Guide to 4K Stogram: Download Instagram Photos & Data

Download media from Instagram easily with 4K Stogram! Read this review to learn the features and the installation steps to get you started!

4K Stogram is a handy tool for downloading media in bulk from Instagram.

Whether you want to download photos and videos from a certain user, or for a specific location or hashtag, 4K Stogram is quick and convenient and is packed full of useful features.

4K Stogram is a great way to back up your Instagram account or to gather together a large number of posts without having to scroll, take screenshots, or trawl your way through a person’s profile or sift through search results for a hashtag.

If you regularly repost content from certain Instagram users or want to gather a pool of photos and videos onto your computer that has been tagged with a specific hashtag, 4K Stogram automates this process.

So, instead of sifting through Instagram for great content, you have it all on your computer, ready to upload instantly.

Whether you’re archiving your own data for fear that your profile might be hacked or suspended, or whether you’re putting together a mood board for your boss, 4K Stogram is a handy tool for anyone who needs an Instagram photo downloader.

What is 4K Stogram?


Is 4k Stogram anonymous?

4K Stogram doesn’t require you to sign in to your Instagram account unless you want to save a user’s stories. For photos and videos, no-one can see what you have downloaded, and nor does anyone receive a notification of what you are downloading.


Screenshot of Stogram 4K being used by Shotkit Instagram account

  • Backup your own Instagram

If you’ve ever been concerned about losing thousands of posts in the event that your account is hacked, randomly suspended, or even deleted, 4K Stogram offers users a quick and easy way of saving everything you’ve ever posted.

Simply type your own Instagram username into the search bar and hit Subscribe. The free version will save up to 200 Instagram photos and videos to your hard drive, but if you pay to unlock 4K Stogram, you can download Instagram photos and videos as much as you like.

It’s not just your own Instagram posts that you can subscribe to. You might be gathering together a photographer’s work, collating every product and advert that a company has posted, or just indulging in a bit of fandom for a particular celebrity or sports team.

Whatever it might be, 4K Stogram allows you to retrieve every post made by multiple Instagram accounts. Once you have set 4K Stogram to subscribe, it will continue to gather their posts each time you run the program.

  • Subscribe to a hashtag

If you closely follow what’s happening with a particular hashtag, it might be convenient to download every photo and video where that hashtag appears.

Just type in the hashtag to 4K Stogram and hit Subscribe and each Instagram post will be saved to your computer.

  • Subscribe to a location

4K Stogram allows you to save every single photo and video that has been geotagged with a location.

  • Specify a timeframe

You can tell 4K Stogram to only retrieve posts that were made between two specific dates.

  • Download Stories

Instagram Stories made by other users are impossible to save without capturing your screen — unless you use 4K Stogram. You will need to enter the login details for your Instagram account to enable this feature.

  • Download your Saved items

Instagram makes it easy to bookmark your favourite photos and videos, but they’re not much use if you can only view them through the app, and what happens if a post gets deleted? You won’t be able to find it again.

Once you’ve entered your Instagram login details to 4K Stogram, you can tell it to download every post that you add to your Saved items.

How do you use 4K Stogram?

1. Go to the 4K Download website and click on Get 4K Stogram.

2. Once downloaded, double click on the file and follow the installation instructions.

3. To subscribe to an Instagram account so that 4K Stogram downloads all of the account’s photos and videos, type the username into the search bar and press Subscribe. Do the same for hashtags.

4. To subscribe to a location, start typing the name of the location, and 4K Stogram will present you with a list of options. Click the one you want and hit the Subscribe button.

5. To specify a time frame, type in your username/hashtag/location and then click on the Advanced Download Options button next to the Subscribe button. From the dialog, select the range of dates that you would like to download.

6. To download Instagram Stories and Highlights, you will first need to login to your Instagram account and buy the full version of 4K Stogram. Click on Tools and choose Login. Then, type in the name of an account, click on the Advanced Download Options buttons and tick the checkboxes marked Download Stories and Download Highlights.

7. Once you have set up your Subscriptions (a maximum of two if you’re using the free version), you can view them on your computer by right-clicking and selecting View in Folder. You can also choose to see it online by selecting View on Instagram.

8. To share a link to a post, right-click on one of the Instagram photos and videos and choose Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter. Alternatively, to copy a link to the clipboard, click on More and select Copy Link.

9. To copy the caption of an Instagram post, right-click, choose More and select Copy Caption.

10. To download your own Saved Posts, make sure you are logged in and from the menu choose Edit, Subscribe To, and then My Saved Posts.

11. All of the photos and videos that you subscribe to are saved to your computer. To change where they are saved, choose Preferences from the menu and under General, you can edit the Output Folder.

4K Stogram Review

Screen shot of kiellgram Instagram account

I installed 4K Stogram and started testing its various features to look back on my Instagram account and also to download and backup everything that I’ve posted over the years.


4K Stogram’s interface is simple and easy to use, and the styling is smart and easy on the eye. Menus are clear and simple to follow.

Download & Installation

The installation file is relatively small, and the installation takes a matter of seconds. Once installed, you can immediately start subscribing to users, locations, and hashtags, but you will need to log in and buy the full version to subscribe to Stories.


4K Stogram does not load posts instantaneously as doing so would cause Instagram itself to assume that 4K Stogram is doing something dodgy and block it from its servers.

4K Stogram works best if you set it running and then come back to it after a few minutes, or perhaps even longer if you’re subscribing for the first time to hundreds or even thousands of posts.

Ease of Use

4K Stogram is very easy to use with a simple interface and a logical layout. Accessing the files that you’ve downloaded through the app itself makes it practical and quick.


If at any point you get stuck, you can click on Help in the menu. You’ll find links to a handy video guide on the 4K Stogram website that runs through every aspect of the app, and a “How to” guide that walks you through the basics.

In addition, you’ll find a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account, and a Reddit page that is for 4K Stogram and several other apps made by the same company. All of them are active and responsive.


The free version of 4K Stogram limits you to downloading 100 posts per subscription and 100 posts per day. Purchasing allows you to download as many as you like.

A one-time fee allows you to use 4K Stogram on up to three computers. There are three options available:

  • A Personal license costs $9.95 and gives you up to ten subscriptions with no adverts.
  • The Pro license costs $40 and gives you infinite subscriptions, no adverts, and the option to export captions.
  • The 4K Bundle gives you a suite of software including a Personal license for 4K Stogram, 4K Video Downloader, and 4K Youtube to MP3.

Alternatives to 4K Stogram

  • Ingramer – an online Instagram downloader
  • Free Instagram Download – an app for Windows that downloads Instagram posts
  • Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost IG – an app for Android users
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