7 Interesting GoPro Statistics (Fact Checked for 2023)

Discover all the most up-to-date facts, figures and statistics about GoPro. The perfect resource for journalists, updated for 2023.

GoPro Guides | Learn | Statistics & Facts | By Jeff Collier | Last Updated: June 27, 2023

This article is an updated list of 7 interesting GoPro statistics for 2023.

GoPro is an American tech company known for manufacturing the best action cameras.

The most notable product line is the flagship HERO lineup, which includes GoPro’s first-ever camera, the GoPro 35mm HERO.

This line continues to be one of the company’s most popular, with newer cameras like the GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 10 Black.

Some honorable mentions are the GoPro Max and its predecessor, the GoPro Fusion.

Find out more in our up-to-date roundup of GoPro stats.

Top 7 GoPro Statistics (Editor's Picks)
  • GoPro started in 2002 and has been operating for 21 years
  • The company laid off over 20% of its workforce because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • As of 2023, GoPro has a $0.77 billion market capitalization
  • The company has over 20 million followers on their Instagram account
  • GoPro has over 10.6 million subscribers on its Youtube channel
  • In the years after the release of its first product lines, the company has seen a significant plunge in shares
  • As of 2022, GoPro’s total assets are worth $1.08 billion


General GoPro Statistics

We’ve created a compilation of Go Pro’s general statistics to give you a glimpse of how the tech company is faring these days.

We delved into its history, online presence, and some recent news.

1. The Company Has Been Operating for 21 Years

Nick Woodman founded GoPro in 2002. The idea behind the company’s action camera was inspired by one of Woodman’s surfing trips.

At the time, he couldn’t capture the trip in high quality, and he didn’t have the resources to buy the absurdly expensive equipment that could.

He had to look into different sources for the initial capital, but he finally released the company’s first-ever camera in 2004: the GoPro 35mm HERO.

This camera was the pioneer of the HERO line. Its primary goal was to take close-up action shots, much like those we see in superhero images—hence, the name.

Over the years, GoPro has since added more cameras to this product line and even started to manufacture video cameras as well.

They’ve also added their own video editing tools to their catalog to ease the export of their users’ footage.

You can see all the existing GoPro models here.

2. Gopro Has Over 30 Million Followers and Subscribers Combined Across All Social Media Platforms

As of 2023, GoPro’s Youtube channel has 10.6 million subscribers. Their Instagram, which is where the company truly shines, currently has 20 million followers.

Overall, GoPro’s social media presence is pretty strong. Both their Youtube channel and Instagram account feature some of the most beautiful sceneries captured by their camera lines.

Occasionally, they also feature athletes and professionals in their videos. Last March 2023, professional snowboarder, Travis Rice, was featured on the channel during his run in the snowy mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

3. The Peak Number of Gopro Units Shipped Was 6.58 Million

From 2014 to 2022, GoPro reached its peak number of shipped GoPro units in 2015. The tech company sold roughly 6.58 million units.

More than half of these sales were from the US, but they still had a strong presence in Asia and the EU.

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Unfortunately, after its peak in 2015, the number of units shipped started to decline quite significantly. In 2022, it was down to around 2.8 million units.

4. The Company Laid off Over 20% Of Its Workforce Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, GoPro was one of the companies that had a hard time staying afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Aside from a change in major leadership roles, another big factor was that nobody could really go outside and use their GoPros to record their action and nature shots.

As a result, they had to lay off over 200 employees, which was over 20% of their workforce. This was in an attempt to cut operating expenses for the company’s recovery.

GoPro Financial Statistics

How is GoPro’s economic performance nowadays? Below are some key statistics to help answer this question and provide insights into the company’s latest financial situation.

5. As of 2022, GoPro’s Total Assets Are Worth $1.07 Billion

GoPro’s total assets on the balance sheet from the latest financial reports appear to be fluctuating every year. It was quite unstable after a peak in 2016 and hit quite a low point in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it’s slowly looking up for the company. Their total assets during 2022 were worth $1.07 billion.

While this wasn’t that near to the $1.26 billion in December 2021, it’s still significantly higher than most of the values during recent years.

6. As of 2023, the Company Has a $0.77 Billion Market Capitalization

A company’s market cap or market capitalization is its total value as a publicly traded company. This looks at and defines GoPro’s outstanding shares of stock.

A higher number generally means a bigger market presence.

As of 2023, GoPro’s market capitalization is at $0.77 billion.

The company falls into the category of small-cap stocks. These generally attract investors because of their potential for growth.

7. Gopro Spent $105 Million in Cash and Stock to Purchase Video Editing Applications

GoPro recognized that one of its largest problems heavily involved video editing. To curb this problem, the company purchased Stupeflix and Vemory in 2016 for around $105 million in cash and stock.

These are the two start-up companies that worked on GoPro’s very own video editing software: Replay and Splice. These mobile applications allowed easy and on-the-go footage editing from their GoPro action cameras.










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