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9 Interesting Canon Statistics (Fact Checked for 2023)

Discover all the most up-to-date facts, figures and statistics about Canon. The perfect resource for journalists, updated for 2023.

Learn | Statistics & Facts | By Jeff Collier | Last Updated: March 30, 2023

This article is an updated list of 9 interesting Canon statistics for 2023.

Canon is a Japanese corporation that specializes in imaging, industrial, and optical products.

Its extensive lineup of devices includes cameras, lenses, printers, medical equipment, and lithography machines.

Among the company’s world-renowned and best-selling products are the EOS Rebel Series DSLR cameras, EOS R Series mirrorless cameras, PowerShot ELPH Series point-and-shoot cameras, and Canon prime lenses.

Discover the latest details about Canon in this up-to-date collection of stats.

Top Canon Statistics (Editor's Picks)
  • As of March 2023, Canon has been operating for 85 years.
  • In 2022, Canon reported a total of 180,775 employees.
  • Canon’s market capitalization as of March 2023 is $21.96 billion.
  • Canon generated $30.5 billion in net sales in 2022.
  • For 19 consecutive years, Canon held the No. 1 share of the worldwide interchangeable-lens digital camera market.
  • In 2022, Canon’s imaging business unit generated 20% of the company’s net sales.


General Canon Statistics

As they say, numbers don’t lie. Get to know the company on a deeper level with these fascinating facts about employment, operations, and more!

1. As of March 2023, Canon has been operating for 85 years, with 329 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.

Canon’s humble beginnings started on August 10, 1937, when the company was founded in Tokyo, Japan. It initially used the name Precision Optical Industry, which soon became Canon Camera Company in 1947.

Over the following decades, Canon steadily grew into a billion-dollar business offering print, imaging, and other digital services across 220 countries and regions.

2. In 2022, Canon reported a total of 180,775 employees located in Japan, Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania.

More than half of the company’s employees work in the printing business unit, with the largest percentage of workers belonging to the Asia and Oceania region. Recently, Forbes recognized Canon as one of America’s Best Employers for 2023.

The company is also one of Canada’s Best Employers for Diversity as well as America’s Best Employers for Veterans in 2022.

3. Canon placed 5th in the 2022 U.S. patent rankings and ranked 1st among Japanese companies for 18 years straight.

Despite being an already established company in the camera industry, Canon never ceases to innovate and develop new technologies for its loyal consumers.

Lately, the company has been developing systems for healthcare AI, volumetric video, video analysis, and cutting-edge image sensors. To protect its intellectual property rights, Canon continuously pursues patents in the U.S. and other major territories.

Canon Financial Statistics

Amidst the ever-changing business landscape, volatile markets, and the rapid development of competing technologies, Canon continues to boost its revenues, maximize its value, and pursue more investments.

Let’s dive into the company’s latest financial plans and achievements:

4. Canon’s market capitalization as of March 2023 is $21.96 billion.

A company’s market capitalization measures its size and overall value. It comprises the total dollar market value of the company’s outstanding shares of stock.

Canon’s $21.96 billion market cap makes it one of the most valuable companies in the world. In 2022, the company made it to Fortune Magazine’s ranking of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

5. Canon generated $30.5 billion in net sales in 2022, with a projected $32.5 in sales in 2023.

Canon’s 2022 financial statements show that net sales increased by a remarkable 14.7% compared to the previous year. Despite the emergence of Omicron and accelerated global inflation, demand for the company’s products remained steady and profitable.

Contributing factors to Canon’s financial success included the growth in unit sales of interchangeable-lens cameras, semiconductor lithography equipment, and medical systems.

6. Canon plans to invest $1.820 billion annually over the next three years.

What does the company plan to do with its rising surplus profits? According to Canon’s 2023 financial strategy, it aims to repay debt and actively invest in the company’s growth.

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In particular, Canon plans to fuel ¥240 billion or around $1.820 billion worth of investments each year in the following areas:

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  • Semiconductor production equipment
  • New businesses in the imaging group
  • IT services

Canon’s Camera Division Statistics

In the fast-paced and competitive global camera market, only the best brands make it to the top. As of 2023, the world’s leading digital camera manufacturers are Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, and of course, Canon.

Here are several statistics that show how Canon currently dominates this industry:

7. For 19 consecutive years, Canon held the No. 1 share of the worldwide interchangeable-lens digital camera market.

From 2003 to 2021, Canon impressively maintained its top spot in terms of digital camera market share. The company’s groundbreaking products include the bestselling EOS Kiss Digital, the EOS-1D series, and the EOS 5D Series.

Market data for 2022 reveals that Canon shows no signs of slowing down, with almost half of the digital camera market still under its belt. Meanwhile, Sony and Nikon possess 27 and 11.3% of the market, respectively.

8. In 2022, Canon’s imaging business unit generated 20% of the company’s net sales.

Canon’s top-performing high-definition mirrorless cameras and network cameras accounted for a jaw-dropping ¥803.5 billion or around $6.115 billion of sales in 2022. This amount makes up 20% of the company’s sales for the year.

Other units and their corresponding share of Canon’s net sales are as follows:

  • Printing business unit: 56% share
  • Medical business unit: 13% share
  • Industrial business unit: 8% share
  • Others and corporate: 6% share

9. Canon is targeting $7.605 billion of sales for its imaging group in 2025.

The main products under Canon’s imaging group are the Cinema EOS System, the EOS R System, network cameras, camcorders, and broadcast lenses, among others.

According to its 2023 corporate strategy, the company aims to hit ¥1 trillion or close to $7.605 billion of imaging sales in 2025 by:

  • Enhancing its EOS R System
  • Deploying EOS VR systems
  • Maintaining its sizable share of the interchangeable lens and mirrorless camera market












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