How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Your Photos with inPixio

There always seems to be something that needs to be removed from a photo! Luckily, apps like InPixio can help you do it with one click. Here's how.

So, you took the perfect shot—but there’s something in the background of the image that’s just ruining your composition. 

Maybe there’s a brightly colored construction sign or a tourist gawking at the photographer with the expensive camera, but it feels like there’s always something in my images that I wish I could just snap my fingers and remove.

inPixio Photo Studio

Offers a simple and affordable solution to editing photos, with intelligent automatic effects.

inPixio Photo Studio has a tool that allows you to remove objects from your image and use AI to fill in the deleted areas. As it turns out, I didn’t need to snap my fingers, only click my mouse. 

In just three quick steps, I’ll show you how to remove anything from your images and create a seamless edit. 

Using The Erase Objects Tool In inPixio Photo Studio

Using inPixio Photo Studio to remove unwanted objects from your image is easy, fast, and effective. I’ll show you how you can remove signposts, cars, and even people from photographs with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  1. Open your image in inPixio
  2. Select the Erase Objects tool
  3. Select the size of your brush using the slider 
  4. Highlight the objects you want to erase 
  5. inPixio Photo Studio will analyze the information in the image and remove your selected objects using AI 

Here’s a tip for getting the most out of inPixio’s Erase Objects tool.

You should always try to work with the smallest brush you can when removing objects from an image. This lets you remove the smallest possible area, which helps the AI to more accurately fill in the erased object. 

a red chair sitting on top of a sandy beach.

Automatic selection with auto-detection

As well as selecting items with the paintbrush, you can use the Auto-Detection feature.

AI detects people and everyday objects in your photo and selects them automatically. Then all you have to do is click the selected objects or people to delete them.

Touching Up Your Photo With The Clone Tool 

No AI editing software is perfect. You might need to do some touch-ups to clean up the final image before you’re ready to share it with the world.

Luckily, inPixio Photo Studio comes with a clone stamp tool that lets you quickly and easily clean up any blurry areas. 

  1. After using the Erase Objects tool, select More Tools and then click on Clone
  2. Select “Source to Duplicate” to pick a section of your image you want to clone 
  3. Click on the image where you want to paste your cloned section
  4. You can repeat this process by clicking on “Source to Duplicate” again to take a new sample 

One tip I always give people when they’re first using a clone stamp tool is to make sure that you adjust the size of the brush as well as the hardness of the brush. 

This helps you fix a blurry area without causing too much disruption to the image around it. 

a person standing on top of a sandy beach.

How To Make The Most Out Of AI Object Removal 

I’ve got some tips for you if you want to make the most of the AI object removal tool that comes with inPixio Photo Studio.

First, you should understand how these AI content tools work. The inPixio software analyzes all of the visual information in your picture and uses that data to fill in the areas you delete.

This software is powerful, but there are a few corner cases where even effective object-removal tools struggle. Complicated backgrounds, human faces, or backgrounds with lots of noise all test the limits of object removal.

Object removal might not be the right choice for your edit if you have to remove a large area of an image. Removing too much of the image limits how much information inPixio has to use when replacing the deleted area.

Depending on the photo, if you have a large area to erase, background removal may be a better option.

Use Erase Objects, the Clone tool, and follow these tips, and you’ll be able to remove just about everything from your images. The perfect shot is only ever just a few edits away! 

an image of a person walking on a beach.

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  1. Muhammad Awais on July 5, 2023 at 10:30 pm

    Nice tutorial on removing unwanted objects from photos! If you’re also looking to remove watermarks, I recommend checking out It’s a great tool for removing watermarks from your images. Thanks for sharing this helpful information!

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