10 Interesting Fujifilm Statistics (Fact Checked for 2023)

Discover all the most up-to-date facts, figures and statistics about Fujifilm. A perfect resource for journalists, updated for 2023.

Learn | Statistics & Facts | By Jeff Collier | Last Updated: March 30, 2023

This article is an updated list of interesting Fujifilm statistics and facts for 2023.

Fujifilm is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in optical films, photography gear, medical imaging equipment, and various other products.

Among Fujifilm’s most notable product lines are digital cameras, especially the Fuji X-series mirrorless cameras.

The high-speed Fujifilm X-H2S and the retro Fujifilm X-Pro3 are truly unique cameras.

As for the full-frame line, the 102MP GFX 100S tops the list, and the selection of Fujinon lenses is immensely popular among enthusiasts.

Find out more in our up-to-date roundup of Fujifilm stats.

Top Fujifilm Statistics & Facts (Editor's Picks)
  • The history of Fujifilm starts in 1919 with Daicel
  • The Fuji brand name changed with color photography changes in the 1950s
  • The new brand name “Fujifilm” appeared much later in 1988
  • In 2022, Fujifilm generated revenues exceeding $22 B
  • Fujifilm has 75,470 employees
  • Fujifilm has more than 280 consolidated subsidiaries
  • Fujifilm introduced Digital Radiography to the Healthcare Industry
  • In 1984 Fuji sold film in 60% of all photography gear outlets in the USA
  • Fujifilm launched “INSTAX mini 12” in March 2023
  • Fujifilm gets 22% of the Digital Cameras market share in Japan


General Fujifilm Statistics

FUJIFILM Holdings, Inc. has been in the market for almost 90 years. Its headquarters is in japan, but it has major operations in USA, Europe, and Asia.

The company focuses on three main lines of business, which are; Imaging Solutions, Document Solutions, and Information Solutions. Each one has a huge amount of divisions operating all around the globe. 

1. The History of Fujifilm Starts in 1919 With Daicel

(Fujifilm Holdings Corporation)

The Dainippon Celluloid Company Limited, or Daicel, was the parent company that sprouted Fujifilm in 1934.

Daicel started its business in 1919, and it specialized in celluloid technologies, polymers, organic chemicals, and pyrotechnic devices. When their photographic film operations became too large, they opted for creating a separate company.

In 1934, Daicel launched Fuji Photo Film Company Limited, with the sole purpose of making photographic films. 

2. The Fuji Brand Name Changes With Color Photography Changes in the 1950s

Black & white photography dominated the industry till the 1950s. Color photography had already been invented in the 1800s, but the cost of producing colored images was quite prohibitive.

In the 1940s Agfa and Kodak worked on making affordable color photography gear, and Fujifilm soon caught on.

To reflect the newly implemented technology, the company changed its name to Fuji Color Photo and then Fujicolor Service.

3. The New Brand Name “Fujifilm” Appeared Much Later in 1988

As Fuji expanded its business around the globe, the brand took on various other names. Some of them were related to other acquisitions, like Fuji Xerox, while others marked mega manufacturing plants, like Fujifilm USA.

4. In 2022, Fujifilm Generated Revenues Exceeding $22 B

Global markets were suffering in 2022 due to the lockdowns, pandemic restrictions, and worldwide supply chain issues.

However, Fujifilm still managed to come out with admirable revenues, and a net profit of around $1.9 B, in addition to assets amounting to $32.4 B.

5. Fujifilm Has 75,470 Employees

Fujifilm runs a huge size of operations around the globe, and it has almost 300 subsidiaries, so it’s not surprising at all that the company employs 75, 470 employees.

It’s worth noting that this number exceeds most of its peers, as well as similarly sized companies in the tech and finance fields.

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6. Fujifilm Has More Than 280 Consolidated Subsidiaries

Fujifilm is a pioneer in making optical films and microelectronic devices. Excelling in these highly technical fields enabled the company to diversify its operations over several lines of business.

The following are some of Fujifilm’s subsidiaries.  

  • Fujifilm Imaging Systems
  • Fujifilm Medical
  • Fujifilm Toyama Chemical
  • Fujifilm Pharma
  • Fujifilm Photo Manufacturing
  • Fujifilm Optics
  • Fujifilm Computer Systems
  • Fujifilm Business Supply
  • Fujifilm Engineering
  • Fuji Xerox Information Systems
  • FUJIFILM Intellectual Property Research Co., Ltd

7. Fujifilm Introduced Digital Radiography to the Healthcare Industry

Fujifilm has a long history of making radiology films alongside photography films, thus, the company wasn’t a stranger to the medical field.

In 1983, Fujifilm launched the first Computed Radiography machine. The new technology produced better images with less exposure. The added safety and accuracy contributed to the CR machines’ huge success. 

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8. In 1984 Fuji Sold Film in 60% of All Photography Gear Outlets in the USA

Marketing does wonders for a good product, and Fujifilm understood that so well. In the 1984 Olympics of Los Angeles, Kodak was expected to sponsor the event, but they let the opportunity slide.

On the other hand, Fujifilm knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime stroke of luck, and they went all in. The company spent more than $7 million to promote its brand, and it paid off big time. 

In 1978, their films made up 30% of all sales, then the figure doubled in 1984, right after their successful marketing campaign in the Olympic Games.

9. Fujifilm Launched “INSTAX mini 12” in March 2023

Fujifilm Instax cameras are all about fun and experimentation, and Fujifilm understands that so well. They focused on creating a cheerful appearance for these cameras, and them accessible even to the youngest users. 

The first Instax came out in 1999. The Instax 100 faced rough competition from Polaroid’s i-Zone, and there was also a pending patent issue between the two brands.

Eventually, they both came to a mutually beneficial agreement that allowed Fujifilm to continue producing instant photo cameras, as long as Polaroid gets notified about their latest tech. 

Fast forward to our current times, it’s clear that the Fujifilm Instax mini 12 is creating a buzz among users. The main features of this new model are an automatic exposure setting, and a close-up mode, which is great for selfies. 

10. Fujifilm Gets 22% of the Digital Cameras Market Share in Japan

Sony, Canon, and Nikon often take over the market of digital cameras, leaving less than 10% for Fujifilm. This changed in 2022, particularly in Japan.

Fujifilm Surpassed Sony and Nikon with its huge sales of the Instax cameras. Apparently, smartphones affected the regular cameras in ways that didn’t touch the Instax cameras.

This is one of the main reasons why Fujifilm is investing heavily in the Instax cameras, as well as the software and mobile apps that go with them. 


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