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How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

Learn to change the background color on your next Instagram Story to create a more cohesive look which matches your mood or branding.

This guide will teach you how you can change the background color on your Instagram stories.

Stories are how you communicate with your audience and are essential when it comes to building a community on the platform.

Still, there are no specific tools to do so and Instagram works a bit differently for everyone, depending on where you are.

So in this guide, you’ll learn different ways you can customize your background color and enhance your brand and presence on your stories.

A lot of the methods you’ll learn can be used simultaneously, so feel free to experiment and create to your liking.

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

When you post anything to your Stories, Instagram will automatically select the most predominant color in your image for your background.

Sometimes you’ll be happy with what the app chooses, but often, you’ll want to alter it.

To change the Instagram Story background color, there are a few different ways you can go about it.

The easiest way to change your background color to another solid color is by following a few simple steps:

1. Click on the three dots button in the upper right corner and select “Draw”.

A red phone with a red screen and a clock on it.

A screenshot of the drawing app on an android phone.

2. At the top of the screen, you will see a few drawing tools. For a solid color choose the first one. For a transparent color, choose the third one.

A red phone with a clock on it.

3. At the bottom of the screen, choose which color will your background be.

You can select suggested colors by Instagram, or use the eyedropper tool to select a custom color from your image to change the background color.

A screenshot of the instagram app on an iphone.

4. Tap and hold anywhere on your screen for a few seconds. It will automatically change the background color of your Instagram Story to the selected color.

To undo, just click undo at the upper left corner and try again until you find a color that works.

I usually like to select a color from within my image to make everything look as if part of the same piece with matching tones. This can help make your Instagram Stories more cohesive.

Use a color filter to change Instagram Story background color

Another easy in-platform way you can change your background color is to use a color filter available within Instagram.

To do so is simple. Upload the image you’d like to customize and click on the three stars button in the right upper corner.

At the bottom of your screen, select any filter you have already saved to apply to your image.

A photo of a person in the desert with an umbrella.

Then feel free to either write on top of it and post or save it to your gallery for future use.

Use the eraser tool to change Instagram story background

Another way you can use different colors on your background, but with custom shapes to create an enticing post, you can combine one of the drawing tools with the eraser.

  1. After uploading a photo, tap on the three dots button in the upper right corner and select “Draw”.
  2. Select the brush you want to use and the color you want for the background.
  3. Press and hold on the screen for a few seconds to fill the entire screen with that color.
  4. Tap the eraser tool, and carefully erase the parts of the color where you want the original photo to show.

A woman in a bikini standing on a beach.

Here I’d recommend creating patterns with the eraser tool so it looks designed and not so doodly, but feel free to create to your imagination.

Upload a Solid Color Image to change background color on Instagram

Instagram though, has a limited number of colors it offers when it comes to choosing your background color.

Another way you can create any specific color you like is to simply upload one as a photo from your gallery. This is also simple to do.

A screenshot of a color palette on an iphone.

  1. You can create a solid color image in a photo editing app or just save it from an internet search.
  2. Save the image to your phone gallery.
  3. Upload the image to your story.

This will allow you to use any color you could possibly think of on your stories, but sadly won’t work as well for reposts, as it will for creating from text and other tools available within Instagram.

Instagram used to allow for you to upload an image as a background of your repost, but sadly these days are gone.

Use Third-Party Apps to change the background color on Instagram Stories

There are quite a few apps out there that will help you create a customized background for your stories, and they go much further than just a solid background color.

Some apps like Adobe Spark, Adobe Capture, Canva, and InShot will give you lots of different tools for customization.

I wrote a full article explaining in detail how you can use Adobe Capture to boost your social media assets.

After creating your images within a third-party app, save them to your gallery, then upload your image to your Instagram stories.


How can I change the background color of my Instagram Story?

The primary way to change the background color on an Instagram Story is by using the brush tool. Once you’ve uploaded or taken a photo for your story, click on the brush icon, select a color from the bottom, and then tap and hold on the screen until the background color changes to your selected hue.

Does Instagram provide preset background colors for Stories?

Yes, Instagram offers a variety of preset background colors when you choose to share a text-based story. When you click on the “Aa” icon to type out a story, the background automatically changes color, but you can swipe left or right to cycle through different color options.

Can I use a gradient or multiple colors as my Instagram Story background?

While Instagram does not natively support gradient backgrounds, a popular workaround is to use external design apps like Canva or Adobe Spark. Here, you can create gradient backgrounds and then upload them to your Instagram Story.

Is it possible to set a photo as a background in an Instagram Story?

Absolutely! When you’re creating a story, you can either capture a new photo or upload one from your gallery. Once it’s on your story screen, you can add text, stickers, or other elements on top of it.

Can I change the background color of an existing post that I share to my Story?

When you share an existing post to your story, it comes with a preset color that matches the primary colors of the post. However, you can utilize the brush tool to change the background color by covering the original background. Another option is to use the erase tool creatively to achieve unique effects.

How do I ensure the text on my Story is legible against the background color I choose?

Always aim for a contrast between your text and the background. If you have a light-colored background, go for dark text, and vice versa. Instagram also provides text shadowing and highlighting options which can help in increasing text visibility against similar-colored backgrounds.

Is there a way to use custom colors not provided in Instagram’s color palette?

Yes, you can pick custom colors by using the color picker tool. Once you’re in the color palette (after tapping the brush or text icon), press and hold on any of the default color options. This action will bring up a full color spectrum, allowing you to slide and select the exact shade you want.

Final Considerations

When using Instagram, our main goal is to communicate with our audience and promote our work, so it can reach who it needs to reach.

Experimenting with different colors is one way to stand out and create a community that identifies your content at a very quick glance.

You can try using different colors for different topics you talk about, or use a consistent theme color to become your brand.

Remember that Instagram often updates its features, so these methods might change over time.

It’s always good to explore the app and see if any new tools or options allow for more creative control over your background color.

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