations to birthday cards tailored for the recipient.

Magazine covers can also be created with ease, with a range of professional-looking fonts to choose from in addition to royalty-free stock photographs.

These tools combined make PhotoRoom Studio photo editor suitable for a broad range of uses, from professional content creators to casual photographers looking for a quick background editor.

How Much Is PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor?

a screen shot of a cell phone with the text get free trial.

There are various PhotoRoom Pro packages for Android and other platforms

You don’t have to subscribe to a premium package to access many of the tools PhotoRoom offers, with the option to download PhotoRoom free today and get started.

However, if you want to remove the watermark and use the finished results for your business, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro subscription for mobile, web, or business.

To upgrade from the free plan to the pro version of PhotoRoom for Android, it will cost you £9.99 per month or £49.99 per year, saving £4.17 per month.

The various in-app purchases available through the Apple App Store, with the following prices for monthly subscriptions to your iTunes account, unless otherwise stated:

  • Remove Background PRO £9.99
  • Remove Background Pro £49.99
  • Monthly Basic Plan (Exp) £9.99
  • Remove Background Pro £3.99
  • PhotoRoom Business £19.99
  • Yearly Basic Plan (Exp) £49.99
  • Monthly-to-Yearly Plan (Exp) £49.99

Prices for the various subscription packages do vary from one country to another, so you should check with the developers to see how much upgrading from the free version is likely to cost in your region.

You can manage membership by heading to the app’s account settings, where you can choose your subscription package and set this to automatically renew.

If you want to cancel a subscription at the end of your current period, you can turn off the auto-renew function and end your pro membership at the end of the designated timeframe.

How to Download PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

Downloading PhotoRoom Studio photo editor is incredibly easy to do and can be installed on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play and Apple Store.

Here’s how you can get PhotoRoom Studio up and running on your Android device in two simple steps:

Step 1:

An image of Google Play Store with the option to install PhotoRoom

To install PhotoRoom on Android devices simply locate it in the Play Store and tap Install

Open up the Google Play Store and search for “PhotoRoom” to bring up the option to install their AI photo editor on your Android smartphone or tablet device.

Tao the “Install” button, and the Play Store will download and install the application onto your device within a few minutes.

Step 2:

a screen shot of the Play Store with PhotoRoom installed

Once PhotoRoom has been downloaded, it’s ready to open and use

Once the app has finished installing on your smartphone or tablet, it will be ready to open and use. Tap the “Open” button to launch the app on your device.

Once you’ve loaded up the app, you’ll have the option to start using the free trial version or sign up for a paid subscription to access the Pro version.

To install the app on an Apple device, you’ll need to head to the Apple Store and go through the steps outlined above to install and access PhotoRoom on your iPhone or Apple tablet.

Using the web version of PhotoRoom Studio

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The web version of PhotoRoom Studio can be used without installing any programs

If you’d prefer to use the web version, this can be accessed without requiring you to install any programs on your devices by visiting here. 

This will give you full access to their selection of templates, as well as the option to edit and replace image elements such as shadows, outlines, and reflections.

You can introduce text elements, use the resize tool, and also use the PhotoRoom instant backgrounds and instant shadows tools to quickly process your photographs.

It’s also set up for your marketplaces platform of choice to upload finished images to eBay and Facebook marketplace, streamlining your workflow when selling items online.

You can also upgrade the web version of PhotoRoom Suite via the link in the top right-hand corner of the screen when viewing the web version’s user interface.

Prices for the various subscription packages for the Pro version using the web browser also vary depending on the country you’re in, so clicking the link will show you what you’ll need to pay.


I’ve covered the range of subscription packages you can choose from for PhotoRoom’s editing package in detail. In case you have any outstanding queries, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Can I use PhotoRoom on my computer?

While PhotoRoom’s app is characteristic of the mobile-first entrepreneur revolution, it is also available to use on a desktop computer by using PhotoRoom Web.

Using the web version on your computer gives to access to the batch export mode, as well as instant backgrounds editing with higher-quality images when compared to other apps.

This version can also be used for easily creating templates to use in photo collages or dynamic seasonal content, in addition to a larger selection of custom backgrounds to choose from.

Is PhotoRoom app worth it?

The PhotoRoom app is an efficient and effective photo-video background editor which can be used to remove unwanted objects and backgrounds to help you create stand-out content.

You don’t have to invest in the paid version of PhotoRoom to enjoy many of its tools, with the Magic Touch tool available without the need for a subscription fee.

To access the full PhotoRoom background editor app, however, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription package, whether for the mobile or web version.

Which app is better than PhotoRoom?

PhotoRoom is a powerful background editor app you can use on the go, but there are a few alternatives you can consider adding via your Google Play account.

There are, however, several alternative tools you can use as an alternative to PhotoRoom, such as remove.bg for background removal and magic brush restoration.

Slazzer and CleanUp Pictures are two other options for background removal apps that utilise artificial intelligence to quickly detect foreground elements to remove unwanted backgrounds.

Final Words

There are many excellent tools available for removing backgrounds from photographs and making additional quick edits to images on your mobile phone or tablet.

PhotoRoom is the latest smart photo editor in this roster of apps, whether you’re editing perfect product shots on location or looking for an all-in-one app with magic retouch capabilities.

It’s ideal for marketing professionals looking for a quick solution to remove backgrounds from products, as well as enthusiastic online sellers using eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re looking for an app that optimizes great visual content in a few simple steps, you can download PhotoRoom for free today and give its tools a test run. 

Andy Dilks

Andy Dilks is an experienced landscape photographer and former games industry veteran. When he isn’t taking photos or reviewing the latest tech gadgets, you can find him hiking and wild camping in the Peak District.

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